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  • I had the absolute pleasure of this lady's company early last year. That night is still fresh on my mind and I can't wait for another opportunity to see her again.
    Scheduling was not an issue. Even when i had to adjust the time (and day!), she accommodated my request quite promptly. I got the 8 hour clockfree package, expecting a helluva great night, and what a night it was.


    When the night finally came, I waited patiently for her to message me that she was ready. Drove me wild to get the text "I'm ready. come and get me!"
    When I opened the door to her room, I saw a stunning beautiful lady, in nothing but her lingerie. Her photos don't do her justice. Petite, beautiful curves, and absolutely flawless skin. And those breasts...perfect. I was smitten. I had to collect myself for a few moments, and stay behaved. We chatted for a little while, and she had this way of putting you at ease, relaxing any tension I had. We had some wine and a smoke. She bought some prawns from the market. Little did she know that it was actually one of my comfort foods. I think I may have overeaten a bit.


    She then led me to the bedroom, where we started to kiss quite passionately. I felt the desire from her, that made me lose any inhibition I had left. I gently eased my tongue into her mouth, and she responded in kind. We went on for a few minutes, enjoying each others taste, until we fell onto the bed. I then started to explore Jas' beatiful body. My tongue travelled down from her mouth to her neck, then down to each nipple as I fondled both her breasts. It was amazing. My tongue swirled around, and started sucking, alternating from one breast to the other a few times. Her moans drove me even more wild. I moved down further, tasting every square inch of her belly, until I reached her shaved pussy. I then started playing with her clit using my tongue and alternating with gentle sucking. Her moans of pleasure were mesmerizing and just gave me even more desire to please her.


    Then came my turn. I went on my back and she started giving me the most memorable BBBJ. I just had enough will power to keep from coming right then, but I saved it for the next part. By this time my cock was rock hard and so I put her on her back, got some protection on, and gently slipped my cock into her now wet pussy. I was in heaven. We started off with slow deep thrusts while she massaged my tongue in her mouth and my hands feeling her up and down - memorizing every curve, feeling her soft skin and cupping those oh-so-soft breasts. The thrusts got faster and faster until we both collapsed into ecstasy. We weren't done yet though. I put her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind while still cupping her breasts (oh I just could go on with those breasts...) Heaven couldn't be any higher. So I thought then.


    After finishing off round 2, I laid beside her, a little exhausted (c'mon I just came from work). She then made her way down, sandwiched my cock between those gorgeous breasts, and started to slide them up and down. It only took a few moments until I was hard again, and embarrasingly just a few minutes before I came again. It was just too good.


    We both fell asleep for a few hours (I just love the clockfree package!). I later woke up first and again saw this beautiful woman beside me. I kissed her gently, which woke her up. She kissed back, and again our tongues were finding each other. We just had to go another round. Heaven yet again.


    I then had to go back to work. I was completely rejuvenated and felt like a million bucks. Jas, that night is seared in my memory. I will see you again.


    J, November 2016




    On a recent business trip to Sydney, I decided that I would like to have some elegant female company. After a more involved search than I’d originally planned, I finally settled on booking Jasmine Jaro. I soon realised that this was the best decision that I have ever made.

    As I arrived Jasmine’s apartment and was buzzed in, I felt the anticipation course through my being. I knocked on her door and was greeted by a beautiful lady dressed in a very classy black dress, and matching heels. I was invited in, was offered a wine and before you knew it, we were caught up in conversation that flowed so effortlessly that I thought I’d known Jasmine for years.

    When she invited me to have a shower, I knew that the preliminaries were over and main course was about to start. I was provided a bathrobe, towel, and house slippers. There were candles in the bathroom throwing off a very sensual scent. When I emerged from the shower, I shuffled into the next room, and I found that Jasmine was now dressed in a lingerie set that left little to the imagination, but had that class and elegance about it. It showed off her ample breasts, and shapely butt, and there would not be a heterosexual male alive who would not have been aroused. What followed were several hours of passion and pleasure that I had only dared dreamed of.

    Aside from the several bouts of passion that we shared, the intermissions were just as delightful. Jasmine is a very skilful cook and prepared several epicurean delights for the 2 or 3 breaks we had. I remembered the quail particularly as it was just tiny enough to satisfy the peckishness that came from our intimate encounters, yet not so filling as to hinder the next round.

    Jasmine truly embodies the definition of the word courtesan and I, for one, will surely seek a return visit in the not too distant future.

    “Richard” – May 2015




    Making out in the Maldives. 
    A tropical island Paradise; a private villa perched over the crystal turquoise waters of a sheltered coral lagoon. Soft white sandy beaches, lush waving palms, azure skies and a warm caressing sun.


    Now, imagine a week in this tranquil island setting in the captivating company of the stunning and lovely Jasmine Jaro. Paradise found!


    Oops getting quite carried away there. Channelling a sort of soft porn travel brochure.


    But yes, dreams do come true! My early Christmas present - a week with Jasmine; in the Maldives.


    The fun started when Jas and I caught up a day or two before departure. I was treated to / mesmerised by the JJ Shopping Experience. I'm sure we did buy some beach attire and other essentials but all that is in my memory is a Sass & Bide whirlwind and an Adult store amble.


    I made appropriate (largely random) appreciative noises in S&B as Jas tried on an astonishing array of clothes with incredible select/discard speed; then I tried to fade into the background (not easy in the BDSM section) as Jas discussed the vibrating specifications of a cock ring with a bemused sales assistant. "Hmm, are you sure this is fully charged?" mused Jas sceptically.


    The next day we made the longish journey to the Maldives. Jas was the best travelling companion - organised, helpful, taking the inevitable travel hiccups in her stride, entertaining, positive, affectionate. We arrived late that night and collapsed to bed; spooning as we thought to sleep. It took a while....


    Jas's favoured spooning is to snuggle oh-so-tightly back into you and wrap your hands around her breasts. Soft, smooth, tanned skin; full natural breasts and prominent nipples; the silky curve of her waist flowing to hips - it is impossible not to stroke, caress, explore. Impossible not to be aroused as Jas wiggles her hips suggestively, responsively, and twines her legs around yours.


    So I woke the next day shagged out. It was a good start.


    The week that followed was just amazing. Not sure I can adequately describe it, but I'll share some highlights forever imprinted on my mind.


    I half awoke very early one morning to realise spooning had turned to mutual stroking, skin on skin sliding, and body hugging. As I became more and more aroused, Jas kissed her way down my body and I was treated to a legendary JJBBBJ. Starting by licking the length of my shaft, then lightly flicking and sucking the head, incredible TTM, plenty of spitting and stroking, deep throating - it was sensory overload! Her gentle murmurs and moans throughout just added to the intensity. Seriously, she should patent her technique! I lay like a starfish in a blissful trance.


    But then.... 
    Jas took a dom and led me outside to the balcony. There, she leaned over the railing, arched her back, bum thrust toward me; and breasts gently swaying, mirrored in the waters of the lagoon - I slipped inside her. Slow, sensual rhythms in the moonlight, the gentle waters lapping and pacing my slow, deep thrusts; this was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


    On another occasion, after much mutual massaging of coconut oil, I slid and stroked Jas's glistening tanned body to murmurs of appreciation until at last she could stand no more. She applied a dom and led me to the large wall mounted mirror. There she spread her legs, arched her back, and thrust her tight bum provocatively. Doggy again, but urgent slapping of bodies this time. The sight of her in the mirror, boobs flying, seemingly on an elastic orbit, facial expressions and urging cries drove me quickly to the edge. Her oily handprints on the mirror seemed to evade our room cleaners and remained a happy reminder for the rest of our stay.


    There were many other sensual sessions - some slow, lazy, languorous; some urgent, thrusting, colliding - but all seemed to just flow naturally. We lived in the moment.


    But it wasn't all about sex. (Can't believe I just wrote that!) Jas is smoking hot and very, very sexy; but she's so much more - natural, relaxed, great company; fun to be with.


    Jas is very interested in cooking, and good too. Her pro-active approach led to some interesting discussions with the chefs. Some worked, some didn't. Detailed instructions for the egg white omelette: tick. Sashimi preparation and presentation: X. "They've no idea" muttered Jas darkly.


    Breakfast was a highlight. Tip: this is important; do not deny Jas breakfast! We lingered over the incredible buffet, seated on the terrace overlooking the ocean. But enterprisingly, (and prudently in view of the exorbitant prices) we used sandwich bags to steal away delicious nibbles for the day.


    Part of our breakfast booty was always sufficient bread for daily fish feeding. Jas would perch on the balcony, inevitable glass of red to hand, and feed the lagoon fish. I think she had thoughts of a sashimi sandwich because the bread thrown in became larger and larger slices. On one occasion, distracted by lighting a cigarette, balancing a glass of red and throwing bread, Jas bounced a small loaf off the head of a snorkeler below!


    We treated ourselves to couples spa pampering package - and ordered in a bottle of French wine. From the staff reaction I judged this to be somewhat unusual, but Jas charmed her way to success. The experience of laying next to a naked Jas on an adjoining massage table, and then together in the ocean view spa sipping wine was memorable. Up periscope!


    We strolled the beach, we sunbathed, we swam in the lagoon and the infinity pool. Everywhere Jas drew admiring, lustful looks from the men (stomachs in, shoulders back!); but looks from other women too - although perhaps that was envy/despair. I blamed her bikini: why does she buy them two sizes too small? No matter, I felt ten foot tall: this goddess was with me!


    We embarked on snorkelling lessons. All went well until a bikini malfunction let loose a stray nipple. My gasp of delight sucked up sea; I nearly drowned! We snorkelled around our villa until Jas spotted sharks!! Babies really, but snorkelling curtailed.


    We gravitated to the pool bar each day for lunch and a bottle of red, then sunbathing, swimming and tall glasses of refreshing vodka, ice and limes. Repeat endlessly. And then, a game or several of Jenga. I'm competitive, but Jas!! Merciless. I won twice only I think. Jas of course had an unfair advantage - not only her nimble and dexterous hands; her bikini caused my hands to shake.


    Just a few of many moments.


    Thanks for reading this long winded and self indulgent review! I confess I wrote it for myself (and Jas too, I hope) as a way of recording some fantastic memories. But I know I haven't done Jas justice.


    I've been very fortunate to see Jasmine on many occasions in 2013, and all for extended times. The CFP: not just the best VFM, it really allows you to fully appreciate the Jasmine experience. As she says, she likes to take her time, get to know you and provide an unrushed, sensual, warm and sexy experience that is as enjoyable as possible. And holy smokes does she deliver!!


    Her organisation, thoughtfulness and generosity have been remarked on many times in reviews.


    She is a stunning, sexy and classy lady.


    But what stands out for me is that Jas is intuitive, genuinely interested in you, and caring. She treats her clients as friends. In short, she is just a lovely person to be with.


    Jas, thank you for wonderful times in 2013. Looking forward to more in 2014! xx


    November 2013



    Jasmine Jaro - just awesome! The complete package.


    I had admired Jas's photos and profile for a while, and seen her many impressive reviews. I wanted to see her but our paths never seemed to cross. Finally I took the plunge and booked an extended clock free package.


    I thought a long booking may be a risk as we'd never met, but I needn't have worried. Jas is just awesome. Let me tell you why this lady is so special:


    She is very professional and organised. Arranging a date with Jas was easy. She responded to my texts promptly and arranged all details quickly.


    She is generous. Jas stayed well beyond our arranged time, she organised drinks and food for our date, and at all times she made sure I had the best time. 


    She is very attractive and very very sexy. She is exactly as pictured and described. Petite, long dark hair, sexy brown eyes, a toned and silky smooth body, large natural breasts and nipples that will drive you wild! Her legs are fantastic and just made to wrap around you and she has a perfect tight grab able bum. She's also easy to talk to and great to be with.


    She is a red hot lover. Energetic, skilled and with some very special tricks. Jas will make sure your dreams come true. Her oral technique is just amazing, and with her eyes gazing into yours you will very quickly go over the top. Sex in every position is a mind blowing experience.


    All in all, Jas is the perfect package. Would I see her again? You bet! I have already arranged our next clock free package xxx


    April 2013




    Jas.J. Galactic princess from some other planet, good contact, good greeting,good lover,good food ,again good lover... On going.if u haven't called !! Do it now, if u have do it again!!. In the top 10, life is too short experience J.J. Now Mick.


    March 2013




    Jasmine is super easy going although I am just an international student even without my own car . I enjoyed the way she treats people very much both physically and mentally.I felt like a tiger during the sex, but it happened in a peace, which really attracts me and increases my confidence because sex could be so beautiful and natural. I I hope I can work harder in the future to save my money to visit her again. Good Luck with you, Jasmine


    August 2012




    Around The World With Jasmine Jaro


    I first met Jasmine at Melbourne drinks night. She is a lot more attractive in the flesh than her photos show. One thing I noticed was her exotic look. Her website also has her updated photos, so if I need a reminder of why I am booking, its all there. She is the most efficient WL to return text and emails. In the weeks before the booking, There were various threads on PP which were of interest, and drove me to write about my Half Litre Diet and stock the Punting Fridge. Jas had some concerns about being drowned but I assured her I was current in first aid and resuscitation techniques... Over the final week, I busied myself getting supplies for dinner and cleaning the house. I have got a pre-booking checklist memorised but for Jas, I added one extra item on that list, a LARGE box of condoms. Also had to throw out ALL clocks. Tonight the Rupe Cave is a Clock Free zone.


    As she arrives, she sent me a text to announce her arrival. But I already knew. I was anxiously waiting by the window trying to keep cool and collected...... When she arrived I was DUMBFOUNDED..... She looked spectacular. From her tight jeans and heels to her revealing black top, she just looked superb. Her body is just to die for. Her hair cascading down her back.... Her figure perfect. I help her in with her bags.... well, 1 small bag. I closed the door behind her and now she was mine until tomorrow..... Then she said "Hey Baby" and planted a DFK on me.... I gave her a tour of the house and we settled with a cool glass of wine and a chat. We have talked a bit about the bbq I was to cook which she was really looking forward to. We kiss again. Jas exclaims she is very hungry... and with a sly smile we embrace again. Her hands wonder and settle on RuPeePee. It's at this point I realise she is indeed hungry, but not for the bbq meat but for my meat. She rubs RuPeePee through my pants while we kiss deeply. My hands are also stroking her superb body. Then she breaks away and excuses herself so she can get changed. My mind is now racing. Is this really happening.


    Then she returns. Oh my. She got changed into her skimpy black lingerie. Her nipples were teasing me, by playing peak a boo.... any thoughts about being a perfect gentleman until after a chat and dinner quickly left my head and all I could think about was getting some head. Seems she has the same thing on her mind too as we kiss deeply. Her hands work at my belt and pants and in no time, she was them on the ground and RuPeePee in her hand, stroking him to attention.... Never mind that, he has been at attention from our first kiss. Jas traces her way down my body and settles with what can only be described as the one and only JJBJ. Wow she has a unique style. Slow and sensual. Deep and wet. Her magical tongue has a mind of its own. This is BJ perfection. She works me slowly but with purpose. By knees are trying their best not to buckle. Best we make our way to the bed. Jas removes her lingerie and really goes to work on me with plenty of light rimming, TTM and JJBJ, Jas wasn't kidding when she said she was hungry.


    After what seems an eternity, Jas decides a quick trip to Spain is in order and with RuPeePee between her breasts she massages him while I gently thrust. Then she drops in to suck RuPeePee to keep him moist and continues with the Spanish tour. Wow she is SO warm. This is my far my best Spanish experience. She glides up my body and mounts RuPeePee and slowly rides him. So gently at first.... So slow and smooth. This lady is all about smooth. Her BJ is SO sensual, Her riding as the same.... My view will never EVER be forgotten (not to mention the feeling). Her perfect breasts in my mouth while she rides. Her perfect pussy working RuPeePee. Then a trip to Asia is called for as she adjusts to Asian Cowgirl. Wow the view in this position is spectacular. Watching me slide in and out as she rides me like this is really nearly too much for me. But here slow and smooth becomes frantic. We are in sync as we match each other with out thrusts. We go to England as she really grinds into me, grinding her G-spot to perfection. Then with a bit of lube applied, she takes me to Greece and ride me again.... OMG She slides down so slowly while she adjusts till we get more comfortable with it and really build a pace. We change through many positions from here from spooning and missionary variations and into doggy.... grrrrr..... It isn't too long before its all just too much and the inevitable happens and we fall in a heap... recovering in each others arms and kissing.


    Now we are both actually hungry. We have really worked up an appetite. Jas slips into a long t-shirt while I don my boxers and we step outside to get the bbq going. Earlier I had prepared some marinated steaks and a selection of vegies to cook on the bbq. We chat and laugh sipping wine while the food is cooking and before long, we move inside to eat. Jas really is a lovely lady to talk to. We communicate on many levels and subjects and I can really sense there is no act with her.


    With dinner done we move off to France again for some lovely tender French Kissing. DEEP French Kissing. Before we get too carried away we head out to the Arctic so Jas can have a smoke and even though I am not a smoker, I join her with one too. We find ourselves touring France again as we are keeping each other warm so we head back inside and another European tour. France leads to Spain and some more of her spectacular JJBJ. With a bit of Eastern influence, we also manage Yin Yang. I have to say at this point that she just tastes divine. I could feast on her for the whole night but there is so many more places to go.... We really take in the sites this time, spending at least a couple hours touring all the countries we have already been too as well as some new ones. It is an exhausting trip and leaves us both breathless. We settle back again in each others arms and just cuddle. Sharing our warmth and tenderly stroking each other.


    A head outside with a quick trip to the Arctic via Cuba to get some Cuban Cigars. We share some more wine and cuddle closely to keep each other warm. Conversation is easy and natural. We are feeling very relaxed with each other and it is showing. We move away from the Arctic to get a bit warmer. I had also prepared another snack for us to have. Chilli Mushrooms. She had told me of her love of HOT foods and spices so these were just that. Even she remarked how hot they were.... Not to surprising as earlier that day I had been to Chilli to get 3 big HOT red chilli's for this recipe.


    Jas has a trip to her home land Hong Kong in store for me. She heats some oil and we prepare for her Hot Oil Massage. The sensation of her doing this is breathtaking. She has firm hands and a great technique. She works my back and legs as well as other areas. I turn over and she continues on me. All over my chest and stomach. RuPeePee is also paid quite bit of attention. The sensation on him was fantastic and she seemed to just keep adding more and more hot oil to him. The feeling was electric and after some time it developed into another round of JJBJ and TTM.


    Now I am getting pretty familiar with our European tour so without delay, we head back there. We linger in all our favourite country's. For the rest of the night we visit and revisit them over and over till we can barely move. Now that"s what I call a holiday..... When this tour comes to a dramatic end, we just lay there spooning... completely spent. In each others arms we drift off to sleep. A blissful sleep. A well deserved sleep.


    While sleeping I feel I am dreaming. It's a lovely dream of clouds and the sensation of flying. I feel like I am on a high. Gradually during this sensation my eyes flicker open to discover why my dream felt so great. Jas has woken me with her JJBJ. I just lay there enjoying it. How long have I been sleeping? How long has she been devouring me? Do I care? All I know right now is that I am in a complete state of bliss. I say "good morning".... She repeats it back to me and with a smile she continues to work RuPeePee. I can see the sun is beginning to stream through the curtains. I get her to move to Yin Yang so I can also feast on her. Together we pleasure each other. This is much better than a morning coffee and I am now a convert. After some time we move and we join in a variety of positions. From her on top riding me again to Doggy. Moving to Mish we kiss deeply before adjusting to Spooning. What can I say, Spooning in the morning is such a pleasure with Jas. Her hand pulling me closer as I hug her from beh. Our passion is intense. What is it about morning sex that makes it so pleasurable. Yes.... that is a stupid question..... It is a spectacular way to wake up that is for certain. In a pool of sweat we eventually finish. We are both pretty spent. Once again cuddling tenderly and I say again "good morning" Jas laughs and repeats it back. We kiss and cuddle.


    We get up and I prepare some coffee. Strong coffee. We shower together and wash each other thoroughly. Just soaking under the hot water while we stroke each other is yet another blissful experience. Seems every moment I am with Jas I am in this state of bliss. With us now washed we get dressed. This is the most we have worn since Jas arrived actually. But it also signals to me that my time with her is coming to an end. With some more tender kisses and warm hugs I see her to her car. One last embrace and a loving kiss and she is gone.


    When I return inside the house and can still smell her. That essence of Jasmine lingers on. I am smiling from ear to ear. I just lay back on the bed and daydream. Her smell is all around me. I seem to be drifting off again when I get a message from her. She has arrived home safely and is smiling as madly as I am. We share a couple of messages back and forth. Eventually I drift off again into a blissful slumber surrounded with the scent of Jasmine. I am certain it wont be long before I have her over for yet another world tour. I have always wanted to travel the world and who better than Jasmine Jaro to share it with....


    Ruprect April 2012




    It was very easy to connect with Jas through Privategirls.com.au. I sent her an email and within a couple of hours she responded and then we made an appointment. I had choosen the 8h extended clockfree package. Through sms she indicated the hotel and later on the room.


    I met Jas at a nice hotel in Canberra and she was a beautiful as on the pictures, with a beautiful smile and radiant eyes. She offered me a drink (sparkling wine - earlier in the day she had texted me asking my preference for the drink - very professional), and she also had prepared some snacks. We chit-chat for 5 min and then she asked me whether I was ok to move to another room - which I did gladly. She excused herself and went to the bathroom to change her dress.


    When she appeared back in the bedroom I was again stunned by her beauty; she was wearing a black dress .... Very sexy and inviting. She then slowly moved onto the bed and started kissing me lightly, and then more vigorously (DFK). She then went for the pole and did a wonderful BBBJ with once in a while moving to my lowest floor doing some rimming. Man, that felt like paradise. She went back to BBBJ with a CIM ending, and then slowly retreating from the pole.


    Afterwards we went back to the living room for some more drinks and snacks, and then back to business with a cowgirl position, shifting to doggy. Man, here I came a second time. What a day, what a day ... :-) .... After that we went outside the hotel grabbing a meal in a nearby restaurant, and once nourished we went back to the room for a third round. My preference is always first BBBJ and then doggy. Again worth mentioning is that prior to starting the third round she had a shower and put a white decolté (my preference).


    Overall, I did not see the time passing by. Jasmine is a very sweet and beautiful girl whom with I had good fun. She is lovely and caring as well as very attentive to details, and she loves PSE. I highly recommend her, and she is truly the Empress.


    Mr. P. April 2012




    What more can I say of the "empress " as a Loyal all be it infrequent regular all I can say is I wish I saw her more often .
    The most Amazing and Professional service . I only wish I had more time to enjoy her in the deep south .

    Rob, December 2011




    Not being a regular I was nervous in finding the right person to have not only fun but a connection. Jas presented all I was looking for plus more. We had fun and we connected in a way that was exciting and relaxing. The complete package – beautiful and intelligent. Jas made you instantly feel relaxed and if there was any tension that soon disappeared.
    Jas is the Diva of making you relax and at all times wanted to make sure that she was pleasing you.


    She was there for you at all times and wanted to make the next play time more intense and more pleasing than the last time.
    Amazing oral – truly mind blowing. She is truly an artist at her craft. The experience I had was truly amazing and extremely satisfying. Now I know why they call her the Empress and deserving so.


    Look forward to more party time and exploring the Empress and her pleasing ways.


    G, December 2011



    Needing a break from the pace of life I contacted Jasmine to arrange a two nightrendezvous, not wanting my PA to get involved I asked Jas to arrange the accommodation and dining in Sydney, having seen Jasmine before I knew that this longer appointment would be something special.


    Within an hour I received a reply from Jasmine in her usual polite manner,accommodation was arranged at an upscale serviced apartment in the city and dinner, well I would apparently be informed on the night.
    A txtfrom Jas arrived as I awaited my citiflyer, she had checked in andwondered how long I'd be, flights on schedule so I didn’t have much longer to wait.
    Having seen Jasmine several times before the wait for the elevator to reach the lobby was forever, the musical greeting as the elevator opened was usurped by the beaming smile and alluring figure of Jasmine as she beaconedme into the elevator for what was to be the first of many rides that weekend.
    Once inthe privacy of the apartment Jas gave me a big hug and a get you to attention DFK session. Enquiring about our dinner arrangements I was advised that as far as shewas concerned the entrée had arrived, I was dispatched to the shower and told she hoped I was as hungry as her...


    On returning to the bedroom, entree was served, Jas lay awaiting in what was obviously classy European lingerie and high heels, she gesturedfor me to lay down and then straddled my face, DATY was served, I slowly and deliberately savored the first course, the gentle sighs and pelvic gyrations of Jas suggested likewise. Jas span around lowered herself again so I couldcontinue the task at hand whilst she started to satiate her hunger, slowly kissing and licking my shaft before devouring me for a BBBJ, she has the most amazing technique, the perfect combination of tongue, suction, depth and movement, it's hard to stay in control Jas was in no rush and made sure I enjoyed my first course and her service to the utmost, before long she had mequivering as I despairingly delayed the inevitable, boom...CIM, as Jas consumed everylast drop. I attempted to talk to her, she smiled and momentarily disappeared, returning she said " don't you know it's rude to talk with your mouthfull" , what could I say..


    A chilled champers and Jas went to work like a master chef in the kitchen," I hope you like it hot" she whispers as I smell the unmistakable aroma of cooking hot chilli's. After enjoying her culinary creations (she is one great chef), intelligent and amusing conversation and more champers, she gave me a sultry look and askedwhat I'd brought for desert...gulp..."nothing" I replied...Jas smiled and lead me back to the bedroom and said "well you owe me"..gulp,,again...


    Jas treated me to her legendary TTM for quiet some time, my little fella wasreinvigorated, before returning to 69 again, this was going to be a degustationmenu event. Jas againdisplayed exemplary BBBJ technique as I focused on her sweet pussy, Jas slipped on the cover and rode me cowgirl (wow what an amazing set of natural D's), thenreverse CG (I can still feel that tonedbutt) and sensing my eminent explosion, slipped off the cover and performed the most amazing Spanish with those all natural D babies ( she musthave seen my eyes perving during the CG show ) telling me to blow All over them...bingo...
    Collapsing exhausted it was time to rehydrate with more champers (she has apassion for this stuff I expect that is only equaled by sex), while we chatted Jas related the plight of true privates, man they get someweird txt requests, Jas is great conversationalist and she kept my mindand eyes occupied whilst the battery recharged again, a task aided bythe sensational warm oil body rub she provides when the punter isa little fatigued by her youthful ministrations.


    I discussed my coffee addiction required satisfying, she grinned and said"sure, but you have to satisfy me first" pushing me down to herpearly spot. Round three was prolonged as mish progressed to doggy as sheegged me on to come, we both crescendoed simultaneously and collapsed in a lather of sweat.


    Coffee was served with conversation and the promise of breakfast in bed....Ithink I know what's on the menu..I fell to sleep to the smell ofJasmine.


    Awakening to the smell of brewing coffee and a running shower, I began to contemplate the night past, reflection was soon relegated to realityas Jas returned the last droplets of water caressing her toned body and tanned skin, she toweled of and produced a warm hand towel andfreshened my fella up (hmmm a nurse did that last) "breakfast in bed is served" she whispered as we went at it in 69 until my load was spent...breakfast was shared over a coffee at the nearby French patisserie as we planned the day ahead.


    A visitor to this fair city Jas showed me around the tourist hot spots andshared more champers with me at a fav seafood restaurant of hers, wehad to cross the city to go to a store she said for some
    reason treats her like royalty, my curiosity was solved as we entered the lingerie store and for the next 40 minutes I felt like I was the producer of a Victoria's secret photo shot as I aided and abetted the
    sales ladies in attiring Jas, errr minimalistically...returning to the room to unload the booty, I was treated to a private viewing (after ogling her body so much I finally realized what amazingly long and
    firm legs Jas has for an Asian lady) that got my little mate all worked up, Jas thanked me for my assistance in the selections and then offered alittle assistance of her own for the next Couple of hours.


    A little weak in the knees, Jas lead me back out onto the street (she has incredible stamina...ahhh the beauty of youth), only two more stops apparently, we slip into another five star hotel and relax in
    the elegant surrounds to the sounds of classical music, chatting over cocktails Jas entertains my mind with stimulating conversation like a true courtesan, it's not long before you feel like you have known her all your life as the conversation expands, punctuated by boisterous laughteras she tickles your funny bone.....later in other ways too.


    Dinner at a French restaurant is next on the agenda, the atmosphere is refined and classy befitting my company as we share, yep more champers ,she suggests we leave desert for later as she can't do her best workon a full stomach, I'm slow but I get the message and we retreat to the apartment for what was another very memorable evening and yes morning, before I had to return to the world from which I, with the help of the most skilled of courtesans, had forgotten for albeit two nights.
    If you ever have the good fortune to share an extended weekend booking with Jas, thenyou will realize that there is an escort experience that surpasses the mundane and fake persona's of some escorts who struggle to carry a booking past two hours. Jasmine is a true GF experience by day and the ultimate PSE by night, would I book that long again, well my accountant just told me I have significant tax refund on the way!


    May 2011




    Just had the most amazing session in 20 years of punting. Jas met me wearing sexy lingerie and after a brief chat gave me the best BJ ever. Being a man of a certain age I can only manage to cum once in a session and will usually stop a lady to save it all for the finale. She was too good! I had a delicious orgasm and consoled myself with the thought that it would still be nice spending time with Jas. Little did I know! 

    She offered a massage. I am sure you have been in situations like this where the lady, whilst well meaning, has little idea about massages. She gave me a fantastic, firm and professional massage and when she turned me over and started using hot oil on the old fella I started to get aroused again. She quickly mounted me but it wasnt maintained. No drama - thats the usual response for me in this situation

    By now it was getting to the end of the session. Jas had other ideas. She said she had no other clients booked, got me to relax in the spoons position and reached back to gently caress me. Before I knew it I was aroused, back inside her and had a wonderful second orgasm.

    She was still in no rush to put me out. We had a lovely cuddle and I would probably still be there now if I hadnt decided I had better go. A good 30 mins past the finish time of my session I was on my way home. Still getting aroused every time I think about her

    Why was it so good. She is pretty, friendly, highly skilled and knows how to get you to relax. When she says no rush she means it. Cant wait for her return to Perth in June

    'The Old Fella' April 2011




    I had noticed Jasmine Jaro sometime ago on the Aussie babe website and the privategirls one in Perth. Having seen a lot of asian girls I was pretty keen to give it my best shot as she looks pretty hot in the photos. It just so happened that my birthday and Jasmine had coincided and I was pretty cashed up, so I decided to take the plunge and really treat myself. I sent her an email half expecting her to be all booked out and got a positive reply that she could see me that afternoon.I duly got ready, went to the bank and bought an expensive bottle of champagne and toddled off into Perth with my ears pinned back, determined to enjoy myself.



    I arrived at the room number on time and tapped at the door. Of course the door swung open slowly and behind it was Jasmine in a very sexy outfit of lingerie and black high heeled shoes. Wow!!!! I think my heart just skipped a beat because I can tell you if you think her photos are hot wait till you see her in real life. She is absolutely beautiful!!!!! This is one chick whose pictures actually just don't capture the exotic sweetness and light in her eyes and face. And her body is just sensational, petite and exquisitely dainty with not an once of fat


    The action started almost as soon as I tried to get my gear off. I was unbottoning my shirt in the armchair when she came over knelt in front of me and started kissing me on the lips with such ardent sensuality and passion that I could have been excused for believing I had been married to her for 20 years.I got my gear off and pushed her onto the bed and Oh my God her skin in like silk except much, much better and her thighs and legs are just the most gloriously sensual limbs you will ever touch and feel. They reckon Marlene Dietrich had her legs insured I reckon Jasmine could easily insure her whole body.


    From here on in the sex just got better and better and I can truly report that everything she says in her profile is absolutely spot on. This lady really loves what she does and is really very good at it. She is very responsive and loves to be loved. So guys treat her well because she is truly a treasure. No clock watching, no do's and don't's just pure adulterated sex.( pardon the pun)


    I spent quite a long time with her and can say that she is an extremely personable lady and enjoys a good laugh. She has a very cute Chinese laugh which makes her all the more attractive Jasmine is very very clean and delicious to touch and smell..When you're lying next to her there is no angle or aspect that you can view her from, that is not just delicious and totally beautiful. She drives you wild with desire so look outguys this is one really Hot!! lady you might find her addictive if you're not used to Hot! Hot! goings on in the bedroom.


    I'll certainly be seeing Jasmine again. Can't wait in fact until she returns. Thanks for the wonderful birthday gift Jasmine Love you for ever.


    Dave Sep 2010




    I had to visit Melbourne for work and thought i might take the opportunity to find some company while i was there. Despite being often skeptical of photos and descriptions that are posted, i was taken enough by Jasmine's details to make a 3 hour booking with her. From my first contact Jasmine was fun and approachable.

    The day of our meet came and i was available earlier than i had anticipated. Luckily enough Jasmine was also free .... and again it was no problem to deal with her and bring our appointment forward.

    My first impressions were not a disappointment. She is a very well presented lady and certainly takes care of herself. Her photos are a fair indication of how she looks in person. After a drink and a fairly comfortable chat, we moved into the bedroom.

    We started with a very intimate GFE of kissing and touching, until i took the pleasure of unwrapping her lingerie and exploring her body. My attention was welcomed and she was very receptive to my actions. After enoying myself licking and kissing her sexy little pussy, she pushed me on my back and proceeded to return the favour. She thoroughly tongued and sucked my balls and shaft, then moved on to an extensive BJ. Im not sure what was the most arousing, her keen mouth, her sexy look or when she begged me to xxxxxxxx. Well i didnt take too much convincing and proceeded to xxxxxxxxxx. She didnt release me until i was well and truly finished.

    Then the pampering began, she cleaned me off and massaged me while i layed back and relaxed. Eventually she massaged me back to life and i bent her over and easily slid into her from behind. She happily took all i had to give, before sitting on me and proceeding to enjoy herself. The vision of sliding in and out of her reverse cowgirl will stay with me for quite a while! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Again an offer i happily accepted. The second time was no disappointment and proved the thorough attention and sexiness of the first time was not an illusion. Again she did not release me until i was completely spent.

    We finished the appointment with a spa and the remainder of the bottle of champagne.

    A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon that delivered everything it promised.

    I look forward to enjoying Jasmine's company many more times!

    CH Sept 2010




    Well after my third booking with  'the body' as it's even better in real life, then continue to blow me away, Jasmine does !!!  For a guy who has been visiting Escorts for over 31years, believe me when I say this girl is 'very special' !!!!!!!  It's certainly not all about a body, as it's the way it's used, and the way this girl thinks then  WOW  it's a ride of your life... Iam telling you!!! 


    Jasmine is the ultimate 'fun times' “chick, as so relaxed and easy going, but at the same time a hard working professional at the top of her game. Her skills of delivering pleasure are done with class and a true desire !!!  The suttle , tricky sensitive moves in this girl drives a guy to feverish heights and crave for more you certainly do .


    Look, Iam not sure how explicit one can be within a review, but if you are into a super smooth pussy that has to be rated at a 10, then certainly GOLD you have struck when making a booking with this girl !!  I just could not get enough of it, as it was the sweetest most desirable pussy I have had the good fortune to enjoy !!


    Now getting into the sex side of things, then maybe i am losing my great sense of what's real .... as love sex this girl really does !!! There is no disguising a girl's expressions when she is enjoying herself, as Icertainly don't say that to big note myself, but something that drives me harder and crazy, is a girl who is going off !!!!  I am telling you now, Jasmine puts it all out there.... Big Time !! 


    Alright , slow things up a bit, as getting a little overheated ....... and things revert back to a  slow, sensitive caressing pace, with some great cuddling, followed by some serious attention to my most valued part on my body !!!  The expertise here is pretty well unmatchable in my experience, and the dedication and skills are simply 'mind blowing' “!!  DON'T THINK FOR A MINUTE this is a put up review as it's all as I say it is + some , as it's hard to truly explain in words just how memorable an experience  it really was!!!    OK  $650 seems a big price to pay for an hour, but be assured Jasmine is not a clock watcher, as she is certainly all about  ensuring  her bookings get a  five star, unforgettable time !!! A true professional with a great outlook on the whole experience, and  take you to a place you will dearly want.


    To return to she truly will.......that I guarantee !!!  Read her Website description and take a good look at that body , as its all real and better than that ... and we can have her.........boy what beautiful world this is !!!     Cheers from a guy who seeks perfection.......which is a service which delivers the 'WHOLE PACKAGE' !!!


    Tassie Tiger March 2010




    I love exotic Asian women, so Jasmine was enticing from the start. This is my first review as I wanted others to know what a great time you'll have with her. I've seen Jasmine twice now, so this suggests that once is not enough. On the first visit, she made me feel relaxed very quickly, happy to share a wine at the beginning. Very cute in her underwear, it made the drink even more pleasurable. 
    She has a great body, a beautiful shaven pussy and a lovely smell (all over!).
    Without going into details too much (that's the fun of exploring with a new partner), I felt at ease with Jasmine straight away, and her long sensual kisses were a good beginning. I then tried a variety of positions before orgasm and she willingly seemed to enjoy them all too. I love giving oral and she loved receiving it in a fairly long oral session on the second visit (spoil her!).   
    I can thoroughly recommend Jasmine. Nothing seemed rushed and you'll leave feeling very satisfied. I look forward to catching up with her again soon for more wonderful sexual experiences.  


    Chris March 2010




    I made a last minute decision to see jas during her perth tour as we have been chatting for a few months now.  I made a booking at 2pm for 2 hours, on 7th December and was a bit unsure what to expect.

    The day arrived and she texted me to let me know that she had just checked into the hyatt, and that I could show up anytime...it was only 1215pm.  I know I could be really greedy with the extra time offered, but declined coz I had some serious work commitment and couldn't arrive any earlier than 130pm.


    I won't dwell too much into the details, but will say that dfk was readily accepted, all lips and tongue, daty was also happily accepted, but it slowly turned into a 69.  this is where I have to point out that as punters we have experienced 69 on many occasions, there have been some good ones, some poor ones, but on the odd occasion, we had a great one.  This was one that was expertly done.  We complain about angles of entry, teeth and jaw bones which makes 69 completely over rated.  This one I felt no teeth, no jaw bones, just soft lips, cheeks, throat and tongue.


    This was a sign that the traditional oral would be awesome.


    We went at it for a good 20 minutes before she suggested that i should just lie down and let her pleasure me...she gave a very prolonged oral, with a combination of testicular licking, DT, massage, and a bit more...this went on for an eternity..she was very very good.


    I then finished round 1 with the main event with me on top both times, missionary which turned into her on her tummy with me going at it from behind and finishing that way.


    We cleaned up, had a shower, and a drink, and chatted before round 2 started with her giving me another long oral, testicular licking, which turned into a very wet hj.  I must say that she is the second woman that I have met who could wank my cock better than myself...the other was the great luscious amber of perth.  She slowly offered her tits for spanish, and this combined with her tongue almost sent me to cloud 9.  I finished just like that, but could feel the sensation of the orgasm all the way down my toes...
    We showered, had drinks, chatted...and I left very satisfied.

    Now I don't normally provide a review with this much detail, and it's against my rules...but she has approved this.





    Melbourne. Unfortunately it's slim pickings for us brethren in the south as Melbourne ladies seem to be few and far between, but, as I feverishly clicked away I did stumble across sweet Jasmine whose bio caught my eye. After some electronic exchanges, we teed up a rendezvous at my abode. And what a gem she turned out to be. If you like them Asian, which I do, (but then again, I just like ‘em with teeth and a heart beat), then let this woman rock your world.


    Jas would be 5'5", a touch under 50kg, a smashing set of ta-ta's, and, a sweet little arse you'd eat your lunch off. I like em shaved and this girl is bereft of any hair except that lush brown mess-me-up set of locks on top of her head………and, for the love of God, she smelt oh, so good. She also has this sweet little innocent girly voice, and as I was soon to find out, that's all that's innocent about her.


    When the action started, it came thick and fast. I won't bore you with the fine details, but, this is one lady very well versed in her chosen profession. Honestly, she could suck a peach through a picket fence unscathed and wouldn't be out of place on the professional bull riding circuit.  I don't know if I got her on a good day, but she seemed totally up for it. At the end of our session I was in a lather of sweat and felt totally brutalised……….but that was good.

    Peter Aug 09




    Last night i spent the most wonderful time of my life with a lady named Jasmine. Jasmine is the definition of class and beauty and if there is such a thing as love a first sight, then i'm in love with this lady. 


    Jasmine has the softest skin i have ever had the pleasure of touching. Her skills in the bedroom are second to none and i received the most intense blow job i have had in years. Jasmine has the softest and sweetest mouth ever and her love making skills will have you begging for more. 


    If you think her photos are hot, Jasmine is hotter in person. Believe me!!!!! 


    I can't recommend Jasmine highly enough. I had the time of my life and can't wait to taste her sweetness again.


    Treat her well guys. 


    Jasmine has to be seen to be believed.


    See u soon Jas. Take care always. XXX




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