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  • I had the pleasure of seeing Tori the other night for a dinner date. I was a bit nervous but she put me at ease straight away. She's a tall, elegant, classy, charming lady, sophisticated, has a beautiful smile, a great sense of humour and can hold a conversation. She attracted plenty of attention from the waiters but she was my girl this night boys! She's very attractive, even better than her photos I reckon, perfect body. And her boobs are just right. We played and I didn't feel rushed and I came several times. In the end, I felt so relaxed and satisfied. It was nice. I thought, wow, she's a really nice lady. Shes appeared as a CoverGirl on a few Playboy magazines and I can see why. Having sex with a Playboy model has always been a fantasy and on this night it came true. YESS!


    Phil, June 2019




    I spent 2 hours last night with the delectable Tori. Prior to our meeting she had asked for deposit of $200 which initially I was unsure about but after we settled on the service she would provide I agreed to her request. Even before we met I started to like and trust her and I was confident she would live up to her part of the bargain. And she did. Not only is this a trustworthy lady, she gave me one of the best, if not the best, experiences I ever had with a woman. Man can she work, turning me on big time. Passionate kissing, letting me explore her body, indulging in her beautiful breasts and legs, kissing her over, she doing the same to me, grasping my cock with her long slim soft fingers, giving me an awesome head job and fucking me relentlessly until I had a massive orgasm. I've never experienced this kind of passion from an escort before. I wonder if she rewarded me for trusting her. In any case, I found a treasure and I will return. I'm already planning my next encounter with her. Beautiful, sexy, lovely, down to earth lady.


    J, February 2019




    I arranged to have a dinner date with Tori. It was a wonderful experience. When I met her at the hotel I was greeted by a beautifully dressed, pleasant and most welcoming lady. She invited me in and we chattered and had a glass of nice wine. She was an engaging person to talk to, relating her previous experiences as an international flight attendant amongst other things. She was a great conservationist but goodness me, I could not stop admiring how stunning this incredibly sexy woman was, better than her photos I think. We made our way to what was a classy restaurant and arrived there hand in hand. We were led to our table and I think everyone in the restaurant was admiring her. I felt somewhat humble to be with such a beautiful lady. She suggested the meals and chose a vintage wine (she told me she was a connoisseur of wines from her days working in hospitality), and I followed her advice. We had a wonderful meal with the wine was equally as good. How charming she was, we chatted and joked and laughed for hours. We finished our meal and we decided to go to a quieter place where we could become intimate. We arrived back at the hotel room hand in hand. We kissed and gently cuddled and started to get horny and soon we were indulging in each other. The ecstasy was awesome. Wow, here I was having sex with such an incredibly good-looking, sexy, intelligent, charming lady. I was so overcome by the moment that I extended the dinner date to overnight. It was going to be cruel otherwise. Lovely, lovely experience.


    January 2019




    My wife and I were looking to spice up our life a little on our 10th anniversary. We have always been intrigued by the glamorous escorts that are available today. We contacted Tori and she was a delight from the first moment. She came across as very friendly, asking us what we wanted, what was taboo, making suggestions. We set up and what an experience! We met a warm, friendly, lovely, and incredibly sexy lady who pleasured us with continuous sex us for several hours. She was so respectful that she asked my wife if it was OK to have sex with me. My wife and I had already agreed anyway but it was a nice gesture. To be honest it would have been so cruel if I didn't get my time with this very sexy, spunky lady there in front of me!. And she is a nice lady to boot. We will see her again and much before our next anniversary. Thanks for the experience lovely lady. Don and Sara xox

    Don and Sara xox, Sept 2018



    I was suffering from pain you get sometimes, of the sexual variety. I contacted Tori and asked her if she send a nurse (as a roleplay) to come and fix my pain. She said she was free and would come herself. Sometime later, I answered the door knock to my hotel room and this gorgeous, blonde, sexy, good looking nurse was at the door. She was dressed in full nurse outfit carrying a stethoscope and medical bag. She asked me about my pain and soon after she suggested I lie down in bed so she could do a full examination. As she examined me, my pain initially got worse. However, once she diagnosed the exact problem she started with her magic and I started to feel relaxed. Her nurse outfit began to shed revealing her beautiful figure. My pain began to ease and I closed my eyes and soon I felt so good I thought I was in heaven. Pure pleasure. My pain was going away and being replaced by sheer joy! Suddenly, I opened my eyes and she was above me, fucking me, with her gorgeous boobs swinging away. I came with an explosion. My pain was gone. Sexy, attractive, gorgeous, lovely nurse Tori gave me the best medicine I've ever had, and I think I'm addicted to this medicine!


    N, August 2018



    I live in London and I saw Tori in London recently and again a few nights ago in Sydney. When I saw her in London I was so infatuated with her. Luckily I had a business trip to Australia soon after. She was such a nice lady, I had to book her for extra sessions. My goodness, how sexy and nice this girl is. She tells me she is going to explore the world. I think I'm going to have to follow her!! Thanks gorgeous lady.

    Jonathan, July 2018



    I've spent two evenings with Tori now and each one has been sublime. Her personality, stunning looks, beautiful body, affection, passion, desire to please is second to none. I have cum many times and so has she. It's been a sex fest when we have met. We have fucked like there is no tomorrow. She does an amazing blow job and I think I'm hooked. She is a pleasure machine! In between fucking we have chatted about all kinds of things. She is very intelligent and I found I can talk about anything with this lovely lady. Thanks baby xoxox


    Phil, March 2018



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