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  • SYDNEY PRIVATE ESCORT - Constance Azura
  • Constance Azura - Private Escort Reviews

  • SYDNEY PRIVATE ESCORT - Constance Azura
  • My Reviews

  • I recently had the chance to see Constance. We had met before, but this time it was a little bit different.


    She arrived looking magnificent (as always) but she had done something a little different with her eye makeup - she looked … well … she had this great combination of classic and exotic beauty. And a discrete but super hot short dress just topped it off - she looked fantastic.


    But … she had some minor crap going on in her life at that moment (nothing serious, but she did share it with me). I asked if she wanted to have a drink and chat before we started. It seemed to break the ice, and … after hearing her problems, the only thing I could think to offer to help was a back rub. I am not an expert masseuse, but I do mean well. And she agreed.


    And this seemed to set the tone of the entire session. My previous play dates with Connie has been kind of turbo-charged, but this was much more intimate and sensual. It was great, and my previous sessions were great, but this was great in a different way. And … it felt like it just happened - there was nothing pre-planned about it. And the fact that we just went with the flow made it … well … any time with Connie is amazing, but this was better than amazing.


    I will definitely see her again. She is wonderful/fantastic/awesome/lovely … . And she is highly recommended.






    Was I "Connified"?


    I met Connie on twitter when we started following each other. Then we started to occasionally respond to each other's tweets. Then we started sending little direct messages to each other. Then … we had a serious discussion about a session, and I finally got to meet the lady.


    Now, when dealing with an interstate lady, travel issues can be a complication. And our first attempt at a date failed - and it was not my fault and it was not Connie's fault. But she is a consummate professional and understands that little things can be a big deal, and offered to make our session a little bit more special - just for me - because of what happened. She did not have to, but it was greatly appreciated, and shows her professionalism and commitment to her craft.


    Connie arrived wearing what I requested - weather appropriate discrete casual feminine attire with two caveats - no slacks, and commando. And she looked smoking hot in a discrete, casual, lovely, feminine way.

    Skin tight high neck black blouse with long sleeves

    Mid-thigh length pastel mini

    Over the calf black boots

    Oversized black belt on her waist (which really complemented her figure).

    Hair down

    (and as requested, because of a previous laundry issue) minimal makeup.


    How did Connie make our session a little more special? She upgraded me from a date to a very casual dinner date. She picked a small pizza place.


    We swapped stories, and the time just flew. We had a great chat about everything and nothing. Every once in awhile she would casually cross her legs, and it flashed just enough thigh to really get my hormones going, but never enough for it to be a "Basic Instinct" moment.


    I asked Connie if she wanted dessert, and she basically volunteered to be my dessert (great touch). Back to the room where she put on some tunes while I had a quick shower and cleaned my mouth.


    And then …


    In reading the reviews of Connie, the term "Connified" seems to crop up. I think I figured out what it is. To be Connified is to have Connie perform a body-to-body non-massage on you. I am looking for a good word but she is a wiggler (in the best possible way). With arms wrapped around each other, she managed to get all parts of her body everywhere on me (and while kissing at the same time). It was more sensual than erotic but it was bloody marvellous.


    And … Connie looks just like her photos (especially the hard body bikini photos) except for two things - she has one significant tattoo on her back, and her skin is just a touch more tanned (I guess being outside in those bikinis worked). But I have to tell you about her hair. It is just the perfect length to give pleasure. She flips and flicks it around, and it is not long enough to sting like a whip but it adds just an extra sensation that is phenomenal - especially when she is in a "giving" mood .


    Very flexible girl. Not all girls can do Asian Cowgirl AND DFK at the same time.


    Would I see again? Can you spell "yes" with an upper case F?






    Connie’s tag line is “Sometimes you just need a little Connie in your life”


    Well after seeing Connie, I have coined my own tag line,

    ” I have been Conniefied”


    I caught up with Connie in a couple of weeks ago after having many interactions via Twitter and email. The process to make an arrangement was all very easy and Connie was very personable.


    Unfortunately I was running late due to work commitments but Connie was very easy going about it and upon my arrival there was an antipasti platter and two glasses of champagne. We spent a lot of time just chatting and comparing our iTunes selections. For someone of Connie’s era she certainly loves the 70’s and 80’s music which is more in line with my tastes and unfortunately age.


    The conversation with Connie is always fun and enlightening. Connie is a very veracious person and loves to get to know you as a person and not just as a client. Given how engaging she is I would say that you need to book at least a couple of hours to really enjoy all that Connie has to offer.


    As to the play time with Connie well it was nothing short of amazing. Connie loves kissing; cuddling and making you feel like a superstar. Without going into the blow by blow description Connie has the unique ability to be incredibly sensual and loving one minute and the next have you pinned to the bed thinking what the FUCK just happened. If you refer to some other reviews you will find the acronym FFE. Do your own research, you won’t be disappointed.


    So why the tag line “I have been Conniefied”, well for me, Connie is the complete package of a great personality, conversationalist, host and lover.

    I hope to be “Conniefied” again soon






    Constance Azura

    Somewhere beyond the sea……



    I first met Constance way back in early January of this year, and have fallen victim to her charms on many occasions since. For one reason or another I have only penned one review of my time with her, but let me assure you, each and every one has been very memorable.

    This particular review is about a time I spent with Constance at the end of February.


    Main Part:


    I had been away interstate on this particular day, and recovering from what had been a disastrous trip in every sense of the word. I had no intention of seeing anyone this particular evening and whilst waiting at the airport for my flight back, I received a text message from Constance inquiring how my trip had gone. So I rang her and explained that things had not gone to plan and that it had been almost a non-event.

    Constance then asked what I was doing when I got back to Sydney and that she would be more than happy to catch up. I explained that I didn’t have a hotel booked and was about to board my flight, so she said not to worry, that she would take care of everything.

    When I arrived in Sydney, there was a text message from her advising me of the hotel details she had booked, and that she was waiting for me. And she was. She looked simply stunning as you can see.

    Can you please add the attatched pic at this location ??

    As soon as I knocked on the door she opened it almost as if she was standing and waiting for me. What a sight. Those beautiful long legs, black high heels, and a lovely black and gold figure hugging short dress. As soon as I put my bags on the floor, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me as only Constance can. A gentle tongue probing kiss, but passionate enough to gain my immediate tension. “Oh Brok-her you look tired, so I’ve prepared something for you” she said. She had ordered a fruit and cheese platter, a bottle of wine and had them all waiting for me on the table.

    Now that is what I call a very thoughtful and considerate lady.

    This is probably taking a while to get to the hot sexy part, but I think it’s important to show what a fantastic person this great lady is. Anyhow, Constance had a previous catch up arranged with a girlfriend of hers, which she had made me aware of, and so left me for an hour or so, to have a relaxing bath, eat some food and have a little wine, as I unwound from the tensions of the previous 36 hours.

    In what seemed like no time at all, she was back in the room and smiling from ear to ear. “What are you so happy about?” I asked. Her reply I was not expecting. “I’ve been thinking on my way back on how many ways I’m going to fuck you tonight. That’s ok isn’t it?” she laughed. And to prove her point that she had been thinking about sex, she moved her body close up against mine, lifted her dress up slightly and exposed one very wet pussy for my hand to explore. Yep, she was wet alright, and I hoped like hell it was as she said and I had contributed to that wetness.

    She lifted her dress over her head, exposing one naked lady with a body to die for. She stood and adjusted her G string so I could see just how wet it was through the flimsy fabric. It was certainly a sight to treasure. All of a sudden, all the weights of my previous 36 hours had been lifted from my shoulders and I felt like a man on a mission. Still wearing her high heels and G string, Constance unlocked her lips from mine long enough to whisper in my ear. “Brok-her, I know that Little Mate (LM) is ready for a play, I can feel his hardness against me, but you need to be spoilt a little first, you deserve it. Stand perfectly still and just follow my lead and do as I say”. WTF was she talking about I wondered? What followed was out of this world.

    Constance knelt down in front of me (I had had a bath while she was away, and was dressed only in jeans and a shirt), and slowly undid the belt of my jeans. Then she unzipped them and pulled them down around my ankles so I could step out of them. She gazed longingly at LM standing at attention and quipped “don’t be in a hurry LM, you will be more than adequately taken care of”. Then she stood up and undid my shirt and removed it, to have me standing completely starkers with a roaring hard on, wanting nothing more than to start fucking this wonderful creature. Constance then stood behind me, and with her hands moving all over my body, front and back, began to kiss me all over. She did not miss one square cm of my body, from the top of my neck down to my ankles; my whole body was covered in kisses. Except for LM whom she purposely skirted around, lol

    By the time she had finished, my legs were starting to tremble slightly and I just had to take Constance to the bedroom. I lay on my back and she immediately gave 100% attention to LM. She is so good at BBBJ and her technique she generally applies is fantastic. But tonight, given all the teasing she had done, she immediately engulfed him as far down her throat as possible. Constance was kneeling on the bed alongside me which allowed me access to her wet horny pussy, so I started to gently play with her clit, which by now was very swollen. As she was busy gagging on LM, I was busy with my thumb rubbing it slowly, but hard. Suddenly Constance lifted her mouth off LM and shouted, “Fuck you Brok-her, I’m going to cum”. And she did, convulsing and shuddering her whole body before she collapsed alongside of me.

    “You play dirty Brok-her, now I’m going to fuck you within an inch of your life” she whispered hoarsely. And with that comment she reached for the obligatory raincoat, applied it with her mouth, (I love the girls who have that skill), and mounted me cowgirl. She held LM in one hand and guided him to her wet entrance slowly siding him up inside of her until his whole length was buried inside. I had my gaze firmly fixed on her beautiful nipples who were challenging LM for hardness. As she began to grind herself onto me, I reached up and took a breast in each hand, gently kneading each nipple between thumb and forefinger. Constance started to moan, threw her head back, (I love that beautiful long black hair of hers when she throws it back over her shoulders, glistening with perspiration-so sexy), and began grinding away harder and faster the more I played with those nipples, until suddenly she leaned forward, kissed me deeply and orgasmed as if it was her very first. She does get a little vocal on occasions, lol

    Then she changed positions to reverse cowgirl, so I could watch the action, only this time she was squatting above LM so that she could gain maximum penetration. First she would slide him slowly all the way inside of her (oh what a sight), then only take him halfway inside and hold him there, using her pussy muscles to squeeze him tight, before impaling herself fully once again. Finally she could hold on no longer and as I watched she quickened her tempo, her watching from her position and me from mine, as she rode me long and hard. She seemed to go on a lot longer this way, as she had only just had an orgasm, but still she rode harder and faster until she collapsed but once again in a tangle of arms, legs and sweaty bodies.

    We lay and cuddled for a few minutes to let her gain some composure, but as LM was still stirring, it was only a few minutes and I felt the warmth of the wetness of her mouth on me again. As soon as he was hard again, another raincoat was applied and so began what I would describe as a mini marathon of fucking. We fucked missionary (and that is fantastic with her tongue probing and teasing as you’re trying to drive hard into her), we had a couple of variations of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl again, until we came to the position she loves the best….. Doggy.

    Constance positioned herself on all fours at the edge of the bed, so as I could gain maximum penetration. As I watched LM slowly disappear inside Constance, I reached out and held her firmly by the hips, moving slowly at first, not with a lot of thrusting, but gentler sliding in and out. “Stop playing and fuck me you bastard”, she said over her shoulder. And so I did, hard, deep and with long measured strokes watching her knuckles turn white as she gripped the sheets tight. Constance began to match my rhythm after awhile and soon we were like two sex crazed people on a ride to the finish. I could feel myself beginning to build, I could hear Constance breathing and moaning and knew she too was getting close, when suddenly I could hold back no longer, and as I cum inside her she also had one final almighty orgasm, and collapsed face down on the bed.

    We actually lay side by side for the next twenty minutes or so, not speaking, just touching each other gently with our finger tips. It was a peaceful way to finish a fantastic time. Constance rolled over eventually, smiled and said, “Well does that make up for your earlier disappointment Brok-her. I sure hope so because I’ve had such a great time being able to see you tonight”. All I could do was smile, gently kiss her lips and respond with, “Yes it did, and thank you”

    So Constance Azura, until next time my darling young lady, I wait with baited breath.

    Thank you for your so very kind gesture of looking after me and for wanting to see me again. You would think after about 6 or so bookings with this lady, things would become mundane??? WRONG





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