Both Clients and Private Escorts are always full of questions in regards to the Industry and how to do certain things properly etc.


The Industry has changed from what it was before over the years. Where once it was hidden and supposedly naughty and frowned upon by society or part there of, it has now come out in the open, holds a certain amount of respect and awe, especially from women who are curious and want to know what goes on behind closed doors.


The older generation although not fully understandable of the Sex Industry world, it still holds a morbid fascination for them as well. hence why they all flock to the tourist brothels to see what it really looks like inside, is it as bad as what one was bought up to believe


Nowadays, having the tax department require all sex workers and Industry related people like strippers etc having to pay tax, it has become more like a business. the workers now have ABN numbers and also companies where they pay tax and claim tax as any other business and therefore make it more legitimate regardless of the laws. Many people in government try to control the Industry in the means they look at it without fully understanding what they are doing and hence can never come to an agreement about it. Of course never having worked the Industry they are limited in their knowledge of the intimacy of inside and what really happens. Many girls work in brothels and agencies an many venture out on their own where they control their lives and what they do and how they do it. This is the sector I am mainly going to cover.


Private Sex Workers today are more professional and business like than any before. They have goals and dreams of what they want and where they want to be in a few years time. Some have been left by partners to drown in their family debt, whilst others have just decided they want to be independent and build up their security so they don't have to rely on anyone else. then of course we have the dark side of those who are pimped into the Industry or on drugs and out to make money to supply as they demand. But the majority are good and depending on where you shop, you will mainly find the good.

These girls have taken the time to set themselves up properly, arm themselves with the tools and the knowledge and then present themselves fully with photos on the internet, even though they keep themselves totally private from there personal world. To do this job and see the clients they see and the type of different one's out there, they need to do it as another side to their character, so they keep their personal life separate. Each girl goes at it differently, hence you may get along with some and may not with others. its not like it used ot be in the olden days, miner days field days, bar tavern days, get drunk and take whatever takes your fancy and too bad too sad if there was no connection. guys today want to feel like they are with their girlfriends, want affection and passion, and hugs and comfort to ease loneliness, or just replace what might be missing at home. of course this doesn't cover everybody, but the majority it does.


So if the girl portrays herself as accurately as possible and presents herself as well as possible, then her business will grow with regulars coming back. They work more normal hours then all night (the private sector seems to be more of a day business then a night business), lead a fairly normal life with normal hours and control their environment. Putting themselves on the internet is a risk many take which is why their photos are well blurred etc


Some Regular Escort Words - Dictionary & meanings


Bareback = sex without a condom very high STD risk

BJ = Blow Job (oral sex on him) 

BBBJ = Bareback Blow Job Higher STD risk especially for the women. 

BS = BodySlide = Girl massages you with her body 

Cowgirl = girl on top 

DATY = Dining At The Y = Cunnilingus (oral sex on her) 

DFK=Deep French Kissing 

Digits = Fingers in vagina which can spread bacteria infections

Doggie style = man behind girl, penis in vagina 

French = oral sex 

FS = Full Service = Intercourse 

GFE - Girl Friend Experience Briefly for most guys it includes or they would like to include, daty, dfk bbbj, msog, and digits. However most definitions are based on more of a friendly girlfriend interaction vs. a commercial hard core sex exchange and had nothing to do with unsafe sex acts.


Greek = anal sex 

GS = Golden Shower = Urinating on or being urinated on 

Half & Half = oral sex and intercourse 

HJ = Hand Job 

ISO = In Search Of 

Missionary = man on top 

MSOG = Multiple Shots on Goal - some providers only allow one ejaculation others are based only on time as 1 hour.

PSE - Pure Sexual Experience or Porn Star Experience - for some it includes swallow, facial, Greek & vocal

Pearls = Pearl Necklace = ejaculation on her upper breasts 

Reverse = You get to massage girl 

Rimjob = analingus 

Russian & Spanish = penis between girl's breasts 

SOG = Shots On Goal" = number of times you release 

T = topless 

Tea Bagging - Squatting over your lady and dipping your balls in her mouth. 


WA Newspaper article 23rd May creates disturbance against Prime Escort Workers (READ HERE)

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