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    • Petite 6
    • Long Blonde
    • 155cms
    • B
    • Sparking Blue
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  • Fantastic Time! This is one Hot Aussie! Fantastic body, bubbly personality, just complete fun. Grace is open to ideas in the bedroom which is great! Grace is down to earth, honest and open and she loves to please ;) Really relaxing to be in her company as well, Grace made me feel at home which was really nice. 5 Star, can't wait until next time!

    C, June 2019



    There are a a lot of things toy can say about Gracie but really One word says it all WOW!!! I will be back the first chance I get.


    Jeff, December 2017




    Simply Irresistible


    There have been many glowing reviews of Grace Jones and although it may appear that nothing more could be said about this wonderful lady there will always be more, as no meeting with Grace is ever the same.


    It is no understatement that Grace really does have it all. Sparkling blue eyes, a lovely and enticing smile, a stunning body that is always clad in the most sensuous dresses and sexy lingerie. This is all capped off by Grace's easy manner and personality that makes everything flow so easily.


    Grace offers a true girlfriend experience and meetings with her have a natural progression that leads my emotions from calm relaxation to anticipation to the most pleasurable of delights. It is Grace's ability to create this sense of anticipation and lead one down a logical path that keeps me coming back to her time and time again. I may find myself simply enjoying the contentment of chatting and being in her company when, just at the right time, Grace will makes a (not so) subtle comment or action that changes my thoughts completely. The effect is so much more intoxicating because from past experience you know it is going to happen but never sure when ...or how.


    I met Grace recently while on a tour in my city and although I thought I had experienced every pleasure Grace could offer, I left our latest meeting having added to the already long list of pleasurable memories that Grace has provided for me since we first met.


    Grace greeted me with that beautiful smile that brightens the entire universe and makes all ones worldly troubles disappear. This was accompanied by a mischievous look in those lovely blue eyes that promised many hours of pleasure and fun ahead. From that moment on everything was a sheer delight. We chatted over a light lunch, enjoyed a movie and cuddles on the lounge, engaged in role play before ending our time in the bedroom. Grace ensured that every aspect brought something special to me, but in her discreet way, never let me forget at any stage where we were going to finish our meeting. 


    Today's meeting delivered all I expected and much more with Grace, as always, going to great lengths to anticipate and meet my desires in both her wardrobe and in activities within the meeting. If there is one disappointment in our meetings it is that no matter how long I book for, the time spent with Grace is always too short.


    I think the best compliment I can pay Grace is that although our time together produced so many wonderful moments that far exceeded anything I could have hoped for I still wanted more and even as I left I was already planning when I could see her again.



    Keith, January 2017




    Grace defined


    I have been fortunate and privileged to meet Grace several times now and arranging a meeting with her is always my first thought when I know I will be travelling to Sydney. 


    The reason for this is simple. Grace, as her name implies, offers the most comprehensive service. From the moment of initiating a booking through to the actual meeting to the last second of departure Grace makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and aware you are in the hands of a very special lady who will do all she can to make a meeting extra special. 


    Physically Gracie is just plain gorgeous. Her shoulder length hair is soft to the touch, her eyes sparkle with mischievous when she looks at you and that smile just lifts my spirits.


    Grace’s service offering is both classy and sensual. By that I mean she is sexy with a touch of class and elegance on top. What makes Grace so special is her easy going personality willingness to please and her ability to create an environment where each meeting flows naturally. For me (and I believe Grace) the path to the destination and the gradual build up through caresses and subtle wording is very important and will always result in an even better meeting outcome.


    On my most recent meeting I was privileged to enjoy an extended overnight booking with Grace. The initial contact emails were responded to promptly and efficiently. The meeting started with Grace greeting me with a big hug and lots of light kisses. She was obviously very glad to see me again. As always Grace was wearing a figure hugging dress that accentuated her feminine curves. It was sophisticated alluring and elegant. In short Grace looked simply beautiful in it. We then shared some couch with a wine and fruit platter catching up on recent events in our lives before watching a DVD from a selection I had brought along.


    For me just sitting next to Grace while watching a movie is something every client should enjoy at least once. The feeling of inner peace that you are with a beautiful young lady, the hugs and kisses that come more often and become more passionate as time progresses is synonymous with a long subtle and erotic foreplay that creates a sense of anticipation as to the pleasures that await. Grace does all this in sublime and seamless way that leaves you in no doubt that she is anticipating future events as much as you.


    The movie over, we moved to the more intimate aspects of the evening. This was the natural evolution of all that had occurred in our meeting from the time Grace met me at the door. The entire meeting had been a build up to this point. As we undressed the pure class of and sophistication that Grace represents was revealed in her sexy and exciting lingerie.


    Once in the bedroom Grace allowed her discrete innuendo and subtlety to take a back seat while she tended to all me needs and desires. Grace was polite enough to allow me to provide her with some reciprocal pleasures as well which she thanked me for in her own very special way. Afterwards we shared some pillow talk before going to sleep with Grace in my arms. The next morning started in a wonderful fashion with Grace making me a perfectly brewed coffee before we indulged in a few more intimate moments and I (sadly) had to leave but promising myself to catch up again next time I am in Sydney.


    Grace offers a GFE service that is unrushed, elegant and refined. It is why I keep coming back.


    Maybe it because we have now met several times now, and are very attuned to each other, but I left Grace that morning thinking that no meeting could get any better as everything flowed naturally and I had spent time with the perfect hostess.


    Then again I am sure I said last last time we met…. and the time before that.


    Keith, March 2016




    The best way to end any party is to have an after party with a gorgeous lady. After following Grace for a while I knew I had to spend some time with this stunning lady. Her pics are so incredibly beautiful and I was dying to see her in some of that sexy lingerie up close.
    Organising time to meet her was so easy and I was so looking forward to having the pleasure of her company on Friday night. On arrival I was greeted by a beautiful lady, looking so lovely in a cute pastel wrap around dress. She looked even hotter than what I imagined. Gorgeous face, cute & cheeky smile and piercing blue eyes. So stunning!!!


    We shared a few hugs and lots of tender kisses before settling on the couch for some lovely champagne and conversation. Her lips were incredible to kiss and she was so friendly while we laughed and chatted away. She made me so comfortable and relaxed.
    Soon we started undressing each other and I was blown away when taking off her dress to reveal a stunning & very sexy red one piece lingerie. Wow, so hot!!!


    The kissing soon intensified and she looked so inviting lying there on her couch ready to play. It was such a pleasure to please her and for her to return the pleasure. I loved watching her eyes and her smile throughout. She is so yummy!!!
    She soon led me to the bedroom (not by the hand), to a place where more incredible memories were made. So much fun, so much passion, so much heat...what a workout!!!


    Grace is incredible, fun, cheeky, passionate, engaging and so delicious...there is a little devil in miss jones!!!


    Thank you so much for such a beautiful evening. Can't wait to see this lovely lady again.


    Angelo, December 2015




    Simply sensational!


    November 2015




    Not sure I read that right? Grace Jones is coming to Adelaide. Surely I must be dreaming? Well no I wasn’t, it was true. Well Emails were quickly exchanged, date set appointment time made and confirmed, anticipation sets in (and my nerves)


    OK to wind back the clock a bit. Grace and I connected on social media quiet sometime back. I loved the selfies Grace posts on her twitter account. I very much liked what I saw. As everyone knows a picture paints a thousand words, but our conversations and chats nailed it for me. This was a lady I just had to meet. Ever since then, I have tried to plan a trip to Sydney for the express purpose of fulfilling that dream


    So was I happy Grace was visiting Adelaide. Ecstatic, delighted overjoyed would describe my feelings.


    Well the appointed evening arrived, and after receiving instructions from Grace, I knocked on her hotel door. Well, the door opened and my eyes fell upon Grace I think time stood still. Before me stood a petite beautiful stunning blonde beautifully dressed with a smile that lit up her already beautiful face. I had brought along a couple of small things for Grace and some wine to share. We shared wine, and chatted before grace suggested we head to the bedroom.


    Once Grace slipped out of her dress, my eyes were treated to an optic feast, Perfection. Exploration of which commenced immediately. No details more than that sorry. We had fun and lots of it. Time flew past.


    Let’s say I am a little smitten by Grace. Grace is everything I had hoped for and much much more, beauty, intelligence, and dare I say it Grace.


    Tentative planning is already underway for our next meeting. If I can arrange it, it may include a culinary adventure that Grace & I have discussed some time back and would love to do for her.


    Grace. I thank you for the opportunity to finally meet you, and hopefully this is just the beginning


    Andrew, October 2015






    Well, where do I start? Beautiful girl next door, perfect toned petite figure, smart, fun, engaging personality, and a deep commitment to your personal satisfaction and pleasure. A girlfriend to top all girlfriends, with a hint of the wanton lustful vixen to boot. Unlikely you ask? Reads like an advert for the Dreamgirl??.....


    ...Yes indeed, but it also describes aptly the wonderful Gracie Jones. Having seen Gracie several times now I find myself entranced. Such is the potent combination of her beauty, demeanour and sexual prowess. Time spent with her whizzes by way too fast. In her case parting truly is "such sweet sorrow".


    A typical, but always special, encounter commences with wine and nibbles, friendly banter with genuine interest, wide open mouthed laughs, a caring caress here and there and then gentle kisses, quickly becoming more fevered. Clothes fall to the floor. Bodies explored and tasted skilfully before penetration in many positions. Orgasms galore. A devilish glint in the eye as she grinds hard above you in cowgirl - a favourite for her. Tongue gently exploring the recesses of your mouth as you move slowly inside her in missionary. A powerful return thrust as you pound away in doggie. An insatiable appetite for more. Given freely and happily. Do I need say more?


    Our latest encounter included a beautiful friend. It became evident quickly that her skills extend to her own fair sex. I am all for gender balance, or in this case, imbalance. The eroticism as she french kissed her friend, stroked her body, lapped her clitoris and wrapped her legs around her as she trembled with her own orgasm was, to say the least, of the highest octane.


    I could go on, but I realise that I am quietly torturing myself. My heart says she is mine. My head says she is the worlds. And hence this note!


    S, September 2015




    Having conducted a search through the website and viewed various profiles to no avail I suddenly come across Grace Jones. After reading her profile I knew o found what I was looking for. 

    Having met, I must say it was an evening to remember, a beautiful lady with a heart and soul to match.

    I'm forever loyal to you Grace.


    R, August 2015



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