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    • 24
    • Petite 6 - 8
    • Shiny Brunette
    • 5'5
    • DD
    • Bright Blue
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  • Communication: Getting in touch with Mona and sorting things out went super smoothly. We quickly settled all the details and she kindly asked me if I had any requests. At the beginning I was rather nervous but what happened from the time set foot in her glorious apartment was like a male version of a fairy tale. Mona kindly greeted me and quickly turned herself into a super attentive and caring hostess (something that she maintened at its highest level throughout the whole time with effortless ease). She was wearing that super sexy yellow waist cover whatever, that you can see in some of profile pictures, with a black silk robe, as per requested. I quickly forgot about my clusterfuck from a few hours ago, especially because by now Mona totally had me under her spell among other things with her : - incredibly friendly, caring and genuine personality, - mesmerising, irresistibly beautiful eyes. ( i am not even going to attempt describing it any more, but I have never seen such beatiful eyes in my life.) As part of my excitement a igot a bit swaety so I quickly excused myself to the shower. Upon returning we started with gentle kissing (lord those lips are sooooooooo kissable...yumm! :) -exploring those fantastic breasts under her robe while her hand is already downstairs working on me. This quickly turned into an epic bbbj on me (more on this when we enter the bedroom), and some DATY as well for added measure. There were lots of "best in my life" moments in this couple of hours and her deliciously inviting pussy was definitely one of them. I don't know what it was (should have asked maybe:) but her pussy tasted far yummier than any other I ever had to pleasure to taste. I would have been more than happy to spend my whole time down there, licking ang fingering away while enjoying Mona's heavy breathing and moaning... Before I forget, this all happened in the lounge room, with an epic view overlooking the bay and the whole city (we are at about 20 storeys high) so imagine my view when Mona sucks me, I look in her magically beautiful eyes and then just above her head I get a panoramic veiw of one of the nicest cities in the world. Life is good :) :) :D :D :) :) In order fully enjoy the show, Mona suggested to withdraw to the bedroom and boy oh boy, what a show she put on. She immediately continued sucking little Jimmy again, and sucked and licked me like her life depended on it. I can't even describe half of the things this amazing lady did on my dick. :D :blush: Granted , I am certainly not porn star material when it comes to (the size of) my equipment, so I suppose it helped Mona to display her whole repertoire on me while continously looking at me with those killer eyes... At one point I just could not watch this incredible scene anymore, laid down on my back and waited for some angels to gently lift me up and tell me that I arrived in heaven:)) Once I had my fun we started in cowgirl,caressing those awesome breasts while she was going up and down on me... Then we continued with Mona's favourite doggy. What a sight that one was! A lot of reviews have written about it, and it just can't be repeated enough times, epic ass, lovely body and those streams of dark hair...bliss (Heaven 2.0) To spice it up even more a bit, we continued the doggy outside in the loungeroom, again on the sofa, where after some super enjoyable pounding I simply had an earthquake like orgasm, For a second I felt like i was gonna faint, Mona even asked me if I was OK. OK? that was just AMAZING. A little relaxition followed with drinks, very enjoyable chatting about a large variety of topics (once again, it felt like we have known each other for decades) caressing, kissing etc.. Mona even offered me a mssage which I kindly rejected because I am a moron. ( She was just so overwhelmingly kind and caring and offered so many things to me in those hours that I began to feel guilty about it, so I thought it was a gentlemanly move not take on all of them.) So after a break Mona asked If I were ready for round two, and frankly, i was not sure. My previous orgasm was so intense I was not sure if I could get the little dude into working mode again. Needless to say that Mona sorted this problem out with yet another amazing BBBJ that made me hard in a matter of seconds. Again a bit more daty and then this time missionary still in the lounge, because it was the best place to be in the world in that moment:) Having access to Mona's full lips and fantastic tits I did not last long before I had my second fantastic orgasm. The rest of my time was rather rushed as I really needed to get home as quickly as possible. After a few more cuddes and kisses I had to say bye to this absolutely amazing woman, who made me feel like the king of the universe in those hours..(and even after) Some thoughts about my emotions: I am not sure if I should mention this or not but as it was massively part of the experience, I will. In those couple of hours Mona provided a service that was far more than an unforgettable sexual experience. You can't possibly not connect with her on an emotional level and I actually needed a few days after to sort things out on my head (and everywhere else) and come to terms with what has happened. Falling for any WL in any shape or form is strongly not-recommended and I did not do so, BUT I have to admit, that a small part of my heart was definitely stolen by Mona, and frankly, I dont mind it the least bit.It made the whole experience (and the memory of it) all the sweeter.



    February 2017




    Just had a third sexy get together with this hottie, second FFM which like the first one was so much fun. Dressed up in chrissy outfits and had an amazingly sexy time. She's genuinely bi, sociable and friendly love spending time with her. Top notch girl don't miss out!


    C, December 2016



    Mona claims to love playing dress ups. After seeing her for an hour in Brisbane, I can confirm that this is no lie.

    I asked Mona to wear a French maid outfit. When I turned up at her place, Mona opened the door in an outfit even hotter than I imagined; a skimpy twist on the classic French maid. She was wearing a tight-fitting black top with white, lacy trim; a short black dress; long black stockings; and a lacey headpiece. She looked stunning all over. From her pretty, young face with fully pouty lips, to her silky black hair that fell down to her tiny waist; her tight, toned and tanned body, and lovely big boobs.

    I thanked Mona for wearing the outfit and sat down on the couch. We chatted for a bit and Mona made sure I was comfortable. We discussed business then I hopped in the shower.

    I re-joined Mona on the couch. She was sitting back in a way that was both relaxed and seductive. I sat down next to her. We kissed for a while as I fondled Mona’s beautiful breasts. It looked like they were eager to burst out of Mona’s top. Mona pulled them out for me but I asked her to keep her top on for a bit – it looked too damn sexy! Mona tried to pop her boobs back in but found it hard to squeeze them back in, so we decided to leave them out. I played with them some more. Her boobs were perky and round and clearly fake, but they felt so nice and soft (just the way I like them!). Mona told me she got them done about 5 years before. She said she was thinking of getting them redone but I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing: perfect boobs for fondling and titfucking.

    I asked Mona to put my dick between her boobs so she lubed up, got down on her knees, squeezed her tits around my dick and started sliding her body up and down. After a bit, Mona and I went to the bedroom. I fucked her doggystyle, first on the bed, then standing up against the mirror.

    I told Mona I wanted to live out a fantasy of mine: fucking a hot little French maid in the bathroom. Mona was perfect for the role and she was more than happy to oblige. I took her into the bathroom. She was a little concerned about her balance on the tiles while wearing high heels, but indulged me anyway. She leaned on the sink and, as she stood facing the mirror, I grabbed hold of her tight, rounded buttcheeks and entered her for some standing doggystyle (yes, more doggy... it's Mona's favourite and mine too). It was a great position because I could see her gorgeous face in the mirror, moaning with delight as I fucked her from behind. I could see her bountiful breasts, too, bouncing up and down with every thrust. I squeezed and caressed her tits as I went. We changed positions a bit so that I could lean right over the top of Mona’s tiny little body and kiss her as I kept fucking her from behind.

    After a while, it was too much. I told Mona I wanted to finish on her boobs. She responded enthusiastically, took off her skirt, then got down on her knees and wrapped her tits around my dick. She started sliding her body up and down and looked up at me, telling me how much she loved cum on her tits. I’ll never forget the sight of her stunningly beautiful face, adorned by her lacey French headpiece, gazing up into my eyes as she excitedly titfucked my dick. My phone went off at one point but we didn’t let that interrupt us – Mona worked it into her boobjob, turning her bodyslides into a slight little jig. “It’s like a soundtrack,” she laughed.
    Mona could sense that I was close so she started sucking my dick. She gave amazing head, taking my cock deep into her mouth. I told her I was about to cum so Mona sat upright, getting ready for my load. Sure enough, I came all over her chest. “Good boy,” Mona groaned with delight as my cum dripped down her breasts. She still had her hands squeezing her tits around my cock and continued looking up at me as the last drops splashed across her boobs. “Oh,” she said with a bit of surprise as she finally looked down at her cum-covered tits. “I’m dripping everywhere.” Mona quickly wiped down her chest then tended to me, kneeling down in front of me and squeezing the last remnants of cum out of my cock. “Yeah, the maid outfit is hot,” she said as she cleaned my cum from her chest. She got me a glass of water, and sat me down on the couch, then when we’d recovered we both went back to the bedroom for some more fun.

    I had a great time with Mona – her body every bit as slim and hot as her photos make it out to be, but you really can’t appreciate what a stunning girl she is until you see her face. She’s a lot of fun, too, and very eager to please. I can’t wait to see her again for some more bathroom sex! Unfortunately, I have to wait for her to tour my city again, but I’ll make every effort to see her whenever she’s in town. I just hope she brings her little maid outfit again...


    August 2016




    Well if you have tryed the rest off the girls on private girls, NOW it's time to try the best because this girl Mona is the best she has amazing great body xx, & amazing good oral, I have seen Mona in Hobart now Perth she is a lovely girl, I can tell you now if your looking for a lovely girl to see in Perth you must see Mona, thanks Mona had a great time seeing you again.


    Matty Perth xxx, July 2016




    I recently had the good fortune to share a session with Mona Moore during her Canberra tour, after having seen her profile here. A fantastic time was had, and Mona delivered in spades. I was very happy with the decision to see her and the experience we shared. Given the chance, I will definitely see Mona again.


    Communication was quick and easy by both email and SMS. Through the scheduling phase all communications were professional yet warm and welcoming, a good vibe developing. Mona's directions had been clear and everything happened like clockwork. The incall location was at a 5-star hotel in the city, the room well appointed, and most importantly, the bed was a king.


    Mona is definitely the woman in the photos, and she was engaging from the first moments. She wore a designer little black dress I won't try to describe other than to say it helped make Mona appear even sexier, some stylish lingerie and heels – which also added to the effect. Her demeanour was warm and sweet, though the session became raunchy and hot once we'd transitioned to the bed.


    On the bed, Mona was energetic and adventurous, accommodating and tireless. I struggled to keep up, but in so trying I had a great deal of fun. I won't go into detail other than to say we explored each other in many ways while atop that bed.


    In short, Mona Moore was a great sexual partner – and seeing her for a session was one of the best punting-related decisions I've made in many years. Hopes were met and exceeded, and I departed very, very happy.


    Live Well & Happy Punting,


    JohnS, March 2016




    Mona is like a sexual roller coaster ride,and you will never want to get off,she is a absolutely gorgeous girl and has a amazing personality to match,I would not hesitate in seeing her again.


    January 2016




    Wow! What to say, have seen this girl Mona today in Perth she is amazing she really would be one off the best & hot girls on Privategirls.

    Thanks so much for the great time we had Mona, I really think your amazing girl, this service you give it not rushed at all & your just amazing.


    This girl is a must see.


    Love you Mona can't wait to see you again tomorrow babe xxx, love always


    Matty Perth xx, November




    Mona is stunning her pictures do not do her justice . Great personality . Fun in bed . Can not wait to see her again


    Orchid Man, April 2015




    Mona is not just a woman, she is an experience. The name "Moan" would probably be more appropriate. Our communication was easy. She was quick to respond. I walked through the door of her hotel and was met with a stunning sight. Gorgeous dark hair, sensational body wrapped in the tightest and shortest red mini, her breasts pushing out over the top and through the open front. 

    The business quickly dealt with and she was gliding across the room. Her arms wrapped around me and suddenly it was on. Deep tongue kissing, her hands rubbing my cock through my jeans. I quickly removed her dress and bent her over the hotel room dining table. My tongue sliding along her thighs, a ticklish giggle and laugh erupting as my tongue licked her ass. She leans down with one hand pulling her g-strong sideways and my tongue is quickly pushing in and out of her pussy lips and lapping her clit. 

    I stop and lift her up onto the table, she faces me as I remove her bra and G-string. Her legs part as I go to work on her juicy wet pussy. Both her hands grasp the back of my head and pull me hard into her as she begins to buck and move. Her moans and dirty talk getting louder as she races towards her first of many orgasms. Then she erupts, pussy juice covering my tongue. She settles, jumps down off the table, ripping my jeans from me and drops to her knees engulfing me. She tries to deep throat me, but its a struggle as I have grown so much. I am now sitting on the lounge as she licks, sucks and grasps my cock, juice and spit flying everywhere. 

    We decide to move to the bedroom and we are suddenly end to end, her mouth wrapped around me, my face pushing against her spread pussy. My tongue darts in and out, lapping up and down. My finger inserted and pushing in and out as I continue to flick her buttons. She begins to moan again and then erupts. We go again, as I can feel she is ready to erupt. Within the space of seconds I have her racing again and its number three all over. We settle, she sheaths me and climbs on slowly lowering herself. Then she begins to pick up the pace, her body riding up and down, her pelvis grinding against mine. She lifts her legs and squats, looking down watching my cock going in and out of her. She drops down and goes to work, rubbing her clit as she fucks me hard. Then she lets out another cry as her body shudders. 

    We decided to get some air and move into the lounge, standing against the balcony window. I am rubbing her ass and pussy lips with my cock head from behind, her entire lower body drenched in juice. She slides another condom on and its doggie style over the lounge. We swap between doggie and front on, her fingers working herself into a frenzy. She tells me she's lost count, but we add another 2 or 3 orgasms to the tally. Then its my turn, she demands I cum all over her, sucking and working my cock with her hands. I erupt all over her gorgeous breasts, she is massaging it into her, an enormous smile on her face. We clean up and sit on the lounge, talking about life, politics and study. We find we have some mutual friends. A double is a possibility. What a night that would be. What a night this one was. Mona is striking. Her dark hair, shiny eyes and incredible smile only enhance her spectacular body. She is a lady of fun and sin.

    Until we meet again babe.

    Anon,October 2014




    Mona Moore is about as near to perfect as you could hope for ... what an amazing girl! This lady has a lovely smile and the most bubbly, sparkly, intelligent personality that you could ever hope to encounter.


    You'll feel like you've known her for ages within the first few minutes of meeting. She just sweeps you along to the point where you'll forget the time, the place, and maybe even who exactly you are! Australian born, she is a gorgeous exotic mix of fiery Mediterranean blood, light olive skin, and piercing blue eyes - what a combination! Her photos are amazing, but they scarcely do her justice - her face is incredibly beautiful, and she has utterly perfect breasts, soft, firm, and enormous on her petite frame, and such satin-smooth skin! She is full of beans too, right from the word "go".


    She met me at her door practically bursting out of a very elegant dress, and gave me the warmest welcoming kisses. By the time I had taken a shower, she was down to the pale blue bikini in her photos. I couldn't figure out how it managed to stay on her, it was so tiny, but these thoughts were soon swept away (as was the bikini!) by the most passionate deep french kissing you could possibly imagine.


    Then she was down with her tongue roving over me and taking me incredibly deep in her mouth ... where did she learn her natural french technique?!? Soon she was astride while rubbing herself on me, 69, spooning, cowgirl, and one position after another as she gave her body with absolute abandon! Somewhere in there Mona had a series of electrifying and noisy orgasms. Then she gave me more exquisite oral until I came in her mouth, and was smoothly swallowed without hesitation. It was a cathartic experience! I was left stunned and reeling, scarcely able to think. It was like being caught in the blast from 50 kg of soft, sexy, ultra-feminine high explosive. I'm still recovering, but my smile isn't fading ... and I'm already planning to see her again.

    Peter, July 2014



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