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  • Thank you Christy for another awesome date today, you looked stunning in your floral dress , you always look so elegant and so desirable ! I love your company, I love making you laugh, I love having a beer with you, I love having a bottle of wine with you, I love spoiling you, I love our playtime :) You really are a gem of a lady, See you soon babe

    Steve H, November 




    A hot MILF who knows how to fuck your right in bed and can take it just the same. If you are keen on visiting a mid 40's milf I would recommend her. Really nice tits and good oral skills. Has a nice clean pussy as well given her ago will see her again 100%


    M, April




    I had another amazing time with Christy today and what more can I say that I haven't already said before but I'm always captivated by her and those beautiful blue eyes and that infectious smile ! We chat about what's been happening in our daily lives and I do listen to what she has to say but I found myself during our conversation star gazing looking at her and think to myself how lucky I am to be in the presence of this gorgeous lady and I couldn't hide my excitement for some play time , I think Christy woke up to that because I must have had a shifty look on my face and she gave me a cheeky smile and not long after led me to the bedroom . "sorry no details " lol! I do like spoiling her and it makes me happy to put a smile on her face with a gift or two! We have been on our second weekend away not long ago and what a weekend it was . we had an amazing time together in a cosy cottage so we have plans for a third trip soon , can't wait for that :) ! Thanks Christy you are one special lady till next time big hug and kisses.


    Steve H.B August




    I caught up with Christy again on the weekend, I have been seeing Christy for about four years now and it just gets better and better every time I see her , you build trust and understanding over that time and we have certainly have done that , it does feel like we have known each other for a lot longer , we share our thoughts and our private life , it's always a pleasure being with her , she is an adorable lady with an amazing personality and just a great lady to hang out with and our intimacy is always reciprocated :) Ps your new profile is absolutely amazing OMG WOW that is hot ! Till next time Christy hugs & xx

    Steve H.B 24TH. March




    I have been contemplating taking Christy away for a naughty weekend in the country side for a while and it finally came to fruition not long ago! We met at a designated car park, loaded my car and off we went, not long on our road trip Christy asked to have a beer it was 11.30 a.m. and beer o clock after all lol, it was so cool Christy having a traveller, the conversation was free flowing as it always is. We talk about anything and everything. We get to our destination the Taj Mahal (private joke )lol. We unpacked and Christy suggested we go sit by the river with a beer , she is one cool lady. It was so nice catching a few rays of sunshine and drinking beer and just chilling! No sooner it was tea time and while I cooked the BBQ she got the salad ready, Christy is a whizz in the kitchen she is very creative with food the way she prepares cheese platters and salads is a work of art! She's not a one trick pony, a woman of many talents lol. After our dinner we went for a walk around the park with a glass of wine, it was so romantic, I then asked Christy if she would like to try fishing, I gave her a quick lesson on casting a lure, she is a natural, she took to it like a duck to water! We went back to our room and watched a movie, not sure what it was about I didn't care it was just nice cuddling up to Christy on the couch! It was awesome waking up to her the next day and having Italian coffee in bed and yes morning glory was amazing, say no more! It was my dream come true! We plan on doing it again soon it's a given! thank you Christy you really are a gem of a lady!


    Ciao Bella Steve (H.B) 30th Dec




    I had the absolute pleasure of another date with Christy today and a two hour booking is still not enough time to be with this a gem of a lady. As soon as she opened the door I was blown away (pardon the pun) by Christy's see through slip that I requested, wow what a site, wow what a woman, she amaze me more every time I see her, her sensuality oozes through every pore of her amazing body, I was all over her like a rash lol!! We shared a nice lunch a bottle of red and lots of laughs, at my jokes lol, Christy is just so nice and lovely company, the perfect date! The day does not get any better, can't wait to do it all again Christy, see you soon babe.


    Steve H.B XXXXX 9th Sep.




    Christy and I met up again on the weekend, Iv been seeing this gorgeous lady for a few years now and i'm still always captivated by her looks , that amazing body and her radiant smile when she greets me. We do enjoy each others company and the conversation is always free flowing and on a personal level , with a few laugh in between ! I love the glint in her eyes when we are in the moment of pleasure , it's golden !! Thanks for another wonderful day Christy , we have a few more dates coming up so I will be seeing you soon , can't wait .. Take care gorgeous lady ,

    Steve H.B XXXXX, August




    I loved seeing your hot body and if I had the finances I'd love to sleep with you always when you are available. Yours truly...


    Jason Zapf, June




    I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Christy tonight for the first time. She is everything her profile claims her to be, and more. My request to see her was relatively late but she was extremely accomodating, with excellent communication she had me at ease before I even arrived. She is an excellent conversationalist, her bubbly personality shone through and we seemed to be in sync almost straight away with a lot in common. I'm not one to go into details suffice to say she has a wonderful soft touch and new exactly what was needed when. It was a fantastic evening, that went way too quickly. Suffice to say I've already made a follow up booking.







    I met up with Christy again yesterday , i just can't get enough of this gorgeous woman , Christy has you in a spell when she looks at you with those beautiful blue eyes that invite you in, every time i see her i'm mesmerized by her gorgeous looks , her amazing body and her glowing personality , i love her cheeky sense of humour ! Our times together are always fun and full of laughter, exhilarating , and electric ! We are so comfortable with each other, just like good friends with benefits lol. This lady is all class , elegant , witty , sexy , and so down to earth but can be very naughty, she knows how to please her man ;-) , Christy ticks all boxes . It's always a pleasure being in her company , just a dream girl !


    Thank you Christy for another awesome time, you are a gem, in a league of your own , i would like to keep you all to myself , but with nice reviews like this i know i have to share with all you other gents out there :-( ! Not happy lol.


    See you again and soon Christy ..


    Steve H.B. Xxxx :-) 





    Have just met Christy for the first time and the profile lives upto what is says. Firstly the conversations to begin were great she has an amazing body I wanted to lick from top to bottom thats how great she looks very nice kisser and would definately look to see her when in my hometown.


    Rj, March




    What can I say that hasn't already been said about this amazing woman!


    I had never used such services before now and wasn't sure how comfortable or real the experience would feel to me.


    From the first moment I laid eyes on Christy I was hypnotised by her physical appearance, and as we talked her bubbly personality and genuine nature instantly removed any doubts I previously held.


    We continued to chat like old friends catching up on their lost time as the evening swept away from us sharing stories, laughter and listening to good music while relaxing with drinks.


    The whole experience was absolutely amazing physically and intellectually. Our moments shared together will be forever cherished and I'm sure there will be many more delightful encounters to come ;)


    With greatest appreciation!!


    James xxoo, December




    I met up with the gorgeous sex goddess Christy for the second time yesterday at her apartment , I was greeted with a warm smile , omg wow what a lady!! I commented on what a great view she had , but the view of Christy in front of me wearing a sexy black mini dress was just breathtaking ! 


    We sat on her couch for a chat then I gave her a little gift which she loved, I went the extra mile for this lady because she is special and so nice . She asked if i wanted to freshen up because I was a bit hot under the collar not being able to find a car park.. She lead me to the bathroom and we started groping each other non stop as I got undressed , she then asked me if I could fix her shower rack that kept on falling off the wall , I said no probs, and then Christy got down and gave me a taste of what she had in store for me with a BJ , wow she is good at it and all the while making eye contact with me , that is so 

    fucking hot!! I had the quickest off showers ever lol , I could not wait to get her in bed.


    We had amazing sex her moans and groans told I was pleasing her , I had this gorgeous lady beneath me we gazed in each others eyes knowing we were in the moment together. I got to cum on those awesome size f boobs , she love it ! It was then time to shower and clean the mess I made lol :-) 


    We soaped up she feels so good, I did fix her shower rack I think she appreciated the gesture so she got down for another awesome B J , and just like before I gave her another pearl necklace , she does bring the best out of a man. we toweled off then back on the couch for a cuddle and a bit more chat and a glass of wine , no sooner it was time to go, I left reluctently i could have stayed in her arms all day..


    Thank you Christy ,


    You are amazing and a classy lady , can't wait till next time, it will be soon..


    Take care


    TB Steve.. November




    Review of the beautiful Christy Hamilton


    I had the pleasure of meeting Christy.

    It was a Friday afternoon I sent Christy a message and she sent me a message back and we had a time and place set. I arrived at Christy place and she open the door in this black short dress and top. She offer me a beer and we sat down and got talking like friends over the year. We enter the bedroom and we please each other in different ways. I found her easy to get a long and enjoy my time and cant wait to see christy again.


    Andrew, October



    Recently I had the absolute exquisite pleasure of meeting and seeing the beautiful Christy Hamilton for the first and may I say not the last time.


    Her photographs and biography do not do her justice as Christy is even more beautiful and sensually sexy in person!!


    When Christy opened the door I was looking at a true vision of beauty. I was blown away by how lovely sincere and genuine a person she is.


    Our conversation flowed freely and so easily it was like being with a long lost lover or soul mate. That is how much Christy puts you at ease in her presence.


    Now I am going to disappoint many, but out of respect for this beautiful lady I am not going to reveal the intimate and sensually pleasurable details that happened between us.


    But what I will say is that Christy exceeded all the excited expectations that I had in anticipation of seeing her. Christy is truly in an exalted class of her own. I have never had a more enjoyable and erotically sensual and pleasurable time with a lady as what I did with Christy. My only regret was that I was wanting to see her again before she left but unfortunately events conspired against me.


    Thank you Christy for a magnificently, sensual, erotic and pleasurable experience. A more beautiful lady I have never met. :)


    Chris xx






    Christy Hamilton: Model MILF.


    Fate can be a teasing bitch sometimes.


    Last September I spied Christy coming to Brisbane and made arrangements for an afternoon frolic. During the process I spoke to Christy a couple of times and concluded she was going to be a whole lotta fun. Her attitude and her Joie de Vivre is seriously infectiously positive.


    Alas, due to a cock-up by Sydney airport and hotel reception Christy was seriously late and our anointed time past. Insert sad face here.


    Fast forward to 7 months later & the delectable lady is making a return trip. Lucky me this time I can make the last day of her 'tour' so no chance of fate repeating itself (or so I thought). I live 4 hrs N of Brisbane so a fair bit of planning has to go into the ‘entertainment’ part of these trips. This time I was leaving nothing to chance, even though hotels were swapped last minute, parking was a bitch & even a bloody leaking fridge meant the lovely lady had to swap rooms at the last moment & I had to pace the street in nervous anticipation for 30 mins. NOTHING was going to stop me this time! She sent a text while changing rooms & setting up explaining that everything had to be perfect (fair call I thought), I had waited long enough already so a few mins didn't make too much difference. . I knew it would be worth it.


    All the while (in both attempts) Christy had kept me up to date with some beautiful texts & missives. She was an absolute dream to deal with in this situation & extremely apologetic even though every detail was totally out of her control and I thank her for that.


    Finally I get to knock on the door and I am greeted by this Goddess. Albeit a 156 cm tall Goddess ! A delicious and soft full kiss greeting with a giggle while she checked me out brought a big grin to her gorgeous face. She really is a stunner, better than the pictures allude to (in my opinion).


    Her top was made of a very loosely woven material, which allowed me to view outline but not a clear view. Enough to see that her 'enhanced boobs' stood out loud and proud! And a pair of little panties, nothing else. Perfect for the situation I thought. A drink was offered and we sit on the couch laughing at the whole turn of events preceding that moment in time. Christy is a hoot to talk to, such a fun person. The sort of lady you could spend a night at the pub (or more likely up market bar - she is refined) and walk away with a bellyache from laughing so much. Those boobs are a serious distraction but once we had both chilled a bit I was pointed in the direction of the shower (candles lit for mood lighting) and instructed that she would be waiting for me in the bedroom.


    Christy loves to kiss with plenty of tongue. My hands start to wander & her skin is deliciously soft and firm (not saggy) under my fingers. For what seems like ages she then decides to disrobe and allow me the best view in the city right then. My cock is rock hard and positively screaming for attention and yet she continues to tease. So I head south to taste some sweet sweet pussy. It's small and cute like the rest of her (with two exceptions!) .


    I have been told I have very good technique, but not 3 mins later & she is thrashing around groaning loud enough for people across the road to hear! One face soaking (me) and body shuddering orgasm later (her) & she is struggling to keep it together. I maneuver to present my ever raging hard-on for some much anticipated attention. I had read about the memorable oral skills she has and wanted to experience the sensation. A lot of teasing and ball sucking goes on but she is still a bit dreamy & says, “it has to go in my soaking wet pussy NOW!” So she climbs on and smirks “I have to do this really slow cos I have a very tight pussy and you have a large cock”.


    Wow, is she right, small in stature and small of pussy, heck I wasn't going to complain! Needless to say she rides me like the experienced lady that she is. Those glorious boobs bouncing in front of me being shoved in my face and attention to them demanded meant that all too soon that familiar build up of tension started to roll on. I wasn't going to try and be stud-like and make a marathon of the first time & just gave myself up to Christy’s amazing milking technique.


    The 'rest period' is spent in a very intimate embrace with her hand cupping my balls (she ASKED if this was ok!). Some very personal stuff was discussed in a way that you would only do if you feel totally comfortable with someone. Intermittent with genuine laughter on both sides, she really is a hoot!


    Soon enough I feel rested enough for round two. Cut straight to the chase & head down again. At this point I notice an hour has passed since I walked in the door!?! In her own words " I am no clock watcher". This time it still is only a couple of minutes before she is soaking my face & shuddering, this time I decide not to let up until physically pushed away. She can't manage that & just whimpers that she can't take any more. She drags my head up for some serious DFK and asks, 'I hope you're going to fuck me now!'.


    How could I not?


    The phrase " fucked into the pillow" aptly describes what happened next, with Christy looking into the full length mirror going 'fuck that's hot!'. Orgasm #3 for her and I'm beginning to tire. Slow the pace with some excellent Spanish before she finally rolls me on my back to allow me to truly savour her oral skills. Christy has beautiful blue eyes and they watch your face as she gently devours your cock. First rate is all I can say, finishing me off all over those amazing boobs.


    We shower together to wash off sweat and ‘stuff’ both of us grinning from ear to ear! I'm told that I have to apply cream to her sunburnt shoulders before I go.


    I happily oblige. Even now she bends over and holds onto the breakfast bar & I rub in the cream while grinding my groin against her taught sexy arse cheeks, & she is still just giggling away. Christy really seems to love doing what she does. I guess like everything if you treat the lady really well & show plenty of respect & patience you will get rewarded.


    I leave more than an hour and half after walking in, & I only had to make a swift exit before my car park closed. I pass the envelope containing the necessary still untouched on the counter.


    My only wish being I had the time & money to have dinner with a truly unforgettable lady, because I know we would have laughed all night long & sometimes that is worth its weight in gold.


    Next time Christy feels like having some (but not too much) sun up here I really hope lady fate will let me have a return match with this amazing pocket rocket!


    You Mexicans do not know how lucky you are…..

    Mr S, April




    Christy and I had been communicating for quite a while. She had come highly recommended to me by another PG lady. Our communications were getting funnier, sexier and erotic.


    We finally met and it was passion full on. I was met at her door, this stunning little pocket rocket. Flowing natural blonde hair, a tight tanned figure, her breasts bulging from the top of her bright red lingerie. She kissed me passionately as we chatted on the lounge. We were talking within minutes like age old friends, but with this deep undercurrent of what was about to occur.


    Suddenly we are DFK on the lounge her tongue exploring mine. Her delicate hands massaging my crotch, my own hands wandering across her ample breasts. We stand, continuing to deeply kiss as her breasts are brought free. They are luscious, large and beautiful. I began to lick and kiss her nipples, her head tilted back moaning at the pleasure. I turn her around and massage her from behind, she is still rubbing my bulging cock through my jeans. I lean her across the apartment bench and lift her lingerie, removing her panties licking her inner thighs, her sighs and moans getting louder as my tongue snakes its way thru her pussy lips, lingering on her ass.


    Her lingerie is completely removed and I am licking her harder and faster, her breathing getting louder. She stands and turns and quickly removes my shirt and pants and she slowly slides down, engulfing my throbbing cock into her gentle mouth, she is licking and sucking the head, lathering it with pleasure. I am pushed back onto the lounge where she settles between my legs sucking me gently. There is no rush, she is enjoying her work. Christy's oral is beautiful, she engages you with her eyes, her mouth is continuously working its way all over you, down to my balls then back the head. I stand and lift her onto the kitchen bench and begin licking her pussy again. Suddenly she is jerking as she orgasms, her moans loud and regular. I lift her up passionately in both arms and carry her to the bedroom. We lie on the bed settling into a passionate 69.


    We are both concentrating on pleasuring each other. Its almost a competition as we work at the moans coming from each other, my cock deeply planted in her mouth, her pussy and ass lavished by my tongue. She eventually rises after another orgasm and gently fits a condom onto me, then lowering herself onto me. Her pussy is tight and wet. She rides me slowly at first the speed picking up until it is full on. Her head thrown back her gorgeous hair tossed from side to side. She is soon cumming again, her body bucking and rocking with pleasure.


    She comments we need to have a hot soapy shower together and suddenly we are in the bathroom showering together her hot body rubbing against mine, her hands working my cock, balls and ass with her soapy hands. I push her against the shower wall rubbing the head of my cock against her clit. She is moaning again. She is loving this as much as I am. Its time to dry off and get back into the main event.


    We move back to bedroom and she demands to be fucked again. "Fuck me doggie style" she moans. We lift and turn, and I am plunging into her fully. Its warm in the bedroom so we move back into the lounge, where I bend her over the centerpiece of the lounge, deeply sliding in and out of her. "I want you to come all over me" she groans, and turns and lays on her back. I have my cock in my hands and begin to shower her breasts and body again and again, she is laughing at the pleasure.


    We shower and move back to the lounge, chatting, laughing and stroking each other. Suddenly we are deep kissing and I'm moving back downstairs lavishly licking her wet pussy. She tells me she wants to watch me cum again while she is playing with her self. Her fingers massaging her pussy, her mouth sucking on my hardening cock as I stand over her. Then its there, load number two, I am dropping it all over her breasts she is moaning, laughing and making cheeky, sexy, erotic, funny comments all in the one sentence. We settle and move back to the shower soaping each other up. We both know we would go again and again if we had more time. Much the pity. We chat, dress and its time to move on.


    Christy is marvelous. A funny, beautiful, sexy, erotic GFE with a twist of porn. She loves her work, loves men, is not a clock watcher. This is not a job, not a chore. This is something she actually loves to do. See you soon babe. xx


    Anon, November




    My meeting with the lovely Christy came about by chance more than by choice. I had planned to see a touring lady from Perth, but a ruptured appendix put an end to her touring. She recommended Christy Hamilton to fill the void......and I am so glad that she did.


    From the moment I first contacted Christy by email and text she was accomodating, friendly, and always a pleasure to deal with. I had booked a 3 hour GFE with the PSE 'top up' option. I requested a couple of dress up as well....this was no problem for Christy. Christy arranged for a lovely hotel in the city and everything was go, go , go.


    An hour before the agreed time, I received a picture text from Christy, "gettting ready for you" was the message with a amazing picture, just teasing of what I will be receiving later in the night. " This is good" , I thought to myself.


    I arrived at the room with some wine in hand, and knocked on the door. As the door opened I saw a sexy blonde beauty, a beaming smile in a tiny short busty black teddy lingerie with heels. She leads me in the room, lifts ups her teddy and says..."look I am wearing no panties for you!!!" Some hugs and kisses followed, then you immediately notice how down to earth and grounded Christy is. She is just genuinely happy to be there with you, making me feel comfortable and at ease. The smile never stops as the genuine interest in her client just flows along without effort.


    We were both hungry, so we decided to get some room service before 'proceedings"....Chritsy ordered and we both decided that her black teddy was not appropriate for when our meals were delivered. She pos into the bedroom and changes into a tracksuit and singlet top.....the quintessential Soccer Mom look.....this lady would look sexy in wheat bag!!!


    We sat on the couch drinking some wine, getting to know each easy to talk to her. While we were waiting she slid her feet under my bum, to keep her feet warm..... it's those sort of things that make the expereince special.


    During dinner there was again great converstaion both ways and never ever any awkard just kept flowing. The banter between us started to get cheeky and hotter, and I just knew I was in a for a great time. Dinner over, and it was show time!!!


    I am not going to go into a blow by blow description but suffice to say, Christy was amazing, sexy, hot, and so dam fuckable. It was full on body on body, exploring each other by hand, tounge and mouth, heavy breathing, fuck me eyes, sweating, swearing, dirty talk, oohs and aahs, OMG's....just perfect.


    We started with a candle lit shower, then moved into the lounge on the floor, in front of the mirror, then out came the slutty school girl.....(who could not keep her hands off herself)...then onto the couch....into the bedroom. onto the bed, a change of clothes....then the sexy secretary arrives for duty....then onto the chair. We both fell in a heap and need to catch our breath. 


    We did not quite make it to the balcony as planned...but there is always next time...and there will be a next time....... 


    You know you have a good experience when over the next few days, you expereince flashbacks of what happend during the night.......and you just smile to yourself .


    I have met numerous other ladies from Private Girls with some big names and big reputations in the industry...but Chirsty is the best by far. And I stand by that claim. Its not just the sex or the physical one on one which is out of this world, or how she looks, or her killer has a lot to do with her personality and her ability to make you feel important when you indulge in something like this.


    I will definately be seeing you soon Christy,,,,,thankyou again for an amazing evening.....I need to go out and sell another machine


    DB September



    I had the pleasure of meeting Christy for the first time today , and what a pleasure it was !! what a woman what a body , what a lady, what you see on her web site on Private Girls is what you get but i think she is even better in real life, one word to describe Christy "WOW ", 


    she made me feel so at ease and comfortable right from the start , she has a great sense of humor and just a great lady to be with, the sex was amazing but it can only be amazing if you have a connection with that person and we did !! like the say it takes two to tango lol. Thank you Christy for seeing me, our paths have now crossed, i do look forward to they do again , and if i have a say in that they most definitive will..


    Take care lovely lady..


    T.B Steve xoxox :-) June




    It is about me Christy, you are the million dollar view; the woman I dream of when I ejaculate,

    your eyes say it all - captivating enticing; a magnet:


    the soft lips

    the kiss 

    the mouth 

    the tongue


    Having an erection thinking of those moments when our lips touched and we kissed, your mouth exploring mine; our tongues weaving us into one.


    My boner not hiding from you.

    you feel me 

    you know what is on my mind

    you explore all of me

    you suck me deep 

    you tantalize me with your mouth


    I surrender !


    you you you do so much for me that I want more again and again


    soon we will be naked again

    soon you will taste me

    soon we will be breathless

    soon that moment of no return


    How was it for you? That's our secret.


    Sam, May




    Christy's profile on Private Girls has been around for a relatively short period of time and IMHO, her photos look great and made me intrigued to find out more about her.


    With no reviews as yet for her on PP, I knew that I would have to venture slightly into the unknown if I wanted to see her anytime soon. Anyway, I made contact, an outcall booking was secured and I arranged for a serviced apartment close to the city.


    The time arrived, there is a knock and when I opened the door I was very excited. What you see on PG is what you get with Christy, thrown in with a really great smile and an immensely positive attitude. Note the she decribes herself as a busty blue-eyed blonde bombshell which I think is a pretty accurate description.


    After she set up some music etc, we started with a few drinks on the couch, engaged in some really relaxing conversation during which we both managed to steal a few small kisses from each other between discussions on life etc. This unsurprisingly led to some passionate DFK, which unsurprisingly led to me unwrapping that great body of hers from her clothes which unsurprisingly led to some great daty, all while still on the couch. Following some fooling around there, we went to the bedroom for further intense DFK and plenty of oral for both of us.


    Christy then left the room for a quick refill of our wine glasses and I unexpectedly followed her out. While she was at the fridge, I came up behind her, reached around and started to play with her beautiful breasts and pulled her close into me. She responded by turning aroud, squatting on the kitchen floor and then proceeding to give me another excellent bj. We then got her up on the kitchen bench and started some more DFK whilst at the same time I was fingering her. She really seemed to be turned on by that.


    Then back over to the couch, on with the dom and we had sex on the sofa with her on top. Bit of a chat followed (which is so easy to do with this woman) and then back to the bedroom, more DFK, further oral, sex in a few positons finishing off with doggie.


    As our time together came to an end and she was about to walk out the door to leave, we had another long DFK embrace and if I didn't have too leave as welI, I would have peeled her clothes off then and there and gone again.


    Christy is so easy going and just lets you guide her where you want to take your time together. She provides a great GFE experience and I sense she really enjoyed our time together as well.


    Overall, if you are attracted to her profile, I highly recommend that you see her, I don't think you will regret spending time with this one.


    Anthony - May




    I had the great pleasure of meeting Christy last week, and in summary WOW.


    Noticing Christy’s recent profile on PG, I took great interest in her various photos and liked the sound of what Christy was about. A dinner date was easily organised by email.


    Meeting up at the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to find Christy the perfect date. Beautiful as her photos reflect, dressed in a black cocktail dress, long flowing blonde hair and a warm smile, conversation flowed effortlessly throughout dinner, the occasional touch of my arm high lighted the intimate nature of this gorgeous woman. Yet it was the sparkle in Christy’s eyes and cheeky smiles that let me know there was more in store for me after dinner.


    A short walk to my hotel room after dinner, things would certainly heat up on a Melbourne autumn night. Christy’s kissing was both passionate and consuming, as hands started to wander over each other’s body. Christy’s dress and lingerie removed to reveal one hot looking body and certainly a correct match to her photos.


    Christy’s oral attention is first rate, and you could easily surrender to that as Christy’s sole focus on you. Christy’s breasts are wonderful to touch, both with fingers and tongue. Certainly, Christy indicated she enjoys receiving the right oral attention on her. Sex was in a variety of positions, though the sparkle in Christy’s eyes whilst she was on top will stay with me for a long time


    Will certainly organise another date with Christy when I get the chance.


    Steve – April

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