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    • 30
    • Curvy 10
    • Dark blonde
    • 5'7 / 168cms
    • Natural, perky 10C
    • Hazel, Almond-shaped
  • Mia Monroe - Private Escort Reviews

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  • To me each person, experience and connection is unique. I prefer to go with the flow and tailor each date to ensure  mutual mind-blowing satisfaction.  This been said here are a few snippets both naughty and nice that can give you a little glimpse of the possibilities!


    "Mia delivers exactly what she says she does and more. Every expectation was exceeded, and her expertise and attentiveness did not falter even once. We were all having such a good time that it would be a crime to have the date end, so we extended.. not once but twice. Words cannot explain how good this girl is at what she does, the transfer of her attention from my wife to me was seamless, and she paid equal attention to us both. You could tell that Mia truly loves what she does, and it was so evident throughout the night."
    "Mia is as attentive with a girl as she is with a guy. Not only was it not intimidating watching her get intimate with my hubby, it was a massive turn on. Within a couple of kisses from her gorgeous soft lips, I was completely hooked and up for anything. She knew exactly when to take charge, and when to let things flow naturally. She has a way of relaxing even the most nervous person . She is equal parts fantasy and down to earth, packaged into a perfectly toned and tanned body (with possibly the best bum in the world)!"
    "Try to find a word that combines sexy, beautiful, sultry, charming and ultra-hot all in one go. Struggling? Not possible? Then you've never met Mia!"
    "Mia Monroe is a combination of all of this and so much more!"
    "I've had the amazing pleasure and fortune of knowing Mia for a while now. From the very first time you meet this exquisitely stunning woman, you'll find yourself immersed in the most hedonistic experience you could ever possibly imagine. Mia absolutely oozes sex appeal and uses it to satisfy you in ways you've only ever dreamed of."
    "We can talk about superior blowjobs (one of Mia's specialities), or her amazing love juice that she can squirt like no other, her dfk that's to die for or her pussy that tastes like heaven ..... and that's before we get into the intensity of her red hot and unparalleled skills in everything else that guarantees that you will place your encounter with Mia in your "Hall of Fame of Encounters!"
    "In conclusion, Mia is nothing short of spectacular & she is most certainly one of the most exceptional & phenomenal ladies I've ever had the privilege of meeting. Not just because she's stunningly gorgeous & succeeds quite excellently to make the "Mia Monroe Experience" unforgettable, but also because she's down to earth, empathetic, genuine, intelligent, kind-hearted, mature & street smart, all well beyond her young years."
    "Easily without a doubt, the greatest fuck I have ever had in my whole 14years of being sexually active! This girl is a dead set truly down to fuck nympho, Arrive there with a hard-on, leave with a fucking BONER! every time! I won’t go into detail; all must go and see for themselves, enjoy!"


    "Mia is just so much fun to be with, the time just flew by, and 3hrs was not long enough either. Mia provides a total experience and goes out of her way to ensure that every minor detail is to your liking. The time I spent with Mia was just perfect in every way; there is not one thing I would change in the slightest. The only change would be to spend a longer time with her, which is what I intend to do in the future."


    Still not convinced? Read more of my reviews below


    I've had the privilege of having known Mia for a few years now & categorically that she is 1 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen & not only is she stunningly gorgeous, but she is also 1 of the most genuine, honest, interesting & unassuming persons I've ever known, which makes her exponentially sexy beyond words. I recently had a booking with her, which was beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best experience I've had with her yet. As mentioned, I've known her for a number of years & am very comfortable, yet extremely excited whenever I'm with her & during this particular afternoon Mia & I got acquainted with each other & as mentioned it was absolutely the best time 've ever had with her, which is amazing in itself because every single booking I've had with Mia over the years has been nothing short of mind blowing & unforgettable. Any booking with Mia is an amazing experience that leaves weak at the knees at the very least & I cannot emphasise enough how the Mia Monroe Experience is so amazing that there are no words to aptly describe it, except to say make a booking with her & then you'll know how out of this World the Mia Monroe Experience truly is.

    J, October 2018



    I contacted her after a long time, nearly 3 years since we last met. She replied straight away. She is amazing. we set date/time.


    I couldn’t wait for the time to come. Finally I head to her place. It is amazing. she looked super gorgeous. She looks just amazing. wearing that gym gear. perfect butt and legs.


    I am a big butt fan and guys take my words if you like butts she is the lady you do not want to miss out on.


    we had a small chat, I got to see Jimmy too.


    She started teasing me with her butt. standing in the corridor, then slowly going up the stairs and those squats on the stairs took my breath away.


    After that we jumped on the bed and from there it was loads of face-sitting, DFK her legs wrapped around me, her puffy nipples OMG those are just amazing. she tastes amazing, just amazing and so clean. face-sitting was so good, it lead her to squirt in my face and my mouth and I took it all in. it was just amazing.


    from there it was just amazing butt bouncing on me and it made me cum and she kept riding me non stop (who can have control when you have this butt on you). She was amazed as she squeezed it all out and I made a big mess.


    We had a small break and then started giving me such deep throat. the sensation was so pure. grabbing my balls and deep throating was just out of this world.


    It all finished with this. OMG why did it finish.


    It was an amazing experience. totally worth every penny I have saved for this day. I will come back very soon Mia.


    Guys if you have been waiting to see someone who does it all, go see this lady now.


    Thank you once again Mia.



    Raz, February 2016




    Mia Monroe & Miami Rose

    The Adult M&M’s


    If you are brave enough to book these two ladies, then you are in for a treat of your life, but then again, booking just one of them solo is a wondrous delight on its own, and when given the chance to be a “first client” for the beautiful Miami Rose, I was hooked enough to go the double booking. So if I tend to wander a little in the dialogue, just bear with me, but the main focus in this review needs to be on Miami, as Mia has countless reviews to her credit already.


    On the appointed evening, I had made some preparations, given that it was Miami’s first official “outing”, some champagne, a cheese platter, some strawberries and cream, and of course, rose petals on the bed, so all was in readiness for their arrival. Mia texted and said that as traffic was light them would be a few minutes early, so I rushed off downstairs to meet them both. Mia looked super-hot in a lovely red dress, and Miami so damn sexy in a body hugging black and white striped long clinging dress. Wow, what a sexy toned body she was partially hiding under that dress.


    So up to our room, some chit chat and then some refreshments of everything, before the girls decided to go to the bedroom and change into “something comfortable”. During our chitchat, I found Miami to be very up to date on current affairs around the place, she was easy to chat with, and was very much at ease, and I could tell that she was confident in her own skin, and willing to be involved in whatever unfolded during our time together.


    Mia had discussed with me beforehand that Miami was aiming at the top end of the market and wished to be much more than just a GFE, she wanted to be able to combine it with a little PSE, and our conversation centred on just what she was comfortable with. So I’ll try and describe the evening as it unfolded.


    Ok, the girls returned to the lounge room and my jaw almost hit the floor. They were both wearing very skimpy outfits, almost matching, same colour, same almost nothing G string and bras, and bot superb fit and toned bodies. Fuck me, but they were smoking hot, and Little Mate (LM), began to stir and I hadn’t even touched either of them. Miami was the first one to get some action going, and came and pressed her body hard up against mine, at the same time beginning a little exploratory kissing around my chest and neck areas before drawing my mouth down to meet hers. I might have been her first client, but she certainly has learnt the art of kissing. Mouth softly engaging, tongue darting just inside my lips to start with, then full hard passionate DFK’ing. Poor LM, he was up and about in seconds, and of course with Mia in the background, touching and rubbing Miami all over, wow...


    Ok, so time to take a couple of pics before the main event got under way, so the girls stood on the window steal for my viewing pleasure,


    Now I must say that the view from this particular room is great at the best of times, but with these two hot sexy girls adorning the focal point, it just got a heck of a lot better, Miami just seems to exude sex when she stands so provocatively like that.


    “Hey Brok-her, I did mention how much I love eating Miami didn’t I?” She laughed, “So come and watch this, with some of Sydney”. So back to the other room and both girls used the windows to great advantage, or so I thought at least. ?? What do you think??


    I have to admit, that watching Mia work over an arse and a hot pussy is a joy to behold, and I could tell by the low moans emanating from Miami, and the little shudders of her body, that Mia was obviously doing something great, especially when Mia darted her tongue into Miami’s tight little arse and began rimming her, the sight and sounds was fucking hot as Miami got more worked up.


    I’m not sure if Miami was starting to get a little wobbly in the legs or just wanted to fuck, but she turned and said, “come on Mia, let’s get this poor suffering soul into the bedroom, and see if we can’t do something for that huge bulge in his pants, lol “. Mia just laughed, helped Miami down from the window ledge and pulled me by the hand at the same time towards the bedroom.


    As soon as we got in there, Mia started DFK’ing me, and as I began to rub my hands all over her body, I could feel Miami undoing my belt and pulling my trousers down around my ankles. I was almost engrossed kissing Mia to notice, until suddenly a hot open mouth descended around LM’s head, and a wet tongue began sliding up and down his shaft. OMG, I looked down and as I did, LM seemed to just disappear into her beautiful mouth. Fuck, but it was a great sight, as she began one of the best BBBJ’s I’ve encountered. No gag reflex, no sound, just the slurping sounds of her mouth almost fucking LM as I stood in wonderment at just how good she is. I’m not sure where she got her skills, if I was her first private booking, she has had some great teachers somewhere in her life. Fantastic is the best word to describe it.


    So of course, Mia decides it’s time for some on the bed action, and helps Miami complete the undressing of Brok-her before his legs collapsed as well, lol. Mia decides she should give some instructions to Miami on what tromeboning is all about, so quickly I find myself on my hands and knees, with LM hard as a rock pointing at the bed. “Ok Miami, this is what’s called tromeboning and how it’s done, so watch closely and then you can have a turn” wtf, I suddenly realised I was about to be seriously pleasured, not once but twice. So with lube applied, and under instruction from Mia, I find my legs parted and she also parted my arse cheeks with one hand, as she began a vigorous tug and rub on LM, who by now was hard as a rock. “watch this Miami, as I slide my finger inside him, but never stop stroking his cock as you do it. Get the rhythm the same with both hands! “she said. My senses were by now in overdrive, because as Mia was giving instruction Miami was rubbing her hands all over the rest of my back and legs, with gentle finger nails very lightly running over my skin.


    ”Oh wow Mia that is so hot, I want to have a go now please let me stroke that throbbing hot cock” Miami pleaded. So a quick changing of the guard and with Mia observing Miami’s actions, I found myself floating somewhere above the bed. Let me say, Miami is one hell of a quick learner, and I found her hands and fingers almost 100% as good as Mia’s had been. Rubbing at just the right tempo and firmness, finger action inside of me was spot on and it was hard to tell it wasn’t Mia. The only way I knew it wasn’t Mia is that she had now manoeuvred herself onto the bed in front of me, legs spread wide and pussy simply begging for some serious DATY.


    Miami continued to work away with the trombone action and arse penetration, as Mia began to play with her pussy directly in front of me. Damn, but I could tell what was coming, and I was directly in the line of fire. As I watched Mia push her fingers inside of her pussy and her tummy muscles contracted, I sang out to Miami to watch, and Mia just let go, squirting all over me and the bed. Meanwhile Miami went into overdrive with excitement and I had to extradite myself from her fingers and hand.


    I watched as Miami suddenly went down on Mia’s pussy, licking and tasting all of the juices from her legs and stomach. I could tell that Mia was enjoying the attention from Miami, so not wanting to interrupt what I thought was about to become a very hot bit of action, I let them go and do what they seemed to enjoy. There was some very serious lesbian action which followed for a while as they both used toys, fingers and mouths to bring each other to constant orgasm. I have to say, Miami is not very vocal when she does orgasm, but the clenching of her body muscles and the straining to not want to stop whatever you’re doing to her is damn hot to watch.


    One of the toys they had was a double ended dildo, and I have seen plenty of action in other doubles with a similar thing. However, what I witnessed with this pair of sex charged girls was something that I had not witnessed before. Mia knew exactly how to use it and I’m sure that Miami was a very willing learner, but to watch them both have an orgasm at the exact same time was amazing,


    After this aspect of play was finished, it was a case of “Let’s all have some refreshment before some PSE action” as Mia chuckled. Now I have to say, that watching the two girls eat other out, fuck each other with some toys and have multiple orgasms (Mia of course squirting every time, lol), I really did need a break, otherwise I would have had no choice than to unload all over them by hand if it had of continued much longer.


    So a few minutes break, some refreshment and a bit of chat about what had transpired in the first hour, wow, just amazing. As the clock was ticking and LM was throbbing, it was time to get back into the action. Next on the agenda, was Miami helping me by holding LM firmly and guiding him inside of Mia’s tight little butt. Mia on all fours, Miami holding LM and guided him to the entrance. Mia groaned and pushed herself slowly and gently onto LM until he was buried up to his balls in her butt. I must say, it felt fucking good, as it has been a long time since I fucked Mia that way. “Hold LM gently Miami, but let him slide through your hand as he fucks me hard and deep, pull my arse cheeks further apart so you can watch him fuck my arse. Oh God I love anal” Mia said. I could see Miami getting flushed with the excitement of not only watching, but being able to participate as well. “Oh fuck Mia, I’m sorry but I want that cock in my mouth” Miami said, and with that, the pulled LM from Mia and leant forward plunging him deep in her mouth and sucking and licking him. I continued for a few moments virtually fucking her mouth, when suddenly Miami, took LM and guided him back inside of Mia. WTF, I had just experience something I’ve seen in porn movies, but never been game to try, ATM, what a fantastic high it gives you, and so spontaneous. I think that this Miami Rose lady will be able to fit the high end of the market without even trying too hard at the whole PSE. She was very willing to try anal as well, but because I had not requested it, she had no time to make the necessary preparations, but rest assured young lady, my order is now in for our next date.


    There was but one thing left to do and that was to fuck both girls as time was running out. I looked at Mia, indicated the time on my watch, and said “One hour more thanks” to which she nodded her head. So first things first and I’m on my back, Mia spitting and sucking LM down her throat, and Miami sitting on my face grinding her pussy gently across my mouth and face. Miami was till on a high from the ATM experience and within a couple of minutes had orgasmed all over my face. Gosh but her juices tasted so juicy and sweet. But not contented, she joined Mia in giving LM some great attention, but she had put herself in a position where I could play with her wet pussy.


    I manoeuvered a couple of fingers inside of her, and somehow must have hit her G spot exact, because next minute she was almost fucking my fingers and sucking LM at the same time, when all of a sudden, she orgasmed and actually squirted all over my hand and arm. Holy hell, two squirters in the same bed, amazing. So Mia was the first to devour LM as she jumped on cowgirl style as Miami got behind her, and played with her breasts and run her hands over her body, squeezing her nipples as Mia fucked me hard and with ferocious intensity. Holy hell, LM was about to blow and I hadn’t fucked Miami yet. STOP PLEASE MIA...


    So a change of ladies and positions and suddenly I had Miami on the bed in front of me on all fours. That beautiful tight pink wet pussy was almost begging LM to hurry up, but I was so gazing at that other hole I couldn’t have, I lost concentration. “Stop teasing me Broker and fuck me hard please” she cried out, as she moved backwards onto LM. Mia held him and guided him inside of Miami’s wet pussy, and then I began to really enlighten her to a Brok-her version of doggy. One that goes on and on, like an Eveready Bunny, lol.


    Her hands were gripping the sheets hard, knuckles white, and I was really straining to not lose control until I had given her a good workout. “Go on Brok, fuck her hard, she loves a good pussy pounding” Mia whispered at me. But it was almost too late and I just had to let go. Bingo, done and dusted, all over Red Rover, whatever, I was completely shagged out form these two and what had just happened in the last few hours.


    To sum up, then let me say, Mia, you are just as fantastic, if not more so, than our very first booking when you went private all those years ago. You are beautiful, sexy, and as always, fantastic to be with and to play with.


    And Miami Rose, well I must say, you are a surprise for someone who hasn’t been on the “private” scene before. You are amazing, you have it all. Fantastic looking, lovely hair, great sexy looking body, and as to service, you can hold your own with any lady in both the GFE and PSE experience. Thank you for allowing me to be your “first official” booking, and next time you and I have some more PSE exploration to do.


    Thank you both for a great time.



    Kind Regards,

    Brok-her, December 2014




    One word Unbelievable!

    Check PP for the detailed review soon


    August 2014



    Have you ever wish to see a fun, warm and charming Hot Blonde Lady with an outrageously fine body stripping out of a black sexy see-through outfit???? I know I have. I was just now. And, my wish came true in the form of Mia Monroe, another naughty righteous encounter. Electrifying and Blood-flow Inspiring. I have seen and reviewed Mia Monroe herebefore. So, I knew that I was in for a sweet treat lol. :P


    The appointment was smoothly organized. We exchanged couples of messages back and forth and the date was set. The day came. I arrived and Mia buzzed me in. A quick hello to her pugs and then Mia opened the door, and welcomed me with a BIG kiss on the lips. There was a sly mischievous smile that darted across her sweet lips too. Mia looked amazingly lush. Beautiful body with sharp and sparkly hazel eyes. We sat on the sofa, and Mia offered me some refreshments, which I gladly accepted them. There was some music playing up in the background to spice up the atmosphere too.



    We talked for a bit. Laughing and smiling, it was quickly becoming the perfect day. Then, we headed to the bedroom. Mia led me to it and my eyes were following her beautiful long legs and her amazing bum. Luckily, I didn't trip over but I nearly did. :lol: I had a quick shower, and I came back to the bed to have some fun. I took some photographs too. Then, Mia smoothly jumped on top of me and we started a vibrant DFKISING session. :P My hands were gently exploring Mia's fine body. I gently touched her breast and her fabulous bum. Mia run gently her fingers around my chest and arms in a seductive manner. I felt some electricity going through my body. Then, Mia made her way to down to play with my cock. She continued the teasing by softly licking the tip of my cock. I let out a little moan. I guess that excited her a little...because she suddenly took all of it into her mouth. I gasped. There was no stopping it. My cock was coated in saliva. Mia would look at me from time to time. I just gazed deep into her beautiful eyes. My legs were shaking too lol. It was certainly a great oral examination. Then, we were mutually inverted. I gently kissed Mia's kitten. :P


    Then, Mia magically grabbed a condom, and put it on. I took a sec to admire her fine naked figure. She got on top of me with her high heels on, and started riding me. Slowly sliding up and down the length of my cock. I was enjoying every little sensation. We eventually transitioned to doggy. The view was amazing with the capital A. Mia's derrière so deliciously round and firm. I eventually felt that so familiar tingle in my cock. Mia laid on the bed, and I took the condom off and I watched in awe as her mouth and pink lips opened up, and also her eyes watching mine, as I was stroking my cock for a bit until I exploded inside her mouth and within seconds my cum was all down her throat. I left some electric feelings all over my body, as Mia started gently kissing my cock. "I didn't miss any drop" she said. Mia quickly grabbed a warm towel and place it on my cock. I could hardly breathe but the feeling was really nice, but most of all, deep. :) 



    Then, we just relaxed and we started talking about our pug dogs, and life in general. We had an enjoyable conversation. So suddenly, a black spider appeared on the wall. Mia was so afraid. She almost jumped off the bed lol. Anyways, Mia started to give another intense BBBJ. Then, we transitioned to doggy, and we continued for a bit. Unfortunately, my little champion couldn't finish the race. I had no energy left in the tank. Mia then said "did you have fun, AndyMa with a playful smile?” "I absolutely did", I said. I certainly enjoyed my time spent with Mia from start to finish. Time was up. I was given a sprite and bottle of water and a NICE good bye kiss and I was out heading back to work with a smile on my face. But, my mind kept wandering back to that hot moment.This lady is someone you could adore forever. She is one of the amazing ones. She is one of the unforgettable ones. She is Mia Monroe. :)



    AndyMa, May 2014




    There are people out there that you meet everyday, some are dumb, some are rude, and there are a lot of people you wished just kept walking by…


    Then comes along someone that is none of those things; someone with an amazing personality and such stunning beauty that just allures everyone’s attention.


    Mia is one of those people


    This review will give some details to one of the best nights of my life and my wife’s. This particular night we had the pleasure of spending countless hours with the amazing Mia Monroe – The girl that could melt the polar ice caps.


    My wife and I took a long time to find someone that we could share such an experience with. We did a lot of research and looked a hundreds of photos, but we kept coming back to one particular girl, the first girl that we looked at. She was stunning! Her reviews were all golden and the professionalism of her advertising is something that a lot of girls out there should take note of.


    Once we finally got around to organising a play date with Mia our experience had begun. From Mia’s communication with us you could tell that she gives a part of herself to her clients her kind caring and well mannered persona comes through even in writing. We knew we were in for something special.


    The date was set and locked in. After a few simple date changes due to an unavoidable tragedy and a personal injury, the big date with Mia was upon us. We were nervous and excited at the same time then the text was received that Mia had arrived. I went down the lift to meet Mia in the lobby, I got out of the elevator and turned the corner and I froze! There was Miasexy as hell leaning against the wall back turned wearing a little black dress and boots HOT HOT HOT. ..


    Remember how I said there are people that that just capture your attention… well whilst I was frozen stiff in my tracks people are walking by me and every single person is mesmerised by her beauty. I finally snap out of it and I step up to Mia and as if she knew I was coming turns around and greets me with a hug and kiss….and I realise how much more beautiful she is than her already stunning photos.


    After a ride up the lift with a group of teenagers that had their tongues on the floor we headed into our apartment where Mia introduced herself to my Wife. This was amazing! The two of them just connected like they knew each other or had grown up together. From this point onward this connection grew and I knew that this was going to be an experience of a lifetime. I connected with Mia instantly; she has this remarkable approach where you are at ease without having to try.


    From this point on the hours just flew by as we all indulged in all of life’s wonderful pleasures. Mia delivers exactly what she says she does and more. Every expectation was exceeded and her expertise and attentiveness did not falter even once. We were all having such a good time that it would be a crime to have the date end so we extended.. not once but twice. Words cannot explain how good this girl is at what she does, the transfer of her attention from my wife to me was seamless and she paid equal attention to us both. You could tell that Mia truly loves what she does and it was so evident throughout the night.


    Along with providing such an amazing service, Mia is intelligent and a strong smart super sexy young lady.


    Mia, My Wife and I Thankyou on so many levels and cannot wait to play with you again.


    Now....Mia from a girl’s perspective…


    As a girl, inviting a super hot girl to share your husband with can be intimidating and scary. However, Mia is one of the least pretentious people I think I have ever met. Charming, beautiful, intelligent, honest, down to earth, FUN and oozes sex appeal! The type of girl that other girls would love to have as a friend J


    From the moment she changed into her gorgeous lingerie and Louboutins, there was not a hint of awkwardness or a feeling that it was staged. After some initial conversation and a good giggle over some similarities we all moved into the bedroom where things got really heated.


    Mia is as attentive with a girl as she is with a guy. Not only was it not intimidating watching her get intimate with my hubby, it was a massive turn on. Within a couple of kisses from her gorgeous soft lips, I was completely hooked and up for anything. She knew exactly when to take charge, and when to let things flow naturally. She has a way of relaxing even the most nervous person . She is equal parts fantasy and down to earth, packaged into a perfectly toned and tanned body (with possibly the best bum in the world)!


    She is truly an expert with girls and easily brought me to orgasm that many times that I lost count. The combination of her tongue flicking, the not too soft but not too hard sucking and her expert fingers I easily came for her over and over. Not to even mention how sweet she tasted!


    In a threesome with a super hot girl, you never want to feel left out or insecure. I can assure anybody reading this that not even once did I feel insecure or worried that Mia (being the super incredibly hot girl she is!) was dominant in a bad way. We shared my husband equally and she made sure that I never felt left out. Even better, she gave me some guidance on deep throating J


    As it neared the end of our initial three hours I started to realise that I just wasn’t finished exploring with Mia and seeing how much further we could take the fun and the fantasy. Thanks to her flexibility we were able to extend for another couple of hours, although I could have easily enjoyed her pleasure and company all night.


    What was planned as three hours of fantasy, turned into 5 blissful hours of extremely sensual fun and excellent conversation.


    As a bi-curious girl this was my chance to explore my sexuality further, and take our marriage to a whole new level. Thanks to Mia for making that exploration so easy and so fun. Even the least bisexual girl would be turned on by this amazing girl.


    Mia is everything she promises to be and more. Without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life with one of the coolest people I’ve ever met xo


    APRIL 2014




    I have been following Mia Monroe on twitter for a few months now. I enjoy her tweets (mix of raunchy selfie photographs, very casual selfie photos of Mia being a normal girl, tweets about her two pugs, and stuff in general). When she tweeted she was considering touring Melbourne, I replied that I was not going to be here during those days but would in Melbourne the previous week.


    She quickly changed her tour plans so I could see her.




    Made the arrangements, and on the appointed day, I was running soooo behind schedule (stupid Victorian laws - no incall sucks), and I spotted Mia in the lobby. She was looking very very discrete and casual (jeans, pink blouse), but it was definitely Mia.

    Her almond eyes with the mischievous twinkle

    Her flaxen hair

    Her butterscotch skin (it was not quite tan enough to be called "caramel")

    And (for those of you that follow Mia on twitter, you will just know that she wore) pink heels

    And she looked damn good for being discrete.


    We shared a lift part way, then after the other folks left, she embraced me and kissed me (was not expecting that, thank you!). In her heels, her hips were perfect height for holding her waist. I could feel the smooth skin of her back through her blouse - she felt good to hold. I knew this was going to be fun.




    Into the room and I have to shower (yes I was that late) but first some more holding and kissing. I could feel the stress leave my body - holding her was very calming. Yes, I was going to have some fun.


    After having my obligatory pre-session shower, I find she has changed into a polka-dot bra and panty set. She said it reminded her of Betty Boop, and how Betty Boob also flirted with the boys. Now, while wearing this, I check, and she has no visible tan line - that butterscotch skin had no interruptions at all. She has fantastic skin - I loved touching her. Ev-ver-ry-where. It looked fantastic against the white sheet, but it felt better on my fingertips. I adored touching her. I think she liked being touched - I think she was actually purring a couple of times. And ... there are a couple of things I did that cause her to get goosebumps. There is just something magical about giving a lady goosebumps. When you do, she seems to just melt into you (amazing cuddles). Mia melted for me (heaven)




    Mia has very communicative eyes. Those gorgeous brown almond eyes can convey warmth (cuddle time), curiosity (which toys would you like to try), and mischievous (as she climbed on top of me to do naughty things to me). Speaking of toys and naughty things being done ... 

    we decided she tasted like strawberry iced tea

    she is a very messy girl (more ways than one)

    I almost made a mess (she did an excellent job to make sure not one drop fell)

    we had an intense snowball fight

    Oh, there was one mystery. We found a long brunette hair wrapped around Mia's toy. Who could it be? ???




    We ended our date by playing in the shower. One final time to run my fingers over that fantastic butterscotch skin. And the hot soapy water, well, I cannot say it made her skin feel better, but it made it feel outstanding in a different way.


    I watched her walk away. And then I realised I was quite tired, because Mia had left me totally drained.


    Mia now has some experience in the porn industry (yes, I can now tick the porn star off my bucket list) but it did not feel like being with a porn star. Instead, it felt like I was with my long lost lover.


    Mia, you are absolutely adorable. Thank you for touring Melbourne.


    John, August, 2013




    I found a few ladies on PG, which I thought Mia would be interested in meeting for our next double but one of them stood out over the rest. As the chosen one would have to also please Mia, I forwarded the list to her and let her tell me whom she fancied. It took her 3 minutes before coming back to me with ‘Definitely Isabel!’ My choice also.


    I quick text to Isabel followed with brief descriptions of what we were after and if she was interested, I would send all details… Isabel was over excited, she had checked Mia’s site and was very excited to meet us.


    I arrived at Mia’s place 30 minutes earlier to relax (calm down) and get ready for Isabel’s arrival. She rang and was let in, the door opened and I have to say, both Mia and I were pleasantly surprised. Blonde, green eyes, Mia’s height, which was perfect and very young. We sat in the living room to get to know each other, neither of us had met before and I could sense that Isabel was a little bit nervous. After 10 minutes, the girls were laughing, touching, talking about their university studies, it was as if they had known each other for some time.


    A few minutes later, we made our way to the bedroom, I went straight to the bathroom while the girls went to the bedroom to organise lingerie, camera, toys, lighting and themselves. As I was drying off, I realised that the room had gone very quiet, thinking that they had either gone back downstairs or were waiting patiently for me, I walked in to find Mia and Isabel on their knees in the middle of the bed, kissing… They turned around to look at me, giggled and went straight back to kissing each other. I stood back, grabbed the camera and asked them no to mind me for the next few minutes…


    I dropped the camera on the bedside table to get a closer view of those two beautiful girls kissing, their tongues were moving from one mouth to the other, their lips touching slightly but their tongues were in full motion, they each took turn sucking on each others tongue, then slight lip bitting before locking their lips together again and I could see movement on their cheeks, there was a party happening between them inside their mouths, what a sight. Mia’s hands moved down and caressed Isabel’s breasts, she played with her nipples which stood erect as soon as Mia paid attention to them, unlocking their lips, Mia moved down to have a taste of her nipples, flicking her tongue over a very erect nipple, she parted her lips and took it inside her mouth, sucking hard, Isabel raised her head and gasped.


    After moving from one nipple to the other so as not to cause any jealousy, Isabel returned the favour, she bent down and started licking Mia’s breast, moving towards her nipple in a circular motion, she eventually arrived at a hard nipple which she took between her lips and sucked, gently, flicking her tongue over and around it was amazing to see how exciting both girls got with only nipple playing and sucking, Mia looked down as Isabel went back to work sucking hard on her nipple.


    I wanted to take a close up of the girls’ nipples, pierced and beautiful, I was going to have a field day sucking and playing with all four of them, separately and a couple at the same time…


    It was time for some more important girl on girl action, Mia suggested a 69, I was hoping they would… The positioned themselves with Mia on the bottom and Isabel on top, what a perfect fit. Legs wide apart, they opened their pussies to get better access for their tongues, Isabel lowered her head between Mia’s legs and started sucking her, I moved her hair slightly so I could have a better view, her tongue was playing with Mia’s clit, moving from her clit to push hard inside, as far as her tongue would go, her lips were flat against Mia’s pussy lips and I could see her head move slightly from one side to the next and in my mind, her tongue was lapping the insides of her cunt. I moved to the other side to check Mia out, she had her face right up against Isabel’s pussy, Mia’s nose against her asshole, she too was pushing her tongue as far as she could inside Isabel’s pussy, she opened her eyes t look at me and smiled, I lowered my head and licked Isabel’s asshole, so nice and smooth, making eye contact with Mia, her tongue inside Isabel’s pussy while my tongue was inside her asshole, an incredible sight but it just showed me that it might be time for me to join in the party, that was, if they could separate themselves from each other.


    I put the camera down and moved to the bed. The girls parted and tapped between them I lied on my back and Isabel moved over to my lips and we kissed, divinely, just the right amount of pressure, opened mouth with a teasing tongue which gave me just enough touch to make me want more, we pushed her lips against mine and pushed her tongue inside my mouth, while our tongues played with each other, I felt Mia position herself between my legs, taking my cock between her lips, she lowered them over me all the way down and started suck, hard and fast, getting me harder with her hand following her lips, deep throat then back up to suck on my head, then diving back down to my pubic bone, coming up again to my head, up and down fast then slowing down, with one hand I was grabbing her arm and squeezing her my other hand was between Isabel’s legs, my finger deep inside. We decided to change, Isabel moved to my cock, Mia moved up to kiss me. Isabel’s lips held my head while she masturbated me, the head of my penis inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around my head, my hand moved to Mia’s pussy and I played with her lips, inserting my finger in and out, slow at first and then deeper and faster, out lips glued together, our tongues paying with each other, it was a wonder I wasn’t cumming.


    I needed to fuck someone, Isabel volunteered. Mia rolled a condom on and she positioned herself over me, lowering slowly over my penis, she came to a complete sit down with my penis buried deep inside her pussy, she moved forward and we kissed, her hips came up and down, slowly at first to get the feel, then she picked up pace and was slamming down on each down motion, our lips never broke, her tongue playing with mine, we fucked hard and fast, Mia left the communal bed for a while to grab the camera and a toy, she moved behind us and took a few pictures, Isabel never broke motion nor lip contact. After what seemed like a beautiful personal moment, we broke off, I was dying to be inside Mia.


    Change of condom and I moved between her legs. As my cock moved slowly inside Mia’s pussy, she lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders, I moved forward and the games began, elbow moved up, eyes slightly shut, Isabel was next to her and moved her lips over Mia’s breast while I moved in and out of her. I nibbled on her lips, caressing her lips with my tongue before we kissed again and our tongues moved in and out of each other’s mouths’. I had to slowdown after a while, Mia’s pussy was wet but very tight and each time I pulled out, I could see her wet lips clinging to my cock, sitting up and moving in and out of her slowly, I admired the girls while they kissed and played with each other’s nipples, Mia placed her left foot over my lips as I opened up and took her toes into my mouth, sucking each toe one at a time, moving slowly in and out of her very wet pussy, Isabel was watching us with a smile on her face. The familiar feeling deep inside me reminded me that this may be a good time to cum, Mia realised this and told me we would not be wasting any of my cum inside a condom, she wanted me to finish in her mouth, nice choice…


    I pulled out and placed myself between the girls, Mia and Isabel took turn sucking me, deep and fast then Isabel was slow and soft, back to deep and fast then a slow blowjob inside Isabel’s mouth, Mia then took matters into her mouth… As many will agree, she never fails to bring someone to a climax with her sucking expertise, she went to work on my cock and it did not take me long to explode inside her mouth, and explode I did, over and over and some more. She sucked the last drops out of me, licked my cock then knelt and moved towards Isabel who happily came forward to share some of my load, they kissed and I could see my cum moving from Mia to Isabel, then back to Mia, both girls turned, looked at me and swallowed!


    Oh my!


    Mia, it goes without saying, she is one of the best… Isabel, we were both pleasantly surprised, she is very new to the industry, I am amazed she isn’t over booked, she is unbelievable, an excellent service, beautiful,


    To sum this up, this was by far the best double I have had to date.


    Having done some minor research on Isabel, We have realised that she is a lady of many talents. Based on that, I have already made contact again and we have another double organised but this tie it will be a first for me and not the girls, this session will involve, gags, ropes, blindfold and other kinky sessions I have been told are in store for me. She is looking forward to our next meeting.


    WM 12th JULY 2013






    Anya Moore and Mia Monroe


    29th May 2013, 2:00pm


    A lady I wanted Mia to meet in a double meeting was someone I have been seeing since the beginning of 2012. Anya appeared on PG a few years ago and I have since seen her a few time, always had a wonderful time and I thought she would be the ideal person for our next double play date. A quick text message to Anya and we organised a day and time, a few postponements due to personal commitments and time off on Anya’s part, I persevered, as I knew we would have a great time.


    2 o’clock arrived and I was asked to come up. Having seen both girls before, there was no surprise as to what they would look like, never the less, I was nervous. I knocked on the door and Mia opened looking fantastic in a slim black one piece, which Mia calls ‘Dental Floss’, she looked stunning. Standing in the living room, dressed in black and pink lingerie, Anya appeared! My first words were ‘Holly Shit! You girls look unbelievable’ and they did, dressed in the minimum, Mia showing her magnificent assets to all and Anya, on the couch looking so delicious… I was invited to sit between the girls as we made small talk and joked about the meeting. 20 minutes later, it was the call to arms.


    As the girls walked upstairs, I couldn’t resist the view inches from my face, Mia leading Anya and me close behind. I headed straight towards the bathroom while the girls moved to the room to sort out the music, the cameras and clear the bed of pillows and cushions. I could hear them talk, giggle, hopefully not about me, and Anya even got a slide show of Mia’s latest pictures which I caught on my way back. The girls kneeling face to face on the bed, I was handed the camera and asked, ‘where do you want us to start?’ The expression on my face may have answered that question for them, they turned towards each other again and started to kiss, heads slightly bent, lips pressed together, I could see their tongues moving from one mouth to the other before locking lips together again where I could only guess they were deep French kissing, caressing each others tongues in the privacy of their touching lips. I moved around the bed, clicking away wanting to take as much as this in as possible and also most importantly, I wanted to join them on the bed.


    They quickly discarded their delicate underwear and went back to kissing each other, this time their hands were free to move over each others bodies, Anya started playing with Mia’s nipples which quickly became hard, stroking her fingers over her pierced nipples, she couldn’t resist bending down and sucking on them. They took turn moving from one breast to the other, teasing each others nipples, licking and sucking on each other when I realised I was standing there clicking away with a huge erection. I put the camera down on the bedside table but before I had time to join them on the bed, Anya turned around and took my cock between her lips, she started sucking my tip, slowly pulling me inside her while rubbing her tongue on the underside of my head, taking me all the way down her throat then moving back to the tip of my penis all the while, flicking her tongue over and around my penis. I was watching her lips slide over my cock when I noticed Mia move towards Anya’s ass, she bent over and started licking her, from my point of view, I can only guess that Mia’s tongue was slowly moving from her ass to her pussy and with her hands, she parted her lips to have easier access to the juicier parts of Anya’s pussy.


    Mia’s head was moving up and down, over her ass then sliding back towards Anya’s pussy, every time she reached Anya’s ass, she would look at me, flicking her tongue from her ass then sliding back down towards her pussy. Mia then knelt up and told Anya that it was time for her to lie down and let us lick and suck her entire body, which I gladly agreed and moved up on the bed.


    I moved up towards Anya’s breasts, taking her nipples between my lips and started sucking on them, Anya held my head while I moved from one breasts to the other as one nipple hardened, I moved to the other, she started moaning, I knew it wasn’t because of me, I looked down and there was Mia, head between Anya’s legs, licking her pussy, moving from clit back down to inside her vagina, Anya lifted her legs to give more room while I went back to her breasts and then to her lips, Anya moaned between moving her tongue in and out of my mouth, holding my head between her hands, her moans became louder, her tongue took on a life of it’s own as it slid in and out and over my lips.


    I moved away from her lips as Mia moved up and took over, deep French kissing Anya who was now waiting for my tongue between her legs. I moved in, opened her pussy and started licking between her outer lips at first, then concentrating on her clitoris then slowly moving down and as deep inside her as I could while I flicked my tongue inside her pussy. I noticed that Mia’s pussy was fairy close to my face now, so I moved from Anya to Mia’s pussy, opened her up with my fingers and dipped my tongue as far as I could inside her, she giggled, not expecting me to do that, but giggles quickly changed to moans as I went back down to Anya and sucked on her clit. After a few minutes, it was time for me to grab the camera again, so I painfully parted from 2 of the tastiest and beautiful pussies I have had the pleasure so far to eat and let the girls have some one on one fun but before that, I wanted to capture the girls on their knees, ass in the air…


    I then gave them ‘Cart Blanch’ to play with each other. Mia moved up to kiss Anya while she opened her legs to accommodate her, the girls kissed as their tongues moved around in each others mouths, hands caressed breasts, moved between each others legs and fingers explored pussies, mouths moved back to breasts, then back down to taste each others pussies.


    I moved in front of Mia as she parted from Anya’s pussy to suck my cock, Anya slid behind Mia and placed her lips over Mia’s pussy from behind, my finger just pressed the camera button, I had no idea what I was taking, I didn’t care what I was taking, Mia’s lips were over my cock and that’s all I cared about. I had seen a picture of a daisy chain the day before and wanted to try it out, with some careful positioning of the camera and careful manoeuvrings from the girls we tried our best to make this possible but fortunately for me, I got a picture of Mia sucking Anya, Anya sucking me and I was between Mia legs, sucking her clit and vagina until we decided it was time to roll a condom on and change to something with penetration.


    Mia moved on top of me and slowly lowered herself over me penis, she asked Anya to move over my face while she moved faster and faster up and down my penis, Anya rocked backwards and forwards over my lips. Mia picked up the pace, Anya turned around and seeing Mia pumping me, got really excited and moved even faster over my face. I placed my tongue flat over her pussy and let her set the pace, faster and fasted. Moaning louder and louder, she moved her hips over me so that I was pushing my tongue inside her pussy then out and inside her ass, over and inside I moved as Mia positioned herself on her feet, moving up and down over my cock as fast as I could stay straight and inside her. The pace slowed down, Anya detached herself from my lips, they changed position with Mia over my face and Anya over my cock, as fast as Mia, she bobbed up and down over me, Mia moving faster and faster over my face, I was loosing it, there was no way I would be able to take much more of that but worse of all, with my face covered and my penis moving in and out of Anya, there was no way I could voice my concern about cumming either inside Anya or wherever the girls had planned me to.


    After a while the pace slowed down a bit and Mia moved off my face as Anya sat over me, taking my penis all the way inside her…


    The final question popped up, ‘How would you like to finish?’ What were my options? Well, I was told that I could fuck Anya doggie, come over her ass and Mia would lick her clean and then share my cum or… I could lie back down and the girls would double suck me until I came and then share my load… I decided on both! Anya assumed the position and while she sucked Mia’s pussy, I fucked her from behind. This was not the way I wanted to cum but this was a position I loved and would not miss the occasion of fucking Anya while watching her suck Mia… When I realised that the end was near, I pulled out of Anya, pulled off the condom and came between the girls. They took turns sucking me, one after the other then together, Anya moved up to my lips and we kissed while Mia sucked my cock and with that, I knew I was not going to last very long… Lo and behold, with her oral skills, it did not take me long to start squeezing her arm as the pressure started building up in my balls, Mia kept sucking, deep throating and back to sucking with her hands moving together with her lips, I exploded inside her mouth and kept cumming, and cumming and was still cumming while Anya left my lips to move down towards my penis which was still in Mia’s mouth which was now full of cum. She knelt up and the girls kissed as I saw my cum move from one mouth to the other as they looked at me and swallowed…


    We collapsed on the bed, Anya and Mia on either side of me and rested. We chatted, we touched and chatted some more, it was now time for a well deserved smoke downstairs as I thanked them for an exceptional time in their company.


    For me to say that this was a great meeting is actually an understatement… To quote Mia’s Tweet after the meeting… “AMAZING! One of my best doubles!”


    I can only agree!






    Mia Monroe, A Golden Shower Experience…


    Thursday 13th September, late morning...


    My endless list of requests includes among other things, a golden shower experience. But not just the ordinary GS over the body, a quick shower and off to bed to fuck experience, I wanted a different type of experience… I wanted the chosen one to fill my mouth, swallow part or all, and then encourage the lady to piss in my mouth again but this time, she had to share part of it with me.


    I have heard of these German guys pissing in a glass and then toasting each other before sharing a or more, glasses of this liquid… OK, so I wasn’t ready for that yet and I guess the lady I was about to ask this request to may not be willing to take it that far… I sent a text to Mia very late one night asking her if she would be willing to indulge in my fantasy and if so, could she organise a time and day to play… As usual, Mia answered the call.


    I have in the past had 2 previous GS experiences, and I have to admit that both times, they were great experiences. My only issue with those were that the experiences at the time were a means to an end… We went through the motions and I sort of ticked that experience off my list!


    Mia sent me a text a few days later spelling out how she saw the meeting enrolling, there was wine, a warm bath, her naked body rubbing over mine in the warm water, an eventual Golden Shower over my face and then it would be up to me to indulge in my fantasy. I couldn’t wait, this was yet another meeting, which I knew, was going to be way out there…


    She was bursting to go when I arrived… We still managed to have a few smokes and glasses of wine on the balcony and caught up with stuff that was going on in her life, my life and other people’s life. I noticing that Mia was crossing and uncrossing her legs a bit too often, it was time to move upstairs.


    As I got undress in the small bathroom, Mia was running a bath in the other, as I made my way the other bathroom, I was greeted by Mia’s perfect figure bent over the bath. I starred, walked in, and felt myself rise in admiration of what lay in front of me. She stood up and turned towards me and we kissed, her hand held my penis and started stroking me, my hands were on her breasts, playing with her nipples and gently turning her nipple studs, her nipples stood to attention as I bent forward to kiss and suck them, she had now moved her other hand down between us and both hands were now taking turns playing with me. I moved to the bath, stepped inside and lowered myself in the warm water. The water reached the base of my penis, and I stood out like a pole at low tide, Mia came to join me in the bath, as she slipped between my legs, I leaned back and she took my penis again moving her hands up and down, with the tip of my head between her fingers, she moved her hands quickly up and down while her other hand stroked my shaft, it felt like I was getting to completely different hand jobs, her fingers on my head, her other hand stroking me up and down… we made small talk again about the joys of Golden Showers, my unusual requests, how best she would accommodate my needs and how all of a sudden, I was so looking forward to my next meeting.


    Mia stood up and moved towards me, she was rubbing her clit, I was stroking my penis, she moved over my head and asked me to be patient as she adjusted to the mental fact that she had to urinate over someone’s face… That comment made me laugh… I saw a drop timidly appear between her lips, I moved forward and my tongue gently plucked it from between her lips, she sighted… I moved back as her hand went back to her clit, I moved my penis sideways and rubbed myself on Mia’s leg, I moved up and with one hand, I realised that having a shy bladder suited me fine, I parted her lips and slipped my tongue inside her pussy, darting in and out between her lips, she started moaning and told me that she was about to burst, I knew she was not talking about an orgasm but of something completely different. I opened my mouth and covered her pussy completely, I didn’t want to lose any of her juices and as my lips were glued to her pussy lips, my tongue moved in and out of her pussy, over her clit, down towards her pussy opening and pushed hard inside. As I slipped inside her pussy, Mia relaxed and warm liquid gushed from her pussy inside my mouth. I swallowed one mouthful and she was already filling my mouth up again which I kept because I wanted to share that one with her. Mia noticed my mouth was full, she knew what I had previously asked but I had also told her it was totally up to her and the mood of the moment… She grabbed my face with both hands and placed her lips over mine, mouths open wide I passed over some of her golden shower into her mouth, which she took and swallowed. It was such a hot and special moment… Mia’s Golden Shower was sweet but I think what made this experience special for me was seeing her standing over me, one leg on the bathtub side, the other next to me, her pussy open as she let go inside my mouth. But, sharing this with her was above and beyond the call.


    ‘This is the first time I taste my urine’ she mentioned with a smile.


    She sat over my penis and relieved herself over me. I could feel the warm liquid gush over my penis and just linger there as she finished off, she then moved back to the other side of the tub to relax. We chatted, exchanged opinion about the composite of urine and I confessed that this was a very special moment for me. As the water became colder, I was invited to move to the bedroom for some different type of fun…


    We kissed a bit more, got out of the tub and dried off. Mia moved to the room to sort out some music while I made my way to the den… She was waiting for me kneeling on the bed with that smile she seems to always have. Kneeling on the bed in front of her, we kissed some more until she asked me to get comfortable on the bed. Lying back, head on the pillows, Mia positioned herself between my legs and went to work. With her well known oral skills and the experience I had just been through it was not long before I started showing the fatal signs or cumming… She asked me to come on top, and with a raincoat over my penis, I slowly slid inside her… Bending forward to kiss her, I started moving in and out, pulling completely out on every other stroke, to then push hard inside. A glance towards the morrow, the view of her legs wrapped around my waist, Mia put her arms around me as I started moving fasted and faster until I slipped over that non-return line and exploded inside her… My body kept twitching as I shot my last bits inside of her, she kept me inside her with her legs around my waist and I waited while I recuperated deep inside her.


    We relaxed a bit more on her bed before I realised that I needed to get back to the office and pretend that a beautiful lady had just pissed in my mouth, requested that I swallow and share her piss and then drenched my body with her urine! I love it!


    Mia has an extensive list of services she may indulge in. These services range from the traditional Girl Friend Experience to the more experienced Porn Star Experience.


    Services requested for a booking is, as we all are aware, at the Lady’s discretion.


    Thanks Mia, you are one of a kind.


    WM. September 2012



    Mia Monroe, her first BFE…


    Tuesday 14th August, in the evening...


    Mia needs no introduction. She’s published on PP 40 something times, she’s popular, beautiful and has an unofficial large fan club.


    I am one of the lucky ones, I see Mia as regularly as I possibly can, get the best service in the industry, which is normal for her but this time? I got to see Mia in a completely different light, as a BFE in her POV.


    Mia went on holidays for a week I am sure to the demise of many guys, yours truly included. Prior to her departure, I had decided not to text her, chatting purpose or not, catching up or not, she was on a well deserved holiday and who was I to mess that up… Thing is, Mia is addictive, she is so easy going, friendly, gracious, sociable, pleasant, affable and the list goes on, that a week without a meeting let alone texting is a long fucking time! On the Friday before she drove back home from holidays, I sent a text… She was obviously in a catching up and talkative mood because at 10:30pm, after many messages, I got a text asking me to call her! The content of that phone call will remain private but it was long, hot and very interesting… Anyway, after catching up voice to ear, the texts started flying backwards and forwards again until well over midnight… By the end of the night/early morning, we decided that her first fuck back home would be me, but she had certain conditions attached


    · I would accept her as she was because she was still on holidays!


    · No makeup!


    · No shaving!


    · Hair un-done!


    · Whatever else which was not a normal booking!


    All good!


    I knocked on her door and within seconds, as usual, Mia opened! With a large smile on her face she came towards me to give me a kiss... wet lips, sparkling eyes, I wasn’t sure if she was happy to see me or happy with what she was about to do to me...! She took my hand, turned around and we walked to the living room and that’s when I had my first view of Mia Monroe on her day off...


    Bare feet, hair pulled up, the smallest green shorts and a thin white t-shirt worn over her perfect breasts, she was happy, horny and I was about to get the fuck of a lifetime! We started taking about her holidays, she complained that she need to tan as she had lost all her colour since I last saw her, and that was the week before! She took her t-shirt off to supposedly show me her untanned body... From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see the untanned issue, I only had eyes on 2 things!


    I sat on the couch as Mia got comfortable on the floor near the opened glass doors, Merlot in hand we caught up on work, her holidays, the complications of life and my erection clearly visible through my pants, the usual stuff... She was moving around, filling glasses, lighting cigarettes and as we got more and more relaxed, she spread her legs on either side of me and rubbed her feet on either side of my legs...


    Clearly an additional reason to cause more pain within the constraints of my suit pants. It is one thing to wear cute sexy tiny shorts, it’s a totally different story when said shorts are open at front and loose around the legs exposing the occasional pussy lip! She showed me her new nipple stud and lo and behold, in the words on her nipple stud, I was invited to fuck her!


    After a bottle and a bit and a lot of catching up, Mia invited me to come upstairs. New bottle in hand, I followed her up as she tippy toed up her wooden stairs. Glancing back at me, she couldn’t resist a Mia laugh as she noticed that I was staring at her ass...


    Her room was warm and inviting, she poured us another glass of wine, this time from her reserves, deep inside her cupboard, handed me the glass and climbed on the bed.


    You like?


    What was not to like… She was all mine!


    In and out of the shower, I returned to the room to find Mia on the bed, flat on her back, cute shorts off and legs slightly apart! It was a pre-arranged ‘thing’. I stood up and took a personal minute to take a few mental shots, then went on my knees, feet on my shoulders, I slowly went down towards her pussy, gently parted her lips and tasted her. I had my hands on each side of her pussy lips and my tongue moved from her clit which I was massaging with the tip of my tongue to slowly down towards her opening, as far in as I could then lapping her juices as she moaned and held my head still while I sucked every drop from her pussy. Moving back up to her clit, I slowly inserted my finger inside Mia and moved in and out, putting slight pressure on the upper side of her pussy, over her clitoris, my tongue flicking over her clit, my finger rotating inside her vagina as my finger moved in and out of her by now, very wet pussy… I asked Mia if she could open her pussy lips for me, I wanted to suck on her urethra opening but lets call it by it’s normal name, Mia’s cute piss hole! And this is the sight which greeted me…


    It was time to get serious. I moved up to her lips and we kissed, Mia has these little sounds she makes when she is happy, excited and feels safe, she purrs and moans and as tongues caressed each other, I pushed inside her pussy as far as I could, held it there so Mia could relax as we kissed, embraced and suck on each others tongues.


    The downturn in all this so far was the rubber which had to be rolled over my penis during the sensational and erotic time we were having… Cock deep inside, I broke off the kiss and started moving my hips in and out of Mia’s pussy, taking myself as far out as I could I pushed back in slowly at first and as the caressing and kissing became more intimate, my movements became faster. Mia contracted her pussy muscles, as I was moving in and out of her, her eyes were closing and opening, she was smiling as she does when she is about to have an explosive orgasm… We were sweating, she was grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper inside her, the moment was arriving when I had to come. I asked her if she minded me changing positions, I really wanted to be between her lips, I wanted to rub my penis between her breasts so I pulled out, got rid of raincoat and moved over her chest towards her lips…


    Squeezing her breasts together, I moved between them slowly at first, moving as close to her face as I could, moving as far as possible to her lips, Mia is one of the best at giving head, I really wanted to get at least my head between those lips, only to feel her suck my head, which she was more than willing to do…


    Moving my body further up, I placed the tip of my penis between her lips, and moved my hips, backwards and forwards, slowly at first, increasing the speed and movement until I was gently (she informed me afterwards) fucking her face…


    I reluctantly moved back from her lips to a fucking condom and slowly found myself back in a cosy, comfortable and warm place, between her pussy lips and my penis head gently touching her pelvic bone, we kissed, I held her head between my hands as we kissed and pounded as fast as I could between her lips, she moaned, her pussy muscles trying desperately to push me out so she could squirt, and then it happened… As a warm flow came out of her pussy and drowned my penis, I stopped and cock-savoured the warmth of her squirts as it dribbled around us and on to the fur on the bed…


    I placed Mia’s feet on my chest and as I took each toe in my mouth to lick and suck, I moved in and out of her pussy, she was wet, I was wet but in a different way, her eyes were closed and her breathing change, it was time for me to put (unfortunately) a close to this evening… I moved faster, she grabbed my ass again and with every push on my side, she pulled me in. Moving faster and faster between her lips, I exploded inside her as her pussy muscles contracted and milked me to the last drop.


    I’m not sure when and how long it took me to pull out and take the condom off… It had been a meeting I was looking for a long time, and it seemed to have gone by too quickly…


    Thank you!


    WM. August 2012



    For The most beautiful, my dream girl!! Mia Monroe..!!


    I was very lucky to have had a chance to see the gorgeous lady Mia once again before she was leaving back to Sydney. This time, It was even better than the last one. She had me from the very first moment, she was looking so sexy and attractive at the same time. We had drinks and moved on to what we had planned for. She fulfilled my fantasy which I’d asked her before our appointment and she did it superbly. I can’t sit in one place whenever I see that as It was being filmed as well. She gave me a fantastic BBBJ with completion which was out of this world. She is by far the best at that.


    As I love 69, she was there for me to do that and wow that ASS is just amazing, the best in the business. I couldn’t hold myself and went down on her. She enjoyed a lot. Deep French kissing was amazing as she definitely knows how to please her man. I’d also requested her to squirt for me which I can’t explain in words. It was out of this world. Believe me Gentlemen, It was pure beauty. She tasted like my favourite juice, or even better. The sex was always amazing and she was bouncing on top of me with her stunning ass which I just can’t get of my mind.


    I can’t wait for her to come back to Melbourne and will be booking her for a much longer period of time. She is worth every penny and the time with her was amazing and worth spent.


    I give her a 10 out of 10.


    Looking forward to seeing you again love.


    Keep smiling.xx 



    June 2012






    Last night I had the absolute chance to see this One of the most beautiful girls on the planet. Yes, I am talking about Mia Monroe, She is fantastic.


    I was totally amazed when I saw her photos. So the next step was to ask her if she was available and the reply was far too quick beyond my expectations. We arranged our meeting and I was at her place.


    I tell you what gentlemen, she is way more beautiful than her photos and a really friendly person. She listened to whatever I wanted and believe me from the very beginning I was in heaven. I loved the way she dressed up for me and those high heels were just amazing. I am not going to go very deep because I don't have words to explain it all. I was in heaven all the time. Her body is made for worship and those curves are just out of this world.


    I would recommend her to every gentleman who is looking to spend some quality time. Definitely worth visiting. My money was well spent. I can't wait to see her again.


    Love Ash


    May 2012

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