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    • Early 30's
    • 8-10
    • Blonde
    • 5'1
    • DD Cup Breasts
    • Green
  • Gabriella Reis - Private Escort Reviews

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  • I went and seen Gabriella last night on her tour of Perth and all i can say is she is simply amazing one of best i have ever seen in my time of seeing WL in the last 20 years i put her along side Nina and Giselle which for me say a lot about Gab. Gab is a extremely beautiful looking lady and the accent is so hot she made feel extremely comfortable the very second i walk in the room until i left. Gab my naughty friend and i just want to say thankyou and i cant wait to see you again


    May 2017



    Had my first meeting with Gabriella in April. If I'd known what was coming I'd have made a much longer appointment. She's beautiful, delightful, honest and sexy. Man is she sexy! Not much surprises me these days, but the first half hour with Gabriella blew me away in the most pleasurable sense! Her skills and energy are amazing and her focus unerring. She's a veritable tornado, but she's also full of fun and laughter and wit and conversation and sense - a loveable and stimulating lady. We will meet again the next time we are in the same city and it will be a regular occurrence. 


    April 2017




    Gabi was an absolute delight, from the moment I met her I felt comfortable. Her PSE is the best experience, her BJ skills are 2nd to none. I can't recommend her more highly. I look forward to seeing her again when she tours my city.


    December 2016




    I have just experienced the beautiful sexy gorgeous Gabriella Reis during her recent Adelaide tour.


    Booking was easy via txts & phone , Gabriella responds quickly when she can , between her busy appointments and is very down to earth, pleasant & conscientious in making sure suitable arrangements can be made for both parties to meet up . Her sexy accent is also a great turn on !!!


    I had reviewed her websites and was thinking that if her pics were anything remotely like her in real life , I would be in for a great time !


    Well , Gabriella is a thousand times better looking in the flesh . Her sexy lingerie wardrobe had me weak at the knees immediately I saw her, just such an amazingly sexy body !! After that it was just a blur , I had died and gone to heaven .


    My clothes were quickly off & my old fellow deep inside her mouth . Gabriella is an expert at blow jobs !!!


    I was then soon returning the pleasure and must say that her pussy is the best I have ever experienced , a delight to eat out of and even better to be deep inside , a very tight , beautiful experience .


    Gabriella obviously loves to be loved . If treated respectful , the lucky guy seeing her will be having the experience of a lifetime as I did !!


    I will be seeing this beautiful lady again and would say to guys out there to catch up with this amazing lady when you can as I believe she will be returning to Perth soon after her Adelaide, Melbourne & Hobart tour .


    May 2015




    I first came into contact with Gabriella via social media a while ago. We have been chatting ever since. Gabriella is so lovely and friendly and easy to talk to. I noticed that in December she was touring to Brisbane and quickly contacted Gabriella to secure a booking. In the days leading up to the booking I was getting increasingly excited. I am not blind and had been noticing the hot pics that Gabriella posts on social media. What an amazing body she looked to possess. The evening of the booking arrived and Gabriella buzzed me up to her room. Wow!! If you thought her pics were amazing, wait until you see Gabriella in person - she looks even more hotter and beautiful,IMO. My eyes almost popped out of my head. Sexy, stunning, sizzling hot body!! A tanned and toned, slim perfectly proportioned figure. Gabriella has lovely legs, slim waist, perfect peachy ass, flat stomach with an incredible magnificent DD bust, beautiful gorgeous face with eyes that shine and flash mischievously and soft kissable lips.Gabriella was wearing a very skimpy gstring which left nothing to the imagination and a bra which struggled to contain her glorious bust as her boobs spilled over the top. I reached out and touched her and began gently caressing her. Gabriella has smooth, soft amazing skin which I loved touching. My lips met hers as we engaged in our first kiss. It was sweet and sensual and felt incredible. The kiss turned hotter very quickly, as we shared a very passionate DFK session. My hands wandered all over Gabriella's hot body and I couldn't stop touching or kissing her. Eventually we parted as I had to have a shower before the fun could continue, in the bedroom.


    Gabriella met me there standing as we wrapped our arms around each other and shared some passionate kisses. We fell onto the bed and continued kissing. Gabriella then took off her bra and gstring and straddled me as I was lying on my back. I had become quite erect by this stage already. I began rubbing and caressing her upper body, especially spending some time with her boobs and nipples, which were now erect. I rubbed them between my fingertips and licked and sucked on her taut nipples, which Gabriella seemed to be really enjoy. I kissed my way down her body, and then Gabriella flipped herself on her back as we changed position. My tongue found her clit, and I began swirling and dipping, driving Gabriella crazy. She absolutely loves this and within a short period of time, I brought her to her first orgasm. Gabriella has a beautiful, fully shaven pussy and it was begging for attention. I spent quite some considerable time down there licking and sucking and rubbing, and with Gabriella seemingly in a world of bliss urging me on, I was rewarded with a couple more orgasms.


    After a little break which also involved lots of caressing etc as we lay side by side, I found myself on my back as Gabriella began kissing and licking her way down my body, and then started an incredible blowjob. I was in heaven as Gabriella worked her magic on my cock with her mouth and tongue, licking and sucking and swirling. With her amazing technique I was hard again in no time, but Gabriella stayed down there pleasuring me and caressing my balls, which I most certainly loved. We decided doggy was the desired position and Gabriella moved herself off me and down to the edge of the bed, with her beautiful ass cheeks hanging over the side. I entered Gabriella and what a wonderful amazing view. I felt like I was in a dream and was going to be startled awake any moment - but, no, thankfully this was real!! I pulled out and Gabriella finished me off with one of the best handjobs ever.


    As well as possesing a super sexy, smoking hot, eye goggling figure and providing an excellent incredible service, Gabriella is such a beautiful, kind, gorgeous sweetheart, and I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to experience this. Thank you so much Gabriella. I am looking forward to our next encounter immensely!


    December 2014




    I have been following the excellent reviews on Gaby for some time. Her figure looked gorgeous even with a slightly blurred face. I could not make a time until on her last day of a tour, and fortunately there was a convenient spot for me. She sounds very sexy and inviting on the phone. We briefly confirmed the rates with an extra of $50 for GS.


    When I arrived, I met beautiful Gaby just as appeared on the ad. She hugged me and lightly kissed each other. After I fixed the financial part she led me to an inner room. A brief health check was performed on my little brother and apparently Gaby was happy with the sound health member. After a shower we were in each other’s arms standing there and continued our hugging and kissing. Her slightly tanned skin endowed her a super fit appearance.


    She suggested me to stay in bed and watch her giving me a sensuous striptease with a matching music. When she stripped down to nothing left, I noticed a nice bikini line showing her lightly tanned body all over. My eyes popped out when I saw the large hanging lips between her legs, my ultimate favourite. Before I advanced to kiss her naked body, she suggested me to have a body sliding. The feeling of her large boobs on my back was sensational. Then I faced up to caress her breasts with more sensuous wet kissing. Before long I moved down and planted my lips against her hanging pussy lips. I am a large pussy worshiper and her pussy was more than a whole mouthful. Yummy! DATY was so sensational for me and for her. Her groans and moans mingled with my wet suckling noises for quite some time.


    She seemed to have lots of good ideas in making me happy. Now she suggested me to go to have a GS under normal shower. The experience was fabulous! Her oral skill was apparently well perfected in the past. Ball licking was so tantalizing with lots of eye contact and enticing sexy talking in between.


    We changed several positions from CG to doggy and I finished off MISH. Her pussy was one of the tightest that I knew of and she actually knew about it too. She seemed to have enjoyed herself but not to the extent of cuming. This gave me a lot of room to improve in future.


    After I showered, we had a little more chat about our life and work. She was definitely not a time watcher. I am quite sure I was a bit overtime. She was enthusiastic and very easy to have a conversation. I noticed a number of colourful and various shaped toys lying next to the bedside table but I was too carried away the whole time to play any with her. I will try to see her on her next tours and enjoy the toys with her. She is a ripper!


    Thanks Gaby.


    Anonymus, January 2015




    Gabi is the ultimate escort experience. Every time I've been with her she has pampered me with her warmth, passion and fantastic love making. Her great body just makes me come back for more. Probably the best kept secret in Perth.


    Ta, November 2014



    I had the amazing experience of meeting gaby - she also happened to be my first escort - could I have asked for a better first time experience? Absolutely not! She was warm and welcoming and very genuine! 


    She was aware that I have a bit of an ass fetish and made sure I got the best view of her gorgeous round butt at all times! She wasted no time in sitting right on my face giving me the best access to her tight puckered asshole! She relayed the favour and some by using a brilliant toy and her lovely tongue to stimulate my arse!


    Before long I had gaby on all. Fours with my cock buried to the hilt in her tight and very very wet cunt! Her asshole in perfect view before she begged me to cum on her ass!


    Peter, October 2014




    Just wanted to say that I still mesmerized by the high level service delivered by the lovely Gabriella. She is all about passion, kindness, and great attitude. I went to see her for half hour, and now I'm convinced that I should book at least an hour next time 'cause once in bed with her, you will definitely wish you had more time to immerse yourself on her body. She is a gorgeous blond girl, green eyes, smooth skin, all curvy, outstanding 'back attributes', and perky D boobs. What a girl! What a girl! She wearing those black high heels was a sin!! Well, Gabriella, I won't forget our time together. I want more. I will be back :)


    Rob March 2014




    I often get to see Gabriella in Perth, I'm very luck to get her mid week in the morning. I could tell you all the tricks she has but you would be better finding out for yourself. I can tell you she has never made me come the same way twice, It's always different and amazing. I love the way she empties my load all over her body.


    Adam March 2014




    I recently had the pleasure of catching up with this beautiful young lady.


    After hearing her sexy Latino accent while making the appointment, I couldn't wait to meet her ... and I was not disappointed; I had a great time. Gabriella is beautifully curvy and a tiny little thing. Her body is wonderfully soft; all I wanted to do was run my hands all over it.


    Her service was intimate, passionate and fun. It felt so natural, and there was no mistaking her expertise in the lovemaking department, nor her genuine character and conversation.


    I highly recommend the delightful Gabriella.


    Alan March 2014




    I had the pleasure of spending a fantastic time with Gabriella on her visit to Canberra.


    We had a romantic dinner with lots of great conversation, followed be a sensational two hours of private time. Gabriella is a lot of fun to be around. In the bedroom I was treated to a wonderful striptease while she was opening the champagne followed by plenty of DFK. Then; Gabriella positioned herself above me so that I could play with her beautiful boobs.


    At the same time she was playing with my balls. After awhile, I went down for some DATY. Gabriella has a very tight pussy and she responded very well to my hard work with a wonderful full body orgasm. She then replayed me with a great blowjob that included plenty of ball work. The sex was fantastic, Gabriella has a beautiful round bum and it was sensational doing her doggy style and staring at her wonderful bum.


    After some more champagne and a short rest she suggested some 69er before I came all over her beautiful boobs. We cleaned up and finished up our time with more conversation. Gabriella is a wonderful person who provides a great service. P.S Ask her about the cherry ripe. She's a naughty girl.


    Damien - Canberra September 2013




    I had the pleasure of seeing Gabriella last night and from talking on phone to seeing at door my jaw dropped she made me feel at home and she knows how to please a man and has a sweet pussy could stay all night and legs and arse you wanna grab and never let go so go and have a go boys you will not regret it.


    Simon - Adelaide June 2013

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