Sienna Mink - Private Escort

State: NSW
City: Sydney
Area: CBD
Tours: No
Age: 24
Height: 157cm
Body Size: 6
Stats: 32 E cup
Hair: Caramel
Eyes: Brown
Email: Sienna
Phone: 0499 568 489

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Private Sydney Escort - Sienna Mink

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Information for your State:

SYDNEY based


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Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


About Me

Sienna Mink

Hi there :) Would you like to come play?

I'm a fun girl with mixed eurasian heritage. (My mother is korean, my father is from Europe ... )

I like to think my background gives me an interesting perspective on the world. But the perspective I like most is lying in bed staring up into the eyes of a man, or feeling him pushing into me from behind while he whispers in my ears :)

I love to feel my body being explored and while I may come across as shy when we meet, don't by shocked if you uncover someone a bit more excitable than you expect. I really get turned on when men look at me and like what they see. I'm very aware of the effect of seeing my tiny size 6 body with my huge breasts spilling out of a tight dress. And I do like it when my body sometimes makes men uncomfortable in public.

Maybe they think they can't have me? Or maybe they are worried to be caught staring?

Well you can have me.
And you can stare at me as much as you like.

I want to be wanted, and if a day goes by where I do not feel your touch, then it is a sad day for me. On a normal day I like shopping and going to the beach and enjoying life, but none of those things are as enjoyable as feeling you wanting my hotness on you, and feeling you craving release. And when i feel your release all over my skin then it is a good day indeed :)

So come play.



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Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Price List

$650 for one hour and $550 for each hour after that.

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Services Available

My style is very tender & affectionate but I like it when a man is a confident lover and can show me what he likes.

I love it when you talk dirty while you have me, and I love to play with my pussy until i cum while you fuck me from behind. If that sounds like fun then, I think it will be fun to meet you :)

P.S. I don't cum easily, but when I do you might want to put your hands over your ears or hold onto something sturdy, it can be quite a ride :)

of course :)


CIM with swallow

:) yes please

mmmm messy :)

Foot Fetish
I will bring extra shoes :)

Rimming on me

My favourite (this makes my breasts very happy)

Lesbian and bisexual
more please!!

Striptease and Lapdance
Sit back and enjoy the show :)

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

When can we play?

Phone: 0499 568 489 or email below...

EMAIL ME NOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT TIME - please leave the subject line intact.

If you are using a web email program and you cannot open an email direct from the above link, just copy and paste this email address - - please put the subject as 'Hi, I saw you on the Privategirls Website'

Please, when emailing, to make things happen with quickness and ease, include the following: Your name, a preferred appointment time (with possibly a second choice if you can), a mobile number (with preference of either a return call or an sms), plus a discreet time frame for you to be contacted, as I value your business and both our times. Thank you.

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia

Private Independant Escort working girl Australia


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It was the second time I had the pleasure of seeing Sienna Minx last night, She opened the door wearing a short tight black skirt and a tight red top and greeted me with her warm smile following by a luscious opened mouth kiss, I wanted to have a glass of red and catch up for a bit, (she has a voice with a subtle russian accent that drives me crazy!!!!) however she has other plans :D

We sat on the couch and made out, she started whispering sweet nothings in my ear I closed my eyes and let her voice entrance me, when I re-opened them BOOM!!!! those tits were out and they meant business, just the sight of them could knock any man back it his childhood!!!!
she slid down and what seemed like one seamless motion my pants were off and my cock was at full salute.

She paused and with her sweet oriental eyes looking into mine she smiled and woflted me down. I remember thinking to myself this girl only eats silk and velvet as she bobbed up and down making sounds only found in those xrated videos we so desperately seek.

It only seemed like 5 mins but half an hour had passed and I was ready I stood up and screamed iiiimmmmmmmm coooommmmmingggggggg some of the other girls spit it out and jerk me off over their tits but not Sienna, im pretty sure I was touching her lungs when I came, she didn't spill a drop.

She continued on with slow deep strokes until my knee started to buckle, she started giggling and took me by the hand outside for that glass of wine(yes buck naked). we started catching up, talking this and that, I found my self baring up again over her sweet voice and giggles.The wine was finished, we when into the bedroom Sienna dropped to her knees and wolfed it down with ease again. I had to lay down cause my knees were going shaky again, I drifted away with my thought of her eating silk and velvet again, on went the condom and Sienna climbed on top of me and slid my cock inside and started to ride it, her tits were bouncing and her bean was getting harder, I looked over in the mirror and saw her back arched grinding on me.we slowed down and started doggie. Her ass was up in the air looking like a peach and in I wen, her bean greeted me again, I looked over in the mirror again and the image of us drove me insane I pounded away maked more sounds only found in those videos found online. Just as I was about to blow Sienna ripped off the dommie and took another shot in her lungs. breathless and totally relaxed. I jumped in the shower as I came out Sienna handed me a fresh towel wearing only her sexy little boots.

I put my clothes on and thanked her for the night. Just like the first time she left me with a huge smile on my face and a soft kiss on the cheek.

MR D xx, January 2015



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Sienna Mink Private Sydney Escort

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