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    I am not one to talk about what goes on behind closed doors with a lady. That is our private affair. What I will tell you is that Sasha will blow your mind as beautifully and sensuously as your dick. She will look after you like a long, lost lover. She has been Perth's hottest courtesan for a few years and is very much still at the top. Your time with Sasha will be well spent, she will make very sure of that. You will walk away with a spring in your step and a smile on your face and thinking WOW!!! Did we really do all that and “When am I going to be able to see her again!!. Treat her like the Lady she is, and she will treat you like her Lord. Respect her and she will make your memories with her last forever. Thank you, Sasha, for always looking after me in your very special way.

    B.P.M. April 2019




    I write this review for the sensational Sasha Mei out of the love & respect I have for this beautiful lady. I have known & enjoyed Sasha's company for a number of years now and so this review goes some way to express my gratitude to her for the immense pleasure that Sasha brings to my life. After each and every time I have enjoyed Sasha's company I can't wait to see her again. Sasha Mei is the perfect companion to accompany the discerning gentleman to a corporate function, a show, an exclusive restaurant or just to stay in at Sasha's upmarket apartment to savour her intense lovemaking skills. Sasha Mei describes herself as being like a playful puppy, she does enjoy a little "doggy" too. Sasha has gorgeous big brown eyes, eyes that draw you in. She has a smile that brightens the dullest of rooms and could melt an iceberg. Sashie has a sense of humour and a personality that would even win your mother over. At a recent lunch date at an exclusive Perth restaurant, Sasha was turning heads and diners were passing compliments on how beautiful she looked. I have searched the English Oxford Dictionary to find words to suitably describe this lady. Words like beautiful, stunning, sensational and sexy all seem inadequate to describe this beautiful soul. When it comes to providing and receiving pleasure, Sasha Mei is in a league of her own. Guy's do yourselves a favour, contact Sasha Mei, you won't be disappointed, I can assure you. Treat Sasha like the lady she is and she will reward you many times over.


    B, December 2018 




    Saw sasha twice in two days, beautiful, well mannered and had the best time with her. Looking forward to our next encounter. If you are browsing through the profiles, do not skip her and pick up the phone to arrange a meeting.


    R, August 2018




    I received a Txt message from the gorgeous Sasha Mei. The message read"come over at 5.00pm Wednseday for drinks, nibbles and some sexy Sasha time, then we go out for dinner". Being a long standing regular client of this delightful lady, how could I refuse. I parked my car and briskly walked to Sasha's upmartket West Perth apartment. I buzzed her room, "come on up my darling" ohhhh the heart starts racing. I've been seeing Sasha for a long time now, so I was aware of the delights that beckoned. A gentle knock on her door, the door opens, I am greeted with a huge smile, a passionate kiss and a hug that I don't want to break away from. Sasha is a passionate kisser and her hugs are meaningful. I step back, pinch myself and admire the sight of this beautiful woman, with long black shinny hair, a body that is tanned, toned, and with legs that go all the way up to her armpits, dressed in the most stunning lingerie. Honey Birdette, Sasha's favourite lingerie. In all of the time that I have known Sasha, never has she dressed in "porn star" outfits. Sasha is an elite courtesan and far too classy a lady to dress in such a way. Sasha Mei has an exquisite tatste in lingerie and clothes. I have had the privilege of Sasha Mei's company at some of Perth's finest restaurants and on every occasion, Sasha has looked stunning. Sasha's presentation, deportment and etiquette make me proud to have her hold my hand or take my arm. Sasha Mei sets the bar for high-class courtesans. She is kind and generous to a fault. Sasha has a wicked sense of humour and has the ability to converse on a wider range of topics. Above all Sasha is a beautiful sole with a huge heart. Gents, do yourselves a favour, put Sasha Mei on your bucket list. Don't just treat her as an object for your own sexual gratification. Treat her like a lady, as she deserves to be treated, respects her and Sasha will respond with the girlfriend experience that you had only ever dreamed of. You won't get to have sex with Sasha Mei, you will make love with her.


    B, January 2018 




    We had a lucky break from the summer heat on Friday with cool winds bordering on chilly. This provided me with a rare opportunity to play on Sasha's balcony in comfort. For any that have not visited Sasha, she works from an apartment in the CBD with a huge fully enclosed balcony which serves as the perfect entertainment area. She has a lounge area for chatting (and playing), a massive daybed with lots of pillows big enough for group play, and even a hammock for chilling (and playing?). If you've never had sex in the great outdoors, the feeling of a cool breeze blowing over your body while engaged in various acts of pleasure is truly heavenly. I am one of Sasha's regulars, so she greeted me at the door and kissed me like I was a long lost lover. Sasha is nearly the definition of perfection for me. She has a very warm and passionate personality in the body of a porn star. She is Eurasian, so she has the tall statuesque figure of a European (Amazon) woman with the tan and features of an Asian (including incredibly smooth tight skin). The first few minutes are always a struggle for me because she greets me at the door wearing her pornstar gear. We spend the first few minutes trying to both chat and greet, so we often interrupt each other in mid-sentence for a pash, or hug or both. Somewhere in those first few minutes, she managed to get a drink into my hand. I asked her if the aircon was on in her bedroom and she mentioned that it might be cool enough for some outdoor play. We stepped out onto her balcony and when the cool breeze hit me it reminded me of the first time we played outdoors and it literally sent a shiver through me. The chat and small talk ended at that point, and the games began. Sasha provides the ultimate girlfriend experience and is constantly fussing over you to make sure you are "comfortable" and having the best possible time. She had her breasts upgraded a few months ago, so they are larger and fuller than before and well suited to her Amazonian figure. The combination of the city sounds around us, and the cool breeze blowing over us created a heady almost drug induced state. We were both completely lost in the moment (hours actually). We were both so switched on and clicked so well that we were almost reading each other's minds. As the afternoon flowed by one of us would suggest a change in position or location and the other would respond with "wow, I was about to suggest that". Her daybed with many small pillows is the ultimate playground (big enough for 3-4 players.... hmmm future plans?). Sasha also introduced me to her hammock? I didn't know it was possible to have sex in a hammock, but Sasha showed me a couple of things I will never be able to get out of my head. If you have experienced Sasha then I am probably singing to the choir (or maybe you get some new ideas for your own visits). If you have not experienced Sasha before and you really enjoy a great GFE with an Amazonian looking pornstar... the give her a call and experience her for yourself.


    Roy, January 2018





    It has been a few days now since I have to meet up with Sasha Mei for dinner and date. I can still see that beautiful Face with that amazing body, as she opened the door dressed in sexy lingerie revealing those long legs and that spectacular breast, firm but still soft, still feel the touches and kisses all over my body, still can taste the wine we drank, taste the sweetness of your body, still can hear the laughter the moaning and the little cries for more love. We had dinner after, we ate and talked, there is always so much to talk with her about the food we eat the wine we drink, about living in general. Sasha is a happy person, happy with live and happy with what she is doing and she wants to make me happy, lucky me she succeeds every time. I have seen Sasha regularly and always leave with a big smile! The only regret is that I have to leave. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.


    W. 10th November 2017




    I had read Sasha Mei's profile 8 months ago. Something about this lady interested me, I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Now I shall tell you why. Communication with Sasha was quick and easy. I arrived at her upmarket apartment at the arranged time. A little apprehensive, and a little nervous. I need not have been. Sasha greeted me at the door, dressed to thrill, a warm kiss and a welcome hug immediately displaced any feeling of nervousness. We sat and chatted over a wine or two to get acquainted. The conversation flowed, dispersed with Sasha's wicked sense of humour. It felt like I had known Sasha for years.

    I won't go into detail of our liaison out of respect for this gorgeous lady but needless to say with her stunning exquisite lingerie removed she revealed the body of a supermodel, a body that any self-respecting gentleman would crawl across broken glass for. Sasha has a beautiful face with kissable lips ( and she loves to kiss) deep brown eyes and long silky black hair. Sasha has gorgeous breasts adorned with a raspberry-like nipple. But more importantly behind those gorgeous breasts lies a heart, a huge heart. Sasha is not just a pretty face and the purveyor of incredible sex she is kind, thoughtful, generously warm and caring. Sasha has a wicked sense of humour and is a great conversationalist.

    Gents if you are looking for a special girlfriend experience you cant go past Sasha Mei. Treat this lady with respect, take some time to get to know her and she will take you to places that you have only ever dreamt of. Sasha is the perfect companion either in private or in any social environment. I have now been seeing the stunning Sasha Mei regularly for the past 8 months and I intend seeing her well into the future.


    B, August 2017



    Well having missed out on seeing Sasha on the outward bound trip due to dates getting mixed up no one could make it. Sasha, lare R  and Silkie...

    Decided no escape this time, 2 hours with her should make up for the loss.

    Date and time set and those encouraging stimulating texts, which leave u checking time and day keep coming, like stress and anxiety pills.  

    This time a driver who knew exactly where he was going...a sheer pleasure.

    Text and instructions, which by now I should know by heart 

    Door swings open,  high black boots must be 12-inch heels and requested garment, how it stays together, so many holes, I've yet to work out. The same fabulous welcome ...pulled into the apartment, pushed her against the wall and continued the welcome, her hands on my head holding me steady on one knee paying homage to her pleasure, her knees on my shoulders.

    I brough her something and she led me to the lounge, opened her gift and poured the wine, so we raised glasses to our reunion

    A new vibe, a new tenderness and awareness of one another.

    With time to spare we chatted touched and fabulous foreplay. Time here the essence. 

    She then asked me to do something for her, perhaps a small fantasy. On her tummy kissed her head to toes, lingering when the response was urgent.

    A happy woman is a good woman and the look in her eyes said happily satisfied and content... now take me and I'll show u the. Real Sasha Mei.  And that she did with no reserve full blown passion calling out four times as she passed the winners post.

    A tenderness and closeness never expected washed over us like a warm wave of new understanding  and awareness a point reached of no returne

    More wine and arms wrapped around each other indestructible we were and the fulfilment of both arms around her...tight and those beautiful legs wrapped across my back ....a hairs breath from immortality. 

    We both realised this could never be taken from us so we had triumphed over mortality. Neither of us wanted to part and realism said  I could not leave Perth without seeing her again...

    So 2 days later with one night left before the flight, an hour with the princess

    No one has ever given me any token garment a symbol to remember by. .. ever .....but Sashie has Led straight to the table and told " these are for u"  and I realised  the enormity of the privelage 

    Nor even the shortest skirt with nothing under of the top that was pulled off and tossed on a chair registered fully.

    Our last liason. Had been on a blanket on the lounge floor....dynamical fantastic,  but she took me by the hand to the room ;, candles burning soft gentle shadows flickering across her beauty., although only an hour it encompassed all of that feeling and force that had manifest it's self in her nails  diging into my back and the gasp for air as we touched the sky and the warm glow of ebbing pleasure subsided 3 times

    I had never seen Sashie like this,  in such trust and glowing vibes with the knowledge this reality would never be destroyed.  Time beckoned and with that hug and kiss at the door our hearts tore apart, holding kissing hugging touching lingering a repair job for next time not really


    M February 2017



    Had my most exiting time with Sasha last Thursday night. She can be like a camelion, classy and sophisticated one hr a sexi passionate lover the next.I saw her the next morning in her sporty outfit ready for the gym, what a sight!! Definately a lady for all occasions.I have never met a more beautiful and exiting woman like here. Sasha, I will be back for more of your exhilarating and exotic seduction, not to mention the intelligent conversations.tyanks again.


    W, January 2017



    Perfect, spent this afternoon with this kitten, thanks to Sasha xx


    J, July 2016




    16th May Brisbane to Perth early flight land at 1 pm, but she and Sashie and more knew I was on the way. Some days earlier she texted and said "Can we see u straight off the plane?" and we go to Sashie place it's closer to the airport.

    All done, caught a cab and on time told by Sashie. "Come on up we ready" so glad to beat the cold and up with the lift to her door. One knock was all it needed and two sets of hands pulled me into the apartment, the door closed, Sashie from behind both arms around me undoing the shirt buttons while Silkie was sorting out the belt and buttons.

    Shirt and pants went in one operation military precision.

    Led by hand and lower each happy to walk in front of me to the lounge. have u ever walked behind Silkie naked? to the sofa where wine was already poured. hard to drink with four sets of hands all over had to be careful not to spill but then that would have been kicked up anyway.

    Sashie on her haunches in front of me occupied and Silkie locked lips with me and so it all began.changes were made to who was where till I was led to the room where both turned to me and the roller coaster stress they love to share unselfishly and a tangle with Silkie calling out mutilating a pillow, and while Sha got her breath back Sashie took over till her hands gripped my forearms and shuddered to gasp for breath

    Your imagination can imagine the rest, every possible option was used till none of us could or wanted to move from the post orgasm grasp blending into that special cuddles that bring u all down to earth. 

    More wine and finally found my clothes and got help dressing till the buttons were done top and bottom in between hugs kisses and fondling which had to stop otherwise I would have had to back up to the waiting cab not to mention the passage out of the building.

    Embraces kisses and promises to get together again which we did 4 and 5 days later but separately one on one more serious and intense, more personal and concreting the friendships in time till that time again and we'll take on where we left off

    Perhaps the mile high club, they love the idea


    Asteroid, July 2016




    I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful sweet Sasha today! Words can't describe how this beautiful lady makes you feel! From the moment I walked into her apartment and until I left. Thank you Sasha xoxoxo


    S, June 2016



    WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, unbelievable.....


    Tony, Sydney, May 2016




    I was surprised in the lead up to our encounter by how much I genuinely enjoyed our interaction by email and text. Sasha came across as a sweet, genuine and happy person.


    When we met in person I was delighted to learn that she is all of that and more. I was surprised by how much and how quickly I liked her. She is a very interesting person and excellent company over a glass or three of champagne. She is very open and comfortable with who she is and what she does. I like her very much and will definitely see her again when I am in Perth.


    Oh, and did I mention she is drop-dead gorgeous when she got changed and walked out in her very sexy lingerie I just about came in my pants - what a stunner! She is very caring and loves to please and please she did in so many ways.


    I had an outstanding night and have many fond memories.


    Mr F, May 2016




    Had a great Sunday afternoon meeting with Sasha. Just would like to say you truly are the total package both physically (great bum in particular slap slap wink wink) and personality wise loved the conversation on general topics it showed an overall package to the person and 100% respect with your views on what was discussed. I will definitely look forward to meeting you once again. Maybe next time some play in the kitchen lol


    Thanks again and looking forward to our next meeting 


    Rj, January 2016




    I had a wonderful and unique experience with Sasha. It starts when she opens the door and greets you. You immediately feel comfortable and relaxed. Probably the Asian hospitality and it goes on for the time you spend with Sasha. Her body is a killer and that coupled with the experience, skills and passion that Sasha exhibits will translate into a unique experience.


    Sasha is very open, genuine, passionate and she loves what she does. I will return to her for sure and I would recommend Sasha if you are after a genuine, unique and highly refreshing experience.


    Chris, September 2015



    I must say the times I've treated myself to this sexy Asian treat over the years I have known Sasha, all have been at a level of that is impossible to explain. Every time the caring natural feel she projects, remembering sometimes more then myself what was going on in my life the last visit it just eases any nerves immediately. 


    Never an issue with any requests weathers it wearing a particular outfit or playing out what I'd been fantasising in my head on the way!!

    Sashes body is on the next level! 


    Trim, tight n toned any man would be weak at the knees watching her slowly strut to him long legs all the way up to those ever so perfect dd's if your after the best this lady will show you just that every time hands down. 


    Tim, August 2015




    I have seen Sasha on a number of occasions and I must say what an experience.


    Every time has been something different and enjoyable. From when you walk in you are in awe of her beauty and body, skin tight outfits and revealing tops straining to hold those gorgeous breasts in.


    She is chatty, knowledgeable and smart, it makes for an amazing experience.


    I'm not going to go into detail, but we have had some intense sessions including me and a friend sharing Sasha between us.


    I can't recommend her enough, her service, personality and on top of that being a fantastic person means I will continue to come back.


    Adam, December 2014




    Having visited Sasha last week, I am compelled to offer a review of my time with her. I have seen this lady but not often enough since our first meeting back in 2011, and this recent visit was my first opportunity to reacquaint myself with her affectionate personality, her taste in sensual, erotic attire and her genuine enjoyment that she attains from the time spent with her.


    Contact via SMS was easy and you can rely on a response from Sahsa although she must be a busy lady and therefore an appointment was quickly arranged, I will add that I had to cancel my first appointment due to work constraints which she fully understood and a rearranged session was scheduled without any drama. Her workplace allows easy discreet street parking and on arrival, I was greeted by her dressed in the outfit that I had requested and looking just as stunning as her photographs on her Private Girl web site.


    Her greeting immediately puts a man at ease and she enjoys the prelude of conversation and flirtation prior to getting down to the main focus of the visit. Sasha certainly enjoys sex and is a very willing partner in trying various positions and exchanging mutual oral activities, she has a delightful body and enjoys having her awesome tits fondled and the feel of a tongue between her thighs, her oral skills are excellent and she expertly slips you into a condom before feasting on your erect cock.


    No two sessions with Sahsa have been the same and I can honestly report that last week was the finest yet, we pleasured each other with our tongues first before I thrust into her in the mish position before turning her around for a doggy session with the view of her awesome arse and tight pussy welcoming my cock I shafted her like this for some time before finally having her on her back and fucking her from the side in an “L” shaped position as our pace quickened and I exploded in a shuddering orgasm.


    I’m already looking forward to my next appointment and with Sasha, she is open to suggestions on how to enhance the sessions, she is a very liberated lady with a wonderful personality and an impressive appetite for sex.


    April 2014



    I met the lovely Sasha Mei early this month (please see the previous review) and had such a wonderful time that I decided I had to return to see whether my first experience was an aberration. I am pleased to say it wasn't; I didn't think it would be possible, but yesterday's encounter may have even surpassed the first. A beautiful, engaging courtesan, who genuinely appears to enjoy her work.


    I really enjoy the GFE and Sasha delivers in spades. Once again, I'm not going to elaborate (I wouldn't be that disrespectful) but one would have to look wide and far to experience a more pleasurable DATY, Spanish, CBJ, kissing, touching and sex session.


    Despite the playtime being fantastic, it's the personable things about Sasha Mei that stick with you long after the visit. You'll have to visit this charming lady to find out what I mean.


    A fabulous girl!!


    A, March 2014



    Wow, wow, wow ... what a beautiful, beautiful lady .... and I mean that in every sense of the word!


    I met Sasha Mei for the first time today and it definitely won't be the last ... I had the most enjoyable time ... in fact, I haven't stopped smiling since.


    Her ad states "Let Sasha make you feel like you're the only person in the world as she works her magic on your senses" ... she is true to her ad ... this is absolutely how she makes you feel ...


    Within two minutes of being in Sasha Mei's beautiful apartment, I felt like we were long lost, friends. She is such an engaging and charming young lady.


    Oh ... and the sex? I'm not going to go into details, but I will say that it was intimate at times, always exhilarating, passionate and bordering on raunchy. The ebbs and flows took my breath away.


    Do yourself favour guys, treat yourself to an hour or two or more with a sensational lady.


    A, March 2014




    Sasha Mei, you are beautiful and have an amazing personality. After 5 minutes of the meeting, you made feel very comfortable and relaxed. I can't wait till we meet again, which will hopefully be soon :)).


    Joe March 2014




    Simply Extraordinary thus Unique...


    Think words flow naturally whilst in her presence, communication is a strong part of anything.............!




    Fantasies do certainly, arrive at those who wait hmm.


    "Rrrrrrrr" ember, my Name Baby Girl.....!!!


    Would Endorse and encourage All blokes/Woman to try Sasha's (Cum)pany Completely...


    December 2013




    Hott Hornee and Funnn 90 minutes. Thanks, Sash., till next time.


    Ray, November 2013




    I decided to celebrate my birthday in style. Sasha is amazing in every way, she took away my nerves after a couple of minutes and the hospitality she shows is amazing. There are not enough great things to describe the experience of Sasha, I know I'd be going back to see her in the near future :)


    Jeff August 2013




    Sasha Mei and Tasmin Jade, hott and funn together, what an hour.


    Ray JULY 2013




    Sasha, not only you are a beautiful woman and great in bed, 

    you are also an amazing person who has integrity and inner beauty.

    It was a pleasure meeting you!


    January 2013




    Just have to say since starting to use the PG site and meeting many girls, this girl by far exceeds all expectations..........You will not find a girl that gives as much as this Asian Courtesan gives. If you are looking for companionship, this girl gives. If you are looking for hot sex this girl gives. The time spent with this girl is immeasurable to the fee that she charges, she loves her work and gives her respect, she delivers. To a very special girl, thankyou.........Sasha ................


    September 2012




    Not only is Sasha Mei very beautiful, but she also has a very nice personality and is very down to earth. Also, she has a great sense of humour and is easy going with great skills in bed ;)


    I will surely book again in the future, all the best Sasha =]


    May 2012




    Hard to imagine one being able to select a more perfect escort


    From the time the door opened to her very classy apartment, it was obvious this lady, was different.


    She presented perfectly, short skirt and beautifully coloured stockings showing off those amazing legs. High heels completed the 10 out of 10 look


    Nice jacket with a light white blouse underneath - all of which enhanced her lovely breasts for those into boobs lol


    Beautiful makeup, like she had made the effort just for me. So all in all, a fantastic package.


    We talked and got to know each other and shared a drink and a few laughs, she has a sparkling personality


    Looking at the previous reviews this service is standard for Sasha, she enjoys her work obviously and it shows.


    Others have discussed the bedroom scenes so I shall not bother. She is really quite something and seems to make every guy feel like they are different. Not at all your run of the mill service I suspect.


    Her body, feet and hands are lovely and those naughty eyes are really quite wicked. Lips... well go see for yourself, another 10 ratings from me


    She loves to chat and is very open and I don't think she looked at the clock once. I could have spent all afternoon and then some with her quite easily


    Enjoyed the time very much. Thanks, Sasha. I hope we meet again


    Alan, Feb 2012




    Sasha...........thank you for a very special time. You are very accommodating in every manner and your presentation, wow, your body is stunning and tight in every manner. Will definitely be back.


    PS June 2011



    Sasha Mei is a little treasure of Perth, and I greatly enjoyed my time with her today. It was a shame that it was so limited, and I hope to have much longer visits in the future.


    March 2011



    Sasha is absolutely gorgeous and will NOT disappoint. Her photos do not do her justice and as the other guys have mentioned - she will take her time because she LOVES what she does and will enjoy every moment! Beautiful, intelligent, talented AND she loves her cars too!! Would recommend to anyone in the Perth area - can't wait to catch you again Sasha ;) -


    Michael Sept 2010




    It is a rare thing for me to feel inspired to write a review of a lady but I thought I should make an exception for Sasha Mei. After a couple of false starts, we finally managed to find a time to suit us both and I am very glad we did. Sasha has an amazing figure and arrived looking gorgeous wearing a low cut top and tight jeans but quickly excused herself and returned wearing a sheer little number that fantasies are made of. I am a fan of an affectionate service, I believe a good GFE should include all the cuddling, kissing and DATY the term implies. That is exactly what Sasha offers with kissing starting from gentle pecks to 'embarrass your mother' tongue kissing and I know she enjoyed the DATY even more than I did. I spent a couple of wonderful hours with Sasha and was most disappointed when the time came and I was forced to watch her leave but I will not have to wait long to start all over again. 


    Reggie August 2010  




    Hey Sasha, Just wanted to drop you a note to say what a fantastic time I had with you during our brief interlude recently. Your a stunningly attractive woman (in fact your website doesn't do you justice), but what I found even more attractive was your personality. Your unique & genuinely caring personally dissolved my nervousness instantly and I was refreshed by your open approach to your occupation. I will definitely catch up with you when I am next in Perth. Best Regards,


    R. 2010






    Hello Sasha, Thank you for a very pleasant encounter this afternoon. I left highly satisfied and 'relieved'. No doubt I shall return when I am able to make arrangements.

    You certainly live up to and exceed your photos and description. Thanks again, Keep safe,


    P 2010



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