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  • SYDNEY PRIVATE ESCORT - Jessica Luscious
  • My Reviews

  • There are many beautiful women with desirable bodies on sites such as Private girls, so it can be very difficult to decide who to see. I have been seeing Jessica for 4 years now and each time I see her I know why I continue to do so. Behind her twinkling eyes, laughing smile and golden locks reside a beautiful soul. When you see her, she greets you with a warm embrace and a passionate kiss like you are two lovers reunited after a long break. This turns into what she calls Yummy sex where you are her only desire until it becomes time to separate once more. Jessica is a beautiful, intelligent woman who has so many charms it is very easy to become enchanted by them. I have, maybe you will be too.


    S, April 2019




    It's hard to pick just the right escort. All you have are some photos, the escorts self-description and testimonials. So for Jessica Luscious I can tell you: -The photos are real. She's totally real and gorgeous. -Her self-description is 100% accurate. She treats you as her "lover of the moment" right from the beginning and it only gets better. She is interesting to talk to and immense fun. -The testimonials speak for themselves . They reflect what she says in her description and way more. Every moment with the delightful, creative Jessica is to be savoured. The companionship, the intimate and fun moments and of course the sex are as good as it gets. In summary: Jessica Luscious is awesome!


    J, March 2019




    I was in Sydney recently and decided to make a booking with Jessica via text. When she walked through the foyer entrance of my hotel I knew that I had made a great choice.We went up to my room together and she instantly confirmed my initial impression. She is articulate, funny and clever and has an amazing bed manner. She certainly ticks all my boxes. I look forward to spending more enjoyable hours with her on my future trips to Sydney.


    R, January 2018




    Simply the best. I've been seeing Jessica for nearly two years. She is beautiful, vivacious, intelligent, interesting and thoughtful. With her I've experienced the wildest, heart pounding, erotic sex you can imagine. I've also felt her gentle caresses, cuddles and kisses. We've had short intense sessions and brilliant nights out finished off with an incomparable desert. For the short or long time I'm with her she makes me feel that I'm truly her lover of the moment. The details are irrelevant because I suspect different people experience different aspects of the Delightfully Creative Jessica. Just know that she will be the best you've ever been with.


    May 2017




    The ultimate fantasy, a weekend away with the very beautiful Jessica Luscious in an idyllic location, what more could a man ask for.



    I first saw Jessica for an hour, then 2 hours, then lunches, dinners and overnights, finally progressing to weekends. Her company is so enticing and fun, that you just want to spend more and more time with her and from the reviews she receives I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way. Initially as many of her reviews attest, the sex with her is vigorousv and energetic, but as you get to know each other better and better, it becomes soft, intimate and even more fulfilling.



    Jessica once told me that a perfect day for her consists of a sleep in, sex, some exercise (or is that sexercise), more sex, a walk for a juice or a coffee, a little shopping, a swim or some sailing. Then a walk to lunch with a beautiful view, sleeping for an hour or so, then more sex or cuddles. To be followed by possibly some dancing, a movie or a show and then dinner with nice drinks and fun sexy conversation. For her a perfect finish to a day would include sex in the bath. Two days of such activities for me, make a weekend more than perfect.



    I have had so many first-time “Life and Sexual” experiences with Jessica that I need more than 10 fingers to count them all. I didn't think that there were any more possible, but during the last weekend with Jessica she managed to extract two more. She really is an incredible woman.



    Time with Jessica flies by so fast and is so enjoyable that far too soon your weekend comes to an end and you wish you could spend more time with her and that you were her only client. Then as you go your separate ways, you are already planning when or how you can meet her again.



    In a perfect world I can think of nothing better than spending the rest of my life having 3 or 4 weekends a year with Jessica. Hopefully she can make your world perfect too.



    Stuart, February 2017





    You are probably reading this because you are trying to make your mind up about who to visit for your erotic encounter. Look no further and spend whatever time you can with Jessica.


    It was an efficient and professional process arranging our "meeting". The tone of Jessica's emails was friendly and reassuring in that you felt your were dealing with someone who was at the top of her game.


    As soon as I met Jessica I knew I would be in good hands! She is a natural girl, sincere and an absolute beauty with natural breasts and curves. Toned and fit. Superb assets!


    Our meeting was all a passionate blur of activity…I think we could have spent the whole time in the shower as we locked mouths, tongue and caressed. I felt a genuine sense that Jessica was enjoying herself. One will never know of course, but I think she was!


    The meeting flowed over to the bed and an oily romp with all the usual carnal actions.

    I remember lying on my back as Jessica took my cock into her mouth, her fantastic breasts rested on my thighs and she gazed into my eyes. I was in heaven, that moment was the ultimate erotic picture.


    I know there are many ladies out there but be shrewd and invest your money in a guaranteed positive, sincere experience. Yes, I will visit Jessica again, I just have to squirrel those acorns away because I want to go back to heaven!


    March 2016




    A lunch date with the beautiful Jessica, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon, in retrospect it could not have been a more perfect experience.


    I booked lunch with Jessica with a bit of trepidation, what would we talk about for 2 hours, would the food be good, would I be dull and boring and

    be stuck for things to say, would she be bored etc, etc. I need not have worried as the day turned out to be much better than I could ever have anticipated. 


    Our date actually started in a very strange way Melbournians’ are normally very staid and don’t talk to strangers, however; in the tram on the way to the restaurant at least two people started chatting to her out of the Blue! This happened in just 4 blocks and as Jessica is so vivacious, beautiful and has such an infectious laugh, I am sure that if we had of been travelling to Bundoora that the whole tram would have been chatting to her by the end of the journey. 


    The 2 hours at lunch just flew by; filled with laughter, talking about our lives, good food and wine. It went so quickly that Jessica needed to remind me that we needed to leave to return to the hotel. The experience was so good that I could have stayed there all afternoon just chatting to her. Back at the hotel, the rest of the afternoon just went too quickly. This is the third time I have met Jessica and the sex just keeps getting better and better, slow and sensual as you explore each other’s needs and desires. This is exactly as sex should be, so that you remember every detail, days, even weeks later. I can’t wait until I see Jessica again; unfortunately we live in different cities, so the wait only adds to the anticipation of our next meeting. 


    Stuart, November 2015




    Jessica Luscious was the first lady I had been with since my wife died a number of years ago. I put a lot of thought into whom I would spend my first encounter with and I'm so glad I chose Jessica. My time with her would have to be one of the best experiences of my life.


    The booking proceess with Jessica was super easy and we agreed to meet in 2 days time. I arrived at Jessica's flat to be greeted by a stunning woman. I was quite nervous initially but Jessica quickly overcame these nerves by offering me a drink and then asking me to take her dress off.


    Jessica is a highly sexual lady who loves to give back more than she recieves, all I can say is that the sex was the best I have experienced in my life; with Jessica catering to my every need. Jessica is also a squirter and seems to enjoy trying to get the whole of the bed wet, unfortunately I failed in this department, but I certainly tried my best.


    Thank you Jessica for making me realise that sex can be a whole lotta fun. I would love to see you again some day. I nearly forgot to mention that Jessica is a beautiful singer and the image of her singing to me in the shower is one that will stay with me forever.


    S, June 2015




    I had the pleasure in of Jessica Luscious in early December.


    Let me begin by assuring you that all that you read in Jessica's reviews were by no means exaggerated! But Let me just add a few more things to it now. 


    Jessica is not only a gorgeous women, she is also a very considerate and caring one. 


    I was very reluctant in booking an escort in the first place. It took some research before I came across this exquisite lady. As we all know there are more girls out there advertising that "they are the best" and saying that you would be crazy to go to anyone else etc: Who do you believe? Well Jessica is all that and more. I texted her an hour before our appointment to let her know how nervous I was about our encounter. She simply replied that "we are all human" and after I get there, and we break the ice with our first kiss I would be at ease. (that's where the considerate comes in) Wow! how right she was.


    Jessica poured us a glass of wine and it all started. The best damn sex I've ever had in my 50 years. We kiss passionately for a little while and piece by piece items of clothing stared coming off. I then lifted her onto the kitchen bench, lifted her legs high. What a view! her pussy was perfect, her ass perfectly shaped, I placed my tongue over her gorgeous pussy and she made the sweetest sounds. This just made me feel even hornier. We then slowly took it into the shower. I was lathered up all over, she didn't miss a spot. We finally made it to the bedroom. I felt like I was dreaming, Jessica knew exactly how to drive me crazy. She stared to suck on my nipples. The pleasure was indescribable. 


    We got into so many positions there wasn't anywhere that my mouth or hers didn't explore. I then started to play with her pussy, I knew this is what she wanted me to do because she immediately spread her legs wide, I then started to fuck her with my fingers, faster and faster and then her sweet juices gushed all over my hand and saturating the sheets. This happened several times, she was insatiable. At this point I knew that I had to taste her pussy again, so I bent her over and helped myself once again, her perfect pussy and ass right there! Should I? or shouldn't I? that was the question, yes I should! I started to circle her brown star with my tongue. I didn't think I would ever go there but I'm so glad I did my cock was now throbbing, so sweet! Jessica quickly placed some protection on me and stared to go to town. My tongue was now doing the same to her, I was fucking her hole with my tongue now while she sucked one of my balls in her mouth. I needed to take a breathe I Realy didn't want to blow my load just yet. I quickly got her onto her knees and started to fuck her beautiful pussy. I blew my load a short time later. 


    I have never felt more satisfied in my life. We finished up by showering together and some more kissing. I was the only thing on her mind for the whole of the time I spent with her. 


    I left thinking Jessica was truly my girlfriend. Until our next date Jes' ;)


    Mark, December 2014




    There’s a reason why she picked her last name as Luscious.


    Definition of Luscious: 


    1. Having strong sexual appeal.

    2. Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.


    Synonyms: moist, delicious, succulent.


    Fuck! You crazy to let this girl pass! After reading all her reviews I said to myself I can’t be wrong with this one… and to my amazement she was all that everyone’s talking about. She takes extra care of her lovely pussy that taste so sweet, her natural boobs will drown you, her enthusiasm will make you hard like you never felt before. Jessica luscious, she’s going to make me broke. She is addictive.


    And that’s it. That’s my review.


    Chris, December 2014





    In moments of joy

    She makes me laugh

    In moments of erotica

    She makes me hard

    Being with Jessica

    Is to be in the land of luscious

    That is the land of plenty

    Her silk like skin

    Her tender touch

    Her soft lips

    Her Devine kiss

    Her bountiful breasts

    Her erect nipples

    Her curves

    Her sweet taste

    Her orgasmic touch

    Luscious not a word

    But a Jessica world

    Everything about this woman

    Is arousing

    Her touch will make you hard

    Her mouth will make you cum

    Her breasts will make you want more

    Every thing about this woman

    Will take you beyond

    The experience not to be missed

    The one to be repeated

    To one to be explored

    In the land of Jessica luscious

    There is now and again


    Anonymous, September 2014




    Jessica my little Dutch treat



    I found Jessica on twitter some time ago. Something drew me towards her, whatever it is/was I'm glad it did.



    We conversed via email, which was suggestive if not explicit and on twitter. The desire to meet Jessica just increased



    Jessica emailed me to let me know she was coming to Adelaide for a spontaneous short tour. Unfortunately for me my domestic situation had imploded, and after initially booking to see Jessica, I cancelled one of my must sees. To cut a long story short, as I continued to follow her daily tweets I realized that I would regret the cancellation for a long time coming so luckily there was still time to re-book.



    Well the day came around, I could only see her for an hour, but so glad I did.



    Met Jessica for an early morning twist at the apartment she was staying in. Was greeted by Jessica in the lobby looking very business like, with her hair up, wearing a grey coat. Stunning.



    A quick trip up the lift to her room. once inside hands going everywhere and tongues exploring, b4 I jumped in the shower to freshen up.

    Undressing Jessica revealed her smoking hot body and beautiful natural e cup breasts, so soft and sensitive.



    Well without lots of details, Jessica is an unbelievable sex partner, DFK, DATY, Sensitive Nipples, Toys, we explored everything, well almost everything (left something for next time)



    Jessica and I had great fun, all the right sounds emitted from Jessica and her expression on her face said it all as she orgasmed several times. She is a sexual women. Jess gave me the best hand job I've had to get me off, and managed to get it all over her body and in her hair, not that she minded.



    A quick cuddle and shower followed as I had to continue work.



    Now I have to convince Jessica to come back to Adelaide, so i can enjoy her company again. soon.



    Thanks Jessica for an absolute out of this world experience, I have not before been with a woman that responds so well to so many sexual acts and positions. As I said in my text to her after we had parted. "Best Sex Ever, without a doubt"



    Love you Young lady. You are the best



    Andrew, September 2014






    Was feeling horny last night so I decided to text the delectable Jessica at short notice to see if she was available, apologizing for a request at such short notice (she does state on her privategirls ad and to quote "forward bookings are most appreciated. Even so, I have cut many lunches and dinners short to for some last minute fun, so don't be shy...")


    To my surprise I got a reply a short while later that she was available to play. Awesome.


    Fast forward to the rendezvous now. Upon setting my eyes on Jessica I must admit she is absolutely gorgeous.


    We chatted for a very short while until we got into some fun. There was DATY, oral on me, doggie (mine and Jessica's favorite) and missionary until I came.


    We then had a very nice conversation until the second round which took place in the shower for a bit of a rub down and tug until I came again on her bottom and what and arse it is.....perfect.


    The hour was up and we parted ways.


    P.S. Jessica provides an excellent GFE, is a very happy and bubbly person, really makes you feel at ease and is definitely not a clock watcher.


    Can't wait till she comes back to Melbourne. 


    Luv2play, September 2014





    I remember when i first started researching: Jessica has already caught my eyes with all her rave reviews. :)


    I approached her and confirmed a solid date of play time in a few day's time :)


    A few day might seems quick to most, but it felt like years as the anticapation is that high for me in my first encounter. But its these few days that gives me the time to research on how i should present myself to the lady. After all, i believe if the lady can tell a guy making an effort to make himself presentable (appearance and hygene) for the date, she would most likely repay back with equal amount or more passion, which Jess kept praising the prep i have done for the day :D


    Reached at Jessica's place on the dot and make my way to her apartment before she opens the door for me. The minute we see each other, it already seems as if we knew each other for a long time. After the chit chat, she gave me the best DFK i ever have in my life. Swear i can pretty much DFK the whole 1 hour session and i would be pretty happy with just that :) But Jessica has more plans than just DFK. She suggested a shower session (which i LOVED) before making out on the bed.


    ......................Where's the details of the make out? I think i probably wouldn't go into details as she's just as good as every other reviews implies :) Very sensitive on her nipples and loves to DATY by me. Going by how the contraction of her VJJ, i think i might have make her go over the line a few times (although no squirting :() But hey, i'm only new to the scene. With practise, i'm sure making her squirt is achieveable by me 


    Good times always pass quickly. We finish off with a massage and cuddle + chit chatting........with a final shower obviously, before i make my way out. 


    I know for sure, this will be a very memoriable encounter with such a beautiful and sexy lady :) Easily the best sex i have till date :) Will i see her again.......HELL YEAH :)


    Curious Asian, August 2014




    What can I say about Jessica?


    * Beautiful

    * Smart

    * Dynamic

    * Very very sexy

    * Loves, absolutely loves what she does

    * Did I mention she loves what she does?


    Jessica first came to my attention in chat. I thought she was absolutely delightful (she laughed at all my lame jokes). Jessica had been saying that she wanted to pay Adelaide a visit; I of course was encouraging such behaviour.


    Then one day I get a message from Jessica saying that she had made all the arrangements for her visit. Within 2.7 seconds (okay okay, maybe a little longer than that) of getting that message we had organised a date and time.


    The day in questions finally comes around. Not like I was counting down the days or anything like that. I get to her hotel and send her a text to let her know I’m there and good to go. Jessica gets back to me immediately. Moments later we meet. A few moments after that ….


    ….. and ….. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.


    Everything that Jessica says about herself is true. The quality of her service cannot be faulted. I for one had an absolutely fantastic time.


    Jessica is a young lady who has a beautiful face, a beautiful soul and a body that ….. you will just have to find out for yourselves.



    Punter, July 2014 






    Hold onto you hats Gentlemen there's new thrill ride in town.



    Jessica was a last minute punt and little did I know what a winner I was onto here.



    I barely had time to knock when the door was flung open and Little Ms Luscious was all over me like a wet towel, devouring me. (Of course I returned the favour). We stumbled to the bed, groping and licking and moaning and soon I was plunging headfirst between her legs whilst she writhed below me. Coming up for air, it was as if our clothes exploded off us as they were scatted to the corners of the room, then back to the wrestling match. This delightful little Dutch girl (and yes your fingers can go in all holes) is all natural, real hair, real breasts and a real insane sex drive. Other wl's of Sydney, I highly recommend you pull this girls into any doubles you are thinking of, she is an energiser bunny with no inhibitions (I distinctly remember plunging a vibrator into her twat whilst licking her clit, my cock in her mouth and butt plug up her arse) - oh happy memories) She will make your day! (Or night!). 


    We ran the gamut of positions, including several I'm sure I've never seen in any book, and Jess accommodated all, with a happy grin and came back for more. Did I get a cardio workout? Did I ever! 


    But there were moments of respite and quiet contemplation (and beers :) ) though they never lasted long, difficult to keep you hands off this specimen :

    The new rollercoaster is in town! I want to do the loop di loop again!!!


    Mr FB, June 2014




    At the time I couldn't find any review on Jessica so I decided to take a plunge. Sent her a text message late night and got a response quickly for the next day. Communication was really great and she was friendly and inviting throughout the messages. 


    Got in the door and had the usual introduction. She has a very bubbly and warm personality. Started caressing me almost immediately and undressing followed suit. She led me through the shower where we had a shower together. Got back onto the bed where we kept touching and playing. She was very responsive to touching and kissing all over. Then the usual CBJ and various positions; plus round two.


    Great personality. Easy to get along, exchanged stories and laughs. I think she works out regularly as she is quite fit. Will return definitely.


    B, December 2013




    With the weekend forecast to be cold and wet I decided it was a perfect time for some indoor play. Friday evening I sent Jessica a txt to see if she was available Saturday afternoon. 5 minutes later I had my answer. A few more txt's over the next 30 minutes and all was locked in place. 


    A few hours before the selected time I received a txt to advise a small change of location but not far from the original location. After sorting out a parking spot for the duration I contacted Jessica and promptly had a return txt with all the final address details.


    A few minutes later I knocked on the door and it was opened by the stunning Jessica in a short red dress.


    I was ushered in and greeted by passionate kisses. This continued for a while with hands and legs roaming each other. A short while later the financials were quickly exchanged and back to the action. We continued slowly undressing each other whilst and exploring. This continued for a while till we collapsed on the bed.


    The exploring continued on the bed with no clothes with plenty of kisses and attention to Jessica's breasts which are very sensitive. We then repositioned so I could kiss my way down her body for DATY. Jessica really enjoyed this. After a while we rolled over and Jessica explored her way down my body to give me a CBJ. I am not a massive fan of the BJ but this was one of the best I have had despite the condom. Jessica climbed on top of me and showed me her horse riding skills and they are very good. We stayed in this position as it is my favorite and we climaxed together and Jessica collapsed on me.


    Jessica offered me a massage but we stayed lying down cuddling and fondled and talked for a while till I was ready for round 2. Jessica rode me to climax no 2 and we then lay on the bed talking for a while.


    We then showered together with Jessica washing me all over. When I was all dressed and ready to leave we parted with a nice long.


    I would rate this as one of my best punts with Jessica being very passionate, responsive and fun throughout the booking. I never felt rushed and was totally spent at the end of the session. I will be retuning as long as Jessica stays in Sydney for a while.


    Punt by "Mr PC", May 2014




    After lurking on this forum for quite a while & using it to significant advantage, thought it was appropriate to make my first post a review.


    I can definitely vouch for the veracity of the positive & enthusiastic comments in the 2 previous reviews of Jessica Luscious. My experience with Jessica was everything I expected and much more - she is a consummate professional in the true sense of the phrase.


    The arrangements were simple & uncomplicated. After the initial introduction, mutual undressing occurred & we gravitated to the shower & then the bed.


    Without wishing to engage in too much detail, can say we tried quite a few things including simultaneous use of dildoes, Spanish between reasonably large but very natural un-enhanced breasts. 


    The highlight for me was helping J to achieve an orgasm with squirting whilst in a 69 position.


    In addition, a very invigorating deep massage ended a truly delightful interlude. J has a great sense of humour & is very 'switched on'. She certainly seems to enjoy herself & was very genuine. 


    To put my experience into perspective, I have seen Ella Wilde & Heavenly Hollie & had a great time with them, but Jessica blew me away - emphatically, categorically & actually!!


    March 2014




    Jessica; Thank you 4 a great evening as always in your company:) xoxo


    January 2014





    Thanks !! You have made my day !


    January 2014




    Jessica just want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon. It was a nice break. I had fun and you took care of me ever so gently. :) I look forward to the next time im in Perth. Xo


    December 2013




    Amazing night... Thanks again and keep me posted where you end up. 💋


    December 2013




    Thanks - massage was fantastic!


    December 2013





    Hi, just wanted to say wow that was amazing, thanks very much , what a sexy experience that was for me ;) enjoy the rest of your day :)


    December 2013



    Thanks so much Jessica, you are a very 'alive' person. It was great to meet you... You are beautiful .. Love "me"


    November 2013




    Hi jessica its "me" from sunday night . Thanks for a great time . 


    November 2013




    Jessica, Thank you for last night,

    You were just as amazing as ever


    X, 8th March 2014

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