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Private Girls website was created in 2007 to upgrade what was currently being offered on the market.  Many ladies were using fake images around those times, due to the sensitivity of the Industry and their identities for ease of concern, but as years go by, clients are demanding more escorts being realistic and exactly who they are by showing who they are, without having to show identifiable characters.

Hence privategirls lifted the bar by creating the expectation of verified images for all ladies before going on the website.


This took privategirls Australian wide as one of the best and trusted websites around in its time.  But this was not enough.  We also created silver and gold verification stars to allow those serious about their business to show clients they are truly the real deal. They are personally met or visually spoken to and clarified enough for them to be given the star rating.


This helped try and alleviate any brothel agencies putting up profiles but sending any of their ladies along.  Regardless of how much we have done to uplift the quality in the Industry, it doesn’t completely protect the client or other ladies.  Someone will always find a way to cheat the system.  At least the percentage rate is much lower than what it was 7 years ago.  What we started has now other website following suite, so the Industry takes a leap forward in reality and professionalism.


To this date we have offered Australia’s best Sexual Escort Companions of all ages and race. Also Beautiful Companion Escorts – Independent ladies who work for themselves as Professional Private Escorts, with all their information on the web for you to peruse and make your choice.  We encourage video teasers also to help show themselves more real as well.


Be assured that strives to bring you an up-to-date information with High Class Escorts. The girls’ touring information, including State(s) and dates, are updated regularly, enabling Clients to locate girls in their town with ease.  Photos can be slightly different from girl to girl, depending on whether they are glamour or normal shots.  Our new site enables ladies to do their own changes, something we have done now for 8 years, but will strive to maintain the professionalism of our site.


You will never see other advertisements on the site selling condoms or enticing men to other selling websites, which offer commissions to do that.


As we are the advertiser format, we strive to go above and beyond the normal directory owner in order to bring you a better escort directory website. We do our very best to bring you the best. Just be aware that like in any other industry or business, you can sometimes get a bruised apple amongst the ripe ones.


I hope you all enjoy my site; it has taken substantial work to set and build it up for you. I receive so many emails and written remarks from you guys (and also from the Escorts themselves too) that it just amazes me.  This site is for the girls and about the girls and for the clients to find the girls, not about bad reviews or advertising everything else around the girl. I have kept it Simple, Smart, Classy and Fashionable without losing our focus over all these years.


I have the wonderful help of my dream team, (as they call themselves) who work on the site 7 days a week keeping it up-to-date and presented in a professional manner. 


I hope you derive much enjoyment from it.. Check it out for yourself – We have Escorts available in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Darwin, Tasmania, Launceston, Hobart, Alice Springs and country areas such as Bunbury, Albany, Busselton etc.


Our international section on the front page, shows our Australian ladies who do travel for International Escorts in places like Singapore, London, Los Angeles, America in general, Canada and so on.

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It may sound like something from the pages of a romance story, but carnal chemistry is very real and can play a part in any relationship.


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