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    •   VIC
    •   29
        Petite 8
    •   Dk Brown/Black
        0450 569 994

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  • Savannah resides and works in Melbourne but every now and again likes to travel to other states. When she does, those dates will be shown below. If no dates, then she will currently be available in Melbourne




    FOR SEX COUNSELLING  (for anybody)

    AND INDUSTRY MENTORING (for any escorts)



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  • About Me

  • I am an elite private escort based in Melbourne Australia and highly regarded as one of the best in the industry. Originally from America, I have made Melbourne my home.


    Classy, witty, and cheeky - I provide companionship without pretentiousness. My bright personality, wicked sense of humour, humble demeanor and stunning looks, makes for the perfect companion; especially for the traveling executive or for the gentleman that desires some time out from the busy world we live in.


    Discretion, respect, and honesty are paramount to me on both sides. My motto in life has always been: "Treat people the way I like to be treated". I am a firm believer and activist of dispelling stigma within the industry and my solid reputation speaks volumes.


    With a smile that melts, super sharp whit and charm, I have a unique ability to make people feel comfortable in an instant. Building rapport with my clients is essential for us both to have a memorable experience together. I am the entire package you are looking for on every level.


    It is important for me to stay fit, healthy and happy. My true zest for life is apparent in and out of the bedroom. My dedication to fitness is obvious with definition in all the right places yet staying feminine. I do not have tattoos or piercings, and keep my appearance sublime at all times.


    You will find my sexual appetite, compassion, and my eagerness to please will provide you with an unforgettable experience behind closed doors.






    SWA 7755XE

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  • Price List


    I specialise in longer experiences worldwide. If you are looking for a companion that makes you feel alive and have a new lease on life then I look forward to your enquiry. My calendar is often booked weeks in advance; my time is only reserved for gentlemen and ladies that will cherish our time together. After all, it's an experience for us both, not just a booking. You will have memories that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a companion that makes you feel alive and have a new lease on life then I look forward to your enquiry.


    Unrushed Overnight Experience $4500 (approx. 14 hours)

    24 Hour /Weekend/ Longer National & International Travel Arrangements POA


    Time is precious, and something we can never get more of. As you can see with my price structure, I cater to the gentlemen that wants a connection; whom wants to be valued as a human being, get spoilt, and feel special. I am not a typical escort, and give my undivided energy to you. One hour is simply not enough time, therefore the longer the booking, the more we can delve into connecting beyond a physical level. You will not be disappointed.




    1.5 hours $1600

    2 hours $2200

    Drinks & Play $2500 (approx 2.5 hours)

    Feeling nervous, is this your first threesome? Let's have a drink, relax, and connect before we explore. I am genuinely bi sexual and love to make a woman feel desired and empowered with her sexuality.


    Payment Methods


    Cash, Direct Deposit, Visa and MasterCard are all accepted. Cards will attract a 5% surcharge. Please arrange payment prior to arrival for ease.

  • Services Available

  • VIC law does not allow me to advertise specific services. My rates are all inclusive, to read more please visit my website posted in the When can we play section.


    Industry Mentoring

    I am an expert in this industry and can assist you in maintaining relationships and friendships, coming out to family, running a successful business, creating a brand, and learning the work/life balance that is critical for success in this industry.


    After years of enquiries, I am happy to pass my knowledge on to women who are looking to enter this industry. It is not for everyone, the dollar signs might seem enticing, but it will take a strong mind and body to persevere.


    Perhaps you are already in the industry with friends that do not understand how difficult your work is, or you are a brothel worker looking into transitioning to the private world and are afraid to take the plunge? Whatever your questions might be, I am happy to offer support and guidance. Whether it is business planning, or just questions on what the job really entails please get in touch.


    I offer Skype sessions by appointment; our initial session will run 1-2 hours. Subsequent appointments are also available as needed and are up to 1-hour sessions.


    First Appointment $350

    Thereafter $200




    Sex Counselling

    There are often misconceptions that revolve around sexuality and issues that arise in this arena.  Sexuality is an important part of an adults life, as we all have the right to a fulfilling sex life.  Many issues can be difficult to discuss. Sex therapy or sex counselling is just another branch of mental health that bridges the gap between your mental and physical well-being. After working in the sex industry for close to a decade, I have kept an open mind to anything sex related and have had plenty of hands on experience with men, women, and couples. I have had the privilege to learn about many dysfunctions and help solve them, work with the handicap, teach couples how to introduce another person into their sex life successfully, discuss fantasies/addictions, and get a vast insight to all walks of life and delve deep into human nature. 


    Do you struggle with:

    Erectile Dysfunction 

    Premature Ejaculation

    Delayed Ejaculation

    Performance Anxiety

    Painful Intercourse

    Porn/Escort/Sex Industry Addiction



    Low Self Esteem


    Low or No Libido

    Different Sexual Values Than Your Partner

    Confusion on Sexual Preference

    Lack of Sexual Knowledge/Skills

    Difficulty Satisfying Your Partner

    Intimacy Issues

    Communicating with your Partner

    People with Disabilities looking at what to explore

    Unconventional Views on Sexuality


    These are just a handful of topics that we can discuss.  The counselling services available are NOT physical nor intimate and can be done via Skype (for anyone AU wide or internationally) or in a consulting office located in the Melbourne CBD.  I consult men, women, and couples on all topics.


    What to Expect:

    Our meeting will be either via Skype or in a private office in Melbourne.  I have a non judgemental attitude and a vast amount of experience on all sexual related issues. Working in the sex industry has given me vital hands on experience and knowledge that most sex therapist aren't privy to.


    You will be provided nurturing discreet advice.  We will identify your main concern, and explore each aspect of your life and come up with a solution.  After all, sexuality is fundamentally engrained in our core.  Our attitudes on sex come from many different aspects directly linked to our past experiences.  We all have different values and morals when it comes to sex, so no two situations are ever the same.  


    Some clients feel only a few sessions are needed, whilst others may feel several to 10+ are effective.  Couples seeking guidance may also find the more amount of sessions completed, the more beneficial the result. 



    1hr Consulting CBD $220 

    1hr Skype Session $180

    Couples Consult CBD $250

  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    Please Note: We do NOT store or collect any information re your emails. The email goes direct to the escort in question and only that person sees it.

    Please feel free to email, text, or ring me on a NON private number. I adore a gentlemen that introduces himself with his name and where he is staying, along with the date/time/length of booking he is interested in. If I am not available, I will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. If you require a discreet time to be contacted or a preferred method, please let me know. Request from midnight till 7am will not be answered. My calendar is often booked heavily in advance, so the more notice you can provide the better our chances of meeting.


    To check my services, visit this page: http://www.savannahstone.com.au/experience/services-while-touring/







    Please contact SAVANNAH STONE by clicking here enquiries@stonecorp.com.au


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