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    • Long Brown
    • 168cm
    • DD
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  • I picked Honey up at the airport.. she looked amazing! What happened next was one of the most erotic experiences of my life... A road Blow Job! keeping my eyes focused on the road was hard enough with such a beautiful passenger but when Honey unzipped my jeans and proceeded to give me the most amazing blow job (while doing 110km) on the highway I was literally blown away. You would think this would be the highlight of my weekend.. not even close.. without getting into too much detail I have to say that Honey really... really knows how to show a man a good time. from relaxing together to going out for dinner and drinks the conversation never stopped and was always engaging. Honey has a knack of changing every conversation into an erotic one. Teasing me just enough with her mind and amazing body to push me to the edge.. but the wait is worth it! Honey is mind blowing! I can't wait to see her again and spend more quality time with her.



    February 2017





    Honey Adams is a beautiful lady with class and elegance. To say that she was an absolute delight would be an accurate summary of my experience. Her friendly nature and outgoing personality made me feel at ease, which was comforting as I am a very shy person. I was most surprised how well we connected from the moment we first met and throughout our date.


    Prior to our date, Honey said that she would to make me feel like "the universe" and she did not fail to deliver. I sought a girlfriend experience and I got it. There was nothing fake about Honey. I felt our connection was natural and that I was the only person that mattered.


    I had the pleasure of having dinner with Honey followed by a night of relaxation and rest. I will not go into the details other than to say that she is a passionate kisser and a seductress. Suffice to say, I loved it!


    Honey, thank you so much for a wonderful date! It was an experience that I will not forget.


    November 2016




    Honey, is an absolutely stunning girls. Without a doubt a 10 out of 10. AMAZING! We have been seeing each other quite regularly over the past couple of years. The first time I didn't know what to expect, but when a GODDESS wearing a red dress and heels to die for opened the door I knew I made the right choice. On many other occasions Honey was more than happy to dress up in different outfits to fulfil my fantasies!


    Trust me when I say, the only disappointment will be that you didn't book longer with Honey. She is a truly great and genuinely caring.


    Always goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable & open/ approachable to talk to.


    PeteTheElite, March 2016




    I have seen Honey on a number of occasions, if possible it gets better every time. Her wonderful attitude to life and sex all wrapped up in one gorgeous package is amazing. Honey's energy, stamina and boundless passion is incredible and knows exactly how to excite me.


    Can't wait till our next meeting, what a totally awesome women !!


    Anthony March 2016




    I have had the pleasure of Honey's company several times over the last 3 months, because what started out as a spur of the moment catch up with someone I have read about and fantasised about for a long time, has turned into the most incredible friendship I have experienced in my life.


    I felt an instant connection with Honey that I have never felt with partners of years. It was electric. Honey excites me in a way that no other could, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. 


    Imagine having your dream girl (and that is an understatement), the kindest person imaginable, the most passionate of lovers, and your best friend all rolled up in one delectably sexy package. Gentlemen - I give you the 8th wonder of the world - Honey Adams.


    It has taken me a while to post a review for selfish reasons, I want her all to myself! But that would be depriving the world of the experience of a lifetime.


    Honey is not your normal escort, she cares, she listens, she advises, she has a very wise head on those young, toned shoulders.


    If you want to experience Honey at her very best, book an extended date with her and get to know the amazing person underneath that scintillating exterior. You will not be disappointed. 


    Every time I have arranged a date with Honey, she walks into the room and time stands still. I cannot believe my luck as she comes over to me. Yes me. That first kiss. The anticipation. Her lips are soft, and familiar now, but so intoxicating. A hint of what is to come.


    A vision of beauty, elegance and sophistication - you will be the envy of every man nearby.


    I could go on and on but I think you all get the picture. If you want the best, look no further.


    Only a few days til my next meeting with Honey, and already I feel the adrenalin rush. The anticipation of having Honey's undivided attention all day makes me feel blessed to be alive. 


    I would never change a thing about Honey, firstly because you should never change someone, but most importantly because she is perfect.


    I am so fortunate to have met Honey, I will always have a special place for her in my heart, and for that I am eternally grateful.


    Forever yours, 

    Charlie. xxxxx, March 2016




    Wow, what an evening we spent together, I cannot thank you enough Honey, you are such a beautiful person, you are so special. Please know Honey, every minute I spend with you, is so special to me. I thoroughly enjoy our chats, the banter and jokes and how amazing was our dancing. How fabulous was it to just chill and relax together, a night out dancing is such a great way to unwind, and I got to dance with you, kill me now, I am happy.


    I am so stoked you have chosen to spend many more evenings with me Honey, I am so excited about each and every night we have planned, the picnic, the salsa night, the theatre, the amazing adventures we will enjoy this year together.


    Chris xxx, March 2016




    Indulgence – the treasure that is Honey


    The anticipation of meeting Honey again in a few days’ time is mind altering, it’s inebriating. I am finding it impossible to function and concentrate at work. So magnificent my memories are of Honey, so splendid they are of our time together. Approximately three months ago I spent an evening with Honey. We relaxed together, we chatted and we joked. I was so engaged and learnt so much from Honey, she is so interesting and intelligent. This Friday I am indulging again, I am drunk thinking about it, Honey is truly intoxicating, an absolute treasure.


    Chris xxx, February 2016




    Indulgence - the treasure that is Honey.


    It is a privilege to meet and to get to know Honey. She is a delightful, wonderful, amazing, beautiful lady / person, there are just so many adjectives you could use to describe a treasure like Honey, but none alone do her justice. When you meet her, please allow yourself time to get to know her, engage in conversation, talk and listen to her, there are so many interesting things you can talk about and learn. Honey is so interesting and intelligent.


    How is it fair, that such an interesting treasure like Honey, is also drop dead gorgeous, just stunning. Her photos and pics are amazing, but Honey is even more amazing in person, she is simply stunningly beautiful. If that isn't unfair enough, she also has a killer body, abs to simply die for. Typical though, she still finds flaws in her amazing body. I guess this is why she continues to go to the gym and push herself harder. In my eyes though, Honey is pretty perfect.


    I allowed myself the time to get to know Honey and we really connected. I swear this connection is directly correlated with chemistry in the bedroom. When we moved into the bedroom, we were extremely comfortable, we just had so much chemistry. Our time together in the bedroom though is mine and Honey's, it is our experience, our memories. WOW though!!!


    I encourage you to have your own experience, create your own memories with Honey. Indulge / treat yourself, because Honey is the perfect gift. Indulgence - the treasure that is Honey.


    Chris xxx, November 2015




    On a recent trip to Sydney, I had the pleasure to experience a mind blowing threesome with Honey Adams and Vivenne Black.


    Having seen Honey a few times before I jumped on the opportunity when told Vivenne was available for a threesome,so booked a 2 hour amazing experience.


    To say Honey and Vivenne work well together is an understatement, they are both incredibly beautiful, sexy ,athletic,dynamic, intelligent and caring.

    And enjoy the pure pleasure of sex in many ways.


    These girls love sucking cock, the enjoyment comes and comes. First slow and building with more vigour, but always tender and with large doses of saliva.


    I ended blowing my huge load of cum down the back of Honey's throat, while Vivenne was licking and massaging my balls.


    After nearly 2 hours of intense fucking I lay there exhausted and completely satisfied in every way.


    Honey and Vivenne you are both unbelievable. RATING 10 out of 10


    Anthony August 2015




    Dipper’s Horny Little Devils, the Awesome Foursome, lol.



    Savannah Stone, Honey Adams, Eden Love


    The Prelude

    So where did this start... That’s right a one liner on Twitter.... I really do need to get of Twitter... Lol. Then i was in “hook line and sinker”... Lol


    Eden had been thinking of touring to Melbourne around May... After several emails and text between mostly myself and Savannah... The Date was locked in... This did take a couple of days... Trying to get four peoples calendars to work.. Eden from interstate.. Honey and Savannah are constantly touring and me constantly on holidays interstate... and work to a certain extent..


    Next Location... Well Four bodies needed a King size bed at least... With some room to move... Anyway that was easily sorted... Hotel was locked in... Next The restaurant after all it was a dinner date for four... I left that with the ladies to sort and booked... They knew me well... The only thing is, i really wanted somewhere new for me... Done...


    Now Just the waiting for the said date to arrive... And there were a few anxious moments... Just me making sure nothing come up to jeopardize This Particularly evening. Then the Evening before the Awesome Foursome... Early Evening... Yes got a text from the Ex... Who lives interstate now days... She text me and was flying into Melbourne in the Morning (Yes the morning of the Awesome Foursome).... And really wanted to get together to talk tomorrow evening over Dinner... Like that’s going to happen... I suppose i only stretch the truth a bit when i said i was already going out with some mates...Lol... Anyway after a couple of personal little things that cropped up... All good.. 

    Finally the day arrives a few texts confirming things. Then i checked into the hotel about 2 hours before the Ladies arrived... After all i had to organize the hotel services for extra supplies.. Like towels glasses drinks... alcoholic and None alcoholic... and a few other odds and ends. 


    A few minutes before they were meant to arrive i received a message honey is running a little bit late.. Thank you... Then after another 20 minutes had heard nothing started to wander, and then looked at my Mobile for whatever reason the phone had disconnected from the network... Next moment the land line in the room starts to ring i answer and yes it was Savannah all 3 where waiting in the reception area and all attempts to ring me was going straight to my message bank...Arrrrrr... A mad dash to the life then down to reception.. Exiting the lift area talk about a very busy area... Anyway it wasn’t too hard to spot The Three very lovely ladies in the Distance... They were all gorgeously dressed in a very tight dress’s.. They Looked so Hot and Gorgeous.. We all then make a bee line to the lift’s to take the bags of goodies and supplies to the Suite.. The life had several other people, It seemed to take forever to get to the 39th floor... Then finally into the suite, Then a big hugs and kisses for all, then a four way hugs and kiss’s... Very nice... Then just enough time for a lovely glass of bubbles... and a little conversation, And i am told where we are going to eat... Sounded fantastic... Even Melbourne Weather has cooperated No rain... Lol... At this we walk to the restaurant not far at all...


    Main Event..


    The Dinner Date – Restaurant Bit First

    At Arriving at the Restaurant we are taken to our table... to discover this was going to be a very cosy indeed very cosy... With both Eden and myself being on the tallish side... We then asked to be relocated, well Eden gave the waiter her lovely smile... He caved in and we where upsized, Much better not so squeeze... So great company great conversation great food great wine what more can you ask... Are yes Dessert of course... Lol... then head back to the room for Desert... Hehehehe


    The Dinner Date – Behind Closed Doors

    Then after a bit more of conversation, some more bubbles, Then Kissing and Cuddles, Stop the press before we go to much further... I dart into the shower for a quickie lol.


    Very Very Quick.... There was way to much laughter going on with the 3 ladies... Then i dried my self... left the Bathroom and oh my, what a view... They were all in their lingerie and Heals... Oh Dear... That’s one view i will not forget for a long time... then the kisses and cuddles started... One question will i survive the next 3 hours... lol


    Then next 


    Yes like normal for me this all becomes very blurry., Well to start the Ladies throw me onto the bed... on my back... then noticed they where circling, coming in for the Kill... Lol... But to start with all three started to lick all parts of my body... hands stroking and caressing... Boobs and pussies going up and down most parts of my body... There where body parts everywhere... This was well and truly a sensory overload. 


    Every square millimetre of my body was tingling.. Then Savannah blindfolds me.. Oh Dear.. For the next half an hour or so... i had no control over my body parts... Well limited... all i know Dipper Junior was getting a lovely Bj... or CowGirl... or or.. this was changing constantly i have no idea who was doing it... i was going to remove the blind fold but my hands had been utilized else where... Lol... My fingers where in very moist places... and just wiggling my fingers i heard these moans and groans... at one stage i could hear a symphony of Moans and Groans... Mr Tongue was heavily utilized... He was on remote control.. Kissing, DFK, licking anything that come into his range... Certainly some very wet and moist areas.. And Fingers.. and Lovely Nipples i think... Hahahahahahaha.... Then at some point Dipper Jnr lets go... what a rush.... lol..


    Then next at my request... All attention is turned to Savannah.. she is flat on her back... And all three of us are giving her the same sort of treatment that the ladies gave me... This is done to all Three ladies one after the other... I will not go into blow for blow... but it was quiet a turn on watching each of them having three to focus on the one... Listening to the sounds the shacking of their bodies as they climax.. And watching one of the ladies in particular and the way her whole body shudders after Climax.... And i have no idea how many times each of these ladies climaxed... But going from their comments straight after, then a few days after... they did enjoy this Awesome Foursome very much... But i will add a little morsel to the event... Between Honey and Eden working on Savannah Yes they got savannah to squirt.. Then i wish i had taken a video of the whole thing and their victory dance it was so so very awesome... 


    Then back to me... Hehehehehe... This is all way to much fun...and really not sure what to write any more... Anyway this time Dipper Jnr let go again... quicker than the last... Lol


    But also as a side line happening in the back ground.. And Every now and again... There where pauses in the action to get drinks and regain ones breath... and few photos were taken and placed onto Twitter... and some comments were placed on Twitter... That generated quite a bit of Twitter Traffic... Hahahahaha


    So one after the other, the ladies all have showers... and a little clean up of the suite.... Clothes drinks toys condoms across the room... And more... Unfortunately all good things do come to an end... And last kisses and cuddles... Then we say our goodbyes... about 5 minutes after the ladies had left i finally retired then went into a deep sleep...


    Wrap up...

    I have seen all three.. Individually and Threesomes... Lol... Have certainly Never tried a Foursome Before... And i will definitely be seeing each again... But not sure if i will try a foursome again... Main Reason, i don’t think i could survive another foursome... Rofl..... Some hate the phrase i am about to use... But hay this best describes this for me... For me this experience was “Out of the World”... This is something i will never ever ever ever forget...


    Dipper350, May 2015




    What can I say about Honey… she’s all that – a honey in name, colour and personality.


    After a couple of re-schedules due to us both being quite busy people. So when the time finally arrived, it was with some intense anticipation. I was greeted with a wonderful smile and a full set of black lingerie. Wow factor – 10! She instantly kissed me like a long lost friend and we gradually moved to relax on the sofa with a glass of fizz each (water). 


    I needn’t go through every detail, dear reader, but suffice to say she does everything superbly. This classy girl is particularly talented at BBBJs (oh those eyes as she does it!) and she just loves an expert DATY which never fails to bring about a climax of wonderous squealing pleasure. 


    I don’t know about you, but I really get off on making a woman genuinely orgasm. It is no wonder that this young lady has a loyal following. She is a rare gem, polished to perfection.


    Book her and enjoy!


    Jim,May 2015




    Had the pleasure of meeting Honey Adams recently wow what a beautiful fun girl from the moment I entered the room I felt at ease. 


    Honey is a gorgeous girl with a fantastic body and knows how to make a man feel special I'm looking forward to being back in Melbourne in the future and catching up with honey again


    Adrian, April 2015




    After seeing the photos of Honey Adams on Private Girls, I decided then and there that I wanted to see her for my birthday (a milestone birthday for me), a bit of present to myself. The only issue was my birthday was a couple months away.


    Honey gladly took the booking anyway but as time passed, I wondered if I would last until we could meet. This scenario was definitely proof that time is relative! I also wondered if the increased anticipation would leave me being disappointed when we finally did meet.


    I can assure you that did not happen! When the door opened I was in awe. Standing before me was the most beautiful woman, incredible body, dressed impeccably and with a million dollar smile on her gorgeous face. She even remembered it was my birthday and quickly wished me a happy one. I really didn't expect that given the passage of time.


    While I will not go into details that some may seek (that is not my style and I suspect it is not Honey's either), I will say the following. Honey is gorgeous, sexy, hot, stunning and all other superlatives that can be thought of. She is beautiful on the outside and based on my experience, appears to be just as beautiful on the inside. She is also great in bed. Surprise surprise! I had a great time with Honey and I know that she also enjoyed herself. One detail I will reveal is that Honey, with those amazing lips, is an amazing kisser. I could have spent the entire booking just enjoying those lips. Wow!


    I also really enjoyed chatting with Honey. It was as if I was talking to a friend I hadn't seen for a while. We were talking about various things, including her PG photos. She asked me if I thought she looked like her photos. My answer was "your photos are beautiful and so are you". The obvious difference is that photos are 2 dimensional and Honey is a 3-D living, breathing, sensual and sexual woman that has to be met to be appreciated. She is much better than any photo can convey!


    There was a down side to the booking...the end! Yes I should have booked at least 2 hours. Despite how great it was, our time had to end. Not a down side really, just reality and more proof that time is in fact relative!


    While we are all different, if you book Honey Adams, I can't see how you could possibly be disappointed. I expect that anyone seeing Honey will have a great time. I did and intend on seeing Honey regularly.


    Dave (December 2014)




    I flew down to Melbourne on the weekend to see the beautiful Honey Adams.(every time seems to get better) This night had been in the planning for a little while, but had to be postponed for about month, a little later than we had both expected.


    Arrived on the Friday evening and had a very relaxing night, as I knew the next day was going to be so busy organising everything.

    Honey and I have birthday's in the same month, 2 days apart in fact, I wanted to spoil her rotten.


    Apart from some gifts, I'd also planned a 3 course meal . I was up early on Saturday morning to write my shopping list to ensure I had everything covered. Left the apt and two trams later, I arrived at the QV markets. People everywhere omg, fight my way through the crowds, from shop to shop and now have almost everything. Time for a coffee break :), up again and off for a quick pit-stop at the supermarket for a couple of condiments and the bottle shop for the champagne - finally done, phew!!. With about 8 shopping bags, I finally make my way back to my apartment around 3pm.


    Honey was arriving at 7pm and I needed a little afternoon rest, too wound up and too much to do, I got stuck into all my food prep, finished surprisingly quicker than expected, which allowed me to relax with a quick cup of tea.


    Ok, one hour till Honey, arrives, and thankfully ahead of schedule - oysters/king prawns plated for entrée, salad done, snapper for main marinated and in foil (ready for cooking), mixed berry dessert, plated and all in the fridge.


    Now time for a shower and get myself ready!!. So happy everything going to clockwork, time to put vegies for baking in the oven, followed by the fish, 5 minutes before our date is to start. Lastly, set the dinner table.


    Text msg arrives, Honey is running late, I am surprisingly calm and unfazed with all the cooking going on, this doesn't seem bother me, (worth waiting) !!. 7:15pm Honey has arrived and as composed as I can be, I hurry down the lift to collect her and she is looking as desirable as ever. Honey was dressed in a black lingerie top and a lovely aqua coloured skirt. A lingering kiss and we make our way up to my apartment.


    With champagne poured, I gave Honey some yellow roses (meaning friendship and joy) which made for a perfect start to the night.(she loved them:)). Honey is such a sweetie, she also had a gift for me!! homemade healthy brownie cake (such a nice thought) which I really appreciated. xx. We sat down and chatted, drank champagne, ate our entrée and main meals in quick succession.


    We then both needed a break from the food, and this is where the night really unfolded.


    Honey got a chair and had me sit down near the large sliding window, overlooking the mariner and restaurants in the foreground, where she proceeded to give me a very, I mean very, sexy lap dance, slowly removing every item of my clothing, in between rubbing herself against my very hard cock. The sight of Honey sliding my belt between her pussy and ass , slapping herself on that bootie of hers, dressed in just a black bra, was a real turn on. 

    Now there were clothes scattered everywhere, as we made our way over to the lounge. 

    With Honey lying on top , I removed her bra whilst she was passionately kissing me and before long she kissed her way down my body until she arrived at my cock, to give me a sensational BBBJ (deep throat skills are beyond belief!!)which was really making me feel extremely horny.


    I moved on top of Honey for some DFK moving slowly down her body, nibbling at her nipples on my way for some DATY, which resulted in Honey squirming and orgasming with pleasure. She then sucked on my cock taking me to the brink before placing a condom on me for some intense fucking in a few positions before I threw the condom away to face fuck Honey, sliding my cock in between those DD's and into her mouth. Honey then had me lie on the lounge where she sucked my cock for all it was worth until I exploded my orgasm deep into her throat , where she took every last drop.

    Honey walked over to the window and got a wave from the diners at a restaurant across from the apartment, hehe so funny, don't think they saw the fucking but they may have seen the lap dance, made someone's night, besides mine :))))


    I told Honey that I would now like to give her, her main present, slowly unwrapping this dress she was delighted and you could see that she was very excited!! It fitted her perfectly and she looked a delight, OMG stunning!!


    The thing with Honey is, you could give her a $5 present and you would get the same appreciation from her, such a darling xx!!


    Honey went and changed into some light pink lingerie and we then sat at the table and ate our mixed berry dessert , sipping champagne in between.


    With all the food consumed, it was time to head into the bedroom for more foreplay (lots of great DFK and DATY bringing Honey to another orgasm, yum) and great sex in many positions, before finally fucking Honey in the doggy position to an exploding orgasm. We lay on the bed chatting and then she gave me a nice relaxing massage after which I returned the favour, and gave her one too.


    We drank some water to rehydrate. Then with Honey lying next to me, she started playing with my cock bringing it to full attention. A bit of dirty talk began and Honey said to me that she wanted my last load of cum down her throat. She gave me an amazing BBBJ, sucking and licking it until I came, with Honey swallowing what cum I had left.

    We both hopped in the shower together and soaped each other over, dried off and went in search of our clothing. I walked Honey downstairs and she disappeared off into the night.

    Honey, what a PERFECT night, so glad that I will be seeing you in a couple of weeks for a sexy double, to be continued........................................


    Jove xox, December 2014




    One for The Girls, it's a long one but it's worth it!!!


    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies - this is for the cultured, open minded Ladies of our society who have a male partner and wish to truly explore and experience a 'wow threesome' with a 'wow' young Lady and that lady would be 'none other' than - 'Our Honey Adams'.


    Mind you, I can 'only' speak from 'my' perspective - I'm a long time, happily married woman (happy in 'all' aspects of the word - my husband is wonderful, I love him and he loves me) Anyway, back to me! I never delved into/explored my 'other' sexual side which involved 'women'. As time was passing I thought 'I'd better get cracking and propose this 'idea' of mine to my hubby and get things moving 'now' whilst I'm still trim enough to have some great 'visual' memories of 'myself' as well as have great physical and mentally/emotionally satisfying memories too!'


    Those memories of hot, exciting, luscious, wet, slippery 'sex' (or 'love making' - whatever it is one is feeling at the time), those feelings are the best - they linger...


    Mind you, Honey was so open and welcoming that we could tell from the offset that appearances and age didn't factor into her mind set as she's all about - openness, acceptance, sensuality and satisfying your desires, whatever they may be, to perfection - with polite consultation, agreement and understanding of course - she's not an 'anything goes girl' - clear communication is always necessary for the best mutually satisfying results.


    I reckon 90% of men are easy to please... Well, we women 'generally' tend to need that 'little bit more' on a 'mindful level' and Honey delivers it - willingly, unashamedly and above all 'naturally'. She is 'The Bomb'. I believe she's capable of captivating any female. If you allow her to envelope you, she will relax you, open you and satisfy you fully, deeply and beautifully - OR - hornily, hotly, smack-on-the-bottomly - whatever floats your boat - it's there - she's got it and she delivers it.


    We've tried the rest and now we've 'found' THE BEST. I say 'found' because she's not to be 'tried', she's to be 'experienced' - time and again; so now that we've 'found' her - she's the one and only on our list. 'Lucky Number 8'; we met with seven different Ladies prior to her, 'altogether' a case of trial and error but by no means were we displeased with each other Lady individually and completely, there were many positives but for 'me' there were too many no-no's - just saying, Honey 'had it ALL rolled into one package - for both of us' - nothing lacking.


    Honey is physically perfect, enough said, you can see her photos on her website and that's exactly what you'll get - she's your cake and you can eat it/her too! Done, however, when it comes to her friendly personality, her pleasant and clever whit, her charm, her manners and her spunk and smarts - then she's the cream and the cherry on top as well! So eat, lick and pop away!


    Ladies, she not only 'ticks' all the boxes: she brings them to orgasm (2 mind blowing hits were proof for me and I'm 'very' particular - but she put me at ease).


    You will not just 'enjoy' Honey Adams - you will 'love the experience' that is - Honey Adams.


    PS - WARNING - Ladies and gentlemen, take heed, our Honey is a taste you will ALL be wanting more of - again and again, sooner rather than later - over and over... Cheers! Here's to 'Living the Dream' Girls - when fantasy becomes reality :)


    With warmest and wettest regards from Sasha & Boris. (September 2014)




    I have been an admirer of Honey Adams for a while now, and decided I would contact her to see if she had any plans on coming to Sydney. When I did make contact, she said that she had no immediate plans, but would let me know. That all changed some days later :)


    With some email exchanges between Honey and I, a confirmed booking was made.

    Initially, I organised 2 hours GFE, but later changed my mind and changed it to Good Girl Gone Bad PSE package and was lucky enough, to be able to also increase it to 3 hours.


    (well worth it and glad I did, hehe!)


    The day arrived quickly and I managed to have a not so hard day a work, which left me feeling quite relaxed but was still a little nervous, as this was my first occasion with Honey.


    On the way to the hotel, I picked up a bottle of Champagne and upon arrival, my heart was pounding with nerves and excitement. I quickly sent an sms to Honey for the room number. A quick reply came back and I made my way up in the lifts. Now I arrived and knocked on the door, one minute passed no reply, "oops" I have the wrong room, it's the next one down.... ok take two, knock at the right room, the door opens and closes with Honey greeting me in a tight white dress.


    Honey looks SENSATIONAL!!


    We smiled at each other, said hello and then locked into some DFK. What a nice kisser!!


    When we managed to unlock lips, I put my things down and took off my coat. We moved to the bed with Honey lying on top of me, locked in DFK, whilst she ever so lightly was stroking my cock, making me feel quite aroused.


    Knock at the door from room service, as Honey has , ever so thoughtfully, arranged strawberries for the champagne., door closes, strawberries down a little more DFK.


    Honey then asks "would you like to open the champagne?" I say yes and do the honours.


    As I am pouring Honey's glass to fill it up, its going to overflow, so I place the glass directly over Honey's mouth, dripping, not only there, but also on her boob, and a little had trickled onto her leg. Honey asked "do you want to clean that up?" I smiled and slowly licked it off her leg, boob and finally her lips, where we kissed again.


    I then poured my champagne and slowly started to undress myself in between more passionate kissing with Honey.


    As I was making my way to the bathroom for a quick shower, Honey brought over my champagne glass and we shared a toast, locking arms and kissing. "God I love kissing this woman!!"


    On my return from the shower Honey is waiting for me in her new white lingerie, looking VERY hot. Honey asks for assistance in removing her bra, having a little trouble (my excuse being new , clips were a little stiffer, ha ha), I asked her to turn around and removed her bra revealing beautiful large DD's, which I cupped with my hands, also running kisses down the nape of her neck.


    Honey forcefully pushed me onto the bed and removes my towel, hovering over me and starting to lick and suck the whole of my cock. Honey has a great technique and it felt amazing. Honey then pushed my legs right back and started rimming me. Honey was spitting , licking and sucking and gagging alternating between my cock and anus, with perfection.


    Some more DFK and it was my turn to pleasure Honey, I slowly started to kiss behind her neck, moving and stopping at her lips for some time, then moving down her body to stop at her nipples, where I nibbled and licked these. Then I wanted to tease Honey, a little more , so I caressed Honey's thighs, before removing her panties and made my way down for some DATY, "mmm nice smooth sweet tasting pussy". I also enjoyed rimming on Honey, spitting and licking in between DATY.


    As I virginal rimmer, I must say I enjoyed the giving and receiving of this new past time :)


    We then got into a 69 and both spat, and licked each other for more of the same. More DATY with Honey and on the brink of orgasm she said "I want to fuck you' She applied a condom and rode me bucking like a cowboy for a while my cock was deep inside. She then ripped off the condom for some DD tit and face fucking. I exploded on her face and neck and over her necklace, which I helped her take off.


    As Honey went to the bathroom to clean up, she said smiling " I don't think I'll wear a necklace with you again"


    Honey returned and we lay on the bed chatting and drinking more Champagne.


    The night was flowing really well and I felt very comfortable being with Honey.


    We slowly started more DFK and caressing each others bodies and I was becoming more aroused. Honey then went to get her favourite big red toy and inserted into her pussie, whilst I kissed Honey and then nibbled on her clit. After a while the toy was removed and my tounge took over and Honey shuddered in orgasm. I suggested to Honey I fuck her doggie style , she reached for a condom and with nice deep strokes, I proceeded to fuck her. We then went to change positions but I was in need of more oral attention and Honey spat and sucked my cock for all it was worth, whilst also giving me an anal massge with a condom protected finger. oooowee.


    Honey then suggested we move over to the window with her sucking my cock whilst on her haunches, giving me a great view of her doing this, with the mirror that was across the room.


    It was taking me a while to come again and I must admire Honey's paitience and resilience, at getting the job done;)


    We took a break but not before long, I was very aroused and time for more DD tit fucking where eventually, I exploded my cum into Honey's hot mouth which she swallowed to the last drop. :)


    We the lay on the bed and drank what was left of the Champagne, chatted some more before it was time for us both, to have a shower.


    We towelled down and I got dressed and we kissed to say our goodbyes.


    Honey was much more than I could have expected, she was awesome!!!!!! in every way.


    Honey, Thank you for a great time, I cannot wait until we see each other again.

    Jove, July 2014




    Honey Adams is a gorgeous brunette with some sparkly eyes, and with a very sweet personality and adorable face & body that will take your breath away. Honey is just so darn pretty. She’ll get a rise out of your libido even without showing off too much flesh. I have been following Honey Adams on Twitter where she has more than 2000 followers and counting. Honey regularly tweets some lovely and hot Photographs, and she gives her updates centre and front. ;)


    I have to admit that I was feeling unbearably nervous when I arrived at Honey’s hotel, but I was so excited to meet her in person. I received a text message with all the instructions how to get to level 2 and wait for Honey to come down and get me. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched her searching and walking towards me with an easy confidence. Honey was about 170cm and stood tall with a strength and purpose to her movements that certainly caught my attention. I moved towards her, captured by her smile. Instantly all my thoughts were pushed away as I smelt her lightly perfume hair. It gently touched my face, and I felt her athletic body pushing up against me. :wub: We greeted and up we went. It was a short ride to her hotel room.


    Once inside, we started talking for a little bit just to get know each other a little bit. It was really nice talking to Honey. She made me feel at ease instantly. I then headed to bathroom to have a quick shower, and when I came back I see waiting for me wearing some sexy lingerie. Honey had a wicked grin and sparkle in her sparkly eyes. Honey looked great. The lingerie perfectly highlighted her amazing figure. I truly enjoyed her beauty. Turning towards, Honey stood – a gorgeous, a honeylicious woman. :P


    We leaned forward and DFKissed. Her soft lips moulded with mine. How long we stay like this I don’t know. But, I truly liked it. My cock kicked, straining like a rodeo horse to be free. I gently played with her breast. They are soft, and really nice. Oh Honey was amazing. Brunette & Tanned. A firm around bum and nice full DD puppies. Honey has an amazing figure without a doubt. I efficiently made my way down to meet her kitten. I gently kissed it. It was certainly sweet as honey. :P Then, Honey started to give me an excellent oral examination. I felt her tongue moving around my tip & shaft. Honey made some sexy eye contact too, as she moved up and down my cock. I totally enjoyed it. :D


    A rubber magically appeared, and Honey smoothly got on top of me and started riding me. I gently touched her legs, bum, and breast. Honey’s skin is very soft as well. I liked it. We transitioned to missionary and then I felt the unmistakable feeling down stairs. I contentedly collapsed next Honey. After cleaning up we held onto each other for a little while. Keeping each other warm. It was really nice. :)


    After a good rest with more talking, kissing, and touching, I was ready to go again. We went doggy, one of my favorites! I have to say again that Honey has a very firm and lovely bum and some great legs. Honey had me on edged again. I happily came again collapsing on the bed with a huge smile on my face. It was a lovely and sweet experience, as I was lying in bed next to a sweet woman somewhere in paradise. ^_^


    I had a quick shower and got re-dress again, as unfortunately my time was up. With some more good-bye kissing and the last hug, I was out waking down George Street with a big smile on my face. :-) We parted ways like two ships in a bay. Honey is indeed a sweet & sexy lady with a very friendly, and charismatic Personality. :wub:


    -February 2014, AndyMa






    I really did not want to write this review on honey adams cause I think would mean that other men and women would read this and want to spend time enjoying her too. But I want her all to myself. Oh well! Wishful thinking.


    I met this sexy lady at a sydney hotel. Beautiful hotel and honey had to pick me up in the huge lounge as this place was massive and rooms everywhere. Anyway I never told honey but I was shitting myself with nerves waiting for her to come down. Then this gorgeous secretary popped out of the lift and I knew it was her. This lady is tall with a gorgeous face and eyes and lips that can suck your nob clear right off.


    We went upstairs and couldn't wait to see underneath and taste her pussy and her ass. I lovveeee eating a pretty ladies ass hole and honey has that and a whole lot more.


    We talked on the bed and she made me feel comfortable and was beginning to relax. Honey is a very caring and calming natured lady and a very mature head on those shoulders that hold up those tits. My god those tits. 

    Anyway im getting horny thinking about our time again. She leant over and shoved her long pretty tongue down my throat and our pse was on.


    Honey slowly took her top off and I sucked on her massive sexy tits and pretty nipples until she took her skirt off and I felt her pussy. This lady was soaked and had to taste it. I put a finger in her wet snatch and tasted her. And yes thats why she calls herself honey. Now I know!


    Honey exposed herself and my god my cock rose in anticipation. Honey took off my clothes quicker than the winner of the melb cup and began to give the most sexiest blow job with those lips wrapped around my cock and her eyes looking up at me. I constantly had a finger in her soaking wet pussy and she began to moan. 

    I told honey to bend over the bed cause I was going to eat her pussy and ass hole. If honeys pussy tasted like the name sake her ass tasted like strawberry jam. What a sight. My tongue and nose firmly planted in honeys pot . God was on my side today.


    We fucked and honey really is a sexual and very horny lady. She can turn nasty sexually in a heart beat.

    Pls note she is very loud and cums like a volcano and the dirty talk is a real turn on. I think the people staying in the next room would have been masturbating to her rhythm. 

    I blew 2 magnificent loads on her pretty face and she loved it.


    The only thing I didnt like was I booked too short and leaving her naked and walking out of her room.

    Also honey lives in melb and what a massive shame. I would be spending more time eating her and blowing more loads on that amazing body.


    Thank you honey and will catch up soon.


    Carloxxx, November 2013



    Contact was made via email and Honey responded in kind and a date and time was sorted fairly easily. Only request I made was to see Honey in a nice dress. So on to the day, I arrived to the place Honey was staying and letting her know I arrived as a card was needed to use the lifts... She lets me know that she's on the way! Nerves build up as they do when you're waiting in anticipation... Few moments later, I am walking towards the elevator and DING! this stunning woman walks out (OMG I couldnt believe it! she is smoking hot!!! she already looks hot in the pictures... but in person, its even more so) and instantly, we both somehow assumed each other in a blink of an eye! (For those who follow Honey in twitter, she was wearing a lovely purple dress and it definitely complimented her natural beauty). She greets me with a hug and nice soft kiss MUAH! and takes me into the elevator... just before the door closes completely, Honey looks at me very intently and we already begin to make out in the elevator (oh me lordy...). Good thing that Honey was based at a reasonably high level, we were able to enjoy this nice moment of pleasure before we got off at the intended level and head to Honey's room.


    After getting each some water, we resumed pashing, she's one fine kisser, yummy soft lips and I cant stop!!! Honey pushes me down and clothes start flying all over the place, she removes my underwear which reveals my hard engrossing cock which is given lots of lovin by Honey... wow wee! she sucks away and licks all over my balls... she was working over the balls and shaft like there was no tomorrow... gahhh! I definitely received the Honey Bunny Stunny! Next up, Honey goes to sit on my face and I get to go all DATY up on her, lick away up and down, Honey's trying hard not to lose the plot but soon enough she starts writhing in pleasure and starts moaning louder, her pussy definitely tastes of honey and it was delish! I keep at it until she jumps off me and we kiss each other passionately once again and then switch to a 69 so we can both orally assault each other. I get to enjoy her more thoroughly now with my face stuffed in her mesmerizing magnificent piece of ass and I continue to fine dine ferociously inside Honey whilst she's sucking away at me and further making lewd noises... sessions barely started and its already HOT!!!


    Honey can't take this anymore and wants to get fucking, so she quickly grabs a dom, pops it on, and slowly shoves the hard fella inside her and OMG here we go! She already been mounted into a cowgirl position so I can get a nice view of her bouncing boobies (they are a very gorgeous pair). We're pounding away, and Honey goes off with it and I pound away at her whilst groping her BIG soft breasts and play with them whilst I thrust away. At various points during this phase, Honey would position herself on top of me and we continue to exchange some more tongue wrestling, and I latch on to Honey coz she has amazing smooth skin... which already adds to her lovely figure and all around beauty... Following on, Honey gets up and gives me some more amazing blowie, and resumes having her way with it. Next, Honey tells me she wants go for a doggy... who am I to refuse... she assume her position on all fours... faarrrrkkkkkk!!! Her beautifully, sexy yet deadly shaped curves would trigger any guy/gal into a state of total lust! I proceed to eat her for a bit from behind before I shove the cock inside her and man oh man... does her ass feel so mighty fine! I was banging away at her whilst Honey grabs the pillows and the top of the bed frame and takes all of my pounding away at her, she's getting sexually vocal and louder (poor maid who's been cleaning outside nearby the room) would have heard a fair bit of Honey going off LOL! I continue sexing away with Honey with a standing doggy for a while longer until I could thrust no mores... Honey sexually whispers in my ear that she wants my cum over her boobs and telling me how bad she wanted it, which spark me & sent me mentally over the edge and ended up shooting my load over her boobs...


    We have a short rest, kissing gently and slightly gazing at each other and having some nice small chat... Not long after, we're back at it again, more passionate kissing like lovers who hadn't seen each other for a long time, then I proceed to kiss along side her beautiful face and over to her elegant sweet smelling neck and all across the other side making her feel very sensitive... More pashing followed and then I wanted to dive my face into Honey's BIG boobs! Licking and sucking like a dream come true soaking her nipples with my saliva and using the tip of my tongue and licking her nipples all over... man are they loads of DD fun! (DOUBLE DELIGHT!)  



    Next up, I had some almond oil at my disposal and offer to give Honey an oily massage to her excitement... Have her on her tummy and I start off by working my fingers softly over her shoulders, neck, back and slowly lowering down to her amazing bubble butt! I sure spent a nice amount of time sculpting my way through this piece of work and by this time, Honey's all nice and relaxed! I slowly work my way down her well toned legs which prompts some nice compliments from Honey, was very flattered by some generous comments! I gently work down to her feets and caressing try to relieve some pressure as she had wore new heels which made her feet sore. Following on, I have Honey switch around, and go for her shoulders and neck gently once more... Next, poured a nice amount onto her boobs, and massage these for a nice while and also have my way by massaging these gorgeous pairs and lean over to kiss her some more... Soon enough, I work down to her belly and down more around the edges of her pussy... I gave extra attention and massaged around that area of Honey which prompts her to moan in pleasure and I start to have her all sexually flustered... I lean over once more to pash her up as she could not take it anymore, then I gently lean her down to continue on which prompts her to call me a tease. I work on her legs and feets slowly again... then I finish it up with a body slide, oiled myself and proceed to slide slowly up and down Honey whilst sharing many kisses whilst my cock kept getting harder whilst it was rubbing against Honey's honey pot...


    The sexual tension started building up once more as the breathing between the both of us got more heavier and intense. This lasted for a nice little while until I slowly go down over her soft valleys and even go for some more dining at the honey pot... This time Honey is much more responsive whilst I'm eating away at her which eventually she wraps her legs around my head, and as the licking got more intense, the harder her legs were wrapped around my neck... This was starting to become a submission match in wrestling! Of course it was Honey applying the submission around my neck whilst I was keeping up my efforts whilst not trying to tap out. The harder she was convulsing in pleasure and applying more pressure with her legs, the harder I tensed my neck muscles and went for it until Honey was out of control, wriggling her legs like crazy and sure enough, she had climaxed... 


    We resume back to more kissing until Honey wanted to ride me once more... dom applied once more, she has me again in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl pounding away at me and also hooking her feet whilst we kept pounding away... this next part is a blur coz I was mindlessly hammering away at Honey and things were steaming up once more over this lustful session...


    Finish came about in time, as I shoot my load over her mouth... man, I was feeling spent but so satisfied... we relax a little laying down and staring at each other once more, kissing each other here and there and just having a nice chat once again... Time was drawing to a close as all good things end at some point... which was where this was heading... So Honey offers to shower in with me and oh my... she makes a sexy pose... mindblown did she leave me...



    In the shower, we quickly rinse up and lather each other up and share some more DFK'n and then dry ourselves up then take our time to dress up whilst we chat away... For me, it was great talking to Honey as we had share some common interests, and joked rather nicely... Rather amused that I reminded her of a character called "Cheshire the Cat" from Alice in Wonderland, because the cat had this big cheesy sly looking grin... which is probably what I had during the time I spent with Honey because she is fabulous company and an amazingly beautiful girl to be around with... I farewelled Honey with a big squishy hug and nice lengthy soft kiss... until the next time  

    Ahhh Honey dear, you are one fine girl... Thank you for a wonderful sexy time! You sure know how to please and please me you definitely did!

    William, September 2013




    We were looking for a new experience as a couple and decided to invite Honey to join us. From the minute she walked through the door, we were both amazed by her incredible body and by her exuberant personality. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable yet at the same time we were both extremely aroused. She certainly knew how to eat pussy and suck cock with great enthusiasm. Her body was made for fucking - she has fantastic tits and a nice tight pussy you can lick all night long! From the deep throat to the toy playing and the golden shower at the end, every moment spent with her was mind blowing! Definitely looking forward to the next encounter with the sexy Honey.


    JI July 2013




    I met Honey at my hotel in Melbourne in late March. Wow, I opened the door and was greeted by a stunning woman in a dress that just made me hard instantly! We kissed passionately (the girl can kiss believe me!) and my cock just grew harder and harder until Honey released it to the world! I gather she was happy with her prize by the look on her face. Honey than expertly managed to devour my manhood for all she was worth, what a Honey!


    Our session just went from one ecstasy to another, we explored every inch of each other over the next three hours from her ripe gorgeous breasts, tight bum, honeylike pussy and those smooth legs!


    This girl is the real deal, it doesn't get any better. I look forward to our next meeting..........




    March 2013




    Just wanted to share my experience with Honey. You won't be disappointed


    She has an amazing, curvy, natural body. A sight to behold. Something else that turns me on is a tall woman. To memory, in heels, she stood almost as tall as me, maybe even taller. That's hot! She is a gorgeous young woman with an engaging personality. Long story short, she ticks ALL the boxes for me.


    So I receive a text saying she's only two minutes away. Now I normally get a little nervous when meeting a WL for the first time but I think in all fairness, this is the first time I've been noticeably shaky. I'm giggly. I'm pulling faces in the mirror to calm myself. I'm considering alcohol to cool my jets. I'm rushing around to finish my prep. *knock knock* I open the door to this beautiful woman and before the door can shut she greets me with quite a warm welcome.


    I won't go into much detail. I'm starting to understand that sharing such specific and personal information leaves nothing to the imagination. It also makes an encounter feel less special because the details of which are now public forum. She is VERY receptive to DATY; in fact, she's very responsive to just about anything and everything. The whole experience is a split between PSE and GFE in my opinion. In between sex, she's a very friendly, chatty, affable person. Like I said earlier, very engaging, asking questions. That's the GFE portion. You can guess what the sex is. To my surprise she is vocal. If the hotel was unaware of what we were up to to start with, I can guarantee they knew by nights end. I almost felt bad for anyone in the adjoining rooms... Almost.


    I would be very happy and grateful to be able to see her again. She truly is a beautiful woman and a pleasure to spend time with. It's not about "doing yourself a favour" or "making sure you don't miss out". It's about finding a little time in your day to spend with someone who will share with you a wonderful experience. Honey is all that, and more!


    From "Mr Winwood"


    February 2103






    Earlier this year I sort to arrange a meeting with Honey. There were a few other fellow Punters also interested in catching up with this well stacked young Queensland bikini model but alas two days before our meeting Honey had to drop all bookings as she had to go to hospital and was leaving the Industry until further notice.


    Well my friends, further notice has now been received!!


    With a surprise email and a tempting pic, Honey is back in business and I jumped at the chance to finally sample her sweet delights for a few hours today and post my 3001st post.



    The place arranged and some teasing emails from Honey over the weekend, ensured I was definitely in the mood well before our arranged day. Honey decided that no panties would need to be worn as they wouldn’t be on for long and that her babies needed to be more than unwrapped when we finally got to meet up and don’t forget to bring your camera Clandy she says!


    The mind started boggling I must say.


    At the arranged venue this morning the soft knock on the door preceded an opening to a very beautiful voluptuous young woman, who was obviously amply endowed and had a smiling face and hazel eyes that said “cum fuck me quickly.”


    Almost before she got through the door, Honey dropped her bag, flung her arms around my neck and proceeded to kiss my lips off as I struggled to close the door from prying eyes. She has the softest lips and takes passionate kissing to a whole new level. What a way to start a booking. Don’t ever think that’s happened to me before.


    Honey picked up her bag and placed it on the table, pulled her top over her head, tossed her long hair around, eased her skirt up so that her pussy showed slightly, parted her soft lips and said, “I’m going to suck your balls up through your cock, Clandy!” Honey nearly ripped my trousers off threw my jocks across the room and 

    Ohh… yes please!! and believe me Honey damn near did what she said. Deep, strong and used her tongue expertly.


    Pushing me back on the bed, teabag being fondled, tongue running around the head and her eyes looking up at me and her other hand on my butt pulled me deep down her throat. I thought to myself


    “Is this what heaven is like?”


    I deftly unclipped her bra and her breasts fell free. The angle of her assault allowed a full digital caress of her pleasure button and fondling of her free flowing babies and nipples. As she started to twitch and her silk started to run down my fingers I pulled her up and we kissed passionately again as her wet pussy straddled my thigh and a long pussy slide started happening.


    With clothes removed and much fondling of body parts we continued our assault on each other in the shower.


    As a self-confessed boob man I paid a lot of attention to those babies, rolling her nipples with my tongue, slightly lifting her nipples with my teeth and deeply sucking on her breasts. From there I ventured south of the border, her legs lifting and locking behind my head and her thighs warm against my cheeks. I could have stayed down on her all day. She gently arched her back and emitted a slight moan, squeezing her thighs slightly, hands on my head, pushing my tongue deep inside her. Her muscles started twitching and her heat rose dramatically to match her breathing until her silk flowed onto my tongue and I lay my head on her inner thigh until she recovered.


    Honey rolled on top of me and expertly rolled on a cover with her mouth and mounted me. No need for any lube, as wet as she was I slipped inside her with ease. Honey catered for all positions and I shut my eyes now and see little chappie disappearing inside her in RCG…such a tight but wet fit. Those Latino ladies sure know how to move their butts to put you in ecstasy.


    This was bliss, no respite to speak of and attention was given to me the whole time. Fondling while resting (I am getting older), kissing, lying there rubbing her clit and pussy against my leg, then rubbing her boobs over my chest/face/ teabag and rolling her erect nipples over the head and shaft of little chappie.

    We moved into Spanish and as my cock appeared out the top of her ample breasts she latched on to the head for a CIM finish.


    Now for the next hour we………LOL..


    My tongue is still licking the sweet Honey off my lips…


    Third and final brief review of Honey Adams


    Booked a 3hr early morning meeting with Honey on Impulse.

    As usual Honey arrived spilling out of her dress and greeted me with a long and lingering kiss. Disrobing soon after she had trouble with her bra and commented it was an old one but knew she wouldn’t have it on for long. She knows me too well.

    Naked in all her beautiful glory, she beckoned me on top of her and started to passionately kiss me. I could just kiss this young woman for an entire session, soft sensuous lips, head holding, deep and passionate, soft and silky, fast and slow with our bodies entwined. No penetration, just wound around each other with my pre cum and her silk mixing on skin and legs.

    This continued for over an hour. Touching and kissing. I have kissed many ladies and many have been right up there, yet I struggle to think of anyone who kisses like this dark haired beauty. The actual sex pales into insignificance compared to the intimacy of her passionate kisses. And I have kissed many in my 55+ years.

    Then slow yet intense sex, teasing, entering and withdrawing for ages. We both showered and while drying gloved up and started doggie in the bathroom while Honey grasped the handbasin for support. With the water still running and the mirror fogging up I leaned forward and wrote on the mirror.

    Honey lifted her cute butt and pushed back hard.

    The connie was bagged and tagged again.

    Back in the shower again

    Time had slipped very quickly away as we both dressed and parted our ways with another long sensual kiss to say "till next time we meet."


    February 2013





    This review is of time I spent with Honey when she still lived in Queensland - she has since moved to Melbourne.

    There was just enough positive information about Honey Adams that I decided to try my first ever punt with a Queenslander. In Queensland. The fact that she would be my first bikini model was a bonus. I contacted her by email. All good, all confirmed, and I am at her door.




    some last minute emails before I left Melbourne meant I was seeing Honey 1 day early. I had been running on fumes, and a bad nights sleep left me not very chipper for my flight to Brisbane. I was starting to wonder if I was going to be too tired to fully enjoy my time with her.


    Then God smiled on me. The weather in Brissie was warm enough for the young ladies to be out and about with their mini skirts. One exited a 7-11 and caught my eye ... just as a puff of wind lifted her skirt to show a tattoo right where her left thigh met her left bum. Nothing like a little up-skirt perving to get the hormones flowing. And everything else re-energised. I felt great.


    But then I could not find a taxi or a taxi stand. All that drove by were taken.


    Then God smiled on me. A taxi stopped, the passengers alighted, and it was available. And on the way to Honey's apartment, every light was green. I had turned a situation where I was going to be a little bit late to being on time.


    And back at the door. It opened and. Honey looks like her photos (God smiling) and she was wearing this tight, short, sexy, and classy little black dress with killer red heels, but she has a face that remined me of a young Terri Hatcher (long before she was a desparate housewife, and before she was a Bond girl). Just remember, Honey looks better than Teri ever did.


    Then she spoke. Honey is 1/2 Brazilian but she has this perfect Aussie accent. A Latina goddess saying g'day (yes God was smiling again).


    We quickly broke the ice on the couch, and then it was more like two friends catching up (interspaced with some heavy, wet, intense DFK and body exploring). She was just aggressive enough to be passionate. And the hemline of that little black dress just kept creeping higher and higher as I ran my fingers all over her curves. Perfect. Financials settled and off to the shower (with a promise of her wearing something more comfortable when my shower is finished).


    I finish my shower, open the door, and I am greeted by Honey sitting on the edge of the bed. She is wearing three things: a tiny black g-string, a navel piercing, and the most sinful smile I have ever seen. Yes, God was grinning from ear to ear - and this time I raised my eyes to the heavens and mouthed "thank you" several times. That little black g-string did not last very long, but that sinful smile did.


    Honey is wonderful. Our time together was a mix of absolute fun and raunch. She is tanned from head to toe (I checked) and has beautiful skin just begging to be kissed. And I tried to be thorough.


    Oh ... and God smiled on me two more times during my time with Honey.


    A wonderful, wonderful lady. I will return.


    Imaging an opening scene of CSI-Miami.

    The camera hops around the city, before settling in on a young Latina driving a Porsche convertible (naturally, in Miami the top is down)


    She has long flowing brown hair and sunglasses


    She stops, opens the door, and gets out of the Porsche


    She is wearing light cream heels, pure white pants, and a cobalt blue sleeveless top with just enough patterns in the shoulder straps to tie the outfit together. Oh, the top is just a little bit too tight, and the cut is just a little bit too low


    And she is buxom


    She raises her sunglasses, and smiles a gorgeous white smile.

    That was the vision of Honey when she greeted me - complete with sunglasses (but not the Porsche, sorry guys).

    What can I say about Honey. 

    Honey's personality is a combination of Lovely, Fun, and Outgoing, with a dash of cheeky.


    She is a little too small and petite to be curvy, and she is quite athletic, but her curves are just spectacular.

    For those of you that have never spent time with Honey - she is 1/2 Brazilian and 100% Aussie.


    This was my third meeting with Honey (two in Brisbane, and this one in Melbourne). It is the first time I have seen a lady three times - ever. I rarely see a lady twice, so that gives you an idea of how special I think she is.


    She literally leapt into my arms - gorgeous smile, big hug, passionate kiss, one of the best greetings I have EVER had. She still looked fantastic, but she seemed to have an extra bit of sparkle to her personality. The hugs and snogs were interspersed with an update of how we have been since the last time - we could have been two people having a catch-up coffee instead of a catch-up romp.


    One thing that is never in Honey's photographs are her eyes. I love the way she looks at me - and the way she looks at me is one of the things I really missed about her. Her eyes can warm you, melt you, or excite you, depending on her mood at the moment.


    She has a unique way of kissing. My kisses are almost silent, hers have more of a "smack"ing sound. I think it is her trademark. Did not realise how much I missed hearing her kiss me (yes, she stimulates ALL of the senses).


    Then she let me remove those white pants and that blue top. My my my, she is gorgeous. Her lovely bronzed skin perfectly offset by a pure white bra and panty set. I loved undressing her with my eyes - then I REALLY loved undressing her with my fingers. I just cannot keep my hands off her body - it is marvelous. Great skin, magical contours, I just love touching her. My fingertips were absolutely everywhere. And my lips were not far behind.


    Our time together was a mix of intense but pure oral sex, intense passionate kissing, and post-orgasm gentle cuddles and chats. Very intimate, very fun. I often have trouble cumming, but I have never had trouble cumming with Honey. And she is comfortable enough with me that I could reciprocate (many times). And ... another first for me ... we did some queening (the view was amazing, looking up, watching her facial expression change, watching her eyes open and close, watching her breasts heave as her breathing changed, watching her navel piercing gently swinging). All this while my fingers were exploring her glorious Latina bubble butt. Like I said - I cannot keep my hands off her.


    She kept her long hair down for me. I loved the feel as she moved around, and dragged her hair across my face, my chest, my thighs, my back. I honestly don't think she realised how much her hair was turning me on. And it felt great as I ran my fingers through her hair. Like I said - I cannot keep my hands off her.


    I don't know what made me the most happy - it may have been when I held her tightly post orgasm, feeling her elevated pulse through her ribs, listening to her breathing changing speed and slow down, and looking back into those wonderful, warm, eyes. Or it may have been when she had me in a back-arching shout of delirious joy when I exploded. Or it may have been when I was able to get one last tongue flick down there while dressing her - and the tongue flick became an extended tongue flicking exercise.


    Like I said, she is 1/2 Brazilian and 100% Aussie. Oh, and she is also 100% incredible.


    Highly, highly recommended.


    February 2013

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