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  • Formerly Rachel Grey....



    I have been fortunate to meet the delightful Rachel twice recently.. I travelled to meet her on tour and we had planned a dinner date. I arrived early to be sure not to miss a moment with Rachel. Waiting patiently at the bar I received a call asking where I was. Waving like kids we found each other and enjoyed a delightful meal on the waterfront. Rachels humour and lovely conversation made it seem that we were the only people in the restaraunt. After a short cab ride (a disgruntled cabbie couldn't spoil the mood) we made it to the hotel. Kisses in the elevator set the scene for the passion that followed.

    Rachel is such wonderful company and a magnificent playmate that time flew past in extacy. I feel warm each time I remember laying and cuddling naked with her as we recovered from our activities. Sadly, I escorted Rachel to her Uber and watched wistfully as it took her away, until next time... The next time we met, Rachel was visiting my city and we arranged our meeting for the evening at her incall in the city.

    I was greeted at the door with a wide smile and delightful kiss by this gorgeous woman in a wonderfully sexy outfit. We sat on the sofa and chatted with a wine and, whilst captivated with the conversation, I couldn't help myself and found the zippers on her outfit just too much to resist. Rachel did assist just a little. We left a trail of clothing behind as we moved to the bedroom.

    A vivacious vixen is an easy way to describe the lady as we played and played and played. That sexy (I am going to devour you) look she gave me as she looked down whilst in the bedroom was a reflection of how the evening unfolded. Rachel made me feel so relaxed and so very satisfied. I am sure I drove all the way home with a stupid grin on my face. Trust me, Rachel's description of herself on her web site (I Am,,, etc) is 100% accurate

    CJ, October 2017




    Did you ever picture yourself in one of those good porn movies?, Ok, now just imagine that is you....... with the girl of your dreams! Hard to believe isn't it?

    Well, that was exactly my feeling when Rachel dropped her beautiful figure hugging dress on the floor with a killer look and grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth on our very first date!

    After that every second after was just ecstasy.

    Without a hint of doubt, Rachel knows exactly what to do to make you feel on top of the world.  She is not only kind and attentive but also down to earth and engaging.

    Rachel exudes sexiness to a point that makes you lose control of your senses.  When she looks at you, when she kisses you, when she maneuvers her body allowing you to feel her come as sweet honey flowing between her perfectly rounded thighs.

    My time with Rachel wasn't just the best sexual rendezvous that you could only dream of, but I feel every minute shared with her will be part of a complete and amazing experience that Ill treasure forever.

    Thank you Rachel, I am very much looking forward to our next time together 


    March 2017




    Having planned our meeting some time ahead and with fond memories, I checked into the hotel with much anticipation (we were both traveling). Rachel arrived as planned and her welcoming smile and kisses were the perfect start to the planned celebration. We sat, chatted and shared a drink before both preparing for dinner. I am sure that it is not the usual course of events to be able to sit and watch your companion for the evening prepare and although Rachel's natural beauty is more than acceptable, to sit and watch this lovely lady transform into a model goddess was a privilege. It is another element to this natural, relaxed lady that is so endearing that we were able to relax so easily as she made her preparations. We took a short stroll to the restaurant and sitting at a balcony table with a city view enjoyed a relaxed dinner with intelligent (and witty) conversation across wide ranging topics. Our eyes were too big for our collective bellies and the shared dessert defeated us, although there was a much more fulfilling dessert to follow. After our return stroll to the hotel we were faced with a difficult decision! Which should we do first? Play or spa? We decided to get a little dirty to justify the spa and helped each other out of our clothes on the way to the bedroom. Much kissing, cuddling and caressing only served to heighten the anticipation that had built through dinner. Rachel has oral skills beyond her scintillating conversation and witty repartee and I needed to return the oral favors she was providing as I feared that if I didn't then things would finish way too soon. Alas I am sure that my oral efforts are not in the same class as Rachel's although the increased moisture I was tasting was far more satisfying than the previous unfinished dessert. Rachel forced me to lose my concentration purely through her wonderful, toe curling attention she paid to me and i was rewarded with a magical release. We kissed and cuddled a while before filling the spa and two champagne glasses. I was then in the most fortunate situation of enjoying my view of Rachel's delightful body and charm with bubbles all around. Going to sleep snuggling with Rachel is a wonderful feeling, almost as wonderful as waking beside her. Again we were presented with a decision. Coffee or play? As I had already boiled the kettle the coffee was brewed but as we sat together in bed it seemed a natural compromise to let the coffee cool while our personal temperatures rose. Memories of first thing in the morning with Rachel will remain for a long long time, with the foreplay and fantastic finale magnificent. They say that all good things must come to and end, but that is only partly true as my memories of a delightful woman and wonderful celebration will stay with me forever.


    January 2017




    I have been following the lovely Rachel Grey (@sexyrachelgrey) on Twitter for some time and her looks alone have made me weak at the knees. Even so, I did not expect that her vivacious personality and absolute dedication to her profession would make this encounter the milestone event that defined my punting experiences to date. Yes, really she is that good. The logistics of setting up the meeting were carried out with the professionalism and responsiveness that you would expect from a high calibre lady like Rachel. Courteous, intriguing and succinct would be an accurate summary in my opinion. When I arrived at Rachel's door, I was very pleased to note that she wore the same the same black lingerie in her PrivateGirls.com.au photos that I had hoped for, and looked even better in the flesh. Wow! A welcoming greeting kiss and a bit of light chat before heading to the shower was just what I needed to calm my nerves, despite the hot Canberra day and Rachel's imposing outfit. After the shower and some passionate kissing, Rachel insisted on taking charge and giving me some of the best ball and cock worship I have ever experienced. She asked if it was ok to take it slow, and who was I to object? It was amazing! For what seemed like a blissful eternity, Rachel applied her mouth and hand skills to my nether regions, and it was not until I suggested that we should slow down that we moved to a more comfortable position of DFK and gentle caressing. Around this time, Rachel unleashed her amazing 'chest puppies' which were as delightful to caress and suckle as her photos suggest. Soon to be followed by the removal of her lacy underwear which revealed the most delectable vagina that I have ever had the privilege to taste. I could have stayed there for hours, and I honestly believe that Rachel appreciated my effort to pleasure her with my mouth and tongue. Just wow! The POV I had was mind blowing. After Rachel came on my face we moved to some more cuddling and DFK, and she expertly applied a condom to me with more enthusiasm than I could hope for. What followed was a series of positions that filled my mind with memories to reflect upon, leading to a climax in missionary that left me quite exhausted, but so very satisfied. Pretty sure we lost track of time at some point, and it was worth every dollar above and beyond. I cannot wait to meet the absolutely gorgeous Rachel again.


    December 2016




    Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying a 6-hour dinner date with the Sexy Rachel Grey. I have been entertained by Rachel for months on twitter and thought it was long overdue to meet this stunning woman. Rachel is ALL woman – the full package of a date you would be proud to have on your arm for the night.


    Conversation is tantalizing, the foreplay is enticing and Rachel Greys kissing and touch is sensational. Her passion for my manhood with ball play and the hunger she displays for the ‘dick’ is so erotic. I am not sure if she is like this with everybody and if she is… Wow, just WOW! You can definitely tell this woman is experienced in what she does and enjoys doing it.


    I had an exceptional time. I laughed so much, was pleasured entirely and left completely satisfied; the air around her is electric. This woman is 10/10 in my book.


    Until next time ……


    December 2016




    I had the recent pleasure of meeting up with Rachel and spending a few hours in her gorgeous company. After following her for a while it was great to finally align our dates so that I could enjoy this beautiful lady in person.

    She is a very gorgeous lady, so sweet, charming & genuine as I felt so relaxed in her company. We chatted, kissed, cuddled & nibbled like long term lovers. The time together was amazing...she knows what she loves and she thoroughly enjoyed what she craved...me...omg!!!

    Time flew by as the passion & intensity reached extreme levels...her energy & commitment to please were amazing. She is so delicious too as I kindly returned the favour in so many ways we mutually enjoyed!!


    We ended up chatting over champagne, strawberries & chocolate.. a perfect ending to a fabulous night!!


    Rachel is such a beautiful lady, a lovely companion & an amazing lover.


    Angelo xxx, October 2016




    Over time I have spent time with numerous ladies. Rachel Grey is no doubt one of the best. Pesonality, looks, body and attitude tick all the boxes.

    Searching though PG website I came across Rachel and noted her move to Melbourne from Brisbane. The initial inquiry email was sent and a polite, friendly repsonse was received. To and fro with the emails and texts until date, time and location was organised. There was an immediate connection. The booking was made nearly 2 weeks out but Rachel was always happy keep in constant contact via text or email with some cheeky and risque communication.

    The morning of the ‘’date’’ saw increase text activity with lots of ‘’sexy cheekiness” inititiated by Rachel. I arrived first at the hotel and Rachel followed but kept me constantly updated about how far away she was.

    When Rachel arrived, I needed to meet her in the lobby to bring her up to the room…..there she was, by the lifts, …..WOW!!!!!!!! What a woman!!!!!! Classy and Sexy…wearing heels (as requested) and a trench coat, with a small suitcase in hand. We enter the lift, a small peck on the cheek and head on up to the room. Small talk in the lift, as there were people with us, then arrive at the fllor and walk to the room. We enter and immediatley she plants the BIGGEST french kiss on me…and tells me to expect that sort of stuff all night.

    We sit, open a bottle of red, order room service and chat. While watign for the food , we continue to drink and get to know eachother better. Rachel is very funny. Rachel is smart. Rachel is wise. Rachel is sincere. Rachel is 100% committed to making her client feel the most important person in the room. And Rachel does not take her self too serioulsy.

    As we are waiting for the food, we drink more wine, we laugh at each other, and at ourselves and kiss passionately…this is going to be an amazing night.

    The food arrives and we talk like old friends during the meal, with the sexual tension and anxiety rising with Rachel telling me what she is going to do to me.

    Rachel’s attire is ‘perfect…heels, tight short figure hugging dress with ample clevage and bursting bussom. The action starts and its hot, physical, dynamic, and acrobatic. Clothes start to get ripped off each other or pulled to one side for better access. Rachels body is amazing…great legs, soft skin, firm arse (extremely spankable), soft huge bust, sensitive nipples, with a sweet and neat pussy that loves to be eaten. Rachel gives an amazing BBBJ and loves doing it….in fact she demands it!! The sex after the foreplay was equally as energetic and mind blowing.

    Thank you Rachel for an amazing evening…Brisbane’s loss is Melbourne gain. This was a night to remember.

    DB, July 2016



    The sexy Miss Rachel Grey is time spent wisely. This woman is not only orally talented; she is on point with life and exceptionally charming. There are moments of comic relief and sexual gratification that make you feel more alive than ever when spending time with this beautiful woman.


    I feel recharged afterwards and very excitable beforehand.


    I’m a breast man personally and adore her big soft bouncy knorks, but it is all so addictive on Rachel. She is always fun and hungry to devour me upon our meetings. It’s always nice to be wanted. From a passionate kiss to draining my final drop, it is exceptional.


    I have heard recently that she is relocating. A loss for Brisbane, however a huge win for whereever this Lady decides to spend her time.


    Thank you


    PS can I please have a Melbourne Rotation spot saved for July 1. I am relocating down there. I did enquire last invoice and there was one available …Please :)


    From Mr X, May 2016




    For a first timer - to decide on Rachel was truly a decision without regret. From the moment the door opened, to be greeted by this beautiful, smiling woman just cleared away all nerves - immediately she puts you at ease and provides the most relaxing and comfortable experience. Beautiful smile, lovely laugh, personality that is magnetic - I've been back multiple times and won't go anywhere else.


    Regardless of the length of your visit, time will go way too fast when with Rachel. Then there is the passion she brings to the sexual element - you will not be disappointed. I most certainly haven't been. :)

    Anonymous, April 2016



    I had the pleasure of a fine hour with Rachel. I read her profile well to make sure exactly what I was in for. I was greeted at the door with full on passionate french kissing, and she can kiss, with a soft sensual tongue and beautiful lips, this was just the appetizers before things really heated up, and I mean heated up.


    Rachel has a magnificent sculptured body that I found irresistible, a gorgeous neck, succulent breasts, a lovely waist, thighs that you can't stop kissing, with a well manicured scrumptious pussy..... let me just say the Niagara Falls flows constantly and so does Rachel, delicious!!! To me, my experience was exactly what her profile says the "Ultimate Passionate Playmate" most definitely worth your time, money and effort!!! Guaranteed.


    March 2016




    I am so glad I have meet Rachel. When I first arranged to meet Rachel I had had a couple of what can only be described in polite company as unsatisfactory experiences. I have to admit I was starting to wonder if I would ever experience the intimacy and satisfaction I was looking for. I am an older guy looking to do something for me before it is too late. My experience with Rachel has been liberating. Not only is she a stunning looking woman both dressed and undressed - wow - she very talented in the art of love making and easy share intimate experiences with.


    The moment I meet her I was struck by her good looks, bubbly personality and her kiss. That first kiss was so warm and encouraging. She put me at ease and not only was the sex great but I really enjoyed her company and conversation. We have meet regularly now over the last 3 months and each time we go to new places - well new for me- guided by Rachel's enthusiasm for sharing herself and her spirit. Did I say her body is fantastic and the sex is great.


    Simon, March 2016




    Sexy Rachel Grey ?

    Oh Hell YES..

    Just thinking back for a moment about my initial contact with Rachel, I stumbled upon her on Twitter actually, and then did some various researches on a number of sites and her own website. What I learned and noted was that she ticked all the boxes that are important to me, especially meeting someone for the first time.

    A short while later I noted she was planning an interstate trip to Sydney, but the dates were not 100% compatible with my schedule. Well I had made up my mind that I did want to see her, and after an initial contact which was so easy, a few texts and a phone call was exchanged, and wasn’t I excited at the outcome.

    I had mentioned that I would prefer an overnight booking (which is something I rarely do unless I know the lady and I are compatible), and Rachel suggested that she would come a day earlier, just to suit my schedule. Right away she got a huge tick from me for being so accommodating.

    The days and night rolled slowly by, with some sexy banter via text and the odd phone call, and before I knew it, the day arrived and suddenly it was “touchdown-I’ve just landed, see you soon” her first text as she landed from Brisbane.

    As I’m waiting for her to emerge from the throng of people milling around the pick up area, a smiling face framed by dark black flowing hair, emerged from the crowd. There was no mistaking Rachel; she looks exactly as she does in all her pictures, except for one thing. And that is her irresistible magnetism she exudes in every movement of her body as she walks towards you.

    So a lovely hug and kiss and suddenly we are on our way to the hotel. Just as I had hoped, she was exactly what I had expected, bright, bubbly, full of laughter, devilment and just downright sexy. Her name I came to appreciate even more as the evening wore on, “Sexy Rachel Grey”

    So formalities over at the hotel check in, and we are in our room within minutes, arms entwined, lips fiercely locked, and tongues saying hello to each other, oh so sensually. I had read what a supposed great kisser she was, but she certainly exceeded my expectations, she was just fantastic.

    At about this point in time, I had a little stirring below my belt buckle, he he, so suggested she may wish to actually settle her luggage (suitcase big enough for a months holiday), whilst I poured some champagne. She just chuckled and suggested “oh, someone beside you happy to see me sir, ? lol”

    So for the next hour we chatted, we drank champagne and Rachel busied herself getting ready to go out for dinner. (Why is it that ALL ladies take so long making themselves perfect for us men, when all we’re going to do is destroy it all at the first opportunity?, lol) Anyhow, away we go into the night to a lovely little hideaway where the food was fantastic, the wine was superb, the service great and the company of such a charming intelligent lady made it perfect.

    But let’s not dwell on the menu there, I was thinking of “sweets” back at the hotel, little dirty devil I am. But hey, didn’t she come to have an overnight play?
    So back to the hotel suite, and as I pour us a refreshing drink, Rachel changes into something almost indescribable. Sexy, flimsy, hiding nothing, and it was as if my eye’s had x ray vision. She moved into my body, wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing me. At that point in time I lost all inhibitions, my knees were like jelly but not my cock, oh no, he suddenly became a soldier and stood straight and tall ready to salute Rachel, lol.

    I felt her hand gliding down my stomach to rest gently on the Little Guy (LG), before she took a firm hold, “oh my, is someone getting jealous because he’s been ignored so far tonight” she whispered softly in my ear, her lips brushing my neck and cheek. I looked at her as she slid slowly to her knees in front of me, her grip firmly around LG and her eye’s fixed on his hardness.

    Now when it comes to blowjobs, this lady know 100% exactly how to pleasure a man. It was like watching a concert violinist at work. Every movement of her tongue and mouth perfect, the right pressure at the right time, always enough backup ball play and shaft licking to compliment the intense ability to engulf LG, just enough to bring him almost to the boil, but then dropping a note like a violinist would, so the intenseness was to ebb and flow. This had to stop; otherwise the sex part of the booking was going to be very short.

    Without going into detail, I guess the reader has gained an understanding that by now, we are both completely naked? Great, we were, and Rachel helped me stumble to the bed, my legs were like jelly, and no wonder.
    So it was my turn to lavish some attention on Rachel, and what better place to start, after another session of DFK’ing, than on those perfectly shaped breasts. And those nipples, so, so responsive to a little tongue tease and they harden very quickly when given the right attention.

    I have always had a theory about ladies nipples, that when they harden, a nerve sends a message to their pussy, and if one waits a few minutes, then an exploring finger will generally attest to that theory. And that is what happened with Rachel. As I moved my mouth between nipples, my hand crept downwards, her legs suddenly spreading slight open, as if my magic, inviting me to explore this wonderful creature even more.

    Of course I hesitated briefly, but soon my head moved between her legs and I began feasting on one very wet and horny pussy. I do love DATY, and my efforts were soon rewarded by Rachel who cried out “ oh please don’t stop, don’t sop, you’re right on the spot”, and soon her stomach muscles were convulsing as orgasm number one erupted deep inside of her.

    I guess I could, but I’m not going to, provide a blow by blow description of the rest of our sexual encounter; it just seems something’s are better left to the imagination sometimes. But this I will say, Rachel is a sexual predator, and once the actual sexual frenzy starts, she lifts herself a notch to ensure that you are both not only exhausted, but satisfied after a few hours.
    We tried sex in almost every position I knew, and some Rachel taught me (lol), and I must say, after a few hours I was exhausted.

    I’m not 100% sure on the orgasm/cum count, but I think it was around Rachel 4 or 5 and me (almost) 3. So a great outcome we both thought.

    Anyhow, as we lay in each others arms coming down from a frenzy of sex, Rachel suggested we should have a bath together, which we did. It was the perfect finish to a perfect night with a perfect lady. And to be able to go and lay on the bed, totally relaxed, nude, and having Rachel wrap her arms around you as you drift off to sleep is priceless, Also highly recommended J

    And so, the sun rose (seemed to come around quickly as I have no idea what time we went to sleep), and it was back into the living and real world.
    But before we ventured there, a little more playtime was enjoyed. I mean, waking up next to a naked sexy lady, and the thoughts of the night before firmly in my mind, we soon both enjoyed a great doggy style finale to our sexy time together. Let me say, the sight of Rachel on her hands and knees in front of me and my hands firmly holding those wonderful hips, I lasted but a short time before it was suddenly all over. So after a shower and dressing, we enjoyed a lovely leisurely breakfast together, and again, great conversation, until it was time to pack and finally go our separate ways.

    I took a huge risk, an unknown lady for overnight, not even a 100% sure of her services when I booked, and always the unknown compatibility issue. I had no worries at all in the end, Rachel was not only the person I hoped she would be, but she exceeded all of my expectations. She is a true gem and whenever she gets to Sydney again and our schedules align, then there will be a return event with a difference each time for sure,

    Would I recommend her??????? Well I’d prefer not too, I’m just plain greedy sometimes, he he he. But YES, without hesitation. But only if you’re looking for an intelligent conversationalist, a lady with a fantastic body, a great artist at what she excels in, which is simply sex, and a lovely genuine caring soul.

    Thanks Rachel, be seeing you soon xoxoxo


    RR, October




    I am new to the punting game but have been lucky enough to to see Rachel twice in the past month.

    Not going into detail but in short Rachel is ultra sexy with an infectious somewhat gregarious personality, a smoking hot body and OMG the sex was incredible. 

    Highly recommended.


    April 2015



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