Kara Hudson - Private Escort

State: NSW
City: Sydney
Area: CBD
Tours: Yes
Age: 20
Height: 177cm
Body Size: 8
Bust: 10DD
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Email: Kara
Phone: 0477 400 763

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


SYDNEY based unless touring below:





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Private Independant Escort working girl Australia



Hi Gentlemen,

My name’s Kara. I am a deeply sexual woman but I suck at writing dating profiles so apologies in advance if this doesn’t flow perfectly, but I’ll try my best.

Most of the profiles I have read (Yes, I like to do research - and the pictures of gorgeous women do help) are all about being the perfect barbie doll plaything (Nothing wrong with that ). But then … Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets blah blah. Sophisticated dinner companion but a minx behind closed doors *yawn* … She believes that men are like fine wine and get better with age. … Sigh.

All of these things may be true but do we really need the hack cliches to describe a beautiful person and a beautiful experience? I don’t believe so. I’d rather tell you who I am, where I’m from and cut to the heart of the matter … My deliciously perfect pink pussy and how I like to live an orgasmically lush lusty life.

(The first thing to know about me, I have a weakness for alliteration.)

I come from a very strict upbringing. Growing up in an environment where my urges were stifled and suppressed to say the least. As a teen I developed a love for racing fast cars. (I mean grid girls are hot, but seriously, who wants to be a bystander when there is some serious action to be had). For most of my life my natural desires had no context and my horniness just bounced around in my body with no outlet.

As a grown woman I now understand my urges and my body just that little bit better. My sexual awakening is well and truly underway. I love to masturbate and I love to get off. But I also love to get other people off with my hands, my mouth or on my perfect natural titties … However it happens to come (pun most definitely intended).

It’s no coincidence now when I look at private girls that it's the Barbie doll profiles that leap off the page. In my world Barbie has always been a role model. I didn’t realise it at the time, but she is a beacon of sexual power and femininity. Barbie called to something deep in me then and still does.

In adulthood I have come to realize that not only is Barbie the perfect woman she is also probably the perfect escort. Independent, ageless, dream house, dream car, and 12 boyfriends all with the same name.

It makes you wonder what my other role models like Jennifer Hawkins might get up to behind closed doors.

I’ve learnt quite a few things since playing with my dolls and trying to drive faster than the boys. Some of my skills are purely practical and have no sexual aspect whatsoever. I can write "I need CIM urgently” in shorthand or shoot, edit and score a short film in under an hour.

I have other skills you might be less surprised to hear about. I can get myself off in only a couple of minutes, give head like an absolute goddess and I can ride a cock like I was born to it.

I’m no longer the sheltered girl with raging hormonal desires, but I am no less sweet and wholesome. And now that my burning passions have real and meaningful outlets they are 10 times more powerful. I am a powerful and sensual woman and a force to be reckoned with.

Some might find my journey surprising, but I am exactly where I want to be. I am going somewhere fantastic and I want you to come.


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Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


30 min $450
45 min $550
1 hour $650
2 hours $1,300
3 hours $1,850
4 hours $2,350

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


BBBJ (blow job without a condom)
COF (Below nose)
DATY (eating my pink pussy!)
Deep french kissing

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


Phone: 0477 400 763 or email below...

EMAIL ME NOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT TIME - please leave the subject line intact.

If you are using a web email program and you cannot open an email direct from the above link, just copy and paste this email address - sweet.natural.kara@gmail.com - please put the subject as 'Hi, I saw you on the Privategirls Website'

Please, when emailing, to make things happen with quickness and ease, include the following: Your name, a preferred appointment time (with possibly a second choice if you can), a mobile number (with preference of either a return call or an sms), plus a discreet time frame for you to be contacted, as I value your business and both our times. Thank you.

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


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Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


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