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  • About Me

  • My dear lovers,

    There is something special about me that is indefinable. It's the mixture of both intelligent and passionate that has the ability to get anyone's heart racing in their chests. The stresses of life are no match for my genuine laughter and a big smile, taking you far away from any problems or worries. Yet I will stimulate your intellectual side and spiritual side with an energetic connection you would not have experienced before. Of course, that's not all I have to offer. I'm voraciously sexual, uninhibited and carefree—I love to please and be pleasured. I am a true hedonist, and sex gets me high on passion.




    My name is Aiya I am a highly established escort in Australia with nearly 100 positive reviews and a flawless reputation.  


    I connect with my lovers through honesty and integrity, without a hint of façade. I truly believe that only genuine connections can make our encounter irreplaceable and unforgettable.

    I have silky soft, F cup breasts with a petite size 6-8 figure (32F-25-36) that just begs your hands to embrace it.  I am only 155 centimeters tall, but as they say, good things come in small packages. I have exotic, smooth, olive skin and dark hair. My dark eyes can tell a million stories—they can go from cheeky and curious to sexy and wild in an instant. 

    Like a loving girlfriend, I enjoy being very close and intimate. I'm the stylish woman of your fantasies, with an insatiable libido and uninhibited attitude, come to life.  


    As I mentioned above, I have been blessed with many rare talents. Above all, I have an endless appetite for passion and sexual pleasure. I am also a very sensual and responsive lover. I crave the feeling of electricity from my lovers' touch on my body and love feeling your body tremble in pleasure at my fingertips.  Men and women who share my sexual desires with me, whether it is an intimate connection or an intense passion, make me weak in my knees.

    I am a true deep throat queen and real squirter and all that - however sex is not about those. Sexual connection is about energy and sharing the energy with chemistry. 

    I emerge myself into the energy and chemistry - without inhibition. With true mindfulness. 

    Sex is connecting at an energy level and when that energy is properly applied your soul will be fed with amazing creative energy 

    Sex has foremost creative energy and when it is enjoyed properly it is euphoric. Cannot compare to any drug. 

    I was born in South Korea but brought up in Australia. However, I believe all my identity is merely my experience and I am only who I am. Yes, I am university educated with multiple degrees; However, the important thing is I learned to learn every day -and the conventional school gave me a gift to experience a certain part of this world yet real learning is when I expend my mind and soul.  I have a strong appreciation for creativity, especially in regards to books and films. My favorite author is George Orwell, and my favorite directors include Lars von Trier, Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers and countless others. The first film I fell in love with was American Beauty. As a 10-year-old, I did not grasp the full depth of the meaning that the film tried to portray;. However, the last scene struck a chord with me, and ever since, I have been in love with the art of cinematography.

    I am also a big food lover. After realizing life is not about accumulating wealth, it is all about experiences I have been very fortunate enough to be on a travel where I could try fine dining to street food.  


    However it is not about how much I pay for food - I do appreciate the artistry of fine dining, yet when it comes to it, I love the food that you can feel the energy. Some fine dining place I am still praying to try for yet when I see fresh ingredients in markets in France, Italy, Spain, and Croatia - I make my food porn noise. 

    I listen, I engage, and I share. From small talk to trading politics, to talk about spirituality, to whispering about our sexual fantasies, the conversations we can have are endless. As they say, the largest sexual organ is the mind.

    Everything from elegant conversation to the fulfillment true connection on energy level - everything and anything is possible if we are open to it.  We can unwind and explore one another mentally and physically.

    Ultimately, I believe in soul connection - If you are somehow ended up looking me up, and somehow whatever I said about myself intrigued you, and somehow it struck the urge to see me - I think there is something. So I do believe - you will enjoy your time with me.

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  • Price List

  • Introduction

    1 Hour

    Get to know me and let's lose ourselves in excitement 


    Each additional hour $800


    Cocktail and Play

    1 Hour social date + 2 hours play

    Take me out for a nice drink and let me stimulate your mind before having some fun a little later on. This date gives you the extra time that you want with me, after a smooth drink and mind-tingling conversation.



    Lunch or Dinner date

    4 Hours

    Drink in hand, relaxing in a fancy bar or a restaurant with a beautiful woman—if that sounds good to you, then this is your ideal date. This date is perfect to either meet me for the first time, or to get to know me a little bit better.




    Relaxed Dinner Indulgence: 

    6 Hours

    Good food, good wine, and rich culture. This date is all about living the good life. Take me out to the dinner, the theatre, maybe a comedy show, and let me show you another side of leisure time.



    Following packages only available to clients I have met before. 


    Overnight Romance

    Up to 16 hours (with a minimum of 6 hours' sleep)

    Experience the combination of passion and tenderness, experimenting and exploring with each other. Smooth sheets and an open mind are essential for this night filled with unforgettable moments.



    Whole Day Romance (up to 24 hours) 

    This date is all about pure indulgence, reveling in the beauty that is the human mind and body. I will make sure that this is the best day of your life. 



    As I have huge personal commitments I do not offer longer bookings than 1 day.

  • Services Available

  • I believe that sexual experiences should not be limited to one description.

    Sexual experience is all about energy and connection. 

    In recent spiritual experience, I also learned sexual experience is about healing experience. I have been told on many occasion that I am 'different' - it is nothing to do with technics - it was about me transcending my sexual energy and in turn that is used as healing energy. 

    Ultimately it is all about connection and openness to enjoy this sexual energy that would make an experience with me far most joyous. 

    As an innately intuitive person, I truly believe that every individual has their own sexual energy. When that energy is positive and joyful, and we can approach it with an uninhibited attitude, it can lead to something incredible, regardless if it is intense or sensual.

    I also love doing what some people might called the 'Porn Star Experience' – deep throat, face fucking (especially when I lie on my back and tilt my head over the edge of the bed) and BD (bondage and discipline). I only do this because I truly enjoy it, and it is only enjoyable when my lover is into it as well. I don't just put on a porn star façade; for me, it is all about genuine passion.

    I am also naturally submissive. Bondage and Discipline (BD) on me gives me a thrill. I love being tied up and told what to do to please you, and then asking permission to enjoy myself. I also love to experiment, so be sure to tell me exactly what you like. If you enjoy the intensity and a little bit of kinkiness, I'll be right there with you; but if you are experienced with art of domination you would already know - Any submissive hate any form of control outside the bedroom ( any free soul would want freedom) —I enjoy being submissive at times in the bedroom, as it is one of the techniques that could reach mindfulness - however, I am against all and any controls in real life. I embrace my free soul and being in real life.  And I am sure if you enjoy genuine BD it is all about submissive giving the consent is an ultimate control instead dom having a control over submissive's actions. As I am a genuine lover, I will not do anything that I do not enjoy. Only true passion and enjoyment will make our daring rendezvous remarkable, and will make us swim in the deep sea of passion. 

    As I mentioned before, I am a genuine squirter, but it is not something that I can do on command or guarantee to happen. Despite this, I'm sure that I can get there if we communicate and work towards it together.

    Here is a list of the services I offer. If there is something else that you would like to discuss or ask about, please do not hesitate.

    Real squirting (*this is does not happen on command—if it happens it happens)

    Truly-deep deep throat and face fucking 

    Passionate deep French kissing

    Natural French for both (till completion)

    Testicular play

    Mutual Oral / 69

    COF / COB / CIM / or in throat

    Rimming on me


    Cuddling and touching

    Prostate massage/ Anal play (on you)

    Tease and cum denial 

    Mutual masturbation

    All positions

    Toys (from strap ons to vibrator and more)


    Erotic body massage/body slide

    Unlimited orgasm

    Cum play / swallow 

    Very light BD play on me


    Please give me prior notice for the following services during the enquiring process.


    Hot/cold oral (with hot water or with ice)

    Costumes (I do not offer role play as I do not like acting) 

    Light anal play on me - small toys etc please do advise me prior to the session (**NOT anal intercourse. I DO NOT provide anal intercourse.)  

    Food play ((Strawberries and cream / honey/ chocolate etc.) 

    Fetishes (Foot fetish, latex, stockings etc.)

    Tease and cum denial/light bondage on you 

    Toys (if there is something specific you like) 

    Prostate massage/ Anal play (on you)


    Extra services: please advise me during the enquiring process if you would like one of (or all of) these services to be included. Extra charges will be applied 



    Spit & saliva play

    Golden shower on YOU 

    *All services are available at my discretion only 

    *I DO NOT offer anal intercourse. please do not enquire. 

    *I also offer covered oral—please advise me prior to the service if you would prefer covered oral.

    *I never offer natural sexual intercourse—If you enquire about this, you will be blocked.

    Couples and Ladies 


    As a true pansexual, I enjoy passionate sexual energy with all of my lovers, no matter which physical attributes they were born with.

    At the end it is all about soul connection - physical being we are born into is all just facade we happen to have this lifetime. 

    I also love having fun with couples. It really turns me on to please and be pleased by both ladies and gentlemen at the same time, and truly share the positive sexual energy all around.

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    Twitter: @Aiya_ri

    Website: aiya-ri.com


    Phone: 0411 722 221 SMS only or email me: aiya.ri.aus@gmail.com


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