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  • I was a few minutes early for my appointment, and saw the girl I was sure was Sam B come breezing through the lobby of her apartment building, looking a tiny bit rushed. She was gorgeous - just like her photos, in and out of her clothes, but so much better in the flesh. Moments later we met at her door and she instantly took me in her arms and kissed me square on the lips - "a nice start", I thought. Things only became better from there ... Sam is cheerful, sweet, and full of smiles. But she is equally an accomplished seductress and a devil in the bedroom. Once she whisks you off - and her clothes - you will be amazed! She is beautiful and sexually accomplished in every respect (and has gorgeous nipples, btw), and is absolutely full of the most delicious kisses. Most distinctively, she has a special and rare natural oral technique that will leave you breathless, begging for more, and asking "do you do CIM?" When we finished, and I'd dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror, stated "I have just-been-f**d hair! ... and I can't find my clothes!" and showed me out stark naked - a lovely ending to a great hour.






    After having met Sam a couple of weeks earlier and having the time of my life and having passionateI sex with her - I found myself once again having the urge to spend time with this beautiful young lady. I thought the first time I met Samantha was fantastic and could not get better. How wrong was I - this time proved even more amazing - not only was I met by the beautiful Samantha, I agreed to her inviting her beautiful friend Hannah - so when I arrived I was greeted by not just one but by 2 beautiful young ladies.  

    Samantha and Hannah both greeted me at the door - both dressed very sexily and both looking beautiful. A quick kiss from each girl at the door before being lead to the lounge. I sat down with one girl on either side of me and a glass of wine in my hand. Some deep french kisses with each girl as we talked for a few minutes. It was not long before I had hands running all over my body and both girls were feeling my growing hardness as we sat there. I suggested a quick shower, and then met the two girls back in the bedroom - they had both stripped down to sexy lingerie - and looked even more sexy. More kissing and I took the opportunity to remove both girls bras - wow what a sight - the nicest tits in the world - one pair on either side. Sam even had a small laugh and said "oh darling now you look like a kid in a candy store and you don't know where to look" . I relied probably, but I'm going to enjoy all of this for as long as possible. 

    It was not long before the girls de robed and we were all naked - and we all were feeling comfortable and enjoying this experience. They pushed me onto my back and Samantha started to DFK me again - while Hannah took the opportunity to move down to my waiting cock. She took it in her mouth and slowly started to give me a lovely BBBJ. Both girls could tell I was enjoying this. After a few minutes the girls swapped - Samantha saying she wanted to suck my cock again as she had not seen it for a couple of weeks. Samantha also gave me a lovely BBBJ as Hannah kissed me. 

    After a few minutes more Hannah went for the draw where the supply of Condoms are kept - and she used her mouth to get in on my cock - as I awaited her getting me covered (enjoying the way she was doing it) I knew it was not going to be long before she was sliding down on top of me - she slide down onto me while Samantha looked on and gave us both her seal of approval saying it looked so hot seeing me fucking her good friend. She said she was starting to get wet just watching us. She moved her boobs above my face so that I could take then in my mouth. As well I reached for her pussy and inserted a finger - oh my god was she wet. 

    I fucked Hannah for 5-10 minutes until I looked up at Samantha again and said - it must be your turn - so she quickly got a dom - got it on me and moved down and mounted me. We fucked like this for 5 mins or so before I flipped Samantha over and into missionary. 

    The next 20-30 minutes was spent swapping with each girl and fucking them in different positions, until such time as I need a drink. at this stage while having a drink - the two girls started together kissing and playing with each other's pussy. after a little recovery and drinks I got back into action and received more BBBJ from each girl and then more sex and passionate fucking. I was getting ready to cum and the girls suggested that I cum over their faces and boobs. They both were there in front of me encouraging me to blow my cum over them - which I did. 

    What an amazing experience and one that I hope I can relive sometime soon. 

    It was almost impossible to leave but I had to face reality - so some long hug, long French kissing, sliding my both hands on their beautiful bodies it was indeed a very hard decision to leave and I was almost tempted to stay longer. It would have been so easy and I wished I could have stayed longer caressing and hugging these beautiful young ladies.

    All I can say whilst thinking back - Samantha and Hannah without doubt the most beautiful young ladies you could ever hope to meet and spend time with. I can only recommend a double with these 2 girls to anyone who really wants a mind blowing experience. The best doubles experience of my life. 

    These two ladies are without doubt very special and it shows in how the enjoy the time spent with me. They are both very special young ladies and if you decide to book for a double - I guarantee that you will be so glad that you did. They are simply amazing and together Samantha and Hannah will ensure you really enjoy yourself - I'm sure you will as well. 

    I will be honest I enjoyed it so much I am seriously thinking of rebooking for a repeat session.


    Thank you Samantha and Hannah. Robbie Mar






    I met Samantha earlier this week in Sydney in her luxury apartment. The arrangements were made very easily and quickly and deciding to see Samantha was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Arrangements were made by SMS (oh how easy is it - just wish more girls had iPhones for sending SMS messages). her response by SMS was quick with more details about her the experience in store and the excellent service she was going to provide. Lets just say it was well and truly better than five star service. I arrived on time to her luxury room a little nervous , but with in minutes of Samantha opening the door and a delicious welcome which included a sensuous kiss I knew I had made the right decision. My only thought was that I knew the 2 hours was not going to be long enough. This was based on her profile on PG, her photos and when the door opened I almost collapsed she is the most beautiful young lady that you will ever meet. 


    Samantha opened the door wearing a very sexy dress, which showed off her magnificent assets and her long legs and big smile on her face. A long French kiss behind the door and I had to stop myself from heading straight to the bedroom with this beautiful young lady and taking her into my arms and fucking her straight away. But I showed amazing constraint and resisted and she lead me to the lounge, got ma a glass of wine where we sat and got to know each other a little better. After a short period of time we both sensed that we wanted more and we had to have each other. A shower for two started what was going to be a fantastic experience.. 


    In the shower where we both soaped each other up, me playing with her breasts and pussy and she playing with my cock, then after the shower we headed to the bedroom. Lots of DFK to start with followed by the best natural oral I have ever had in my entire life - Samantha had me rock hard in a matter of minutes. I got her on her back so that I could lick and finger her beautiful pussy - and before long Samantha was experiencing the first of several orgasms. Then she took my cock in her mouth again - I just lay there letting her use her soft and playful tongue with lots of lustful fast breathing and that got my cock rock hard.Once I was rock hard she grabbed a condom and placed it on me perfectly using her mouth. Then she lowered herself down onto my cock, she rode me like she was really enjoying feeling me inside her. She looked fantastic riding me as I reached up to take a breast in each hand. This is a sight that will live in my mind for a long time to come. After a little while I flipped her over so that we were in missionary position, fucking each other and DFK as we fucked each other. I held on for a little while so as to enjoy the experience for as long as I could. 


    Samantha has an incredibly amazing pussy - a beautiful shaved pussy that was very very tight and she seemed to really enjoy being fucked. Samantha seemed to be getting hornier and hornier with more sucking and fucking.


    We had a short break to have a quick drink and to tell each other how much we were enjoying being together with each other. Then it was on with another dom and back into some more fucking. All I can say is that Samantha really turned me on and the experience was amazing. I reached orgasm exploding a load of cum all over her beautiful breasts. We both agreed she looked fantastic with my cum spread over her magnificent assets as she slowly rubbed it into her skin. I think she also licked some off her fingers so as to taste some of my cum.



    My god what an experience - it is an experience that I will not forget in a hurry and it is an experience that I want to relive in the the next week or so. I'm seriously thinking of spending an entire night with this gorgeous young lady.


    I consider myself to be one of the luckiest guys on this planet to have spent a couple of hours with this beautiful, attractive and intelligent young lady.


    A quick shower before saying our good byes - but I do know it will not be long before I see Samantha again.


    Long hug, long French kissing, sliding my both hands on her beautiful body it was indeed a very hard decision to leave and I was almost tempted to stay longer but this was not the night to do so. It would have been so easy and I wished I could have stayed longer caressing and hugging that beautiful young lady, continuing to kiss this beautiful young girl whilst continuing to play with and lick her pussy.



    All I can say whilst thinking back - Samantha is without doubt the most beautiful young lady you could ever hope to meet and spend time with. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you only have the time and money to see one girl from the Private Girls website - you MUST make it Samantha.


    She is one very special young lady and if you decide to book to see her - I guarantee that you will be so glad that you did. She is simply amazing and she will ensure you really enjoy yourself with her.



    PT - Sydney Robbie, Punter Planet, February



    Forget the Girlfriend experience .. Try the Bond Girl experience.. a la miss Samantha Bailey.


    First thing to say is what a stunner Samantha is. I was actually initially put off by her photos as they looked just too perfect, and too 'done' to me. Although she states in her profile that they have not been retouched, the realist in me couldn't quite believe it and i was left suspicious. Not retouched? Seriously? Samantha has the most perfect body in the photos, like a true barbie doll. I wasn't quite credulous that the photos were completely authentic as per Samantha's claims, but they definitely looked hot enough to compel me to try and find out!


    The second I saw Samantha I couldn't believe my eyes. All doubt was dispelled. Starting off thinking that it was too good to be true .. I ended up thinking the photos didn't do her justice! Crazy though it seems, she is even more beautiful and stunning in real life. I thought I must have slipped on something and banged my head, and was now passed out cold on the floor and dreaming I was James Bond.


    Some girls are pretty, some are beautiful .. Samantha is incredibly stunning, the most gorgeous face you've ever seen. Amazing blue eyes, tumbling blonde locks and the most ridiculous 12/10 body. Yes, that's 12 out of 10. Her sculpted physique is really that amazing.


    Samantha kindly came to my hotel on outcall. When I opened the door I thought there must be some mistake, surely this absolutely sensational looking creature wasn't coming to see me?? Model-looking girls like that don't jut show up at your door, right? She giggled at the fact that I seemed so astonished to see her and believe that she was my 'call girl', as it were. 


    It's easy to be intimidated by someone who looks like Sam, but she truly has a personality so warm and inviting, not at all cold or 'starfish' like as one may expect from these haughty beauties that think their looks make up for lack of enthusiasm or personality. Samantha is charming and bubbly and lit up the room the moment she arrived. 


    Having a chat on the couch with a glass of wine, I couldn't believe I could be kissing this girl, never mind having my way with her! Unsure of how to move into the moment, Samantha quickly helped me out. In fact, she just sort of pounced on me and gave me the biggest, juiciest deep French kiss of my life! I could hardly believe it. She is the best kisser, with what are probably the softest, most delicious lips around. My goodness, when she kissed me

    I could swear I tasted nectar and ambrosia.


    I could have died right then and there and been a happy man. Luckily for me, Samantha had more in store. She is a true showgirl, and asked me if I wanted a striptease to kick things off. Does a fish want water? I said yes so quickly I think i dribbled! 


    What followed was the sexiest, most arousing show I've ever seen. Samantha moved, twisted her body and teased me till me and my little friend downstairs were both literally burning with desire. As the clothes peeled off, I grew more and more speechless at the sight of that body, so beautiful, soft, slim and toned, yet curvy in all the right places. Samantha's curves are just ridiculous, and she loves showing them off, and knows exactly how to do so. She carried out her striping until the white bra came off, exposing perfectly pert breasts, until the silk white matching g-string was cast off to the floor where it belonged, until she just stood there right in front of me in my hotel, naked and available.


    It was just insane, the way a hot girl like that was playing with me and working to get my attention. I thought i'd gone back into that fantasy world again, with Goldfinger, white Russian cats, spy gadgets and Pussy Galore. Well, there was certainly pussy galore to come.. But the real version, lucky bastard that I am.


    I'd just had a shower, as I told Sam, so without further ado she proceeded to take advantage of me and have her way with me - yes, that's what it felt like. SHE was making the move! Slowly, deliberately, with her eyes locked to mine, she put her elegant hands on my crotch and meaningfully proceeded to undo the buttons. My hands were clutching the arms of my chair as though I was on a roller coaster. Freeing my member, she drew her mouth near and, like yet another erotic performance, slowly to proceeded to insert my shaft between her perfect pink lips. I thought this time I really had died and gone to heaven. The vision of my cock entering that gorgeous mouth is one that will for sure stay with me forever.


    I've heard it said before and winced, but this girl really did work me like a lollypop. Massaging my length with her tongue, flicked my balls, sucked on them, tickled around the scrotum, then sucked the life out of me, mouth busy and working, pulling hard around my cock. I tell you what, this girl is no prude!


    I thought for a minute to ask her to stop, but then thought, Why the hell not? just give into it and enjoy the moment.. So I prompted her that I was going to come and she presented her orb-like breasts to me as I squirted my love juice all over her perfect tits, and she seemed to love that. I guess I gave her a show in return .


    Needing some time to recover, Samantha went to freshen up and then returned with some body lotion to give me a heavenly massage whilst I gathered my strength. Once more, we chatted about everything and nothing, with Sam making me laugh every two seconds with her jokes and her stories. She sounds very adventurous and has done a lot in her young life. Now there's a girl who knows how to grab life by the horns!


    Soon, the touch of her hands became less soothing to me, and more arousing and I could feel the familiar hardness coming on one more time. I flipped over and asked if i could give her a massage in return. Now I must have made the worst, most perverted masseur in the world as the moment my palms touched that impeccable body they went straight for gold: to the breasts, sliding between them down to her taut tummy, to the sweet wetness below .. Samantha was smiling and groaning in pleasure as my fingers explored her, as I put pressure on her clit with my fingers, alternating between flicking and circling. She must have been loving it because she pressed my hand where it obviously felt good and used me as s kind of dildo to pleasure herself until she came in a shuddering climax, warm wet juices squelching my fingers. Joy for her, joy for me.


    We proceeded to have sex, the details of which I'll spare you in this review, though I feel i could most probably shout them from the rooftops. And Sam wouldn't mind my indiscretions either, I'm quite sure ;) but I just don't think words will do justice to how good it felt to be making love to that beautiful body, pushing deed inside that tight young pussy, kissing her soft lips and looking at her extraordinary beautiful face. It wasn't about tricks or toys, kama sutra, sex swings or costumes. It was just the pure pleasure of making love to a warm and gorgeous woman who welcomed me inside her and came with me at the end.


    I will never forget my experience with Samantha and will see her again as soon as I can. Be warned though: she is addictive! I missed Samantha almost the second she walked out that door. 


    Sparkling, charming, bubbly, funny and very beautiful, she is worth every cent. Move over James Bond, your lady has got nothing on Samantha! 



    Steve, Sydney, February



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