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  • Savannah resides and works in Melbourne but every now and again likes to travel to other states. When she does, those dates will be shown below. If no dates, then she will currently be available in Melbourne




    FOR SEX COUNSELLING  (for anybody)

    AND INDUSTRY MENTORING (for any escorts)



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  • About Me

  • After close to a decade working in the sex industry, I have gained experiences and knowledge that has lead me on a path of personal growth. I have loved every aspect of being a Sex Worker and gained an insight into humanity that nothing else could have provided me with.


    What has intrinsically stuck with me is connecting with people and learning their stories. As life evolves and the scope of my work changes, my passion for the sex industry remains constant, which has led me to providing sex therapy and mentoring services to both sides of the industry: Clients and Sex Workers. We are all so different and I provide an empathetic, non-judgemental ear to all.


    Sex Counselling

    As a private, high class escort for a number of years, I developed the tools to understand and help clients with very specific sexual and emotional needs. This has inspired me to further study and gain even more knowledge to become a full time Sex Counsellor. Living a healthy, sexual existence is paramount to a balanced life, but sometimes we need help to get there. And even though the prospect of asking for help may be embarrassing or daunting, my ability to put anyone at ease will quickly reassure you. You will be provided with comfort and empathy, along with a better understanding of self, and potential solutions.



    As a Sex Worker and now Counsellor and Mentor, I have taken a proactive approach on my journey as "Savannah" to dispel stigmas around sex work, and am passionate about Sex Workers rights; writing and speaking publicly on the subject. I also have a passion for the business side of the industry and my formal, business background has helped immensely over the years. I would like to share this information to empower other Sex Workers or those looking to enter the industry. My Mentoring program is built on education, years of experience, watching the ebbs and flow of the economy, and applying precise strategies. I can help you grow your business and flourish as a business provider.



    SWA 7755XE

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  • Price List

  • Industry Mentoring:


    First Appointment $350

    Thereafter $200


    6 Month Subscription $1100 (save $250)- We will catch up once a month to discuss ways to improve your business, how to implement these changes, and how you are feeling about them.  From session 1 to session 6, you will see a difference in your business.  We can also discuss any personal matters that arise. I have found at least 6 months of  mentoring once a month is significantly more beneficial and you can actually see a positive direction from start to finish.


    12 Month Subscription $2200 (save $350)- Get year long training and advice.  This is perfect for the woman who is brand new to the industry and needs to learn the ropes on how to get started (and also learn what doesn't work from my personal experience).  You will no doubt have a slew of questions each month and having experienced guidance by your side on a monthly basis will be help ease your nerves and assist with all business advice.  You can start a new successful career and learn what is best for you and your development.


    Sex Therapy:


    1hr Consulting CBD $220 

    1hr Skype Session $180

    Couples Consult CBD $250


    There are often misconceptions that revolve around sexuality and issues that arise in this arena.  Sexuality is an important part of an adults life, as we all have the right to a fulfilling sex life.  Many issues can be difficult to discuss. Sex therapy or sex counselling is just another branch of mental health that bridges the gap between your mental and physical well-being.


    You will be provided nurturing discreet advice.  We will identify your main concern, and explore each aspect of your life and come up with a solution.  After all, sexuality is fundamentally engrained in our core.  Our attitudes on sex come from many different aspects directly linked to our past experiences.  We all have different values and morals when it comes to sex, so no two situations are ever the same.

  • Services Available

  • To learn more about my Industry Mentoring Program (for women & men) head to: http://www.savannahstone.com.au/industry-mentoring/

    To learn more about Sex Counselling Sessions offered (men, women, and couples) head to: http://www.savannahstone.com.au/sex-therapy-counselling/ 


  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    Feel free to contact me via email, phone, or text.  If I am not available I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.  Please introduce yourself, and let me know if you are interested in a counselling appointment or a mentoring session.  


    I am flexible with appointments and work Monday - Thursday 9am-8pm

    Saturday 10am-4pm


    Deposits necessary, credit card facility available.




    Please contact SAVANNAH STONE by clicking here enquiries@stonecorp.com.au


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