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    • 24
    • 8
    • Brunette
    • 167cms
    • D
    • Brown
  • Khloe Carter - Private Escort Reviews

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  • I haven't seen Khloe for quite some time. Our catch up recently was worth the wait. Like old friends after a quick shower we embraced in the lounge, her tongue seeking mine. Our hands caressing each others bodies. Her skimpy shorts and singlet quickly discarded, her knickers thrown away, my towel stripped from my waist, she dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock. We moved to the lounge, her efforts to deepthroat me and pleasure me were wonderful. Then she rose, climbed over me leaning against the back of the lounge as she lowered her pussy to my face. My tongue lavishing her until she was rocking and moaning. Her orgasms leaving her dripping wet. Moving to the bedroom our 69 was divine. We moved through passionate positions until I couldn't take it any more. She wanted me to paint her. Who was I to deny her request. She leaned on one arm, her heaving breasts longing for my release. And then it was time, wave after wave all over her chest, throat and body. She laughed and giggled at my enormous load as we cleaned up. We settled in for some post coitus cuddles and kisses. Khloe is a lovely girl. She enjoys her passionate interludes. Always worth a visit.



    BB, February




    As you can see from her photos, Khloe has a perfectly proportioned young body, ripe for the bedroom. She is absolutely gorgeous from head to foot, with the prettiest face you could imagine. What's more, she is simultaneously highly exotic and totally Aussie at the same time - a cosmopolitan delight who outdoes her profile pictures in the flesh.


    When she arrived at my hotel, Khloe was immaculately dressed, but quickly shed both her clothing and her inhibitions once we were in the room. She has a lovely, chirpy personality, and a great sense of humour, and her mouth will pleasure you with conversation, or in other ways ...


    Speaking of Khloe's other talents, once she was naked, she eventually broke off our passionate kissing to give me some delicious natural oral - for which she has an equally natural flair. When I returned the favour, I found I had unlocked a wildcat well of sensuality, as she rocked and moaned before coming to a series of unrestrained orgasms. Certainly, Khloe is one of the most responsive girls I've met!


    Then it was on to some mutual, wet, energetic sex, as we tried a series of positions in rapid succession, till it was hard to remember which way was up - not that it mattered really. Finally, I finished and we collapsed in a happy heap and tried to get our breath back.


    Khloe is an absolute must-see. You will get a full cardio workout, or else a cardiac arrest if you aren't up to such energy and beauty, and you will meet a lovely person into the bargain. So don't just gaze at her pictures and wonder what it would be like to have her breasts in your mouth, your hands on her body, and to be inside her ... find out!


    Peter, September




    I was visiting Melbourne for a quick business trip and decided on a bit of a play. Unfortunately the ladies that I had normally met were not available. I stumbled across Khloe Carter and I decided to give her a try. Her profile showed a pretty hot young body with a nice set of breasts. Communicating with her was pretty easy. She arrived at my hotel room and a light tap on the door and I was met with a lovely young lady. Her long brunette hair hung down below her shoulders. She was wearing a black low cut top that exposed her ample cleavage. She came into my hotel room and I watched her curvy young butt sway in front of me. I was looking forward to playing with that very shortly! The business done and we settled down onto the lounge. She quickly started to kiss me gently, not ridiculously powerful, just gentle little kisses with her tongue touching mine. Her hands began to wander and suddenly my pants were undone and she was grasping my manhood with her hands and was licking the shaft with her tongue. She nibbled away licking up and down while gently removing my pants. Then she began to suck on me sending gentle spasms through my body. I won't go too much more into details because it became a bit of a blur. We moved around the hotel room in a variety of positions. Khloe is young and enthusiastic. She also became more involved erotically as I was treating here the way a young woman should be. I took command and pleasured her which caused her to be louder and more enthusiastic. An exploding finale across her ample breasts was well received. After settling down we chatted about her activities and studies. I found Khloe to be a lovely young lady. Her body is slim but with a great set of breasts and a hot round ass. She enjoyed her work and it was obvious that if treated right she shines. Khloe Carter is a delightful friendly young lady and I can only compliment her on the way she interacted with me. Thanks Khloe I really enjoyed our time together.


    Rick, May




    I had the some real fun meeting and playing with Khloe. She is a gorgeous young woman. Attractive, with brunette hair and a cheeky smile and bright eyes. And her body, tight and toned with a pair of great D cup breasts. We started quickly, by her own admissions she is always feeling horny. I quickly removed her clothes and she kneeled over the bed where I went to town on her DATY from behind. Her pussy quickly becoming moist, my tongue licking her pussy and ass. She then turned and removed my clothing and began to swallow my cock as deep as she could. Our session developed into a variety of positions from a deep shattering 69, to fucking cowgirl, doggie and mish.  We moved back into a very wet 69. It was from there that things really heated up. With Khloe shafting my cock with her mouth and hands until it felt ready to burst, I went to town on her clit until she exploded in an earth shattering orgasm. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her hard to my face not letting her escape as I continued working on her, with her body accepting the challenge and rocking through a series of multiple orgasms. All the while she worked my cock, groaning as she was cumming, with it either deep in her mouth or her hand shafting it rapidly. I simply couldn't hold on any longer and as she was cumming again and again she dragged an enormous load from me covering her, me and the sheets. We then cleaned up and settled back onto the bed chatting about her sexual fantasies and her exploits. Khloe is a beautiful young woman who I would definitely see again. Thanks Khloe.


    Steve,  May



    Khloe is a gorgeous young woman that I would highly recommend. She had just arrived in town and after seeing her profile on line for a while I decided to take the jump. So glad I did. She met me at her door wearing sexy black lingerie covered in a revealing lace gown. S gentle kiss was the precursor to a great afternoon. After a quick shower I returned to the lounge, where she threw her arms around me kissing me passionately, her tongue exploring mine. My towel was quickly removed and she slid down to her knees engulfing my now throbbing member gently into her mouth. Slowly at first and then with speed, she gave me the most incredible blow job that was difficult to control myself with. After time I lifted her up, kissed her gently and then turned her around bending her over the dining table, myself then sliding down and reciprocating the pleasure, my tongue exploring her pussy and ass. She was becoming wetter and wetter so I swiveled her around and sat her down on the chair diving down between her legs gently lapping at her clit. Her breathing and groans grew louder and faster until she grabbed the back of my head pulling me into her as she was cumming in a massive wave. She settled and we moved into the bedroom, sliding from 69 to taking turns going down on each other. She then sheathed me and climbed on slowly lowering herself down until she was riding me fully. We smoothly moved from cowgirl to doggie and missionary. Then she was back sucking me again until she gasped "I want to see you cum". She settled underneath me as I then unloaded all over her perky D cup breasts. We lay back down and she snuggled into me like a true girlfriend. We chatted smoothly our conversation slipping from sex to work, to study, back to sex, to travel, to her favorite men (lucky for me she likes older guys). And then we were kissing again, slowly at first then passionately. I maneuvered back down the bed licking her pussy, then rose and began to flick her clit with my fingers. Her head tilted back moaning as she began to cum again. She then began shafting and sucking my cock until I couldn't take it anymore and unloaded all over her again. More cuddles and kisses and then a shower and it was time for me to go. We warmly hugged each other as I left her. Khloe is truly a wonderful young lady. Gorgeous, sexy and a lovely person to spend time with. Thanks Khloe.


    BB, May



    First impressions of Khloe was that she is very classy and sexy. Gorgeous everywhere i looked. Made me feel very comfortable from the start. Would definitely recommended her. Will not disappoint.


    A, February


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