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    • 40
    • Slim, Sexy 8
    • Natural Red
    • 5'4
    • Full C Cup
    • Hazel Blue
  • Olivia O'Reilly - Private Escort Reviews

  • My Reviews

  • I have had the wonderful pleasure being with Olivia on many occasions and quite simply she is the most beautiful, sensual, sexual, warm and genuine woman I have ever met. She is the real deal....a real woman who absolutely loves to make you feel like you're the only man in the world

    Amateur, October 2016



    I met Olivia two weeks ago for three hours for the first time and was welcomed like an old friend. I'd brought her a few 'little presents' and she opened them with laughterand delight. 'Little presents' give her pleasure!


    But Olivia is a giver of presents and she gave me an abundance of pleasure and happiness - my body still tingles with her gentle caresses.


    She is a submissive woman and anticipates what you want, so without any fuss Olivia transforms sexual pleasure into making love. Only women of deep life and sexual experience can do that. I felt completely relaxed and uninhibited with her as though we'd made love a thousand times before. No details, words cannot describe!


    Olivia's body is very special. She is slim, toned and strong. She is flexible and can arch her back to get the angles exactly right and there is no fiddling or fuss, she is 'right there' all the time. There isn't a higher recommendation!


    Looking into Olivia's eyes as we made love was wonderful. She returns your gaze with complete sincerity and you find yourself kissing her lips again and again in pleasure and admiration.


    She is considerate and thoughtful and her presentation exceptional. Food, wine and coffee before leaving and no rush out the door, instead, lingering hugs and soft words, "I had a happy time too..."


    Olivia is not a girl, she is a woman in her prime, for mature men, a woman to cherish and enjoy, her every thought and word a memory.


    She gives out her happiness! I hope to see Olivia again but she was just visiting for a few days.


    I'll have to be patient.


    Michael, June 2016



    I had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady while attending Sexpo in Sydney. If you are looking for a lady than Olivia is the one for you.

    She is mature enough to know what she wants.


    She will guide you she will excite you she will make you have those sexual orgasmic jelly legs!! 


    It was the most sexual- sensual sex of my life.


    A very intelligent beautiful lady who gave more then I could give. The five hour booking which include lunch was spent rolling around in the bed at the hotel with the best view in Sydney.


    I managed to out do myself ( must say I was very happy) she is more beautiful than her pictures on Private Girls website which are outstanding by the way. Olivia is a beautiful lady and one that I will be making time to see again hopefully sooner than later. If you want an experience to never forget make contact with the beautiful Olivia today trust me you won't be disappointed.


    Thankyou X 

    Dazza, May 2016



    This is the second time I've seen the stunning Olivia, and a glowing review is long overdue. The first time I saw Olivia she gave me a beautiful long blow job and enthusiastically swallowed the load she took from me, which turned me on like crazy, and after a nice long talk she mounted me cowgirl style for a great fuck that had me counting the days till our next get together which happened last week in September. 


    The first time with Olivia was amazing, but this second time was even better again. We began with some nice kissing and cuddling, but I was thrilled by Olivia's incredible enthusiasm to take her clothes off and show off her amazing body. She seemed incredibly horny, as I certainly was too, and we were soon on the bed giving each other's lips and bodies lots of arousing attention, and after I gave Olivia's incredible natural breasts some well deserved attention, whilst Olivia was pleasuring my cock with her sexy fingers, I asked her if I could go down on her, and she said she'd love me to, and my mouth stayed with Olivia's beautiful responsive clit and pussy for close to an hour, and I nearly came myself from the thrill of Olivia having several noisy dripping orgasms one after the other every 5 to 10 minutes or so. Olivia told me she didn't want me to stop pleasuring her with my tongue, but she knew that I was desperate to have my cock inside the pussy I'd become so aroused by, and fuck her hard.


    I told Olivia that I loved her amazingly sexy six pack abs and wanted her to show off her incredible body and make me super hard for her riding me wildly in the cowgirl position, and Olivia rode me like there was no tomorrow, all the while showing off not only her amazing body and beautiful smile, but also her equally wild and amazing fucking skills as she eagerly grinded her way to another series of orgasms which soon had me shooting my load up inside her in a mind blowingly amazing fuck, which AGAIN has me counting the days till our next get together.


    Olivia is an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman who is exceptionally skilled at achieving the heights of orgasmic pleasure for both herself and the men lucky enough to see her. She's an absolute pleasure machine!


    David, September 2014



    I had the pleasure of spending 5 hours with Olivia. She is enjoyable to talk to, open and great company. Add to that beautiful and passionate, what more could you ask for in a woman? She is an amazing lover and had me groaning even before I was fully unclothed! She was so wondeful I am seeing her again tomorrow.


    A, September 2014



    All I can say is WOW....This is one awesome lady, lovely personality, gorgeous face and body and one heavenly ass.


    The moment I walked into her apartment I felt at ease, her friendly smile and manner was wonderful and god could she kiss good, those lips and tongue felt so soft and lovely.


    She asked me if I wanted to go up to her bedroom, Hell yes, what a silly question Olivia.... following that gorgeous ass up the stairs was one of many highlights. Once upstairs she wrapped her arms around me again and kissed me deeply, man was this girl good.... I needed a shower and she offered me a towel so I went and freshened up, as I came out of the shower she was laying on the bed waiting for me, god she looked hot....


    I jumped on the bed with her and started kissing her again then she started to heat things up with the most amazing oral sex that I have ever received. It was Soooo good I didn't want it to end but I just had to taste her pussy and when I did it was heavenly, I really loved the little noises she made while I was licking her and hoped that she really enjoyed what I was doing.


    She then said that she wanted me inside of her at which time she climbed on top of me and with me looking up at her she rode me. After a while she asked me if I would like greek, well whats a man supposed to say, I placed myself behind her doggy style and slid my cock in her gorgeous ass, man did she feel good so good that I shot my load in her ass.


    She then lay beside me and hugged me, it felt so nice. This woman is so hot, gorgeous and sexy I would recommend her to every man on the planet. She is 39 looks 29 and has the body of a 20 year old so boys just give Olivia a go


    Thanks so much for the awesome time Olivia and I look so much forward to my next trip to Sydney, 2 hours next time.


    P.S. The red hair is also Awesome


    Mark, December 2013




    I was very intrigued when I saw Olivia's new photos, I've seen her profile in the past and loved what I saw. Olivia's new look pushed me over the edge to make contact. What an amazing body she has! 



    My initial contact with Olivia I found her so easy to talk too and she was very polite, we spoke for about 30mins. It was like we had already known each other. What I wanted from Olivia was to see her as my Sub. I wanted her to be in my private dungeon, my play room Olivia doesn't normally do private outcalls so she was keeping an open mind and as I'm a respected business man and I re asured Olivia she would be safe we discussed her limits, Olivia doesn't allow pain and marks to be left on her body. Olivia isn't a fan of face fucking either. I'm not a man who wants to inflict pain just pleasure. Olivia is open minded to different ideas. This is what I loved about Olivia, her honesty and her willingness to try new things. 



    We arranged to meet, and Olivia arrived at my house right on time. As I opened the door I didn't realise how beautiful Olivia actually is she took my breath away.  As requested Olivia wore a black dress with stockings and her Red heels. Her hair in a ponytail and I could see Olivia was a little nervous, she came in, I gave her a kiss and offered her a drink. After a few minutes Olivia felt more at ease so we discussed our session, I took Olivia to see my play room, I haven't seen a woman smile so much like Olivia did when I opened the door. 



    As you walk into the room to the left you have stainless steel draws with all my various toys, vibes, butt plugs, different anal toys, clamps Olivia was very impressed with the variety, In the middle of the room is my leather / wood bench, I can do wonderous things on this bench, I could see the excitement in Olivia's eyes.  Olivia told me she has never had an experience in a dungeon before, I am sure she felt excited and nervous all at the same time.



    I told her it was time to play, and said I would leave the room while she prepared herself. I told Olivia to remove all of her clothes & shoes. I wanted her to be naked kneeling on the cushion that was near the door, not to move until I returned to collar her. Once the collar was on, she would be totally mine for the next few hours. Olivia agreed - with a smile - Olivia is a very cheeky sub 



    I returned to find Olivia exactly where I wanted her, completely naked she looked delicious. I placed the collar around her neck. Olivia was now mine to play with, at least for the next few hours 


    I asked Olivia how much she liked wax? Her reply "Very Much Master" Olivia is a special woman but as a sub she had to earn her pleasures. I wanted Olivia to worship me, worship my cock, my balls, my arse. With Olivia kneeling before me looking up at me was a sight never to be forgotten, I unzipped my pants, with permission Olivia slowly started to tease, lick, suck my now very hard cock. Can I say, Olivia knows how to give a BBBJ, I would say it has been one of the best I've had in a very long time. Olivia loves every aspect of oral, Olivia's warm soft lips around me felt sensational, Olivia knows how to take all of you.!! Olivia loves to worship your arse 



    I can't go into every detail of what happen otherwise ill be still writing this tomorrow. What I can say is Olivia loves to be restrained, she loves to be blindfolded especially playing with wax!!  (Yes Olivia earned her pleasures!!)

    Olivia likes a bit of hair pulling and someone who is in control and she is also a big fan of anal pay as well as oral. Olivia can be a little noisy when you get her over the edge. I would advise to gag her first!! 



    Olivia is a wonderful lady and a very obeying Sub. I would recommend Olivia to anyone who wants a good sub, you don't need to cause pain to have a fantastic time with Olivia. Even as a submissive Olivia has a very sensual erotic side that comes out. Her soft touch, and she knows how to kiss too it was the best money I've spent in a long time 


    I will be seeing Olivia again very soon 


    Carl, September 2013



    I came across Olivia’s profile on this website and she appealed a great deal to me.


    I started by enquiring about her availability as I was planning a visit to Sydney over the Christmas/New year break. I made a firm booking with her after a couple of email back and forth and then I enquired about extra services such as her submissive service. Olivia made arrangements to call me to discuss these further and we agreed on a price and limits for an overnight visit. Her phone manner was very pleasing and she was a delight to talk to. A couple of days later my circumstances changed for Sydney and I asked Olivia about extending the booking and she was OK about it.


    I have to say, that when I first saw Olivia at the door of the Apartment I was staying at, she totally blew me away with how beautiful she is in real life. We talked for a while and she had me totally at ease within a few minutes. After a while we started to get into things and I have to say that she is a totally amazing person. Olivia was open to things that she had not tried before but willing to give it a go. It was the first time she had worn a very tight lacing corset which brought her waist size down to 22 inches. She looks beautiful in a tight corset and I was amazed how she did not mind the tightness of it. It was also the first time she had been placed into a single glove armbinder and leather body harness. She looked absolutely amazing in this as well. (All these things were discussed via phone beforehand and limits agreed too. We agreed that if any pain occured, the proceedings would stop immediately)


    After a while, we went out and had dinner and I found her to be a very pleasant dinner companion who can hold a conversation quite well and make you feel like you are the only person with her.


    After dinner we went back to the Apartment to play some more and I do have to say that Olivia is a very sexual women who know what pleases both parties and can be quite vocal once you get her going (At some stages even a gag could not keep her quiet). She totally gets into things and I do not believe that any of it is an act as she seems to enjoy it to much. She did say during one of our conversations that she loves sex.


    The next morning we had breakfast and later started playing with some more of the toys I had brought with me and we had a fantastic time. Olivia seemed to like being locked into a stainless steel chastity belt with 2 plugs inserted into her. I tormented her using a high powered vibrator around the pussy and butt area while the belt was on and this got her off quite a few times. I did not want to stop as her reactions are absolutely beautiful to watch. It was a good thing she was gagged at the time otherwise we would have had the police at the door. She finished me of with a totally awesome BBBJ where I thought I was in heaven. I have never had one like that and this alone was worth the time I had spent with her.


    I had an absolutely amazing time with Olivia and I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautiful experience whether it is their first time or they are experienced. Olivia is a refined woman who will undoubtedly please.


    I am looking forward to seeing her again as soon as I can as I am totally mesmerized by her.


    Mr Bond Jan 2013



    Met with Olivia again, this time in Perth around October time 2012.

    Many people have said this before, but Olivia is as close to a perfect Experience as you're likely to get.

    Emails and texts leading up to the meeting were, as ever, flirty and provide a little flavour of what a delightfully sexual lady Olivia is.

    Arrived at the address, walked through the door and was greeted by absolute perfection - tight dress that showed off her amazing figure, big grin which was quickly put to good use sensually kissing me like we were long lost lovers.

    Could have stayed like that for the rest of the day, but stroking that incredible arse of hers led her into slipping out of her dress and leading me into the bedroom.

    Olivia has a delightful manner and exceptional "talents" in all aspects of bedroom play. She had begged me via email if I would use her flogger on her - well, if I must!

    The sight of Olivia on her knees, sucking my cock with her arse in the air was too much to bear and I just had to pink-up that tight little ass.

    Next she begged to be tied up and used as a little slut, which we'd discussed earlier on email.

    She certainly loves to fuck and is either an amazing actress or really enjoys being taken both slowly and hard.

    Needless to say, we both enjoyed ourselves immensely, as always.


    Olivia is by far the best WL I have ever seen, and as much as I'd love to keep her as hidden as possible, she deserves all the success in the world. Just treat her very kindly and she will quickly become your favourite addiction too.





    Hi All


    This review is a little late (sorry Olivia).


    I had the absolute pleasure of Olivia's company for 2 hours, two months ago.


    I will not go into the explicit details of our encounter, but will give you the heads up to this very sexy, kinky, naughty, sex kittens service...


    Olivia was totally as advertised but there is a lot more to this naughty sex kitten than can be advertised or found just by reader her reviews. You need to experience Olivia for your self! (and I am betting more than once).


    Take the time to have a chat before getting into the action. Olivia is very experimental and if you want to push your own boundaries and hers you need to discuss what you want and what she is prepared to do.


    A big tip guys and girls. If you like what she is doing let her know, this drives Olivia to a level of excitement that you will enjoy immensely.


    DFK is a big yes, Olivia's kisses are totally genuine as is her enjoyment of your time together, (provided you treat her like you would any women you date). Olivia has great lips and a wonderful tongue and month. One of the BEST BJ I have every had!


    Her pussy is sweet and responsive if you listen / watch what she likes and act accordingly. I had too much of a good thing and did not quite fully explore her beautiful nice tight round ass as much as I would have liked. But enjoyed what i did taste all the same.


    If you are after a "FULL SERVICE" Olivia is your sex kitten. I highly recommend you see Olivia and find out for yourself, but treat her like a lady.


    I can not stress this enough! Olivia maybe a naughty, kinky, sex kitten but she is still VERY much a lady none the less, so treat her like one! You will be very thank full if you do!


    I had such a great time I cannot wait to see sub-Olivia I am going for my Masters…. that is going to be a whole lot of fun on a whole other level! J


    P.S. Olivia - I cannot wait to see you again when my schedule allows in the New Year, and i am very sorry this was so late.


    Thankyou for being the special person that you are Olivia;

    so lovely, so precious, so sweet and such a treasure.


    December 2012




    BB - November 2012



    I had the extreme pleasure of enjoying Olivia's company the other afternoon and quite honestly I have never had such a pleasurable time with a WL - ever!


    Was looking for a role play, but following a very polite text response from Olivia that clarified that it wasn't really her thing, we settled on a little blindfold tease (me on her) with a little sub thrown in.


    From the moment I entered the front door (no that's not a euphemism) I knew I was in for something special.


    Quick shower and back into the room to find the delightful Olivia standing there blindfolded, short skirt, stockings, blouse with no bra, just as requested. Christ I was hard as nails just looking at her - incredibly sexy. And that arse! Jesus, Kylie couldnt hold a candle to the delight of Olivia's posterior.


    She responds very nicely to a gentle touch and some delicate teasing. She admits to being slightly submissive, so we slid into a little master/servant play in a very gentle seductive way.


    She has the most delightful kisses and certainly does her best to make you feel special. It has to be one of the very best experiences I have had - without exception.


    She is an absolute delight to look at, touch, talk to. And to cap it all off, she offered me a lift to the airport! Any excuse to spend some more time with her!


    Olivia is not like any other WL - she obviously enjoys her work and certainly let's you know about it. All the other reviews are bang on - this lady is top drawer, make no mistake.


    She deserves the very best treatment and will reward with exceptional service. Can't wait to see her again and continue the sub theme!


    Please treat her well, she is a very special lady, and the very best Escort you are ever likely to meet.


    Master September 2012



    Olivia is amazing. Simple. Olivia made me feel like an absolute king during our time together. She is an incredibly skilled courtesan. This is not your wham, bam, thank you ma'am lady but someone you love to pleasure as much as you love being pleasured. Her technique is slow and sensuous, absolutely engaging. I guarantee she will have you as hard as a rock within seconds.


    I will spare the graphic details but Olivia is extremely gifted. Her kissing, her oral skills, just simply mindblowing. She loves receiving oral and the genuine sounds she makes are absolutely delicious. Her ass is a perfectly rounded masterpiece, PERFECTLY rounded.


    All in all an amazing time with a wonderful lady. Sensual, sexy, a smoldering tease, oral skills that trust me you will lose yourself in. Thanks for a wonderful time Olivia. Till we meet again.

    DocRichard September 2012



    Olivia was awesome from minute one. The moment I laid eyes on that perfect figure I was hooked. She look awesome, tasted awesome and in general was extremly passionate. I have not been able to see her for a while becuase I have been away but I will be going to see her as soon asI am back. Her soft lips are well worth the slow teesing that is in order for thoise who dare. I will see you soon Liv.


    XXX Simon August 2012



    Fellas, I'm not going to provide details of the incredible times I've shared with Olivia except to say she's beautiful, sexy, genuine, and personable. A truly amazing lady. Please treat her like one.


    SW August 2012



    Simply Sensational


    Had the pleasure of spending a couple of full-on fantastic hours with Olivia.


    I met her on a cold Sydney night near the Hotel I was staying in and we walked together to the Hotel talking like old friends.


    She was wearing a tight pencil skirt with a lovely loose fitting top and of course, at my request, no underwear.


    This lady is smoking hot. I went for some of the extras and glad I did. Once in the room the chemistry was fantastic. We played, kissed, sucked, licked and hugged in what was a build up to the main event. She knows how to read and please.


    Sensational body, lovely breasts and a very sweet tasting pussy. DFK, Rimming, DATY, BBBJCIMWS, and the wonderful real noises of a stunning woman enjoying herself all made for a memorable evening.


    Olivia is the true GFE with a touch of PSE thrown in if requested. Sex in multiple positions had Olivia climaxing more than once from the expression and the noises she made.


    Can't wait to see her again. This one is the real deal and can I say, she looks 25 and that's a fact.


    Until next timeOlivia the memory will linger for a very long time. You are a true princess.


    Thank you.

    July 2012



    Beautiful sensious woman, I loved the time I spent with her, she really made me feel great


    Buddy June 2012



    I recently had the pleasure of spending time with Olivia. It was one of the best girlfriend experiences I've ever had.


    She is a fantastic companion, a great kisser & is at the top of her game at delivering pleasure.

    She enjoys what she does & this really shows in the service she delivers so brilliantly.


    I found her to be very down to earth & one of the most lovely women I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


    If you're looking for a wonderful girlfriend experience, then I would certainly recommend Olivia.


    Thank you Olivia for a wonderful night, you are an exceptional woman. I can't wait to see you again.


    Michael May 2012



    You feel like you're making love and having lustful sex at the same time ... her touching, kissing.... the real sounds she makes and her eye contact...are so sweet.


    Olivia is responsive and natural... Her mouth is heaven and her body to die for .. Built by Angels and made for sin ...


    After sex, I took her in my arms as if we'd been together for ever .. We chat, hug and caress and then kiss some more .. At times I feel there is only the two of us in the world.


    Olivia gives you everything you've dreamed of from a woman and more. It will be one of your treasured memories in my life. Thank you. xxx


    May 2012

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