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  • What a trip! What a wonderful experience! I know many women who are escorts say that they provide a girlfriend experience, but don't really live up to it when you are alone with them. Today, I really felt like I was with a girlfriend. I entered the one bedroom unit and was led to the couch where Hailey spoke to me and noticed I was nervous. She didn't ask for the money right away and started to peck me on the lips and asked me about my day and what I was up to. She spoke with confidence and in a calming way. We got the money sorted and she asked that I take a shower When I came out of the shower she was on the bed in sexy lingerie. She asked me politely what I would like and I told her I would love to see he masturbate in front of me. She kissed me passionately took off her clothes and began to play with herself. It was so sexy to see her satisfy herself as she sat on my stomach. I had a really good view. There was no mistaking as she cum. She then asked me to pleasure her with my fingers and she came again. I have been with many women of the night and the far majority of them nerve cum. After I bought he to orgasm she moved away from my hand as she said she was sensitive now. I remember my former wife needed to have a break from stimulation after she had cum. This made sense to me and proved she was not faking it. We kissed again, our tongues doing a dance, and let me tell you if you like to kiss, hailey will be all over you with kisses. She then went on to give me a head job with no condom and asked me to tell her when I was going to orgasm. She trusted me and when I told her I was close she finished me off with hand relief. It was divine. Once again we kissed and began to chat and soon enough she asked me what I wanted. We stated a " natural" 69 and in the midst of it she lost concentration as she once again cum. I remember my wife when I used to 69 with her also used to lose concentration as she built to an orgasm. While I was hard she asked me i I liked her on top and put a condom on me and rode me to my second orgasm and we came together. I have seen women of the night for over 20 years since my marriage broke up and have only seen three of them convince me that they personally orgasmed. Hailey was one wet mess. Haoley makes a point to try and connect, she is the girlfriend I have been missing. I am so happy with her I have written a review. When I was dressing she was making the bed and posed for me naked. She is exquisite. If you are a man that wants to connect with a woman on a social level and you want a woman to make you feel that you are at the centre of their universe for some time, then this lady is for you. I remarked as I was leaving that I loved her perfume and she told me the name of it and told me she'd love me to buy her some. That's the kind of thing you would do for a real girlfriend! She is going to become my regular go to girl. I am sick and tired o being let down by women. She enjoys herself and that made me really enjoy myself


    January 2017




    I recently saw Hailey Miles whilst visiting Sydney. As usual for me I was looking for a short notice rendezvous which involved me texting about 30 ladies off the PG website to see who was available. Maybe one day I'll get organised and plan ahead?


    Anyway one of the responses was the beautiful Erika Myles, she got back to me saying she was unavailable; however, she asked if I wanted her to recommend a friend, what a legend! She quickly got back to me with Hailey's details, telling me she was available to see me that morning as requested. In no time at all Hailey texted me, I had reviewed her PG profile online and was very impressed with her photos and descriptions. The meeting was easy to organise with her agreeing to come to my hotel in the city.


    Within about 40 mins there was a knock on the door, with nervous anticipation I opened the door to see a tall naturally beautiful young woman standing in front of me, what a relief. I knew from the look of her that it was going to be an awesome encounter.


    Haley is as pictured in her profile; however, like all PG profiles her photo's have been filtered to soften their tone. She has an awesome body with great enhanced boobs, they are so soft. She has a surfy girl look about her and she is naturally a very pretty woman. She has a great athletic body, in fact I asked her to come in her gym gear, nothing hotter than beautiful woman dressed in their gym gear!


    Hailey is a great kisser and we DFK'd a lot, hot passionate and wet, it's one of the best indicators of a girls interest in the session. The sex was just as I liked: hot, vigorous, intense and sweaty. We were a lather of sweat from the constant thrusting, fucking, sucking and licking. Her body is very responsive to touch, her pussy tasted so sweet and she loved oral attention. Her BBBJ was amazing, she sucked my cock like her life depended on it, she really enjoys giving a man pleasure with her mouth on his cock. Those eyes, looking up at you longingly whist your cock is in her mouth, nothing like it. She was not afraid to make herself gag on my cock, she tried to take my cock as deep as she could into her mouth it was so sexy, although she is not a deep-throater she gave it her all.


    At the end of the hour I was physically exhausted and we were completely covered in sweat; her BBBJ was awesome and her love of hard vigorous sex was such a turn on. She is a lovely young woman, easy to talk to and very pretty with a great athletic body.


    She is not available all the time as she has other work; however, if you want to have sex with an attractive young woman who will suck your cock and fuck you with intent then do yourself a favour and give Hailey a call. Thanks Erika for the recommendation and thanks Hailey for making the time to see me, your a weapon (-;.


    May 2016

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