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    • 172cm
    • 10D
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  • Visit Brooke at her Incall in the city. First impressions she is an attractive women in her late 30's. Performance wise is top notch. Had a blast I would recommend her if you are after an experience older women Brooke you should visit.


    L, May 2019




    Brooke is as gorgeous as she is talented. She is like the Roger Federer of giving head. And I would love to see her every day if I could.


    Phil, August 2018




    I had a great time with Brooke this week. She looks a lot hotter in person when compared to her photos (which are still hot). She gave a first class service, easy to talk to, friendly, yet professional and un-rushed service. I would definitely like to see her again. It was a great way to celebrate a special occasion, with a great woman.


    June 2017




    She's so good.

    S, January 2017



    I count myself lucky and privileged to have been able to meet Brooke on a date during her recent tour. Comms were simple, Brooke indicated a suitable time that wouldn't rush us and worked with me - and with that, an anticipated meeting with a lovely woman was in the cards.


    When I looked up Brooke's ad, what caught me was the cheekiness in her photos, her looks to the side and a beautiful quality... she was in my top 5 instantly from just that. When she opened the door, I had another moment where i was struck by how alluring and charming Brooke is ... and we embraced in a wicked kiss, our bodies leaped at each other and hands were all over. it was an intense moment that i'll always smile at.


    from there, we made it to the couch with many little touches and petting... and continued that in an intimate chat about our backgrounds, and found that we had many passions in common.. enhanced with some commonality, we had a little play on the couch further before a shower was needed to settle me down and we began anew.. couch, bed, couch... what I can only describe as amazing oral deftness, tremendous moments fucking each other with abandon, and a finish for each other that i will remember fondly.


    already looking forward to the next time we meet.


    F, November 2016



    Hi Gentlemen


    I have just been taken to “Sexual Heaven” by the angelic Brooke Michaels. Brooke states on her web page that she is a multi-orgasmic thrill ride and that she thinks of herself as the naturally beautiful girl next door with a kooky sense of humour and an instinct for laughter. On the other hand she has also told me that she loves men, fucking and sucking cock, but I’m not sure in which order. I can confirm that all of these are true and that the beautiful Brooke, who is charming, intelligent, passionate, kind and a joy to spend time with will appreciate the attention lavished on her and return it many times over. I don’t need to go into her natural charms or how easy communication with her is as these are readily seen on her websites and detailed in other reviews, but after seeing Brooke 3 times I know she is the sort of girlfriend that I always wished I had, had.


    The first time I met Brooke it was initially a little awkward but she quickly put my nerves at ease, now when we meet its like it was only yesterday we parted she is so easy to get on with. I think it is fair to say that Brooke is not one of those ladies who dominates her client and her whole objective is to bring you pleasure and to make you happy.


    However; Brooke is not a mind reader and greatly appreciates being advised as to what you like. Personally I love foreplay and have always found fucking to be an anticlimax. Brooke is extremely passionate and met my every desire in this respect, the fondling, kissing, caressing, cock sucking (boy is she good), 69 and the feeling of Brooke lying on top of me, kissing me and slowly moving her body to heighten the sexual desire will never be forgotten. I have always found “coming” to be difficult but after the extensive foreplay this just seemed to happen so naturally with Brooke, to be followed by a time of just cuddling together and chatting. Brooke is not one of those ladies who sits on their elbow after sex just waiting for you to leave, she still gives you her undivided attention.


    I hope that I managed to return the favour to Brooke; that she gave to me by bringing her some pleasure as well. I think that this might have happened, as the sight of Brooke achieving multiple orgasms is so beautiful and one that all men should have, as her body convulses, her eyes roll back and her open mouth emits sounds of pleasure. Her web pages are almost an understatement as to her enjoyment in this respect.


    I look forward to the next time we can meet and for anyone looking for the ultimate experience with a woman (not a girl). I would highly recommending spending at least a few hours with Brooke, as she is a very special lady.


    Stuart, May 2016




    My name is Jeff and I had the pleasure of meeting Brooke for the first today. While I was planning to see her earlier, the last few months gave me an opportunity to look at reviews to ensure that the experience was superb. I just want to say, that from the moment Brooke greeted me at her apartment, I was stunned not just by her beauty, but her friendly and down-to-earth nature.


    Her apartment was a decent size, very easy to get to, with plenty of transport. After our initial greeting, which included plenty of passionate kissing, she allowed me to refresh myself for our appointment. Without revealing too much, she exceeded my expectations and I would definitely want to see her again. She is also easy to talk to, and it is easy to get along with her.


    Brooke, you are such a beautiful woman, and I can't wait to see you again.


    Hoping to see you soon!


    Jeff, October 2015




    Spending time with this beauty makes you think twice about other women. Brooke is absolutely amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent, has a warming vibe.


    Booking was easy. Sent Brooke a text and she replied within the hour. Date was set and confirmation was easy in the morning of.


    Always nervous meeting beautiful women and Brooke had me full of nerves in the lead up to our meeting. Even made me wait a bit longer. Met Brooke at her incall apartment. When she open the door she is way better than her photos. All the nerves were out the window after a quick drink and chat on the lounge.


    Brooke came in for a soft DFK that could have gone on for the whole booking it was that enjoyable. Her lips are divine and I wish I could have them kissing me everyday after a short or long day at work. The DFK was getting very heated and Brooke offered me a moment to freshen up. We got the business out of the way and after a quick shower I was met by Brooke in her underwear which were never going to last on that incredible body of hers. She is a sight for painfully sore eyes.


    I have to admit Brooke provides the best BBBJ I have ever experienced in my life. Even BJs from women I've been deeply in love with do not even come close to Brooke's amazing technique. She does it with perfection. Just from the sight of Brooke my heart was going to fall out of my chest, cold sweats on a cold evening. I could have blown my load from her just kissing my LM. we were already taking it slow but we slowed it down even more just so I could decrease the intensity. Brooek sat on my face and I eat her till she came in my mouth. I could have gone on for longer although I sensed that this lady was sensitive which I loved. Brooke went back and finished me off with the most amazing BBBJ. She took my whole load cleaned me out dry. I didn't think there was any turning back and I wouldn't be able to perform again for a while but this lady has the perfect touch and I've never been with someone who knows what a man needs. She had me up again within minutes although that didn't last. We locked lips and her touch had me going again and I was completely amazed at how she got me going. The dom was on and Brooke was on me in CG position. She rode me till I came deep inside of her while locking lips with her.


    Brooke is an amazing GFE with a touch of PSE and it was a great way to start the weekend although I could not stop reminiscing about that evening. I will be back to see Brooke many more times very soon. If all women were like Brooke there would be no war!


    Vince, August 2015




    Saw the lovely Brooke in Canberra on her last tour.


    Very easy to deal with, and the hotel was top notch which always helps.


    She was Stunning in a simple dress, the sort apparently you can't wear a bra or panties with.


    Truly Astonishing spectacle when naked on her knees, a true natural busty blonde beauty in every sense.


    Just all round pleasant and talented during the getting 

    down to business phase.


    As a bonus if you need it, her voice is so smooth and sexy I would pay her to read me a newspaper.


    Humphrey, October 2014

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