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    • 30
    • PETITE
    • Sexy Blonde
    • 5'6
    • DD Perfection
    • Dark
  • Ginger Fox - Private Escort Reviews

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  • Beautiful hot slim body

    T, March 2017



    I would like to say that she is absolutely beautiful, I have never seen a beautiful lady like her. 10 out of 10. She is so friendly and kind, as well as wild and sexy in the bedroom. Thank you, Ginger. Lots of Love


    August 2017




    I would like to share my experience with such a pleasurable woman.


    I booked a double booking with Ginger and another woman, but if I am being honest I wish I had just kept it a single booking. Don't get me wrong the other women were beautiful however, she not could compete with Ginger's personality. We connected instantly, and it shows straight away that this woman is nothing but classy and alluring! I could not get enough of her, my hands would not stop touching her petite yet curvalicious body!! She bought every expectation and dream to reality and I honestly can not wait to see her again. Ginger, you are a beautiful sexy goddess and I can thank you enough for our time together.


    I will see you again shortly!


    Nathan, August 2015




    After pondering for weeks on which girl to see I settled on Ginger Fox. I text her a quick reply we spoke and the meeting was set. It was that easy. Her photos on PG really grabbed my eye. I kept thinking about her all weekend, my booking was for Monday. I asked Ginger to wear one of her outfits for me she happily obliged. 


    The moment had arrived and when I arrived at her apartment I couldn't believe my eyes. What stood there in front of me blew me away. We went inside gave me a passionate kiss (wow) what a kiss. She offered me a glass of wine and sat on her couch and chatted a bit, really made me feel at ease. She could see that I was a bit nervous so she kissed me again and we really got into it. She started to strip for me as I requested and when her dress hit the floor and saw her body my jaw hit the floor. I was thinking to mysel my god I'm actually going to have this unbelievable woman.


    She took me to the bedroom where she gave me the most unbelievable blow job I have ever had. I repaid the favour and she really enjoyed it as I did. The sex that followed was sensational. A quick shower together(that was amazing). A little wine an another chat and round two got under way, even better.


    Gentleman I really did not want to write this review so I could keep her to myself, but in fairness to Ginger I'am obligated to tell the truth. The only way you would kick this woman out of bed is to make love to her on the floor(haha) trully an amazing woman. She really is passionate about her job.


    Thanks for a wonderful time Ginger and be sure that I will be a regular. xxxxxx Till next time Im hooked.


    John.x, February 2015




    While bored in Perth I wanted an adventure so I called Ginger Fox, This women is all her pictures tease you with and more like something Hugh Hefner could only dream off. Sexy hot like take your breath away gorgeous sex on 2 legs or should I say wheels.


    Her charm is not just her her looks her voice or her eyes her mouth performed blow job duties like I have never have send before she worshiped my cock as if it we an ice cream wrapping her tongue all over it all I wanted to was exploited and explore her amazing body.


    Everything about Ginger is to die for her legs in latex and heels or stomach her arse and it was all mine for 3 hours we talked and fucked like never before her experience is with wicked. I am hooked addicted and need more I extend 3 hours becomes 6 and a it's all one again.


    Ginger make Perth a destination to visit again I will be back and if you want to ride you can't handle text her sign up ....she is truly amazing a wonderful charming erotic woman 

    Miss you Ginger.


    Kane xx , September 2014




    The offer from Ginger was can I handle the ride on the weekend I tried and I was very pleased the moment she answered the door I knew this was going to more than special her legs to her lips leaked sex appeal her sexy figure her first words all had me at hello as she walked ahead of me her arse was tight best I had seen ever in latex after conversation Ginger exploded and I had had to hold on Her mouth went down on my cock in passionate devil like frenzy this is a gorgeous women that loves sex and her mouth was amazing her breasts perfect for her fit petite physique and her bum in the latex so hot and wanting attention,.


    The 3 hours passed and the sex was wild naked she is hotter than clothed we fucked and did more than I can image, Ginger is clearly the best X rated ride I will ever have I had to extend you will to ..can't wait to see her again she is a mix of wild Sex spiced intelligence and pure lust my addiction had started thanks Ginger Luke thoughts xx


    David, August 2014


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