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  • It's coming up on my 3rd month of being on of Queenie's clients and I regret not seeing her sooner. After our Valentines date we've been on multiple social dates spending hours just talking to each other and laughing while cuddling each other. Being able to see her smile is the best part of any session with her but to be able to see that smile turn from the smile of a sweet and caring beautiful lady who will listen to you, to the smile of a Naughty and mischievous woman who is sexy and eager to pleasure you and achieve your sexual desires is something that Queenie shines at.


    After weeks of saving I decided to book in for 1hr +1/2 PSE with her to which was something I couldn't of been more excited about. We decide on a costume and colour Sexy teacher Ms Pearl in white and red with some sexy red lingerie while I was her horny student who was in need of some extra credit. The date arrives and I get to where her incall is, it was raining which was beautiful but it wasn't the beauty of the rain I was excited about. I enter and there she was beautiful and smiling while she was waiting for me in her sexy teachers outfit. After saying hello and a kiss she was already eager to start, her student was finally here to have some fun and he was ready to please her in return.


    She starts to undress me then sits me down and gives me a wet and sloppy treat for being such a great student. One by one a piece of her clothing is removed and all I wanted to do was kiss her all over. All that was left was her stockings and I decided I'd give her a few kisses all around as well as suck on those amazing tits of hers that just make me go crazy. We eventually headed towards the bed and I sit down eager for all the fun we were going to have. After pleasuring each other a little bit I started to tie up her hands and lay her down on the bed while kissing her body. I start to lay on top of her and use my tongue and fingers to pleasure Ms Pearls sweet spot as she pleasured mine. Hearing her moan and feeling of her tighten made me want to fuck her more and more before I eventually said to her that I wanted to fuck teacher. I put her tied up arms around my neck and started to fuck her while on top of her hearing her talk dirty as every scream she released made me fuck her harder. As we untied her hands she lays me down and gets on top of me. She stares into my eyes and starts to ride me thrusting her body backwards and forwards while I squeeze and softly bite and suck on her lovely tits every so often passionately kissing her. She eventually asks me would I like it if she puts her tail in, she walked off to go her fox tail and I started to slowly help her put it in. She gets back on top of me and start to fuck me again and I start to feel the butt plug grind against me while I'm inside her. We change positions and I'm now taking her from behind getting rougher and even wilder. Eventually I came and we started to rest for a bit and clean up as well while my heart was still pounding and I could hardly stand.


    After a small conversation and a quick drink she tells me that we can go again whenever I'm ready and I immediately start kissing her laying her down on the bed. I start kissing her neck and biting her ears then she lays me back down then starts giving me a really sloppy blow job. She then proceeds to ride me again as I pull her closer kissing her as she moves and feeling her chest against mine. We turn over and I'm not on top holding her legs up and I'm fucking her as hard as I can and making her scream with pleasure driving her crazy. Things were getting wilder before I eventually had to cum again we go out of the room and I cum over her face getting some of it on her breasts and the floor. We cleaned up and I had a shower and started to get changed before I had to leave.


    Walking out the door all I could think of was that I wanted to have more fun and didn't want to leave. This session is definitely the most wild of all the sessions that I've had with Queenie and I can't wait to have more of them each one with a different costume and more wild and rough sex. I had so much fun with Ms Pearl and I can't wait to be her pet once again xx. 


    Jae, April 2018




    Queenie is everything I want in a private escort. She is not only stunning to look at and has great physical skills, she is caring, compassionate, generous, funny and highly professional. I booked her twice during a leisure visit to Brisbane, and if I return to Brisbane I will return to her loving arms and comfortable incall. Her incall location is conveniently located, immaculately clean, and stocked with beautiful flowers, tasteful furniture and refreshing beverages, which she offered with her compliments. It is in a residential building, there's no one to see to get in. One privately and discreetly enters a code at the door and she buzzes you in personally. I also had one outcall booking, she arrived EXACTLY on time and I was proud to have her on my arm as we walked through the lobby to my room. She was dressed in a lovely black dress, attractive without drawing too much attention, and when we met she greeted me with a warm smile, kind words and an affectionate kiss. She was very clear on the business end. Everything was just as she said it would be. She will watch the time, you can rely on her to make sure that you are satisfied without rushing the fun. .I'm not the kiss-and-tell type, but I can say as a man with substantial sexual insecurities she quickly put me at ease before teaching me that my body can experience pleasures heretofore unknown to me. She switched between making playful suggestions and asking me what I wanted, so I could keep my attention on enjoying our time together. I suppose the most surprising thing was how helpful she was to me while I was in Brisbane. We stayed in touch over text, and she gave me suggestions for fun things to do, good places to eat, and local tips for avoiding tourist traps and unnecessary hassles. It was like have a local friend in town. She repeatedly encouraged me to contact her if I had any questions about Brisbane or managing my holiday. It was as close to having a local girlfriend as a professional companion can be. When I asked her a question that was too private, she didn't lie to me, she simply politely informed me why she couldn't answer that question and carefully explained so I would understand without hurt feelings. I enjoyed talking to her so much. However, she kept the booking on track, at one point she stopped me and said "we are talking too much!" with a warm smile. She gently took me by the hand to begin enjoying her physical companionship. I was nervous, she knew it, and she did everything possible to put me at ease while leading me through a wonderful experience that was very satisfying. Queenie is professional without being cold, genuinely personal, and did I mention attractive? Her photos here are wonderful, but they don't do her stunning beauty true justice. It's actually a little hard to believe that there are escorts that are so attractive, and in a natural way. She's not overly made-up or worked over with plastic surgery. The warmth and beauty of her smile can only be fully experienced in person, I strongly suggest you do so at your earliest opportunity, either while in Brisbane or if you are lucky enough to catch her on tour.


    RD March 2018



    I've recently had a date and overnight date with beautiful Queenie. What an awesome day and night it was. We started with a swim in the pool and sauna. Then went to our room to get ready to go the movies. A small play before a shower. Dressed and off to the movies with this stunning woman on my arm. Movie was fantastic and company was even better. Dinner for two and then back to our room for personal time. I won't give details. Then sweet dreams with an angel. In summary she is an amazing woman. Beautiful inside and out with a naughty streak. Can't wait for her next visit to Melbourne. Thanks Queenie x


    G, January 2018



    Wow, Queenie's photos do not do her justice, she is so gorgeous in person, that smile is so captivating, from the minute I got there she was a perfect host with great conversation and that amazing body, can't recommend her highly enough, come back to Perth soon


    D, November 2017



    This was the 2nd time I've had Queenie's company and it was for 20 hours on my bday. Let me tell you she is the ultimate GF Experience, from laying on your chest when you cuddle late at night, to waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is a Sexy Air Hostess waiting to have her way with you, Queenie is the perfect girlfriend. It was 2 months since the last time I saw her on tour and when I first touched her again, I realized how much I missed her soft, silky skin and those gentle warm lips pressing against mine. The night was a warm Melbourne night and Queenie bought an oreo McFlurry to share with me as strolled around in the Melbourne CBD. She then bought 2 nice little cakes for me to celebrate my birthday. She really makes you feel like she's your GF. I've been with quite a few Escorts in my time and the sex from Queenie has been the best of the lot. A lot of these girls just go through the motions, but not Queenie. She's quite creative in trying to spice things up and make it better for the both of us. Some of the things I've done with her. -Got me to be her naughty photographer to take sexy pics of her as my secretary -Let me tie her up so she was helpless while I ran my hands all over her body, -Dress up as a secretary, Japanese Schoolgirl, Air Hostess -BJ with Poprocks in her mouth -Vibrator on her clit while she rides me (yes you can feel the vibrations -69 (funnily enough my first time, yes I'm slow) - Dildo play on her (first time as well) in that Asian tight pussy was quite an experience. After the first day, I was completely drained. Which actually led to me unable to ejaculate the next morning. This led to a new thing for me and that was multiple orgasms without ejaculation. Your mind and your body still go through the motions only nothing comes out. I think I came about 5-6 times this way in an hour which blew my mind and opened up new possibilities of sex, thanks to Queenie. Of course, the only bad thing is that it had to end. Can't wait for her next tour so I can see her and that perfect smile again. Get her guys, you won't regret it.


    Ben, March 2017




    Plane lands from Perth and straight to the rank know the way to the motel well by now and directed the driver .Well rested having slept most of the 5 hour flight.

    Sent  a text" just landed " one of the many over the time away "see u soon  hurry" had enough time to use motel , shower shave and get a sanwich.Another Uber and texted for the call  " come on up" the door swung open and there was the princess in high black boots nothing else jus  high black boots ....grace and elegance

    Welcome embrace then   backed her to the wall, knees slightly  bent and open  hands on my head holding that position, hips thrust forward. For me and tiny sounds of pleasure   coming from her. 

    We had prearranged this so knew exactly what to  do  ,afraid her knees would give in I slipped my hands up and took l a cheek in each hand, and this she really liked using the thumbs.

    I could feel the tension and urgency building but kept a steady momentum up and the hands in my hair were gripping and releasing  more frequently then suddenly she threw he hands above her head and started to shake, but i kept the pressure on and with a loud cry f:::::k.  almost collapsed on my shoulders.

    Both in the shower soaped and dried , led to the room for a more  personal  affair.

    Now it was her Forte and in relaxed and calculated moves she had her way , after so many months of waiting and texts.

    Could not believe it, twice more her eyes shut and as if waiting for  a bolt of lightening she cried out twice again collapsing on me furiously looking for my mouth  kissing me and some  wonderful new thing, been practicing the contractions vice like which now kick in automatically,  me with arms locked around her she clinging to me as the convulsions  ebbed away 

    Sweat running down her back and sides on to me we headed for the shower again , cuddles and kisses but no chocklates  as they don't sell them in flight 

    So till next time QP and U can plan what u like for as long as U like

    Hope u liked the gift not that there was time to discuss it.


    Asteroid, February 2017



    Had the pleasure of meeting Queenie when she came on her Melbourne tour recently. I must admit I was a bit nervous as I didn't know what she looked like, but to my surprise she was far more beautiful in person then I had imaged. She's incredibly down to earth and friendly which makes you feel at ease and makes you feel that she might actually really be your GF. Her skin is silky smooth and her long black hair is soft like her kiss. Her BJ's are so good she does not even need her hands she can make you cum with just her mouth. The sex was awesome as well. She made me cum pretty fast with a condom on (usually with a condom it takes me a fair while to cum) then she gave me a nice massage afterwards, she works very hard to please you. We where having so much fun, we almost forgot to go the restaurant and arrived half an hour late. Queenie got dressed up and looked like a model on the catwalk. It felt good walking around with such a pretty girl on my arm and all the other guys staring! I only wish that she can move to Vic so I see her more often then the lucky Brisbane boys that get her all year round. Book her boys you won't regret it she's the best escort company I've ever had. 5 star lady can't wait to see her on her next tour for a longer booking! :)


    January 2017



    I have had the pleasure of meeting queenie on four occasions now, and every encounter has been sensational. The last time our paths closed was a dinner date in Sydney. I met her downstairs in the foyer of the hotel she was staying at, the elevator doors opened, and so did my mouth. She looked stunning. It took all my willpower not to bundle her back into the lift and pass on dinner. We dined nearby so walking to the restaurant was easy but my mind was on one thing... and it wasn't food. This lady has a desirability that is off the charts. Two mango daiquiris, a seafood platter proved a great entree, but I was ready for the main course. She let slip over dessert she was not wearing any underpants, I crash-tackled the waiter, payed the bill and got out of there. We hared back to the hotel, hands and tongues going everywhere. Once in the room, we both ripped our gear off and had the most torrid, passionate sex I've ever had. What followed over the next two hours was an absolute masterclass in sexuality by queenie. Her sexual arsenal is amazing...striptease, costumes, toy shows...her appetite is definitely in bedroom not at the restaurant. Every fantasy and desire was taken care of. And at the end of it all a kiss and a cuddle that melts ur heart. This girl is the total package. If she's in your town...book, if she's out of town...fly there.


    Trust me, there is nothing like a 'knight' with the Queen!!


    January 2017




    There seems to be no end to the surprises you will have with the beautiful Queenie Pearl. I have been a regular client for over a year and always leave feeling that each visit was better than the last if that’s possible. What keeps me coming back is her light hearted and fun approach to each encounter and her genuine desire to make it a new experience each time. They say variety is the spice of life well this is one spice girl. Thanks Queenie see you soon.

    Fan, June 2016


    Some things which went unsaid in the first tribute to Q P., after entering the doorway stepping into the apartment , the door started to close behind me hand on my shoulder gently turniing me to her embraceand there she was exquisite. 


    Mentioned this the second get together, the first , though not here , is an experience , pioneering the way, the connection , the warmth of flow between u, the lack of awkwardness...well it just went with the flow , embrace in each others arms , dfk unmatched then lead by hand to the shower and there she was holding the towel after.


    Hand in hand to her room past the massage table embrace and the fragile lace ends up on the floor, what followed was a flow of affection embracing every facet ot togetherness in multiple ways .


    The true class and specialness was the after caring, moist towelet and with genuine affection she tidied up and then asked if a massage was in order? 


    And this is no mundane affair , she is exceptional, professional and exceptional to the extent u don't want to leave, and u get that feeling it's mutual, warm and vibrant conversation lying with head on my shoulder, must remember to check on the door it it says HEAVEN. ...I MORTALITY IS FOUND HERE. ....this is the meaning of life

    Still lost for words, a hug a kiss till next time , u can't make this up its real it's exquisite it's


    Queenie Pearl..... asked her to never change


    "I wont" she said .


    Other details left to yr initiation 


    Asteroid, May 2016




    Queenie Pearl you are the most special woman I have ever met and after a year knowing you I will celebrate the event with a short but sincere review. You are such a lovely caring person and you make me feel very special every time we meet. You have a delightful personality to add to your other great attributes. To know you is a privilege which I enjoy so much, so thank you beautiful Queenie Pearl,


    from Mr I, May 2016




    An absolute jewel , star child of the universe, short of words to fully describe the experience , that day 27 April will remain super special and being the second encounter so far ahead of the first in depth and feeling , nothing on the planet can truly describe it .

    One in a million perhaps gets near to unique , wonderful and what ever only half gets the explication real.

    Am truly lost for words , suppose it's cause I don't want to share


    There is only one Q.Pin the universe


    Asteroid, April 2016

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