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    SYDNEY: 28-30 November

    MELBOURNE: 5-7 December

    BRISBANE: 20-21 December

    CANBERRA: 23-25 January

    PERTH 30 January - 1 February




    Please contact me with a name, state, time and length of booking. I have my phone on me 10-10 only, any contact outside these hours will be responded to the following day. Include any requests or questions. Please be polite and precise. I offer 1 hour minimum bookings. Any attempt of negotiating will not get a response. Rudeness will not be tolerated. I endeavour to treat you with utmost respect and discretion, in turn I do appreciate and expect the same in return.



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  • About Me

  • Have you ever been minding your own business, when out of the corner of your eye you spot a woman? This person exquisitely presented, the temptation of an inconspicuous stare gets the better of you.


    She is a rare beauty, long soft beige hair and piercing pale blue eyes. Dressed impeccably with an irresistible aura. The most unique you've spotted in a while, she is covered in breath taking body art, the vibrancy flows down her arms and long tanned legs. Your curiosity gets the better of you. She's a fantasy come true.


    Your temptation and thoughts of sparking a conversation with her come to abrupt halt due to an assumption she's out of your reach. The brief and wonderful day dream leaves your mind.


    Well, Gentlemen, I'm not as intimidating as you assume! Let me explain, I'll endeavour to keep this brief. As let's face it, we both know you prefer looking at the pretty pictures...


    At 26, I hold two Bachelor Degrees and have been published as a tattoo model. My drive and desire for life is to hold rich experiences and not material. This is a leading factor in my decision to partake in this alluring and magnificent industry. I immensely enjoy meeting new people, new conversations and most of all new experiences. Our time together will be as precious to me as it is you.


    The photos you see are one hundred percent myself, quite often I'm told the real life is even better of course. I have a very kind and down to earth nature, and I do hope my presence will immediately relax and fascinate you. My demure and enticing demeanour will ensure you leave with the sweetest taste.


    Next time you see that woman, please remind yourself... nothing is ever out of reach.


    Until we meet.


    Yours truly,


    Evelyn. x


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  • Price List

  • 45 mins $700
    1 hour $800
    1.5 hours $1100
    2 hours $1400
    3 hours $2000
    Every hour after initial 3 is $700

    I personally find a longer date much more enjoyable, I genuinely enjoy getting to know your true self. Please feel free to contact me to discuss more or see the packages below.

    Please enjoy the rates below-
    I very much enjoy regular rendezvous. It enables us to build a strong connection and thoroughly enjoy each other's company.

    A regular is someone whom i see at least once every 3 months:
    1 hour $700
    1.5 hours $1000
    2 hours $1300
    3 hours $1900
    Every hour after 3 $550

    Dinner dates:
    A great opportunity to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting, this is an experience I can offer for 3 or 4 hour times please contact me to enquire further. My tattoos are easily coverable, as to not attract too much attention! I dress impeccably of course.
    3 hours $1700
    4 hours $2100

    Overnight bookings:
    I offer an overnight booking which is a 12 hour experience, this usually includes dinner out or ordered in and of course an indulgent wake up. I do require for us to have met prior to confirming this experience. This is to be sure that I'm the right woman for you.. I do also require my sleep which is a minimum 5 hours for us. Please contact me to enquire.
    12 hours $4500

    Extended bookings/weekends:
    This package is for the full day/s and night/s spent doing leisurely activities; whether you be travelling for work and have a sneaky day off or would simply like to get active, this is a great option. We can enjoy the day cycling, exploring, walking, driving or perhaps something slightly more thrilling and extreme?! Whatever your desire please do get in touch.
    Our day is followed by a dinner and a night spent together.
    1 full day (10 hours) $3500
    1 full day and 1 night $6500
    2 full days and 2 nights/weekend package $9500
    *I require 2 hours to myself each day to catch up on personal commitments*
    *Travel expenses/exclusive flights are an extra cost*

    The Working Gentleman [discounted];
    Often the wonderful Gentlemen I see are travelling for work purposes. Occasionally we do get lonely and would like nothing more than a companion to enjoy the time with.
    This is a greatly discounted option for the Gentlemen travelling for work (exceeding 1 day). I can be your exclusive girlfriend for the length of your working trip. This can include overseas and interstate travel. This option is discounted due to your working commitments during the day. We will wake up together and enjoy the sunrise and a coffee. I will be awaiting you ‘home’ from work whereby we can explore during the afternoon and enjoy dinner together. This package can be customised as to include one leisurely day also. Please do contact me to make any changes. I have a very busy schedule so please do book in advance, I rarely have the ability to organize last minute trips away.
    *My travel expenses/flights are an extra cost*
    *I require 50% deposit to confirm*
    *We must have met prior to overseas travel*

    Package 1: 2 days and 2 nights $7000
    Package 2: 3 days and 2 nights $8500
    Custom Package: Please contact me

    *Deposits and security checks are needed for all extended bookings exceeding 2 hours*

  • Services Available

  • I do not provide a service list as I find them quite clinical and scripted. My desire is for our time together to be as fun and real and possible. I'd like for us both to feel comfortable and open. In terms of 'type of service', I'm open to both 'gfe' and 'pse'. There is no rate difference as in my opinion every experience is so unique its much too difficult to stamp a label.


    I prefer not to disclose cautions and boundaries online so please contact me and I can an elaborate for you further. Please also include anything you particularly enjoy, also any questions and requests. Thankyou x


  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    Please Note: We do NOT store or collect any information re your emails. The email goes direct to the escort in question and only that person sees it.

    Please contact me to secure a booking. I kindly advise pre-booking as I have only rare last minute availability. I'm available from 2pm check in time on the first date listed. If you have any questions regarding future dates please do contact me.


    There is further information in the 'Rates' section in regards to travelling specifically for you.


    I am happy to consider travelling for you at a minimum 4 hour booking (plus travel costs). I do understand we all have very hectic schedules sometimes! So I do hope to easily come to any arrangement that suits both of us.


    Visit My Twitter: https://twitter.com/evelyn_mayx


    Phone: 0434 419 691 or email below...



    Please contact EVELYN MAY by clicking here evelyn_may_x@outlook.com


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    Woman with a lot of class, great fun to be around and when you see her in person, all I can say is OMG! She is sooooooo beautiful . . 


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