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  • About Me

  • A simple, down to earth kind of girl, all the way from the other side of the world… the UK. 

    Well to be more precise, I was born and bred in gloomy Britain for half of my life then moved to Dubai with my family and had been there up until a year or so ago. Growing up in Dubai was an incredible experience but, surprisingly you do get a little tired of the weather. I missed the seasons. Even the freezing cold, wet and fog. I sound crazy right? But Dubai is a small place and I had felt I had outgrown the city. So armed with my laptop, books and a couple of suitcases I said my goodbyes and made my way to Melbourne YAY!!!!!


    I have been here in Melbourne for the past year and absolutely love it here. There is nowhere else on this gorgeous earth I would want to be, honestly! Melbourne has to be one of the best cities in the world for me… I feel it has a very European café culture feel with your amazing coffee shops, incredible brunch menus, art galleries, leafy green parks to get lost in and oh and not forgetting the trams! Since being here, I have turned into such a breakfast and brunch kinda girl – how could you not? There is always a new place popping up. If you have any recommendations for me I would LOVE that! 


    So a little about myself… Well you know I am English, I love food and the city of Melbourne so let me share a few things about me, you know… what makes me ME! Where to start… Well, I have a healthy passion for my life and my loved ones that are in it. Having strong connections with people is what makes me sing (not literally… I am a terrible singer haha!), it is something I thrive on and really get pleasure from. So you could say I am most definitely a people person. Being intuitive and empathetic really helps when meeting someone for the first time. Putting others at ease comes second nature to me, I would never want anyone to feel horrible or awkward around me - “Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart, one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better then you found them.” – such a beautiful quote!


    I am a little chatter-box and love to laugh. Life is too short to be miserable and ungrateful, it really is the simple things that I enjoy and what makes me smile. For example, I am a doughnut fiend, I just love cakes and chocolate – they make me so happy. I love to read and devour books and I can spend hours in a book store, I love the seasons here in Melbourne, I love to be surrounded by green plants, I enjoy savouring a thick, creamy cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I adore my bed, I love to cook and entertain, going out to small intimate bars just makes me fill up with a warm and fuzzy feeling! Being healthy and having balance is important to me. I love to work up a sweat in spin class (addicted) and then eat a stack of pancakes. I know, I know sounds totally counterproductive but I don’t care. Being too strict on yourself is too boring. So I do enjoy a beautiful glass of red wine (…also a little scotch) as well as having my green smoothies. I love to dine out and also snuggle up in my pjs with a good movie. I absolutely adore time on my own and also spending time with friends. I love the theatre and also I love a good game of sports. I think I have a healthy appreciation of life and all that comes with it;)


    I am also an extremely private person, but when we do meet I am a complete open book… ask me anything – within reason haha! Mutual respect is a given between us when we meet and it wouldn’t be any other way. What you see is what you get with me;)


    What I do LOVE and more then happy for you to do is touch and grab me, it really gets me going… At a petite size 8 and 5”3 picking me up and and giving me a little squeeze, well I wouldn’t say no to that ; ) My bronzed, smooth skin loves to be caressed and nibbled! I have a naughty weakness for my neck being touched, it really would make me putty in your hands. The aim of our time together is meant to be as enjoyable as possible, to let things flow so my time is my time. I don’t have a need to clock watch, having a genuinely good time together is what we both want isn’t it after all?! 


    So if you think that we would get on, then let me know. Feel free to email me any time!!!


    Love Danielle xxx

    SWA 10247XE

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  • Price List


    1 hour    $500 - A quick roll around, although a short one - always guaranteed to leave you feeling a little less hot under the collar, but always left feeling invigorated (Disclaimer: you may be left wanting more!).




    90mins $750 -That extra half an hour goes a long way, just think of what could be gotten up to in that extra 30 minutes, all innocent of course!




    2 hour   $1000 - This gives us ample time to really get to explore one another, really get to know each others needs over and over and over again...





    3 hour   $1500 - With this extended check out from real life, we get to have all the fun we wish, leaving us feeling relaxed and yummy, but we probably will part ways feeling tired and hungry with all energy reserves running on low...;)




    Dinner date - $1500 - I love to eat and dine out and try new places, and aren't we just spoilt for choice here in Melbourne? So if you'd like some company for dinner some time, let me know. I wouldn't look out of place on your arm - I love to dress with sophistication, with the added touch of cute-casual. We would enjoy two hours of conversation and a glass or two over dinner, then escape to somewhere a little more private to play for the remainder of the evening...



  • Services Available

  • VIC State legislations prohibits me from stating my services, although they can be described as all inclusive by nature. 

    Please contact me for a service list OR alternatively, visit my interstate profile.

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    Phone: 0401 767 508 

    email: hellodanielledaines@gmail.com


    Twitter: danielle_daines


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    Website: www.hello-dani.com



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