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    • 24
    • 8
    • Black
    • 165cm
    • E
    • Brown
  • PRIVATE SYDNEY ESCORT - Moana Brazilian
  • Moana Brazilian - Private Escort Reviews

  • PRIVATE SYDNEY ESCORT - Moana Brazilian
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  • I am in Love.... alright in Lust then..... but maybe a little bit in Love too. Moana is the most dilectable creature I have ever met. What her photo's don't show is her captivating smile and cheeky wickedly lavicious nature. She is one of those drop dead sexy gorgeous women that you normally only dream of. ooooh her lips and what she can do with them. There is not much that this gorgous creature will not do, she took all that I could give her like a champ, and then dished it right back at me till I begged for mercy. To put it simply, Moana is sex on wheels, aargh, going to have to save up like mad so I can see her again. Good luck to you lucky fellas who get to see her again before I do!

    John, December 2018



    The anticipation of meeting Moana again in a few days time is mind altering, it's inebriating. I am finding it impossible to function and concentrate at work. So magnificent my memories are of Moana, so splendid they are of our time together. Approximately 2 weeks ago I spent an evening with Moana. We relaxed together, we chatted and we joked. I was so engaged and learnt so much from Moana, she is so interesting and intelligenty. This friday I am indulging again, I am drunk thinking about it, Moana is truly intoxicating, an absolute treasure.

    L, November 2018

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