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  • I have seen Ruby numerous times over the last six months but haven't had the chance to do a review.


    The first time that we met was quite memorable and is what I want to share in this review.


    Ruby's great photos provided an initial attraction, but I also like to spend time with someone around my own age so I went ahead and arranged a date with her.


    We met in the foyer at Crown, her smile, gorgeous red hair and height in heels had her truly standing out.


    When meeting someone for the first time, it's the little things that you really notice. As we started to make our way to my room, Ruby reached out and took my hand like a true girlfriend and she even stole a nice small kiss from me in the lift. I like that.


    In the room, we relaxed with a drink on the sofa. Ruby is really easy to talk to. Our time on the couch followed a bit of a routine - chat, laugh, sip of drink, small kiss .... then repeat.


    As time went on, the chat bit started to get shorter and the kissing part became longer and more passionate. Items of clothing were slowly being removed.


    Next thing I knew, Ruby stood up, now only in lingerie and stilettos, took me by the hand once again with champagne glasses in the other and walked me to the bedroom.


    Removing those last pieces of lingerie to reveal that amazing body was just magic and an amazing entree for the remainder of the night.


    Time went by so fast, just playing around, kissing every part of that awesome body, oral sex and sex.


    After an unbelievable night, saying goodbye was hard, but Ruby dropped me a quick text whe she got home to say thanks for the night. As I said, it's the little things that make a difference.


    Yep, she is expensive, there is no doubt about that, but quality of this callibre always is. At this level, it is all about the overall experience, it's not just about the sexual side of it.


    At subsequent dates, she remembers the smallest details about me from our first meeting, she really does pay attention to you. Its the little things.


    Ruby is attractive, affectionate, thoughtful and generous - the characteristics of a true high class companion.


    That's why I will see her again and again.


    A, October 2016




    I met Ruby at my city hotel suite last December. Ruby was right at home in the plush hotel environment which made our meeting all the more comfortable and memorable. I greeted Ruby at the door to find an attractive, well dressed, fit woman. I was made to feel relaxed as we exchanged small talk as I busily poured some champagne for us both. Whilst continuing the conversation I asked Ruby if she minded taking her clothes off, Ruby agreed and promptly stripped down to her sexy lingerie which hugged her toned body.


    The sight of Ruby in her lingerie as we sipped champagne was getting me stirred up. We agreed it was time to end the formalities and we soon started to kiss as I caressed Ruby’s tight, fit body! At this point we instinctively got up and moved to the king size bed that awaited us.


    We continued to kiss and explore one another until we unanimously started mutual oral by 69ing. It was a real treat for us both. It was then I realised that Ruby was quite the experienced and skilled lover that I had hoped for! We continued to enjoy one another utilising many and varied positions. I think we even invented a few of our own as Ruby’s athletic body was quite flexible.


    After multiple orgasms we lay exhausted on the bed catching our breath and enjoying some light banter about what had just occurred. Ruby suggested at this point that we have a shower to clean ourselves up. Once in the shower I couldn’t help but continue to explore Ruby’s body as it glistened with water running over her. Ruby made me feel a million dollars by giving me a back and shoulder massage under the warm water.


    Before I knew it our time was up and Ruby got dressed back into her seductive black evening dress whilst I stood there admiring her beauty. Gents, Ruby is as her name suggests all class. My new year’s eve was almost completed, just the fireworks outside to go!!!!


    Anthony, December 2014




    Hi I recently had the pleasure off booking Ruby for a three hour dinner date whilst she was in Adelaide. OMG what an experience. Ruby is one very classy, sophisticated, educated and sexy lady. Dressed too kill in an elegant black dress we enjoyed a lovely dinner over a bottle of red, then back too the hotel where Ruby undressed too seductive lingerie. Ruby gives amazing oral and a very affectionate passionate girlfriend service. I'll be booking again when she tours Adelaide again. Highly recommend this naughty nymph.


    September 2014




    They broke the mould for this lady she is the best


    TJ, July 2014

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