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  • First off all I can say is wow! I was lucky enough to see Keira and she exceeded my expectations. They say no one is made perfect but that is a lie because Keira is perfection. Keira is drop dead gorgeous, the softest skin, amazing smile and a 10/10 body so fit. Keira is so easy to have a conversation and laugh with felt like I've known her for ages. The time spent with Keira was simply unbelievable and I was spewing it had to come to an end. I definitely will be seeing Keira again.


    Justin, June 2019




    Let me start by just saying thank you, Keira. I had the privilege today of spending an hour with this remarkable young lady and it was easily one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. The level of connection, the warmth and empathy from the moment the door is open cannot be properly described. I made this rendezvous mostly on the urgings of a friend and really I think I had convinced myself I was just feeding my baser desires. I can tell you, not the case with this lady. I could spend hours just talking with Keira. Anyone looking for an instantaneous deep connection (which is what I think I was after the whole time) needs to meet this incredible lady. Don't get me wrong, her body, the sex; things that nations have gone to war over let me tell you. Still, in the end, it was talking, both at the pillow and on the couch, that deep, personal baring of souls and understanding I think is what I will always carry with me. This is probably my last time in Sydney and it has been the best visit in the last 15 years. Thank you so much Keira.


    Rich, June 2019




    Do you remember back to your uni days? Do you remember that cute girl who was just a little different to the other girls? More beautiful than most, but not arrogant with it and a level of intelligence and maturity that set her apart from the other girls? Keira is that girl. I have had the pleasure of Keira's company a number of times now and can attest that she is a true beauty in the real sense of the word (both inside and out). She also has a genuine passion and sensuality that belies her wholesome exterior. It is rare to find someone capable of forming such genuine connections but Keira's kind and generous heart leave me feeling on a high for days every time I see her.


    C, June 2019




    Beauty, brains and a beautiful bum all wrapped up in a sensational package Keira Karr. Given this was my first time with an escort, I was a little unsure what to expect, but the total experience was beyond my expectations. The relaxed conversations, the incredible foreplay and the mind-blowing sex during our 2 hours together has me getting ready for next time I'm in Sydney. If you are looking for the complete experience with a sexual firecracker, who is a beautiful person too, then Keira is your woman.


    T, May 2019




    I booked a 1.5-hour session with Keira and Chelsea and what can I say. They are the queens of escorts. They are intense and passionate in their bedroom activities and at the end of the session, I wanted more time. Keira's moans as she rode me while Chelsea enjoyed the view moaning as she pleasured herself is a memory I will never forget. I felt like a king being pleasured by two women and their imagination. Contact was easy and Keira is quick to respond and very eager to answer any questions I had. She wore everything exactly as I requested and set up the session exactly how I wanted including a blindfold and giving me two presents to take home! You two have made my week, I will most certainly come back for more!! xx

    S, May 2019




    Everything about Keira is totally genuine. She's a naturally beautiful young woman and her pictures don't lie but her appeal goes way beyond her obvious, physical attributes. Right from the moment you receive the first pre-appointment communication from her, you can tell this is going to be no ordinary liaison. Within moments of meeting her for the first time, you will be instantly at ease. Time with Keira passes way too quickly but oh, so sweetly and, as another reviewer has said... beware, Keira can easily become very addictive.


    M, March 2019




    I have been with many escorts over the years, and Keira is one of my favourites. She is naturally very beautiful, no makeup needed. If I had to describe her, I would say she is that beautiful girl next door when we were growing up, that all the older boys dated and we dreamed about. She has a great personality and warm welcoming smile. I live a very busy and stressful life, but I am totally relaxed with her in no time and enjoying the moment, and the expectation of what is to come. Be warned she is addictive.


    I, March 2019




    Keira is an incredibly sexy young woman. She has soft lips, beautiful eyes and an amazing body. She welcomed me with open arms and proceeded to spoil me thoroughly. She's playful, intelligent and sincere. An absolute pleasure to enjoy.


    M, February 2019




    I saw Keira on a recent trip to Sydney and I can say that I was not disappointed. Not only is she stunningly attractive (she has the kind of eyes I guy can get lost in for days) but she has a sweet and engaging personality that will mean you won't want to say goodbye. Keira is very pleasant and professional in all her communications and is based in a modern and upmarket apartment near the city centre. She's not all just looks though (she has brains too!) and you should find plenty of topics to have a conversation about.


    C, February 2019




    My girlfriend and I met Keira last week and it was an experience to remember. We saw her profile and we both agreed that she was the one we'd like to meet. Right from the first text we felt good about our choice, she responded promptly and openly to all our questions and soon we agreed on a day to meet. A few days (filled with excited anticipation) later we were ringing the bell at her apartment. When Keira opened the door, with a smile, we were not at all disappointed. She's gorgeous, charming, and a great conversationalist. We felt completely at ease while we chatted on the sofa. Keira suggested we move into the bedroom and needless to say we both eagerly agreed. Keira is a great kisser and is imaginative in the bedroom we'll definitely see Keira again.


    Steve and Michelle, January 2019




    My boyfriend and I saw Keira as a 5-year anniversary present and she completely exceeded our expectations! I'm a little inexperienced and had never been with a woman before so I was quite nervous going in, but Keira instantly put us at ease. She is incredibly beautiful and charming and made sure we were both comfortable throughout our experience. We cannot recommend you enough, Keira, and hope to see you soon!


    M, December 2018





    Keira is everything the profile promises.... and more. I was greeted with a beautiful smile and a warm embrace. She is very attractive. Her gym-toned body was evident instantly in a tight-fitting cocktail dress and heels. A white wine offered, the conversation was relaxed and easy. Gentle kisses became more fevered. The dress was lost, revealing an amazing figure barely covered in sexy tasteful lingerie. After caressing then suckling and flicking her sensitive nipples, panties were lowered revealing a stunning shaven pussy. Her swollen clitoris responded well to the gentle ministrations of a swirling tongue and before long a contented sigh signalled her first orgasm. After a quick shower, it was my turn to experience her oral delights. What a talent. She clearly loves the blowjob and is unbelievably proficient, especially for one so young. Just what was she doing in the classroom? Not that this was on my mind as she brought me close to my own climax with incredible skill. I feared losing it, but thankfully she suggested we fuck. Who was I to argue? We played in several positions, all great with a highlight being her preferred doggie position. More orgasms, more cock sucking, her tongue pressing against my shaft as she bobbed and moved up and down........ I could take no more. Splashdown all over her gorgeous breasts whilst she rubbed her clit was certainly memorable. This young lady is special. I will return!! 


    Simon, September 2018





    As a long-standing serial monogamist, I've always been curious about seeing an escort and wondered what the experience would entail. What are the odds of feeling a connection with a stranger? Will the woman that arrives match these super hot photos? Will I be too nervous to enjoy the process? And will I ask her too many stupid questions? I decided there was only one way to find out... After one look at her online gallery I was smitten; attracted to Keira's physique, natural appearance and her gorgeous skin tone. Feeling reassured by her glowing reviews and in-line with my next trip to Sydney I went ahead and made a two-hour booking, a massive four weeks in advance. I think it's fair to say that in the weeks to come I may have overthought the upcoming event. Anticipation grew. My nerves built. I waited. Finally (four weeks later) I found myself sitting in my hotel lobby, looking for a woman in a black dress, not quite knowing what would happen next. The moment I locked eyes with Keira I felt relieved. My tension washed away, my mind cleared and something quite unexpected happened. My vocab decided to take a hike leaving me with only two words - hi and WOW! I said one of them and thought the other as she greeted me with a kiss. I'm not going to go into detail about what happened next, but I will say this; Keira is absolutely beautiful, drop dead sexy and a masterful pillow talker to boot. In the hours that followed I was completely at ease. We talked, we laughed and she made me feel ecstatic. The time raced by and before I knew it I was attempting to reconcile an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction with a rapidly growing hunger. I'd see Keira again in a heartbeat. I'm looking forward to it.


    S, August 2018





    Keira met me in the lobby of my hotel early Sunday afternoon in August. When I first saw her in the crowd of people by the elevator there was something about the way she looked that just made me smile. She really did have me at 'hello' from our initial hug. She is naturally beautiful with a great, fit body, but there is so much more to what she offers. She is smart, passionate and sensual. Kissing her was like kissing an angel. Think of that girlfriend you had in college that is still on your mind today. Keira knows how to connect in an amazing way, beyond just her amazing skills. The time I spent with her is seared into my memory. Part of me wants to keep her all to myself until the next time I am in Sydney. She will be the first person I contact! If you have the opportunity to spend any time at all with Keira, you will likely feel the way I do. She is beyond words and constantly makes me smile just thinking of her.


    T, August 2018




    I was intrigued by Keira's cheeky description of herself and wanted to meet her. Although I was initially nervous, Keira's calming manner soon put me at ease. Talking with Keira was mesmerising, with her intelligence and sense of humour obvious. She is very perceptive and playful and has an outlook and maturity beyond her years. She has an amazing body and a gorgeous face; her pictures don't do her justice. And you don't need to choose between beauty and brains - Keira has it all in one package. All too soon it was over and time to get back to the real world after my lunchtime treat. And start planning the next one...


    June 2018




    I saw Keira this week in Sydney and man, what an experience. Her pics really don't do her justice, the thing that stood out about her most was her tight little bod. Keira made me feel comfortable straight away, a big deal considering how nervous I was once I saw her. She is as fun as you would expect a 19-year-old to be but way more talented in the bedroom than her age would suggest. She started by giving me a deep and skilled blowjob on the couch, I gotta say it was super hot watching her drop to her knees and take me all the way into her mouth before we even made it to the bed. I almost exploded right then and there but then she dragged me upstairs to her room and started riding me, the first cowgirl, then mish, then doggie. I came really hard and afterwards, she massaged me and helped me relax before going back out and about my day. A truly awesome hour, this is one talented little lady I'll be seeing much more of.


    J, May 2018




    From the moment I opened the door to the moment, it shut behind her as she disappeared into the night, I was mesmerized by Keira. Described by some as raw, earthy, sexy and natural; I would add delightful, playful, witty, smart, engaged, sensual and a pleasure to be with. Keira is very skilled in the sex department. She took control the moment she entered the room thrusting her tiny self against me in a beautiful white dress. Underwear is obviously a nuisance to her and that is fine with me. She wrapped her sweet lips around my hardened member and her gift was obvious to me. She is a fabulous kisser and to tease, squeeze and suck the nipples that emerge from her natural breasts is a delight in itself. Wet from the moment she entered the room, she encouraged the gentle exploration of her pussy by tongue and fingers. Within seconds I was dripping and her moaning told me to continue. Not one to disappoint we worked together to bring her to multiple orgasms. The main event was as fabulous as you would expect and the only danger is cumming too soon with this gorgeous siren. Every inch of Keira's body is worthy of slow and careful examination and she is equally adept at conversation and other engagement. I could not recommend this pocket rocket highly enough; she is one in a million.


    M, May 2018




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