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Advertise on  the Elegant website of PRIVATEGIRLS.COM.AU and our other Sexy Escort Websites Without Paying too much money, and get good quality bookings...Guaranteed" 

If you’re wanting to advertise on a website directory to promote yourself and bring lots of enquiries and business, then this quick letter will be the most important thing you’ll read all year…


Take this Quick Quiz:

  • Are you still advertising in Newspapers and dealing with time wasters?
  • Are you too busy to get around Google trying to find the best sites to promote your Escort business?
  • Do you feel you have to spend too much money advertising on multitudes of sites that don't have a support system for you?
  • Are you looking for that site that is professional, up to date and popular around the whole of Australia, not just in the one state?
  • Are you looking for a site that is fresh, chic, classy, professional and easy to navigate without flashing affiliate banners to distract the clients away from you?
  • Are you looking for a site that clients and the advertisers are recommending out there right now?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should know that the place you need to be is right here, right now. 

In fact, you’ll be up and running with your own private page on Private Girls within a few days of submitting all your information. 

But, I’m getting ahead of myself…


If you're in a hurry here’s How You Can Sign-Up for Private Girls Website - but please read all about us below.


Simply Click Here to email us and please state what city you work in and if you also tour around Australia. After you email the form, I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have and give you details. An email that is well written with thought and signed is always gratefully received.

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Who Am I and Why You Should Listen To Me



Perth, Western Australia

Web Owner



My name is Serena (this is also my real name not a made up one like most people) and I am here to help you promote yourself and your business.  You see, it is a business that you run and a service that you provide, and at all times should treat it as such.


If you’re a private worker, who treats the clients right and runs your business professionally then you have come to the right place to present your business on a quality controlled website. 

If you want to make the most out of your business, then how you present it is important just like any business in the market.


To work the best for you, your photos must be of good quality and must be your own photos.  Presenting and using photos that belong to other people just doesn’t work anymore and is illegal.  Anyone needing to do so isn’t presenting their business in a good light anyway and one would want to question – why not?  How does this reflect on your business service if you're dishonest from the beginning.  There is no reason whatsoever to be not using your own photos with the ability of Photoshop now being able to remove identifying tattoos, piercings, or identifying marks on the body.  You can even crop heads etc. so you can't be recognised by hair ... but you could look at a lot of girls on the internet and they could pass for you, so it is all a mind set thing.


When you have a website that has a great reputation and is well known for honesty and integrity, it helps build the respect and recognition of many clients wanting to use the site.  If you have girls doing the wrong thing and not representing themselves correctly, then it affects the business for everyone as a whole, so it's important to be who you say you are instead of selling something you're not.


Unlike the other multitudes of websites that are springing up left, right and centre we don’t go and email spam to get the girls/guys on our site. You come to us for a reason - because we are the most popular.  Unlike the other sites, we didn’t copy everyone's information from other sites and put it up on ours, you supplied it for us.  We have copyright on our site, but that still didn’t stop others copying it and putting it under their own copyright name.  If other sites are doing this and putting you up and then asking if you want to advertise, then think about the style of their integrity.


It doesn’t matter where you travel around Australia, Tasmania or Bali, you will hear about Private Girls from both clients and girls.  That alone states how well the site is welcomed.




 "Wow Serena"


What a wonderful idea to keep all the girls informed. I have to say that to date I have been very impressed with your site and you as a web owner. After having dealt with you it's no wonder at all that PG is the fastest growing website in the country and by far the most reputable out of all the big sites in the country.

Congratulations and thank you for being so dedicated. I have dealt with two other sites in the past few years and I found the web owners weren't really interested in the girls, just the money they were making - not only that, they always seemed quite abrupt and uninterested whenever I dealt with them.

You have been fantastic so far and I've had two really good enquiries so far (one has turned into a booking because I was unavailable due to family reasons with the second client) so I have been impressed with the response received from clients to date. The quality of the clients seems to be of a high standard also.

Thankyou for everything - I will be staying as an advertiser for as long as I'm in the industry and definitely spreading the word to my regular clients and other ladies I know about this website.

It's been a fantastic experience so far.

Talk soon X (new lady just gotten onto the site SH June 2010)



Could you use our website?

Sure you can.

But be prepared to present yourself professionally and honestly.


Here’s the good news….

 “By doing this you will get good business and even better still you will get repeat business and regular clients wanting to see you.”

Here’s the way to play the game.

Step 1: Present yourself professionally & honestly with how you provide a service. Don’t lie. 

Step 2: Build confidence where clients will want to come back and see you. Set your boundaries as well so clients know where they stand & not walk over you. 

Step 3: Have them come back again and again, and through those quiet moments (yes there are quiet moments in this Industry) your regulars will be your bread and butter.

Step 4: Work to a goal and a plan so that you are not working in the Industry forever. Save for what that goal is and work to the time plan you create.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the spending spree of making such good money.  If you're broke, then you need to look at yourself and ask How Come?  One would need to be a bit wary of one who is always broke, it could reflect on your service or possible other problems.


Sound familiar?


Here’s the kicker…

Advertising on a website directory should actually be the worry-free part of your business. In fact, a few emails should handle it. 

The truth is that if you set it up right from the beginning, it can then allow you to concentrate on the client.  All you need to do is change photos frequently to keep it fresh and generate business.


Many girls think advertising on many many websites will bring them more work. In the end it can create frustration as many website owners aren't involved in the sites themselves, they just want to get girls in so they can use the site to sell to the clients who may visit. Banner advertising is used for affiliate marketing. (We keep our site clean of outside distractions so the client sees only you and not teased into going to other sites to buy things like erection creams etc) You also may want to leave the Industry and need to take all your photos down. Guess what - you can't get the owners attention to let that happen and in the end you have many sites with your photos all over the internet. As we now have a staff in the office here of 4 people, and 7 more behind the scenes, you are always assured of daily attention to your needs and quick response in urgency..



  "I congratulate you on the success you have had so far with your site.”

Certainly comments by some of the punters, it is well received. I think it helps that you have had a personal dealing with a lot of the clients, and because of that, they trust your work and your girls. 

Yes, we men are all horny buggers, ... ha ha.. but it really helps that there is someone like you in the Industry who seems to tell it as it is, and that we can rely on for accurate information. I feel the girls trust you very much, and will continue to support you with their business as well. 

Anyway, I can't speak for everyone, but for what it's worth, I think you’re doing a great job with your site. Some of the girls have proven to be real gems, some - only because I haven't seen them all. lol. 

Good luck." from a regular client of the site



Here’s How to Sign-Up for Private Girls Website


Simply Click Here to email us and please state what city you work in, and if you also tour around Australia. After you email the form, I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have and give you details. An email that is well written with thought and signed is always gratefully received.   

Click Here - To Get Started NOW


I can’t wait to get you started and on board…


SERENA  (Perth)

P.S. If you are sitting there trying to decide what to do, then you need to just get decisive and make the move like so many before you did.

Read What Some Clients and Girls Had to Say Below the 'About Me' Section………………….



Web Owner: Serena 

Team Leader: Shelly

Supervisors: Gladys and Kelly

Profile Editors: Van, Nessa, Jonah, Ros and Sam

Social Media: Jemma

Photos: Arn and Maui

Accounts: Mell, Linda and Sally  


About Me & How this started....

Hi. Having worked in the Sex Industry from Escort Operator up to Personal Assistant/Manager, I have used, worked and applied myself to every aspect of the business in helping making more customers come to see the working ladies.


I know how you would look best dressed in photographs, sitting, layout etc as have spent many hours with Private Girls photographer Tina in helping shoot film of girls for their portfolio.


We strive to portray the ladies at their best and help them set up a site that will help sell their services as they only can. It must have your personality and character in it and constantly be refreshed to keep interest coming back and back again.


The idea for began in January 2007 as a domain name due to the fact that a lot of guys who don’t want to go to brothels etc, only want to deal with private girls. The only problem was they were being told a lot of BS on the phone by some girls to just get them there and they had to make a decision as to stay or not without the worry of hurting someone’s feelings. It wasted their time and the lady's time by doing this.


With the web it takes away the uncertainness and concern as you can read and see everything before you make a decision and finish off with talking by phone when booking. This creates a better medium for both parties to set up bookings that will happen instead of no turn ups or time wasters to a majority.


October/November 2008 had been spent putting the site together and optimising and setting it up to being classy, chic but very simple and not too busy with too many things on the page. Others out there claim to be the only one's this and the only one's that, the number one in Australia and so on. The bottom line is the quality and ease of the site for navigation, the freshness of information on the girls and how much other information is flashing on the page to drag your attention away from the main priorities - the girls!.


You're looking for a private girl around Australia? Then that is what you will find. Only this site has a backup of experienced people also helping the girls to be professional and business like as well if they so desire. We communicate with the girls, give advice, meet them whenever possible and keep them updated with what's going on around the place - very few other sites have that and probably none have the familiarity of actually meeting almost all the girls etc. It's run by a woman for women, it's not just created to make as much money from the girls as possible, it's about giving back to them and working with them. Below you will find many comments coming from both clients and girls alike in regards to this site to give you an idea.


Hope you enjoy the site and get much from it as it grows, and believe you me it has a lot of growing still to come yet. This site and the girls all work together as a community networking to provide a sense of security and homeness in an othewise isolated Industry. The private girls control their own lives in their own ways and you will find most on the site of high calibre, intelligence and respect for their business.


I don't provide advertising pricing information on the site as I prefer you to email me and speak on a personal basis as I like to work with most of the girls in that format. If your a girl who wants to advertise herself as someone she is not, and use false american model photos from adult websites etc, then I am not interested as you mostly get caught out and it brings disrespect to this site. In most cases I will do my best to verify girls when and where I can, so those that have "images verified' are who they say they are. Those that don't can still be, but I haven't proved it, thats all and if they are still up there, then clients are happy with what they see as well.


We are certainly not perfect, but do our best to be as close as possible. Below is feedback that has been received over the months in regards to the site.



and the Dream Team





Hey Serena,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply.


I have explored nearly all (or I think all) escort directory google could give me, and some of the advertising rates are ridiculous, as well as the overall website poorly managed. I just wanted to thank you in advance for actually have a directory that was not throwing flashing banners, naked woman and other random things and had reasonable pricing. From a soon to be escort August 2011




Just writing to thank you for a wonderful website where I have met the man of my dreams. Escort **** has now withdrawn from the Private Guys website, we met last November & have a wonderful relationship. It took a lot of courage for me to contact him in the first place, however I am ever so happy I did. We have just come back from overseas together & enjoying a wonderful relationship.


I wanted to thank you for your website as without such a site, women in my position would have nowhere to go. Shame there are not more men listed as I am sure there are thousands of women in my position of needing someone to show them how to be loved.


Best Regards

Name witheld August 2011



I am touring, so basically I need the advertisement only for less then two weeks. In the future, I am planning to tour about two to three times and hopefully more, and will use your site for the advertisment.

You have a very sophisticated operation. I travel a lot and this is the first time I see such organized handling of things as well as fast turn around!!



E (new lady joining us)



Many thanks to you for such a great site.  I have watched for a few years now and PG has always been far and above the best site.  Many try but seem to fail badly.  Love your colours, layouts and style.  PG makes it look like a nice profession rather than a dirty business.

Hope to have more reviews in future and look forward to watching PG progress in years to come.


Mike May 2011



In the meantime, I just saw yet another excellent client here in Melb who also has so many positive things to say about the quality and accuracy of the PG site, so again, congratulations, and, thanks for everything.

Hope to hear from you when you have time, 

thanks Serena and Team,

X Catherine ) april 2011



Thanks a lot for your fast action; I was not expecting that on a Sunday but this is what I love about your company: you take care of your advertisers and it really means a lot. Like a lot of girls who share their profits, I actually sponsor a young person in Asia. . If you guys only knew how much joy we Private Gals are able to experience and share through the professionalism of your site...What can I say, except "thanks a lot." (thankyou for such lovely words)

C... lovely lady on our PG site. March 2011



Thanks Serena and congratulations on a great site.  Everything flows and is easy to get around - hope things continue to go well for you. John April 2010



Thanks, Serena.  I am sorry for clutteringup your inbox.  I've recently installed Windows Outlook and mistakenly doubled up on my emails.  Thanks for posting my review; but most importantly, thanks hugely for setting up and managing such a helpful and reliable website.  It is, without doubt, the best guide that there is in Australia  to the exciting world of these magnificant girls.  Dave Feb 2010



"I know a few of the girls who advertise with you and they have great things to say, and credit you with most of their new clients." (new girl wanting to advertise.)



"Thanks Serena . Appreciate yr comments as always . I care how i am perceived in pg as i think its the best site." regular client of site



"Just a note to say I have met some of the lovliest girls on yr site. " regular client



"I contacted you because your site looked fantastic and also because of the classier/higher calibre of ladies you employ" - interested girl (I dont actually employ but some people get confused. :-)



"I’ve just been looking on your fantastic website and was after pricing to advertise and the cost of having photo’s taken?" new girl coming on board



"I am new to Sydney and have come across your site through a client of mine. He loves it... Could you give me some information about advertising with you?" new girl coming on board



"I want to work for myself, and I came across your website, I did like it as it was very simple, and easy to find your way around, not like some of the others around which have too much information, very confusing," New girl coming into the Industry



Wow thanks for all the have been SO HELPFUl and very clear in everything that you can offer, Your rates seem really really affordable and excellent for what you offer,your ethos of passive incomes and the girls thinking forward is something that really relates to me and something Id really like to get involved in, without mentioning sites, I do find them stale in the sense of they simply want my money, but don't give u much in return as opposed to you guys i find your approach to the industry so amazing and makes me excited to hopefully be a part of the site!! - new girl enquiry



"I think your an amazing person, and you have given all of us an amazing opportunity to better our lives with respect and pride. I will always back you 100% so if you need anything from me, just let me know." current girl on site.



"Hi, thanks for a very nice website and your doing a great job! I'ver seen most of the ladies at private girls, some I have enjoyed, and a few I haven't, but that's the game, can't compain. This is the best web site going around at the moment. Keep it up." current client of the site



"I congratulate you on the success you have had so far with your site. Certainly comments by some of the punters, it is well received. i think it helps that you have had a personal dealing with a lot of the clients, and because of that, they trust your work and your girls. Yes, we men are all horny buggers, ... ha ha.. but it realy helps that there is someone like you in the Industry who seems to tell it as it is, and that we can rely on for accurate information. I feel the girls trust you very much, and will continue to support you with their business as well. Anyway, i can't speak for everyone, but for what it's worth, I think your doing a great job with your site. Some of the girls have proven to be real gems, some - only because I haven't seem them all. lol. Good luck." from a regular client of the site



HI I just wanted to send a quick email congratulating you on the inclusion of the new video clips on a few of the profiles.I was very pleasantly surprised with how good the quality is for the videos, all bar Sarena Sisson's but i guess its a effect done to the video for further privacy which i do understand. Also just a general thank you for such a great well maintained site. I've seen a number of the girls on the site and have had experiences ranging  from good to the "oh my god i'v died and gone to heven". Keep up the good work and i'm looking forward to more videos appearing as i do think it will aid many people in their decision making process.ThanksMatt 2009

I've also recommended your site two a few of my escort buddies. There just getting their pic together and there really excited about the responses i'm getting from your site. Out of all the sites i've advertised on yours is the only one that really works,its wonderful. working lady Dec 2009



Snippets from email correspondence

These bits and bobs are things that girls and clients put in their emails to me that are just part of other stuff we are discussing which doesn;t need to be shown below.


It doesn't matter though, these little comments always have a profund affect on me that my site is such value to so many people and it makes me swell with pride to see these words as we are all so busy working the site and keeping it updated and fresh that we don't realise that those looking at it are getting so much from it also.




as I absolutely love your site " from an advertiser of the site"


By the way, I like your website very much. I'm visiting Oz in November and will certainly be consulting it. " client who sent email about a girl on the site"


Your website is by far the very very best and as a marketing and PR specialist I congratulate you on the work you have done.  Nobody comes close to you with service and professionalism and all my clients speak so highly of your site.  And I can tell its only getting better... " from an advertiser of the site"


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