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  • I have seen Chloe on a few occasions and it very hard to put into words just what a truly wonderful experience it is spending time with her.


    When I decide that it is time to reward or spoil myself, she is always the one I think of and so I called her recently. 


    As always, she arrived, looking absolutely ravishing with a smile and a greeting that does make u feel very special and makes the world seem a better place than normal.


    I always book a relaxing 2 hour session and despite the range of very tempting services on offer, opted for the GFE experience which is always a warm and wonderful experience.


    After starting with some pleasant and relaxing conversation it wasn't long before I was enjoying some very intense and pleasurable sex. After a shower and relaxing massage afterwards, I felt completely refreshed. Like everything about the experience, Chloe is completely professional at what she does and left me completely satisfied when our evening was over.


    Everyone should experience the best things in life and an evening with Chloe is certainly that. So if you've thought about treating yourself to a wonderful evening of guilt free pleasure, don't stop now. This is one decision you wont regret.



    Paul, December 2017



    Once Bitten, Twice Smitten, Thrice.. Third times the charm so goes the saying. Was notified by Chloe that she will be dropping by to Singapore & what better way to start the New Year by meeting up with her for the 3rd time! The previous encounter got me smitten while this encounter just got me head over heels for her. A lil warning to everyone meeting her to proceed cautiously as I suspect her to be a Devil in Disguise ;). Chloe will bedazzle you with her charm & wits. She will grant you your wishes in exchange for your soul which I think was sucked out of me unknowingly. As I'm writing this review, I noticed that I tend to grin like an idiot from time to time. The best part of Chloe is her ability to converse on almost anything. I tend to feel so at ease while talking with her. Thanks to her I found some comfort as well as a new nickname. Can't wait to meet up with her again hopefully in the not so distance future! Signing off.


    G (AKA T), January 2017





    This is a review of the courtesan Chloe Sakai. This has been "too" long in the making because, I just could not make the decision to do it. I was not sure if I could do it justice> I also wanted to produce something different to what I have seen in a few boards. Highly graphic and if you like, self indulging and graphic but light on substance. (my personal opinion).


    I have divided the review to two parts, largely objective and subjective parts.


    Now as the reviewer, I have met the lady "numerous" times including extended meetings (more than 1-2 days) and I am confident I have spent enough time to be able to provide an accurate account. As "the judge", I am a tough critic. I have lived in different countries, speak few languages and have more than few doctorate and above academic qualifications. I have seen a lot of people from different back grounds, cultures as part of my job and my travels. Now, please ignore the ego maniac-It is just meant to give you a better picture of the "tester".


    Objective part: 

    My personal opinion of what a review should be:


    1- Initial contact: Response in a matter of minutes. Polite and professional. Within minutes a meeting time was arranged.


    2- Does she look like here photos: Completely accurate. First meeting I could quickly identify her in a crowd.


    3- Does she do what she advertises: Yes


    4- Did I enjoy the interaction? Absolutely. Details: a treasure deep inside my heart which will not be shared with any human.


    5- Will I go back? Self explanatory as I have seen Chloe Sakai numerous times.



    Please note this is my personal opinion and impression.


    First meeting, first impressions: Very accurate pictures, extremely well dressed and immaculately presented. Simple but flawless. I was impressed.


    Greetings and first conversation of first meeting: 

    I stay silent, on purpose. Those very Japanese eyes, piercing deep inside my soul, calm, calculating, evaluating the mad creature in front of them. Looking for clues to get inside my head, my soul.


    My next test, how much truth and honesty can you handle? Answer is, all of it, every last bit:

    I drop the guard, unleash a quick summary of "me" (as much as it is possible in words) and the reason I wanted to meet her. I can assure you there is more than enough madness in that reason (highly personal and irrelevant to this report). She takes all of that in and gives me an otherworldly smile, smile of a goddess). 

    Not surprised, not judging. Pure, kind, wild. Before I finish my assessment, she returns the favour! Now I thought I was prepared. Obviously not.


    Now, if your read her website and twitter, there is a very accurate description for people who actually read and pay attention. And I will use that to help the report:



    " I dress to turn heads not raise eye brows" absolutely. Dressed very tastefully and presented flawlessly. Not flashy but simple, pure and beautiful. It is a reflection of the soul after all.


    And before I forget, that smile...unforgettable.


    Twitter post:

    Goddess, a woman in process of learning, to know and accept and love herself...has the capacity to make her life anything she wants.


    Completely agree:

    Extremely comfortable with herself. Shockingly intelligent, adapting to new situations at lightning speed, learning.


    More description:

    She has an easy, light hearted and kind view to the world. "Jesus to a child" is the closest description I can think of.


    I guess we both have a very direct way of seeing and analyzing the world and share a difficult earlier years but while that has turned me into an monstrosity, I am always humbled to see how she has kept such a golden heart, kind, ... I can go through adjectives for days and still fail, take "goddess" as a summary.


    "She can make her life anything she wants" and I truly believe that. Her decision is to be a courtesan (in my opinion, for the time being). This is a lady that can do anything she wants and be successful in my opinion. Make sure you pay her the respect she deserves.


    Now I call her a "courtesan" and not an escort. A quick google search defines courtesan: a companion of high education and intelligence with dignified etiquette. Courtesans were a normal part of the Europe's history politics (A basic read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtesan). In my opinion she is one of the few (at least i Australia) that essentially is one. Now she adapts to your level so naturally, enabling her to "work" at a "lower frequency" if necessary.


    Now, the subjective part of the review sounds a touch over the top and almost like a love/admiration letter. It is because I "may" in fact adore her.



    The mad peregrine




    "As cheesy as it sounds like, it seems like fate did allowed me to meet up with Chloe after 3 long years with my last encounter being in Melbourne. By a sliver of luck, I checkout her website and found out of her travel to Singapore. Credits to Chloe for making the booking hassle free and I do apologize for the change in timeslot.


    Fast forward to our encounter day, we decided to meet up at her lodging in Singapore. I was totally smitten when I saw her stepped out of the lift. Chloe was as mesmerizing and beautiful since we last met. She didn't look like she aged at all. We proceeded to her room where we spend some time catching up and talking about current affairs. After freshening up in the toilet and stepping out of the room, I was blown away with Chloe in her schoolgirl outfit [which I requested]. We then proceeded to start our "lesson". I won't delve into details since people usually don't enjoy study lessons. All I could say was it involves some "French" language tutoring as well as Maths class – focusing on the number 6. I'm pretty sure Chloe could tutor anyone and make them score a High Distinction effortless.


    During our break, we then proceeded to talk a little more about our life. Talking with Chloe seems to bring about an inner tranquility and I was pretty sure we could have continue talking if there wasn't any time restriction.


    Now what's a genuine review without posting about the cons of our meetup? A week after our encounter, I have been diagnosed with PCWS – Post-Chloe Withdrawal Symptom. Not a day goes by which I could forget about our encounter.


    All in all, if anyone have the chance, please do try and schedule an appointment with Chloe as you will not regret it BUT be forewarned on catching on to PCWS which might take a couple of month to heal."


    G - Mar 2016




    Having been in Melbourne for an overnight stay, I found myself with the evening free and my thoughts turned to having a relaxed and fun evening, and soon after that, I thought of chloe. I'd seen her before and even though some time had passed since I last saw her, the memories of the previous times still left me with many pleasant memories.


    So somewhat nervously, I called her and was happy to see that she was still Melbourne based and very professional and so with a minimum of fuss, I organised a 2 hour time with her.


    Still feeling a little nervous, she texted me to meet her at the hotel entrance and so off I went to see her. I am happy to report that despite the time since I'd last seen her, she was everything I'd remembered, from the gorgeous smile to the impeccable dress sense. I haven't seen many women who look better in a figure hugging yet tasteful dress and seeing her was like seeing an old friend which made the night much more enjoyable.


    It was so easy to develop a rapport with her and she has all the charm, intelligence and sophistication you could want as well as fantastic looks.


    Unfortunately I don't have the words to describe the physical experience but it is something you must experience for yourself. It was truly amazing and something I will treasure. I can't wait to see her again and I hope the next time won't be along.


    I've heard it said the form is temporary, but that class in permanent. I think that based on my experience, that this truly applies to chloe.


    Paul, October 2015




    I met up with Chloe Sakai for the first time on her recent visit to Sydney. As a busy professional, I really appreciated how very professional and prompt Chloe was when making the arrangements a few weeks before. When the day came she was right on queue and met me in the lobby at the agreed time. She is just so beautiful in person, such a sexy looking lady with a doll like face framed by beautiful wavy light brown hair, a beautiful smile, engaging eyes, soft lips and a devilish way about her. In the room, she peeled off layer after layer, a summer overcoat, a beautiful deep purple dress that had a nice open V at her thighs, which she encouraged me to explore before she removed the dress revealing her sexy lingerie. Eventually she revealed the most beautiful female anatomy that any centre fold would die for, so beautiful and we had the most wonderful time.


    Chloe is like a new generation of sexually uninhibited courtesans that seems so at ease, so natural in her ways and so gifted with men that she was able to prolong my experience beyond what I have ever experienced before. Chloe seemed to genuinely enjoy meeting me and engaging with me. She is a really lovely sincere and down to earth person, and just so sexy and gifted with men. I look forward to catching up with her in 2015. Such a lovely lovely lady, so professional and honest that I feel I can trust her to be professional and discrete which is just so important.


    Thank you


    Vic, December 2014



    Recently I had the absolute pleasure to meet Chloe for the very first time. After looking at Chloe's profile and adoring the lovely photos of her I just had to make a booking.


    A booking was arranged and we kept in contact till the momentous day arrived. I was nervous and excited to be seeing her! I arrived at where she was staying and Chloe let me know her room number so I made my way to her door. When the door opened, there standing in front of me was an absolute vision of beauty! Chloe literally took my breath away!! I felt like an infatuated school boy!! We greeted each other with a lovely kiss. After chatting for awhile to break the ice we both got very amorous with each other. Now out of respect for Chloe, I am going to disappoint the readers of this review by not going into explicit detail of what eventuated between Chloe and myself during my time with her. That is simply between us!! But suffice to say it was the most amazing, sensual and erotic experience I have ever had the pleasure to have and enjoy with such a stunning lady. Chloe is not only very beautiful, she is also a sincere, lovely and genuine young woman!! The word "perfect" comes to mind!


    During our breaks to recuperate, we chatted about many and varied things. Chloe is not only beautiful, she has brains and intellect as well! Unfortunately all too soon my time with the divine Chloe was over. I departed her accommodation honoured to have met such a glorious lady. Will I see her again?? ABSOLUTELY!! Treat her with great respect as it will make your experience with her magical. Chloe you are absolutely divine and the loveliest lady I have ever had the pleasure to meet!!


    October 2014




    Dedicated to the wonderful and wicked smart, relaxed and fun loving courtesan, Chloe Sakai


    This is my third write up on Chloe, there is no sexual content in this one. I simply hope it serves to help others be more aware of Chloe as a way of giving back to Chloe, it is based on several encounters with Chloe and a range of her packages, my favourite being the Dinner Indulgence. If you are after more graphic detail there are many superlative reviews of Chloe and the greatest source of information about what to expect from Chloe is her own web site. It is written by her for you. Read her web site carefully, it is from her heart and if you want tweet updates you can check her out on twitter. Her etiquette section should give you a good guide to meeting with her. Chloe has a good work life balance and spends a good deal of her life privately and is probably why she sees life in big bright colours, never bashful to call out what needs calling out.


    Chloe’s wicked smart intellect will read your deepest thoughts and emotions, her honesty will have you floored to the ground, her uninhibited worldly ways will allow you to relax and explore your desires and go places you didn’t really have an opportunity to explore before. This is what is special about Chloe, she just makes me feel so at ease, about who I am, and that she is more than comfortable to have me explore her desires with her, not to mention how beautiful she is inside and out. Chloe is one of the most open minded persons I have known, not just sexually, but with people in general, so open and willing to engage with genuine and respectful people.


    Be assured, your time with Chloe will be about you and Chloe, a very intimate, one on one personal experience. Chloe doesn’t ask for an invitation to get inside your head. She is just naturally inquisitive about people so allow yourself to get into an “ indulgence” with Chloe, its quite a trip.


    So just a few words about our recent encounter. It’s all true. We had planned to get together in Brisbane for some time, we both needed to get there for work and to see some friends. I had hoped for an Overnight Romance package but then friends and family got involved in the travel arrangements so I had to move to a Dinner Indulgence, then they got in the way of that and I had to move to a Brunch Indulgence starting at 7:30am. Lots of changes and suggestions from Chloe, and we had a bit of a laugh when we finally arrived at a date and time, but we both had a few moments, I had to reschedule meetings and she had similar challenges. So we are all set to go and then we find out we are in the same hotel So I check the fire stairs to get to other levels, so I do my own fire drill to test the stairs, end up at street level, don’t feel like going back up and decide to open the alarmed fire door at street level, alarm sounds, concierge running and pointing at me, family and friends wandering WTF, I would so love to have told them it was a test run for a date with Chloe.


    Next challenge, I tell Chloe my room number in case we are on the same floor, we are! Chloe had just settled in and says she is up the other end of the floor. Later that evening, I push out my in-room dining table from my room. Chloe spots it later on and decides, its a little too close for comfort and packs up and moves floor. THANK YOU Chloe. Just one more logistical point bothering me, there was also a risk of running into family and friends leaving and entering the hotel for lunch so Chloe suggested we have in room dining and avoid any issues. I really appreciated that. So as you can imagine there were quite a few changes that Chloe had to make to her work life balance arrangements to fit in with mine, including appointment times travel dates etc. yet she didn’t seem to mind at all, and it was all but forgotten when we finally met.


    Prior to all of this, I had sent an email to Chloe, and spoke briefly to her on the phone with some fantasy role play ideas. Closer to the day, after all the logistic problems, I didn’t feel the need for any fantasy play, just getting to her room would be enough excitement for me. I called Chloe and said we could just go with the flow and there was no need to follow any script if she didn’t want to and would leave it up to her, felt a bit bad as I had her read through a script and then at the 11th hour tossed it. I also suggested that she didn’t need to get dressed up or put makeup on given it was such an early start, a bathrobe would do just fine.


    It was sort of serene when we finally met at 7:30 in the morning. It had been several weeks since we last met but we were just so relaxed and happy to see each other. She ignored my suggestion to not get dressed, and I thought she had to be the best dressed girl in Brisbane at 7:30am that day, beautiful fine clothes and lingerie, always stunning, always sparkling fresh and subtle scents of her favourite perfumes, logistic problems were all but forgotten. After pleasantries, Chloe said “I can’t DOM you today.” It was a good read. Chloe was just being open and honest and expressing her emotions which were just not in tune with either of us. I had really missed Chloe and she read this and we both just felt like being sensual and relaxed and so it was. We got to talk, laugh, clink some wine glasses (at 8am) and then we both got a little emotional about some aspects in our life and drifted into emotionally rich intimacy. After, we just lay together for a short time and it was nice to see a smile on her face, priceless. Before brunch I suggested that I give Chloe a massage, nothing like the professional nuru experience she provides, and untrained, I just made it up but we both enjoyed it. I especially loved being able to massage her porcelain smooth white skin, she has the most adorable soft skin I have ever touched. After brunch I assumed a minor DOM role of taking control of play at her request. I just so love these indulgence packages Chloe has, so much more to enjoy as described above. We said our goodbyes (that was hard) and I spent the remainder of the day relaxing in a park and reflecting on our time together. I felt surreal.


    The next morning I woke just before 6 to go to the gym but Chloe was on my mind, she was only a few floors away and usually she is a 1000kms away so I wondered if she would mind me texting her a little before 6am for an impromptu breakfast of champions. It just seemed so easy, no planning, just change levels and knock on the door, I couldn’t resist. I SMS’d 3 short messages, just incase she sleep through the first 2 :-) (I’m in trouble now) She responded, and we agreed on 7am. She was still in the same room, I sat near the lift well and could hear the shower running and then hair dryer, adding to the anticipation. A businessman leaves from the adjacent room. Chloe lets me in, once again, impeccably dressed in a beautiful white dress I hadn’t seen before, it was really very nice, and as usual sparkling fresh and smelling so sweet. I tell her I could hear her getting ready with the hairdryer running and all, and she has a good laugh at me and says she didn’t use a hair dryer, so there I was fantasising to the sounds of some guy next door getting dressed. 

    After spending the previous day with her it was just so nice to catch up for some intimacy again before we parted Brisbane and we both got quite heated and invigorated this time, no gym required today. I couldn’t help but notice how she teases so subtly, removing her dress and lingerie, model like moves to various positions, so much like her photos on the web it was just fantastic.


    I have booked a days leave and will fly to Melbourne to Chloe in a few weeks to catch up again.


    As stated in another review and by others, it’s always a privilege to be with Chloe, I am enjoying this loyal arrangement with her so much, it’s quite a personally rewarding adventure for me so much so I am questioning a few real life aspects about myself, this in itself is deeply rewarding. I just love being with Chloe that much. My only regret is that I didn’t find Chloe earlier.


    Chloe, from me and I am sure your other friends friends, Thank You for being you and for sharing your life with us. It’s precious.


    Jeff, September 2014




    Amazing!!!!!! For my girl to get Chloe for her first time with a women was the best thing ever D and R.


    D, June 2014




    I was back in Melbourne recently and thought that being close to Christmas it was time to spoil myself with some serious relaxation.


    Based on previous experiences, Chloe's name immediately came to mind and viewing some new photos on her web site only confirmed my thoughts.


    Looking as gorgeous as always complete with her always engaging smile, she arrived at my room and it was like seeing a old friend.


    After drinks and relaxed conversation, things got much hotter as I opted for the Nuru massage and this must be experienced to be believed particularly from an expert like chloe. The feel of another body slipping and sliding over yours is almost beyond words but if you've tried it, u don't me to elaborate.


    The time flew as quickly as always and when it was over, I knew that this was going to be hard to top as a Xmas gift.


    So if you are looking for that ultimate package combining fantastic looks, warm and friendly personality and a great sex, chloe is simply the best.


    Paul, January 2014




    Ok, long time fan of the Gorgeous Chloe Sakai, and my third review, but first session with Chloe since December, 2012


    Originally I had booked Chloe for Sunday afternoon, but my circumstances changed and at noon Friday, I made contact with Chloe to try and change it till this evening. Couple of short texts and all confirmed.


    The allotted times arrives, and I get a text from Chloe, she is very close, and apologises. Chloe soon arrives and I meet her in the lift lobby before moving to our room.


    As we enter the room Chloe gives me the first of many Dfk's as our hands explore one another...as a frequent traveller, l have experienced a number of pat down searches at various airports, but trust me, Chloe's pat down or frisk was out of this world, and left me with a tee pee in my pants


    Financials are finalised, as we sit on the couch catching up over a white wine


    Chloe suggests it is time for the bedroom, we stand and embrace, kissing and exploring, I unzip her dress and she subtly shifts her stance, allowing her dress to seamlessly small to the floor, easily allowing her to step out of it


    Chloe was left standing in her stockings and the yellow lingerie she is wearing on her website. Those of you who have had the pleasure of having met Chloe know how good this image is, and those that don't need to get a life



    As Chloe wraps her arms around my neck, I lift her up, and she wraps her legs around me, l can feel the warmth and moisture from her groin against me, as I carry her to the bedroom where I lay her on the bed, whilst still kissing DFK.


    Things are hot, and Chloe suggests a quick shower, I exit to the shower, raging hardon, she keeps walking in, still in the lingerie, teasing me...even after I exit the shower still primed, Chloe meets me standing by the bed grinning. I quickly remove her bra, laying her on her back, suckling and teasing her erect nipples, as the moans and rubs my head, I slowly move down between her warm smooth thighs, Chloe subtly raises her backside, raising her pussy into my face, allowing me to lower and remove her panties whilst doing so.


    DATY, oral, rimming on her Chloe loves it, and is getting wetter, using the back of my index finger I rub her clit bringing her to climax. Chloe then takes the doggy position giving me an another point of entry or ankle of entry to continue the DATY and rimming. Chloe's pussy is moist, and delicious.


    Chloe then brings out her glass dildo, which she encourages me to use on her, she spreads her legs, arches her back and plays with herself as I dildo fuck her, Chloe looks at me lovingly as she enjoys the session. She then stops me, gets a vibrating toy and uses that on her clit whilst I dildo fuck her to another orgasm.


    by now my balls are tighter than a nuns Vagina, Chloe starts oral on me, despite how delightful this is, now I want the real deal. Chloe applies the necessary Dom, missionary, standing, stand and deliver, angainst the fall and then brings me to completion I come hard whilst DFK in missionary. l continue feeling Chloe's tight hot pussy contracting on my cock. After a few minutes Chloe cleans me up, as we lay on the bed head to toe, Chloe sensually brushes her breasts, and moves her legs, exposing her cum soaked glistening pussy teasingly. Positions change and we continue to kiss and cuddle, gfe.


    After a while, Nuru session (this is an extra, but worth every cent). The Nuru starts with you on your stomach, the Nuru is applied to your back and is basically similar to my other two reviews


    Reciprical natural oral on both of us, Cowgirl, Asian Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, reverse asian cowgirl, spooning, spider web, tight squeeze, surfs up, the figure eight, passion python, bucking bronco, the love seat, and with bbbj as breakers to the positions, double handled hi, 6 condoms and still going..pse


    By now the Nuru is all gone, Chloe is kneeling at the foot of the bed, I enter her from behind, the symmetry perfect line of entry straight into her cum soaked pussy, I pound away, fondling her breasts, Chloe pushes up, her back against my chest, she keeps kneeling as a fuck her, before we fall ont the bed, one hand on her right breast, the other on her clit we climax together.


    Out of breath, we are both breathing heavily, thoroughly satisfied. We recover, and retire to the shower, More kissing and cuddling as as Chloe washes the remnants of the dry Nuru from me...but this has me hard again as the Nuru re moistened glistens on Chloe's flawless skin


    We exit the shower, dry off and reluctantly redress, before embracing and parting with one final DFK, Chloe disappears into the evening..


    I have had numerous sessions with Chloe and my third review of her, but l may attest that nothing in Chloe's service is standard or robotic. Every session is naturally flowing and sensual, and not standard


    WIR ... Well of course l have, and will again


    On the sixth day God invented Chloe Sakai, and then he rested on the seventh.....


    And I slept better than I have all year....and woke with an erection, thinking of the session again




    Peter, May 2013




    I came back to Melbourne recently and while there are many things to like about the place, the one thing I really loved from the last time I was there was Chloe who I remembered seeing from a few months ago.


    After the usual hassle free meeting time arrangements were over, she arrived at my hotel door looking every bit as beautiful and elegant as the last time i saw her.


    More importantly, what hadn't changed was the cheerful, friendly, down to earth manner which made me relaxed so quickly last time.


    There is no real need to describe the sex as it is something much better experienced than read about but the before and after time made it something really special and the 2 hours really flew by. The memories will last for a while though.


    So if your are lucky enough to live in Melbourne or you are just visiting and you are looking for a very enjoyable way to pass an evening, you really can't go past Chloe.


    You won't regret it.


    Paul. March 2013




    Well, yes my second time round with Chloe. Decided that having thoroughly enjoyed the intense Nuru with the wonderful Chloe in October, would give it another go.


    Main concern, would it be as enjoyable and intense again, having experienced it before.......


    Chloe is clearly a skilled cortisan, every booking being different from the last, and clearly unscripted. She goes with the flow. Now we have all had experiences where we have had to direct the action, or keep the foot on the juice, to avoid delaying tactics.


    Chloe is happy to take the lead, whilst at the same time, react to your wants, needs, movements and reactions.


    DFK is on the menu and initiated and persued by Chloe. DATY is enthusiastically received, vocally and physically. She loves to explore your body, and take you deep in her mouth.


    Sex is in a variety of positions, and Chloe is no starfish of clipboard. Her enjoyment is clearly identified and vocal.


    Nuru....This being the 2nd Nuru experience with Chloe l was unable to anticipate how Chloe was going to deliver the service. This session was just as intense, passionate, and wanting as our last experience!


    Well having spent two hours with Chloe this afternoon, our encounter was over, with a smile on my face, my frustrations eliminated, and the exiliation of our time freshly burnt in my memory.


    Was it as intense, No it was more intense!


    Whilst variety maybe the variety of life, a good steady diet is also important...


    New concern, can I experience anything as intense again? Time will tell.......


    must add Nuru is extra, Chloe does offer other extras which l am yet to experience.....next time maybe :-)



    Peter -November 2012




    I recently decided that it was time to spoil myself once again and having met Chloe before, she was the only choice for me.


    After organising an appointment time without fuss, she arrived looking stylish, elegant, and attractive with a big warm smile as always.


    I decided to try the Nuru massage and if you haven't tried it before, it is one of those things you must try before before you die. Mere words cant describe something quite so sensual or relaxing that i've experienced in a while and I know I can't wait until next time.


    Afterwards, we had a very relaxing conversation which is always a pleasure with someone as friendly and knowledgable about life as Chloe.


    Absolutely one my 2012 highlights so far and can't wait to see her again.


    Pauly. Nov 2012




    Well after reading the other marvellous reviews of Chloe, and my impending birthday, decided to give myself a gift and try and book Chloe Sakai.


    Sent her an e-mail as initial contact, and received a response a couple of hours later received an upbeat response, seemed genuine and provided real information to questions. After initial response, emails back and forth, and a booking made for tonight. A few SMS to confirm details.


    During the day, a polite discreet SMS from Chloe, before asking for confirmation of our booking.


    We agreed to meet at a city motel at given time, and due to phone issues, there was a slight delay in the booking, which Chloe apologised profusely for.


    Met Chloe in the lift lobby, her hair was flowing over her shoulders as she walked towards me with what l would have to describe as an upbeat step in her stride. She was wearing a navy blue coat that just covered her dress, and heels. Chloe has natural beauty, and her pictures do her justice, but not enough.


    She greets me with a brief hug and kiss, as we try and escape into the open lift before other guests walking in our direction try and get into the same lift....unsuccessfully I might add. Chloe is a great conversationalist. She instinctively started a conversation which made us appear to be friends for a number of years.


    Once in the room, a glass of sparky each, she kisses me (DFK) and Chloe starts to remove her coat revealing a tasteful, but sexy black dress.


    From here we move to the bed...our hands explore one another with enthusiasm, as the kissing continues. We are soon naked...Seeing Chloe naked did it for me, l was locked and loaded, safety was off.


    Some mutual oral, she smells and tastes beautiful, her necture so sweet, without going into specifics, it is clear that Chloe is enjoying the attention as well, but if I don't slow it down...my boys will be launched far too early.


    We slow things down, more DFK, as our hands covered one another's body, like the Mars Rover on Mars only downside, I didn't have a camera...


    The passion builds, more oral, and yes lots of attention the the twigg and berries. Chloe applies the dom and then some missionary, Chloe's legs wrapped around me, then over my shoulders, before l explode and Chloe shudders. More passionate DFK, and then time for the half time drinks.


    Finish the sparkly, and now for the Nuru. Now I have never had Nuru before, and fore those who haven't, you have no idea about the sensation the warm Nuru gel feels as it is first poured over your back before Chloe ensures it is over every accessible surface area of skin, from your neck to your toes. Chloe then commences a body slide all over your back, back of your legs, backside, testicles. You can't see her at all, but you can feel the warmth of her naked body slide all over you


    I try and reach round to explore, and play which Chloe deflects my attempts which only heightens the pleasure and anticipation.


    Time to role over, the warm Nuru is poured over my chest and skillfully applied to the rest of my body. Warm Nuru as being stroked....sensational!


    Chloe skilfully moves about, one minute Spanish, then she is giving me oral, teasing me with the visual of her beautiful backside and glistening pussy, which is just outside the reach of my tongue. No matter how hard you try, all that Nuru on the vinyl/plastic sheets makes it impossible to get traction. Chloe re positions herself, and we have 69, glories again.


    On with the Dom, and Chloe mounts me cowgirl. She rides you like a champion, i now know how a jack hammer being driven through concrete is feeling!


    Her breasts covered and glistening in Nuru, bouncing as she rises and falls, she then spins to reverse cowgirl, and I now get to see her fine arse rise and fall as her pussy swallows my member!


    I am spent....More DFK, some clitorial play whilst Chloe continues to massage the Nuru into my flagpole...


    An intimate shower followed as time and attention was given to removing the Nuru from our bodies...


    Our time not unlike myself are well and truly spent...worth the time ....... definitely!


    Would I do it again definitely.


    Chloe has only been in the industry for just over a year, but she came across as being caring, courteous and genuinely passionate! If she wasn't she needs to move to Los Angeles, and be nominated for a Golden Globe or Academy Award.


    Nuru is $60 extra, but worth every sent.


    Peter - October 2012




    Chloe And Ruprect - Intense Nuru Session


    Having chatted with Chloe a number of times over the last few months, meeting her was definitely something I intended on doing. Chloe has always come across as a sweet, intelligent and friendly young lady with a natural happy outlook. Of course her photo's show she is beautiful too. Then recently she updated her photo gallery here with a collection of raw pics. Of course they certainly got my attention and just made my intentions clear, that I had to get my shit together and make it happen. Then came the clincher. Her latest pic. It's of her dripping in Nuru gel...... I have a well known soft (hard) spot for Nuru and have always been aware that she had Nuru on her list of services. So on the phone I get to made contact with her to ask of her availability to pay me a visit. She responded very positively and within minutes we had a booking set. So it is clear, Chloe usually prefers not to meet a new client at a residence for security purposes but as we

    had chatted quite a bit, she was comfortable enough with me to bend her own rule and see me at my place. This is something I would have to say is definitely YMMV and shouldn't be expected.


    A few hours later I receive a text from her to say she is about 15 minutes away. With everything prepared for her arrival all I can do now is wait. My excitement of finally meeting her is building. Soon after she arrives. Chloe has a gorgeous smile and is much prettier than I had hoped. She is wearing a medium length dark blue dress with heels and looks very classy. With the blend of her Japanese and Chinese heritage, she really is beautiful. I invite her in and help her with her bag. We share a sweet kiss and warm hug and have a quick chat over a cool drink. Chloe is just as sweet in person as she is on the phone. Her smile is drawing me in and I just have to kiss her again. Our kissing begins getting passionate and tender. I could have just kissed her for our whole time together. After a few minutes of this she suggests she set up the bed for Nuru. She has brought along all her Nuru gear including the sheet and pillow cases etc. I help her with it all

    and soon after, the bed and gel is ready for us to enjoy.


    Within seconds we are in another tender embrace. Our hands are gently wandering about each other as we kiss deeply. Cupping her face in my hands while we kiss, she begins working at my shirt buttons. Her nails are making it slow going but that really fits with the overall tenderness. She slides her hands inside my shirt stroking my stomach and sides while we continue to kiss. Gradually my shirt makes its way off and our passion is building. My belt and jeans are next to go as we continue. All the while I am caressing her all over, slyly searching for the zipper on her dress. She relieves me of my unsuccessful search by undoing it herself, a short zipper under her arm.... Now I am just in my boxers and her in beautiful grey lacy lingerie. She really does have an amazing all natural body. I sit on the edge of the bed and admire the sight before me. She site on my lap and saddles me. Kissing deeply again our hands are all over each other. Once again I am

    struggling..... the bra clip is tight and I am but a man.... She assists me and reveals her beautiful perky C cup breasts. Taking one of her gorgeous nipples in my mouth it quickly becomes erect. She is hugging me tight and begins licking my ear and neck while I enjoy her breasts.


    Slowly we slide back onto the bed while kissing, our hands continue to caress. Her hands are very soft and its sending shivers right through my being. She strokes RuPeePee through my boxers and he is straining to be released. After a lot of teasing my boxers and her g-string are discarded. The passion is certainly increasing. With her laying on her back I just have to admire her superb slender body. We kiss again, and I slowly begin moving to her neck, shoulders and breasts. With her hands running through my hair and make my way further and further down her belly and eventually to her legs and inner thighs. I tease her with my flicking tongue just missing her sweet sweet pussy. Then with a quick flick I stroke her clit with the tip of my tongue. She shivers and moans quietly as I begin stroking her clit and labia with my tongue and lips. So sweet and tight is her pussy. I follow all the signals from her as to what she really enjoys. Going by the

    response, very light clit flicking seems to be doing the trick as her moans build. Though she is enjoying this, I don't think she actually did cum as such. I make my way up her body again and we join in an extremely intense kiss.


    After a minute or so of this she suggests its time to get the gel. I get comfortable as she does so. She returns with a wooden platter complete with Nuru bowl and a kettle. She scoops and turns the gel over in the bowl before lavishing it all over my back, shoulders and legs. I turn my head just enough to watch her drip it all over herself and rub it in. In the soft light she is glistening. It is such a turn on just watching her apply the gel to herself and stroking herself with it.... As I turn back to not see what she is to do next I feel her hands begin stroking my legs and back with more warm gel then I feel breasts rubbing across my back. She slides right up my body using her whole front to massage me. I also feel her hands roaming around, stroking and massaging my back and legs while she slides around. There is also some cheeky stroking of my rear and inner thighs, not to mention stroking my balls. By this stage, I was as hard as granite. Then she

    turned over and used her back to slide over me. I feel her mount the back of my leg and grind herself deep and hard. I could only imagine what this felt like to her as she seemed to be really getting off on it. There was no doubt we were both extremely turned on.


    Then she slides to my side and asks me if I am ready to turn over..... In a flash, I am on my back She drips more warm gel all over me rubbing it into my whole front making sure to also get RuPeePee all gelled up. Then with the remainder of the gel, she pours it all over herself and rubs and spreads it. My mind is going insane watching this. She drops down again and begins sliding over me again. With her breasts she rubs all the way up from my groin to my mouth. She moves again sliding down my body while stroking my hardness in her hand. With some practised positioning, she slides me between her bum cheeks while she grinds in a mimic cowgirl position. Always in control, she slides up and down. Slowly and purposefully, she slides down my body further till she has me in spanish. With her hands and breasts, she works me more and more. Then taking me in her mouth, she slides her hands up my stomach as she sucks me deeply. Wow this is feeling amazing. With

    her still sucking and stroking me, she turns and slides up my body into yin yang. I can now give her sweet pussy some more attention and hope it's enough of a distraction to prevent me being tipped over the edge, so good is her style with the combination of the gel, her stroking and sucking the life out of me. Then she moves away from my face again and really concentrates on RuPeePee. She strokes me while massaging my balls with her tongue. Wow, I don't know if I can stand this for much longer and it's taking all my might to not cover her in my own gel and she wasn't letting up. I really have to get her to stop as I am about to loosing all control.


    With her mouth she applies a cover and slides up my body and slowly mounts me in cowgirl. We kiss deeply and she gently rides me. She sits up and we build into a pace matching each others movements. The sight of her riding, glistening in gel, is a vision that will be burned into my memory. After a while of this, she turns into reverse cowgirl and grinds deeply into me. She leans right down to my legs straining my granite erection and slides back and forth. Nothing short of intense is the feeling flowing through me. She rises to ride vertically. With me stroking her back and butt, she continues to grind into me. I feel her massage my balls while she rides me. The feeling is getting me close to exploding yet again. I have to take control a bit so from below I begin thrusting into her. Gently scratching her back I move in deeper and deeper as she grinds into me. I pull her back towards me so she is now laying on me. With her legs together and feet between

    my legs I continue driving into her while massaging her stomach and breasts and lightly biting and kissing her neck and shoulders. We slide to our sides, slipping in the bed of Nuru, and hug tightly while continuing to thrust.


    After some time we move into doggy. With our legs wide and hooked together I drive into her hard. Gently stroking and scratching her back again, I really push hard into her building a fast deep pace. Her moaning is now getting urgent and quite loud. I slow and nearly lay on her back. She turns her head and we kiss while I slowly and deeply penetrate her. Then moving back into a traditional doggy, still with our legs locked together, I take hold of her hips and begin thrusting into her deep, fast and hard. Chloe is really loosing it now and cums, really cums hard!! I don't let up either as I continue thrusting into her. She is gasping and moaning loudly as waves of pleasure continue to flood through her. I slow down to let her orgasm subside and gently pull out. She quickly turns and passionately kisses me. We move into missionary and slowly grind into each other while still kissing, her arms holding me tight. She moves her legs onto my shoulders and

    takes me as deep as possible. Her expression is that of pure pleasure and the feeling of her warmth is really getting me close yet again. I kneel and grip her legs so I can drive in and drive hard. I put her legs together on one of my right shoulder and grip her tight. With the aid of the nuru still all over the bed, I thrust into her with a hard and deep pace, my legs simply sliding back and forth in the gel. We really go for it, setting a pace yet to be achieved by us this night. Chloe is beginning to moan loudly and urgently again and it is quickly becoming way too much for me to take. With a few final deep thrusts, I let loose with a massive explosion, probably only seconds too early for Chloe to join me with an explosion of her own. I feel like I am being totally drained as I shudder in unrelenting pleasure. If only I could have held on a few more seconds, we would have both cum together but alas, she didn't quite make it over the line.


    Sliding out I collapse onto her with gasping breaths. We passionately kiss as we come back to earth and our heart rates begin to settle. Wow, that was intense. We are now feeling very sticky with drying Nuru and sweat. We clean up the scene a bit and discard my huge load. Both of us are smiling madly with that intense session of sex still running through our minds. We really should be having a shower as we are beginning to get crusty...... We share a shower, a very sensual shower. We wash each other from head to foot for around 10 - 15 minutes. The gel and the soap smoothed all over our bodies, we just soak while still kissing and stroking each other. There is something about sharing a shower with a beautiful young lady that will always make these showers special. We dry off and return to the bedroom to get dressed. Cleaning off the Nuru sheet and putting it away, we continue to glow in the aftermath. We get some fresh cool drinks and settle down in the

    kitchen and chat. We find ourselves being drawn together as we kiss again. Then with a last hug and kiss, it has come time for her to make her way home.


    Chloe is quite simply a beautiful, fun, sweet, natural young lady. She is an honest lover in bed without faking her moans etc. Her honesty is very much appreciated and really makes the encounter so much more genuine and enjoyable for us both. She is extremely easy to get along with and conversation is candid and interesting. Her approach to an encounter is to make sure we both enjoy each other and are put at ease. I wouldn't hesitate to book her again and the fact that I hadn't yet will always remain a mystery to me but at least I have finally done so. I have absolutely no regrets aside from the obvious fact that we have only just met. Thank you Chloe for really making our night special. You and Nuru Gel are definitely a dangerous combination.


    Ruprect - September 2012






    I saw Chloe again recently and like always she leaves you wanting more.


    Being always open to new experiences, I thought I'd try the Nuru massage and 2 hours later I knew I'd made the best decision I could have.


    Just the most relaxing and sensual experience I've had in a while and leaves you feeling great for days afterwards particularly from someone as gorgeous, friendly, and enthusiastic as Chloe.


    I know I'll be back again so do yourself a favor and try it yourself. You won't be disappointed.


    Paul June 2012






    I saw Chloe recently and from the time she walked in the door with a gorgeous smile and figure hugging dress, I knew this was going to be a fantastic evening.


    Sure enough, 2 hours passed very quickly and l can't wait for next time. You can't help but fall for her warm and engaging personality, exotic looks and a passionate and fulfilling sexual technique. It was truly a memorable evening.


    I kid u not, if you are looking for something very special this should be your escort of choice.


    V. V. Happy.


    May 2012






    Wow !!!!! Just spent a fantastic evening with Chloe and she is really something special.


    A lovely unpretentious personality and a friendly smile come with lots of energy and skill in the bedroom which makes any time spent with Chloe truly memorable.


    If u appreciate the finer things in life, don't miss an opportunity to spend some with Chloe.


    Paul Nov 2011






    It was just fantastic to catch up with Chloe again for a couple of relaxing and sensual hours. As always, Chloe makes me feel special and I come away feeling like a new man.

    Chloe, thanks again for another great time together where the rest of world just doesn't seem to exist.


    XoXo Slim, November 2011






    I've seen Chloe a few times now and the experience is always a fantastic one.


    If you like warmth, personality, a sense of humor, beautiful looks and a great body, or just great sex, she has it all and you won't be disappointed.


    She sure rocks my world and I'm looking forward to the next time.


    V. Satisfied. September 2011






    Chloe Sakai is a relatively new face on PrivateGirls, VIC. The photos show a killer hot body of a 23yo Japanese/Chinese girl.


    1 quick e-mail and a follow up phone call and I had 1 hour outcall to my hotel room booked.


    The first impression is like WOW…..Holy Shit….this girl is 100% as advertised…very pleasant face and as good a figure as you would ever see on a girl of Asian background. Great Butt, great figure, great boobs and very soft delicate skin.


    Chloe - Still thinking about our time together, it was delightful. I will try to see if I can get some time free next week, would love to spend a moment with you again. I just think you have a fantastic body, you are beautiful. Very very hot lady. And a pleasure to be with. Jeremy (NSW)


    June 2011






    What a beautiful body and what a magic afternoon.

    I loved our time together.

    Your are stunning, many thanks. 

    The photos on your web site are fantastic, but holding you and touching you is a 1000 times more beautiful...

    Did I say stunning....


    Hope to catch up again. XOXOXOX Ciao Patrick


    June 2011






    Chloe is a gorgeous, classy lady. Any male would be more than proud to be seen with Chloe on his arm.


    In private, Chloe is great to be with; genuinely interested in you; attentive to your needs with a beautiful smile and a real inner warmth that radiates and makes you feel relaxed. After spending a hour or two with Chloe, you come away feeling that you have had a great experience.


    Chloe is all of what her introduction says and more. Her photos are stunning but she outshines them in the flesh.


    I consider myself very fortunate to have met Chloe and look forward to when we will have another fantastic evening together. Slim (VIC)


    June 2011






    Snippets from reviews for Chloe...


    "WOW.....Holy Shit.....this girl is 100% as advertised....."


    "1000 times more beautiful....."


    "Chloe is all of what her introduction says and more"

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