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  • If it isn't already evident from her profile, Eva is a gorgeous woman with a body to die for. Better still, she is also charming, entertaining, funny and amazing at her job. From the very beginning of the booking process, we rapidly established a great rapport. When we finally met, she was dressed in red lingerie that got my heart racing. As for the next stage - I can say that Eva is one of the most enthusiastic and skillful sexual partners I've been with. I was totally blown away. If you're even slightly curious, go ahead and take a chance...


    June 2019




    Spent a few hours with Eva recently - she is simply fantastic. Beautiful, easy to talk to & her bedroom skills are phenomenal. If anyone wants a great time Eva is the lady I would recommend. Thanks again Eva - cheers.


    Rob, April 2019




    I had the pleasure of booking an hour of PSE with the lovely Eva last week. Booking was a breeze and accentuated by a few lovely candid selfies, sent by Eva to set the tone of what was to come! In a discreet city apartment we shared a glass of champagne and made small talk, all the while being mesmerised by Eva's striking beauty, beautiful red lips (and matching figure hugging dress!) and gorgeous long blonde hair. What came next is I'm sure is what you can only imagine in an hour of PSE with such an easy going, beautiful and exciting woman, but punctuated with great conversation (when we got our respective breath back!), laughter and more champagne, it was every thing I had imagined and more. I'm already planning my next visit with the lovely Eva, next time I'm in Melbourne! You should too.


    Greg, April 2019





    After considering for a long time, i decided to contact Eva for a booking, i saw her profile on the privategirls website and i was very nervous as it was my first time, i was also curious as to what she really looked like as at the time i thought she looked too good to be real. When i contacted her, the whole process was smooth and easy and we set a time and place to meet up, when the day finally came i was really nervous on my way to see her but as she greeted me at the door, all the questions in my head were put to rest. She is breathtakingly beautiful both physically and personality wise, she was extremely warm and friendly and didnt feel like we were total strangers, there wasnt any awkward moments and obviously she is also a dream in bed. The time i spent with Eva flew by really quickly and the whole thing was over before i knew it. The whole experience was amazing and i cant wait to see her again.


    N, November 2018




    When you get to a certain life stage, you start to look at your bucket list and wonder why. Why have I not done these things? It was with this in mind I decided to arrange an assignation with the lovely Eva, to tick off the more intimate items on my list. All I can say is wow. From the first moment you meet Eva its as if you have been friends since childhood, I kid you not. Never have I been so comfortable with a perfect stranger. And perfect Eva is, from the top of her cheeky head to the soles of her feet. A study in sexiness and confidence. Never without a smile, and always concerned with my comfort level, it was probably the most awesome 3 hrs I have spent with my clothes off. I can say I have been to see Eva again, and will probably be back for even more. As for my bucket list.....suffice to say that Eva helped my tick all the boxes, so much so I have had to extend the list. Now that must be a compliment to Evas prowess. If you are thinking of trying something new, or just in the mood for a snuggle and some laughs with a cheeky girl. Contact Eva, you will not be dissapointed. Thank you Eva See you soon


    James H, June 2018




    I met Eva and Tia for a filthy dirty PSE 3some last week here in Adelaide. Eva and I had communicated for some time. It was very easy to organize and a date and time were set. On walking in the door I was met by Eva in a very short red dress, beautiful cheery face, long blonde hair and a hot body and Tia standing further up the passageway in a very tight little school number. She is tall, tanned a slim hot body and beautiful face. The business done and I quickly showered and returned to them in the lounge. Very soon I found myself being engulfed by a whirlwind. I had Tia kissing me and sliding her tongue into my mouth and tearing my clothes off and Eva down on her knees sucking my cock as if there was no tomorrow. Then Tia dropped to her knees and the girls took turns deepthroating me as far down as they could. Tia grabbed my balls cradling them in her delicate fingers and using her other hand shafted my length in and out of her mouth. Eva was underneath licking underneath my balls. They came up for air and we moved over to the lounge, Tia sitting down with her legs spread wide. I dropped down and started lapping at her now very wet pussy. Eva slid down between my legs and very smoothly slid my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I began to stereo the girls, licking Tia rapidly and thrusting my hips forcing my cock in and out of Eva's mouth. Somehow I managed to be a contortionist and reached around to finger Eva's clit and pussy while maintaining some semblance of balance to keep licking Tia's now dipping pussy lips. This continued until suddenly Tia arched her back and let out this deep guttural groan grabbing the back of my head and pulling it hard into her pussy. Her orgasm had her shaking and rocking. All the time Eva didn't miss a bit her sucking slurping and gagging interspersed with her coming up for air and moaning encouragement as she glimpsed at her girlfriend getting licked. We then swapped around. Eva climbed onto the lounge and I went to town on her very wet pussy. She didn't take long. She was obviously incredibly horny and her legs and body started shaking as her first orgasm erupted. We moved into the bedroom where I lay down and the girls took turns sucking my cock. Tia mounted my face and I licked her again until she was cumming. Eva was shafting my cock with her hands and sucking the head. Then Tia suited me and mounted me sliding up and down the speed rapidly accelerating. Her moans and groans only matched by Eva who was now sitting back playing with herself. Eva reached across and grabbed a small vibrator. This was quickly rimmed around and slightly into my ass as Eva took pleasure in toying me and watching Tia fuck me at the same time. Everything was becoming a blur now as pussy, cock, toys and lips moved around the bed resulting in multiple orgasms for both girls. Eventually we moved back out to the lounge where again the girls took turns slurping on my dick. Then I was standing, Tia on my left side with one leg raised on the coffee table, my fingers frantically working away on her pussy lips. Eva was down on her knees greedily slurping on my cock. I couldn't take it anymore and Eva sucked a huge cumload from me swallowing every drop. As my shuddering finished she sat back licking her lips and admiring her work. We cleaned up and I headed for the shower and then returning to the lounge where we sat and chatted and kissed and cuddled. And then it was time for me to leave. These two are dynamos. They both love to fuck and suck. They are gorgeous young women and I loved every minute.


    BB April 2017




    My love of porn was the reason for me booking Eva for a PSE, but what we ended up doing was above and beyond anything I'd watched online. Not even my imagination could keep up. She blew my mind, my cock and certainly my expectations for the encounter. From the moment she entered the room, it was clear she had no interest in chit chat. She wanted to fuck. Truth be told, the limited talk there was took place between the endless amount of sucking, fucking, licking, spitting and kissing, and you can imagine the kind of talk I am referencing. Her sexual urges have no bounds. That became clear when at one point after straddling me and riding my cock into submission, right to the point I was about to blow, she sat up, slid down my body to take my throbbing cock which was covered in her juices into her mouth so I could fill it up . . . then, once I blew, she sat back on top of my cock to start riding me again while making me watch her partially swallow some of my load, while letting the rest spill down her chin and down onto her breasts that my hands were clasping. Pure bliss! I'll be seeing her again, and again, and again.


    March 2017



    I had the pleasure of meeting Eva for a date, which was made at short notice, however Eva was more than helpful in accommodating my last minute request. I must say Eva is much better looking in person, she is an amazing gorgeous stunning woman with a fantastic personality and a great sense of humour. I cannot speak highly enough of Eva and anyone who is thinking of seeing this woman, don't hesitate and do your self a favour. You really won't regret it. I am looking forward to see Eva again and again and again... Well into the future for more unforgettable memories. What a fine woman. Thank you Eva


    February 2017



    As I sit here reflecting on a magical date with the intoxicating Eva, I wonder how I can possibly do justice to her in words. I almost didn't get to see her on her recent tour to Adelaide, there's clearly a reason she almost couldn't fit me in. With a body to die for, it demands to be worshipped from head to delectable toe. And her magnetic smile drove me crazy from the moment I first laid eyes upon it. Eva is amazing in bed and a lot of fun, she is open and extremely adventurous. When her profile says that nothing is off limits, it didn't lie. Thank you for a wonderful time, Eva, and I look forward to seeing you again. x


    C, February 2017


    Eva is a wonderful girl and as beautiful as her photos suggest. From the excellent texts to the end of our date she was an absolute delight. Eva is a very gifted sexual partner and makes you feel very special. She has particular gifts with her tongue and hands and was a fabulous and generous lover. I recommend Eva to everyone, she is a rare gem.


    January 2017




    If you are looking for the ultimate sexual companion, you definitely need to make a booking with Eva.


    When I met her outside the restaurant for our first dinner date, I was instantly mesmerised by her beautiful smile (every bit as warm and cheeky as in her profile). Her wit, cheeky laugh and enthusiasm for life make her the ultimate companion. Back at the hotel, she showed me that she is truly a sexual goddess. As I kissed her sensitive neck she was instantly responsive and pressed herself firmly against me. Feeling her get turned on, I decided I needed to explore her perfect breasts and legs with teasing kisses as I made my way towards her clit. She held my head firmly as I pleasured her g-spot and hard clit. After I gave her an earth shattering orgasm, she took control, teasing me as she gave me the most sexually charged bj ever, with lots of eye contact, and my own Earth-shattering orgasm.


    I've seen Eva many times now, and every time she leaves me feeling so very happy, content and fulfilled (both sexually and mentally). She consistently amazes me with her energy, enthusiasm, and exploratory attitude. If you are looking for someone with a beautiful body and mind, who can provide an experience which is intensely stimulating on both a sexual and intellectual level, then make a booking to see Eva.




    James, January 2017




    That face says it all. Eva is absolute heaven to be with. When she met me in the lobby of her hotel, I was able at last to see that the rest of her face is every bit as pretty as the smile you see in her profile. And her personality is to match - warm, friendly, and down to earth. I could scarcely wait to get her back to my room and undressed! Once we were in private, Eva disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments, then emerged in a skimpy outfit that had her glorious breasts practically popping out to greet me. From head to foot, she's even better in real life than her photos. Pretty soon I'd undone her top and was dividing my time between her bust and the lovely lips that had first attracted me to her profile. Then she insisted on using them and her never-resting tongue to engage in some exquisite natural oral - if you can't imagine those lips wrapped around you, try it for real and you'll get what I am referring too. There aren't quite words to explain "that feeling". Needless to say, Eva is an absolute sex machine, even more so than her raunchy profile promises. She was full of energy and real enthusiasm as we moved from one position to another - especially after some clit play and oral warmed her up with an initial shuddering orgasm. And she didn't ease off one bit until I'd reached completion in one of our more flexible positions. Â  I didn't have a chance to even explore all the amazing things Eva's PSE has to offer. But I will certainly book her again to find out for myself. What an amazing girl.


    January 2017



    Wtf wtf hottest ever call girl in my twenty year on services with call girls wtf must must must reccomend, hottest face ever, dressed so hot wtf, body slide oral again wtf must must see this girl.


    December 2016



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