• Erika Myles - Private Escort

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    •   31
        12 DD
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        0447 961 540
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles

  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
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  • SYDNEY based unless touring as below:






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  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • About Me

  • Erika isn’t your typical escort.


    She captures the look of a classic sex kitten with her wide eyes, creamy skin and perfectly enhanced breasts but …


    She is not a laundry list of acronyms or a shopping list of extras.

    She is not a posed, overly poised, primped princess, with some ridiculous story of a Swiss finishing school and claims of more polish than a drawer full of silverware.

    And Erika is most definitely not one of those jaded girls you may have met who spends 45 minutes going through the motions and 15 minutes waiting for you to leave.


    Erika Myles is a confident and beautiful sexual woman who enjoys being her natural self and showing it off. She has no guile and no pretence.


    She is a fun loving girl with an open mind, outrageous sexual appetite and a completely off the wall sense of humour and fun. And most importantly she will approach your time together as a genuine opportunity for two like minded, highly sexed individuals to explore and get to know each other, with all of the laughter, and the crazy stories, that that entails.


    -Ask Erika if her breasts are fake and she’s likely to pull her top down in the pub, offer you a squeeze and tell you "if you can touch them they're real". 

    -Ask Erika if she likes CIM and she’ll laugh and offer to gargle before she swallows. 

    -If you tell her you are a bad boy ... she’ll probably spank you and put you to bed without supper, rather than ask to see your tats. Not that she doesn’t like tats … she just refuses to follow rules or act according to expectations.


    Erika has led a full and sexual life but comes newly to escorting. Her flavour is a delightful mix of the vanilla boysenberry swirl of the experienced and lusty woman she is, topped with the chocolate sauce of the excitement and innocence of someone exploring sex work for the first time.


    She sees this new chapter as both an exciting adventure, and a natural calling.


    Perhaps you would like to open her book and help write a few pages in her story. Don’t just sit there pen in hand. Dip it in the ink and press it firmly to the paper.


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  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Price List

  • Standard Service includes;

    Rimming, anal play, CIM with cum gargling and swallowing


    600 /hr

    additional hours 500


    Overnight dates POA

  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Services Available

  • Natural Oral (BBBJ)

    Mutual natural oral (DATY) 

    Cum on body 

    Cum in mouth

    Cum gargling and swallowing

    Mutual Rimming


    Affectionate Kissing

    Cuddling and Touching

    Light Bondage

    Striptease / Lapdance

    2 girls / 1 guy

    2 guys / 1 girl 

    Head & Foot Massage

    Passionate Kissing 

    Sexy Lingerie 

    Variety of Positions

    Anal Play Stimulation

    Full body massage (firm and/or sensual)

    Mutual Masturbation




  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    I am available Daytimes with notice please


    Phone: 0447 961 540 or email me...


    EMAIL ME NOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT TIME - please leave the subject line intact.


    If you are using a web email program and you cannot open an email direct from the above link, just copy and paste this email address - gfe.erika@gmail.com - please put the subject as 'Hi, I saw you on the Privategirls Website'


    Please, when emailing, to make things happen with quickness and ease, include the following: Your name, a preferred appointment time (with possibly a second choice if you can), a mobile number (with preference of either a return call or an sms), plus a discreet time frame for you to be contacted, as I value your business and both our times. Thank you.



    Please contact ERIKA MYLES by clicking here gfe.erika@gmail.com

  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles

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  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
  • Private Sydney Escort - Erika Myles
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  • Erika Myles Private Sydney Escort