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  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali
  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali

  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali
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  • SYDNEY based unless touring below: 22nd - 27th March



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  • About Me

  • Welcome to the profile of Miss Kali


    She is a singular and unique mature woman who breathes love into sex, and sex into life.


    Miss Kali has devoted her life to exploring sex and men, and the result is a powerful sexual presence and a gift for intimacy that is unequalled. She is a beacon of light and love in the world but enjoys nothing more than the hot wet fun of intensely sexual encounters with strangers and lovers alike.


    If you like orgasmic women, and particularly those that squirt, you will be blown away by Miss Kali. She is the Niagara Falls of womankind, and if you are lucky enough to witness her experiencing one of her 20 minute climaxes, your definition of the word 'orgasm' will be changed forever.


    With her legs spread wide Miss Kali straddles the intersection of ancient tantra, wisdom and technique and blissful, profane, naughty fun. And she does it with great joy.


    She is one of the most honest, lovely and intuitive working ladies you will ever meet. As well as many years experience as an escort she is an international expert on;


    - Intimacy & Sex Coaching

    - The treatment of ED and PE

    - Tantra

    - Deep Relaxation techniques




    "I’ve been in America for a while now and I can’t wait to get back to basics with some good aussie males.


    I would never give up the work I do as a sexual coach for individuals and couples; or as a tantric healer and guide ... But sometimes I just want to have a great sexual adventure with a discerning man. 


    Nothing beats the hot, wet horniness of full service escorting ... so bring it on.

    From our first breath together and our first kiss, right to the very last naked shudder we share, every moment will be an exercise in pure bliss and mutual pleasure."



    - Miss Kali

    SWA 761XE

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  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali
  • Price List

  • 1 hr $400

    2 hrs $750

    extra hours $300

  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali
  • Services Available

  • VIC legislations prohibits me from stating my services, although they can be described as all inclusive by nature. 


    Please contact me for a service list OR alternatively, visit my interstate profile.

  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali
  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    At all hours with appropriate notice. For short notice daytime hours are best.


    Phone: 0497 914 189 or email at kali.on.tour@gmail.com

  • Private Sydney Escort - Miss Kali

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