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  • My meeting with Nene was a combination of happenstance and serendipity and something I would not have missed for the world. The origin goes back to a lazy afternoon idly browsing a site with gorgeous women when I was taken aback by the pic of this tall, buxom, dark skinned beauty that simply oozed sex appeal. I decided to read her profile and was further captivated by this beauty. It was the reviews however that made me determined to record her contact details and made a mental note to contact her when visiting my city.The reviews were very positive, and, as I was to discover, rightly so and a couple very explicit but still tasteful revues simply wetted my desire further. I am not anything special. I am in my mid sixties, divorced twice and average looking. I am reasonably well travelled and educated and I do have an unusual challenging job. The reason I write this is because when I finally made contact with Nene, I was somewhat anxious and filled with trepidation. Here am I, not exactly a young virile Adonis , meeting a very beautiful young erotic, sexually charged dynamo. Worse, I am not loaded with money either so was not sure if a short engagement would be ok. By this, I mean two hours. I am not overly familiar with dating Escorts so had little idea about what is appropriate. I arrived at the appointed time and nervously knocked on the door. When it opened, the woman standing before took my breath away. Slightly taller than me in heels, the most gorgeous breasts tastefully covered but obvious, long gorgeous legs, a most desirable "butt", magnificently friendly smile and the most appealing kissable lips one could wish to encounter. I was "hooked". Within probably a minute or two I was put at ease by this disarmingly charming woman. I would proffer that within half an hour or so, if we had been seen by friends or colleagues walking and chatting in the street they would have thought I had hidden this lover for months so natural was the conversation and repartee between us. I can verify that revue comments about the pleasure of the sex are all well and truly accurate. The passionate kissing, the beautifully firm breasts that responded so readily to gentle but firm tongue and sucking, particularly the responsive nipples. Moving further down this luscious woman's body was an exquisite experience which culminated in licking one of the most tasty, sweet pussy's one could wish for. During the course of a couple of hours my delicious Nene had several orgasms which, to any man is reaffirming and satisfying. It is not that she just gives great oral and is incredibly fuckable but that the whole time you are with her, you are sharing an intimacy of a romantic experience, at a physical, emotional and intellectual level. This whole experience is complemented by a conversation with an interesting, well travelled, well educated unpretentious incredibly nice person. In truth, the man who wins this woman's heart, will indeed consider himself most fortunate. I support a comment I read that Nene could easily charge a higher premium but, for this very pedestrian, not "well heeled" individual, I am forever grateful that she does not and hence, makes herself available to a wider client base which included me. Anyone seeking a gorgeous, horny woman who enjoys her work but is able to bring a connection that ensures the lovemaking is as intense and sublime as possible need look no further than Nene. If I was writing a referee statement for Nene, she would be at the AAA+ level. Anyone who has read this far and still harbours any reservations about contacting and meeting Nene, please don't. Your regret will be not having met her. A tall, elegant, sensual, naturally friendly, sex bombshell who will ensure you one of the more positive memories of your life. I may never meet her again but I will never regret the experience and until dementia takes hold of me, she will forever remain part of my life. This is, as they say, a "no brainer". Contact her now. Treat her with respect and you will reap rewards many times greater.


    John, October 2018





    Nene is one of the most sophisticated, nicest and most attractive women I've spent time with. Thank you for the pleasure. Enjoy your trip around Australia.


    Joseph x, October 2017




    Nene is one of, if not THE, most beautiful women I have ever met. Her personality matches her abundant beauty and femininity. She makes you feel welcome and relaxed as soon as you meet. Physically she has model looks with legs that go forever and a booty that other women would die for. An all round 10/10.


    October 2017




    Amazing body, great personality! Definitely at the top of her game, she knows what she is doing. She is a class act all the way. Nene, you should be charging $800 per hour because you are worth every dollar. I spent two hours with Nene and it was money well spent. After getting settled on the couch she took her jacket off to reveal her amazing figure. Not to mentioned she had sexy black lingerie on with suspenders. Dam hot she was. She kissed me hello with her soft lips. It was a passionate kiss that was to be remembered. By this stage she was straddling me while I was sitting on the couch. She slowly made her way to what was already rock hard. As soon as my jeans were off, her lips were straight there. She enjoys doing it well and it certainly shows. All I can say is that it was probably the best head I have ever had. That is a big call, but I stand by that. The rest of the rendezvous was mind bending. No doubt she will rock your world. Nothing but the truth 'Canberra Connoisseur'.


    April 2017




    Where to start & what to say about this one hot girl, I see lots off private girls & this girl gave me the best service ever, her oral was amazing & sex even better, Nene has the best boobs I have ever seen, her service was not rushed at all, & 69er was amazing, thanks so much Nene. You are very yummy and I can't wait to see you on your next visit.


    Derick, April 2017




    IF YOU WANT THE BEST, FORGET THE REST After searching high and low to fulfil all my preferences, I hit the jack pot yesterday. Gentlemen look no further than Nene. She is the most beautiful, intelligent and the sexiest lady on this planet! I highly recommend her for the 2 hours meeting. It is worth a lot more than what you pay for! Nene is not just beautiful, she is absolutely stunning. The photos do not do justice to her real life face and body. What more do you want? Perfect face, arms, legs, tits, nipples, delicious cunt and an arse to die for. She is perfect! Make no mistake about this lady, she is beauty with brains. A very highly intelligent specimen and a true professional in every aspect. I don't think I have ever met a more sexier lady than this Barbados Queen. She can really get down and dirty. She loves dirty talk and is not offended with the word Cunt and listening to her talk using the words fuck, ars, cock and cunt while she is sucking, fucking, getting fucked and sucked is a sure way to make her even more desirable. She is totally irresistible, I just couldn't stop kissing her and sucking her beautiful big tits and delicious cunt. I also had to keep going back and eat her sweet arse again and again. Nene enjoys enjoy spending time with men's and gives 100% attention at all times, focusing on you so that you are totally enjoying your time with her. She is truly a passionate kisser and breaks the ice by kissing me with her soft and succulent lips within minutes of meeting her. I will be thinking of you all week.


    Simon, April 2017





    Dear Nene,


    Thank you for a wonderful time. I have never met a wonderful sweet person with an open heart like you. You made me feel special today and made my day. You are nothing but a smart, sweet, intelligent, educated woman. You are most man's dream woman. Thank you for being my perfect date last night. I hope to see you next year November and have a wonderful life/career in Oregon.


    George, November 2015




    I saw Nene in Darwin for the first time and all I can say is...... WOW! Unbelievable! What a body!


    Exactly as she describes in her profile, she was amazing. Perfectly tight body, great personality, smoking hot and happy to try different things and push the 'normal' limits where she could. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you get and I can only say that I am in absolute awe of her ENTIRE body!


    I had a great time with Nene and will be madly trying to rearrange my diary to see her again before she leaves. If not, will be her first booking if or when she revisits Australia!


    BB, Darwin, November 2014




    I saw Nene twice in Brisbane recently and had an incredible time both times. Nene in the flesh looks exactly like her photos. What a body – huge perfect breasts, tiny waist, amazing long legs. 


    And Nene sure knows how to use her body! She's intelligent, a great kisser, incredible at giving head, great company and great to talk to, and she really knew how to work her tight wet pussy along my hard shaft for mutual pleasure, and I've twice had the incredible pleasure of cumming within moments of Nene, with Nene having this fabulous skill at timing the build up to her own orgasm so she cums just after I explode inside her – an incredible feeling I can’t wait to experience again and again in the future. 


    All up, a fabulous time with a fabulously sexy lady who I can't wait to see again when she's back in Australia.


    Matt, Brisbane, November 2014

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