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  • PRIVATE SYDNEY ESCORT - Vivienne Black
  • Vivienne Black - Private Escort Reviews

  • PRIVATE SYDNEY ESCORT - Vivienne Black
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  • Oh what a night! All I can say is I am a very lucky man to have recently booked the infamous Vivienne Black and her new dream team partner Brianna Price in Sydney. These ladies are remarkable and unstoppable. The booking process was fast and easy. A quick deposit here and short chat there and we were set to go. All I had to do now was wait for my lucky night to come around. I have to say I really appreciate how efficient yet personal this was. I was asked if I had any special requests for our booking... And I had a lot. Applause to these ladies for managing to pull off each and everyone of them! My evening finally came about. I arrived at Vivienne's CBD incall... What an apartment! The prefect location for my three hours of porn star filled enjoyment to begin. I shall spare you reader of all the raunchy details as I believe you should just book yourself to find out how perfect heaven can be. All I will say is these two girls work so well together. Having been friends before being in the industry, their calm and inviting vibe is over powering and their sexual chemistry is intoxicating. I had such a great time, I extended another two hours and wish I could have stayed longer if the funds would permit. Thank you Bree and Vivi for a magical time. I will see you again soon for that raunchy overnight we discussed in vigorous detail. Until then... 



    B, June 2017




    On a recent trip to Sydney, I had the pleasure to experience a mind blowing threesome with Honey Adams and Vivenne Black.


    Having seen Honey a few times before I jumped on the opportunity when told Vivenne was available for a threesome,so booked a 2 hour amazing experience.


    To say Honey and Vivenne work well together is an understatement, they are both incredibly beautiful, sexy ,athletic,dynamic, intelligent and caring.

    And enjoy the pure pleasure of sex in many ways.


    These girls love sucking cock, the enjoyment comes and comes. First slow and building with more vigour, but always tender and with large doses of saliva.


    I ended blowing my huge load of cum down the back of Honey's throat, while Vivenne was licking and massaging my balls.


    After nearly 2 hours of intense fucking I lay there exhausted and completely satisfied in every way.


    Honey and Vivenne you are both unbelievable. RATING 10 out of 10


    Anthony August 2015




    I had been looking forward to this booking for quite some time. I had been in contact with Vivienne Black recently, who I have seen a number of times previously, and during our discussion she mentioned that she had a new playmate she thought I would get on really well with. The name of this new playmate is Georgia Knox. Based on Vivienne's recommendation (and the brief description of Georgia that she provided), a doubles booking with Vivienne and Georgia was subsequently made. Vivienne indicated that Georgia would have a profile up soon, and would also be on social media. Wow! when Georgia's profile was released I could not believe my eyes. I was starting to get extremely excited about this, and this was only further heightened after Georgia entered into social media. A number of stunning HOT pics certainly had my attention! Plus Georgia was such a beautiful lovely person to chat with (and definitely still is). I continued to chat with both Vivienne and Georgia in the weeks leading up to the booking, engaging in some playful banter at times.


    Finally, the evening of the booking arrived and I was directed to wait near the lifts at the appointed hour. Vivienne met me in a short figure hugging black dress. She looked spectacular and incredibly sexy as always. The dress basically moulded itself to her body. Vivienne has an absolutely sizzling body to die for, with HOT curves in all the right places, her beautiful boobs sitting perfectly. As soon as she saw me, a dazzling smile lit up her gorgeous face and she pulled me in for a hug. She was wearing bright red lipstick, so decided she wasn't going to "mark me" until we reached the room. As soon as we entered the room, "mark me" she did with some hot DFK. Vivienne is an amazing kisser. I was then introduced to Georgia and my jaw almost hit the floor. WOW, if you think her pics are something, wait until you see her in person!! Georgia is a red hot sexy stunner - possessing a slim toned figure with lovely legs going all the way up to heaven, one of the hottest most beautiful bums I have ever seen and perfectly proportioned perky D cup bust. She has a gorgeous face, with luscious lips and eyes that sparkle and shine with a hint of mischievous pleasure, framed by lovely soft red hair. Georgia was wearing a tight pencil skirt and silk top that showed off her incredible body to perfection, especially that hot ass. We had a lovely chat to get to know one another a bit more - Georgia is such a lovely sweet beautiful person, with a lovely bubbly personality and so interesting to talk to. Georgia and I then moved in close to each other and shared our first series of kisses. And OMG, what an out of this world kisser Georgia is. My lips are even tingling now as the sweet memories come flooding back. So soft passionate and sensual, ranging through to hot and hungry with tongues swirling in each other mouths, Georgia's kisses really blew me away. Her lips are so warm and sweet. I eventually pried myself away from Georgia's mouth to be greeted by the sight of Vivienne's ass cheeks a short distance in front of me. I then noticed a riding crop on the bed, which appeared to have been conveniently placed there, and put this to good use with the encouragements and urging from Vivienne. In the meantime, Georgia had grabbed a paddle and we both set about giving Vivienne a little light spanking, which she really enjoyed. I then returned back to kissing both girls, and my clothes seemed to magically disappear. Vivienne proceeded to give "Little Andy" a thorough inspection before I headed off to the shower. I was asked not to come out until given the all clear ( I knew something interesting was happening).


    I could hear lots of giggling and laughing. Upon returning, I found both Vivienne and Georgia dressed as naughty school girls wearing only very skimpy revealing short skirts. This was going to be the hottest most enjoyable detention ever. As sexy as both Vivienne and Georgia looked in their skirts, they just had to be removed allowing me full access to their stunning bodies. "Little Andy" was getting very excited by this point, and soon found himself disappearing into Vivienne's mouth, sliding down the back of her throat. Georgia's lips found mine again as we engaged in a hot DFK session, while Vivienne continued her to work her magic on me with an incredible BBBJ. She licked up and down my shaft with her warm tongue, pausing to circle the head, before engulfing me once again. Georgia had now re-positioned herself near my head, and her pussy just looked so inviting - I had to have a taste. She lowered herself onto my face while facing Vivienne. Georgia's pussy is completely waxed/shaved and looks so beautiful. My tongue started licking in slow erotic circles, before picking up the pace as I explored deeper into Georgia's pleasure playground, driving her crazy. Judging by her moans, she was especially enjoying herself. I stroked my way up to Georgia's clit, which I found just as responsive as her pussy. She was by now getting extremely wet, and tasted divine - so sweet, yummy and delicious. I continued to pay her special attention with my tongue as she shuddered in the first of many intense pleasurable orgasms for the evening. Georgia seemed to absolutely love my tongue, and vice versa in regard to her responsive hot pussy. During this time, Vivienne was still giving me incredible pleasure with her mouth and tongue - she certainly has a very special way of giving BBBJ that really turns me on, so much so that I had to ask her to stop. After a brief break, Georgia slipped herself between my legs and commenced a wonderful BBBJ of her own. Her technique was equally pleasurable, especially as she dropped even lower and took my balls in her mouth. She totally loves ball licking and it really showed - she had me in bliss as her tongue covered every inch down there. Definitely an experience not to be missed.


    The next hour or so passed by in a blur of activity, with a number of orgasms from both ladies. A number of highlights including a gorgeous double blow job, Vivienne riding and squirming herself to orgasm on my fingers (yummy! ), lots more hot passionate DFK, and multiple rounds of DATY especially with Georgia. I could not get enough of her beautiful pussy and ass, as my hands stroked and caressed their way around there. There are a couple of memories in particular that will stay with me for a very long time - the sight of Georgia's pussy lowering onto my shaft in reverse cowgirl position for the first time as Vivienne sat on my face while my tongue continued to pleasure her was something to behold. I was able to get a perfect view of all the action thanks to a large floor to ceiling mirror beside the bed. Watching Georgia's ass bounce up and down as she continued to ride my cock, with Vivienne still sitting on my face, was incredibly hot. The other memory is that of Vivienne sitting posing on the bed, her boobs covered in cum, just after I had blown a massive load all over them. We had swapped positions, with Vivienne riding me in cowgirl, as I thrust up and down inside her pussy, creating a perfect rhythm. Georgia was in close attendance, caressing and touching me with her beautiful warm hands. As I was getting close to finishing ( Vivienne seems to have an innate ability to sense this), she hopped off and decided to finish me off with a combination of another BBBJ and sensual hand job, resulting in her boobs and most of her upper body being completely covered in my cum. This was 

    subsequently shared with the waiting Georgia, who was very appreciative and complimentary.


    We then all went and shared a 3 way shower, which was indeed very hot and passionate and occasionally slippery and we soaped and washed each other off. We returned to the bed for lots more kisses and cuddles and snuggles. Georgia and Vivienne were really turning each other on, touching and caressing each other in a very sensual way, Vivienne rubbing herself on Georgia's leg and getting quite excited. Georgia and I then decided it was time to spoil Vivienne with a double massage, caressing rubbing and paying particular attention to her pleasure spots, which Vivienne obviously enjoyed very much. We all had turns at being pleasured with a massage. Having these 2 sexy amazing ladies working their way over my body from head to toe, including a boob massage from each of them, was very relaxing and special. Vivienne then had the idea of giving me a candle wax massage, which I have had previously from her. I always enjoy them very much, especially when Vivienne decided to run her boobs all over my body, moving them up and down, back and forth. She even moved them lower, which got "Little Andy" quite excited as he nestled in between Vivienne's glorious mounds.


    I can't remember how the topic came up but we were talking about champagne showers, and Georgia mentioned that she had never tried this. Keen to rectify this, Vivienne produced some champagne which was handy and it was decided. I lay on my back as Vivienne knelt over me and poured a generous amount of champagne on her body, running down to her pussy. At the same time she moved over me and I had the dual of pleasure of tasting both the champagne and her pussy. It was then Georgia's turn and the above was repeated, with Georgia doing a fantastic job hardly spilling a drop. I stayed down there licking and sucking on Georgia's pussy for a little while after the champagne was gone - absolutely delicious. Vivienne had noticed that I was still up for attention and went to work. Doggy was the desired position, and I entered Vivienne as she knelt at the bottom of the bed. Georgia slipped herself under me and began licking my balls at the same time. However with all the events that had gone on during night, I did not last long, but most definitely had lots of fun in that position.


    The evening finished with some more DFK with each lady and a warm hug. Georgia and I really seemed to click from the moment we met each, and I have no doubt this contributed to making the evening so much fun for all 3 of us. This was one of the hottest, passionate, sexiest, most incredible evenings I have ever experienced, and something I will remember for a long time to come. Thank you Georgia and Vivienne for making my night so special. You are both wonderful, beautiful amazing ladies.


    A, June 2015




    Ladies and gentlemen, I thought I would take the time to provide a review for the amazing Vivienne Black. As a relatively new punter I have read escort reviews to help me find my way…so to speak. These reviews are often a blow by blow (no pun intended) description of amazing sex, and I often wondered if they are real. So please rest assurance this is a genuine review.


    These reviews also, often don’t mention some of the nuanced logistics of arranging a time with an escort. i.e. making contact, organising and setting up a time to meet, negotiating interests, meeting for the first time, relaxing and being made comfortable. So before I tell you about my blow by blow encounter with Ms Black, can I first say that if you approach Vivienne with respect and professionalism, you will be treated the same. Contact with Vivienne was easy, quick and relaxed. All correspondence leading up to our meeting was professional and discreet. 


    On the day of our meeting, as things turned out we were both running a little late so we decided meet in a hotel bar. The venue Vivienne had chosen was classy and again discreet. When I first laid eyes on Vivienne walking though the bar my brain did backflips, she was stunning. I had ordered us some drinks so we sat and chatted. Vivienne was relaxed, funny and appeared genuinely engaged as we discussed a wide range of topics. Let me tell you… I could have stayed in that bar all afternoon with Vivienne, those couple of drinks were almost worth the price of admission alone. Eventually however, the topic of conversation turned to what each of us liked sexually and what the rest of the afternoon had in store for me. A few moments later I had to laugh at my predicament leaving the bar, as listening to Vivienne just talk about sex had made me hard. 


    Once upstairs what occurred was a rollicking roller coaster ride of sexual activity. I had booked a couple of hours with Vivienne, and although I was making every effort to remember each and every moment, I simply don’t know where the time went. From the first moment she sat me down, and let me drink wine from her lips she took me down a path of sexual ecstasy. Starting slow with lavish attention, tease and temptation she took me on a sexual journey that drove me crazy with excitement, on chairs, beds and in showers, with bubbles, costumes and toys. Multiple positons and experiences had my heart racing and my cock hard the entire time. All of which will have me coming back to more.


    Finally, when I was leaving I left a personal item behind. At the time I was unaware I had forgot it. A day or so later Vivienne contacted to say she had held onto it, not trusting anyone other than herself to ensure discretion was maintained. I was very grateful for this simple action but it speaks volumes as to how Vivienne does business. In the end, we agreed she would hold onto it…as ransom so to speak. Since then I have been dreaming of the day I get to pick it up, and I get to see the truly beautiful Vivienne Black once more.


    Gary, April 2015




    So this booking has been in the making for months as a birthday treat to myself. I was originally going to go to Sydney to see Vivienne and another sexy lady but had to change that plan due to time restrictions and Miss Vivienne agreed to come to visit me to make sure my B’day was a special one, we booked in for a fun 5-hour PSE session. As an extra treat I booked a very special hotel room that both Vivienne and I have wanted to checkout for some time… but this isn’t a review on nice hotels J


    After months of waiting the night finally arrived, to say I was excited to see Vivienne again would be a massive understatement. The time drew near, I received a call from Vivienne saying the taxi had dropped her at the top of the street and she needed to walk to meet me. I raced out of the hotel to surprise her on the street. We locked eyes on each other; Vivienne’s first comment was “Wow Dave look at you!!! You are looking great!” Vivienne was looking casually stunning; she was wearing tight dark jeans and tight low cut tight black top, showing off that gorgeous cleavage and perky bottom…. This was going to be a great night! As we were walking back to the hotel I was thinking to myself, I wonder what the reception lady going to be thinking when I walk through reception with this stunning goddess???


    Waiting for lift, card swipe, door open and we were upstairs to the room where I received a very sexy happy birthday kiss, followed by a glass of wine. We decided to put on some music to create the right atmosphere. While I was sitting and deciding on good sex music, Vivienne decided to give me a lap dance. The kissing and teasing from Vivienne made it very hard for me to concentrate on what I was doing, ok lets be honest I wasn’t paying attention to music at all, how can a mans brain work when his other brain is paying full attention!! Thankfully Vivienne decided to leave me alone for a few mintues to finish doing what I was trying to do with the music, she went into the bathroom to change into a special outfit, a fishnet see through cat body suit with matching ears, thigh high black stockings and sky high stiletto. When she appeared from the bathroom my jaw dropped to the floor and I felt my pants stir to hardness once again. On her hands a knees she crawled towards me sitting in the chair, “Happy Birthday Mr lucky” she said purring and licking her lips.


    Vivienne wasted no time in stripping me naked purring in my ear and straddling me to the chair, another sexy striptease followed. She stated she “couldn’t help but tease me” with licking, spitting, sucking and blowing cool air from her lips on my balls and base of my…..oh my! Finally, after so much teasing I couldn’t take it anymore she decide to give me one of her very hot, wet and deep BJ, however she informed me I wasn’t allowed to cum just yet she had other plans first….


    I then got the opportunity to dominate Vivienne for a change! As this wasn’t our first time together Vivienne said she was comfortable with me tying her up with shibari rope, she said that “she wasn’t allowed to cum unless I gave her permission first”…still very demanding as a slave Vivienne!!


    Vivienne lay on the bed and I tied her up (with some instruction) and blindfolded her. I then started to kiss, lick and tease her lips, neck and nipples I also start to tease her below at the same time… “Pay back is a bitch” she said with her cute giggle. Then I had an idea, “payback…hmmmm!”


    I started to remember another time a while ago were Vivienne used ice cubes on me, I checked the room quickly, and luckily I had some ice in a wine bucket near by. I grabbed a few pieces and started dripping the cold droplets from her neck down to her nipples and the side of her body. Slowly following my trail of the cold sensation with my warm tongue, just as she did to me! I got lower and lower with the pattern until I finally reached her clit. The initial shocks of cold made her inhale quickly and flinch somewhat, but she whimpered she enjoyed it, and so I proceeded. Once the ice melted away I grabbed another piece and placed it in my mouth to lick and suck her nipples for a few seconds before I went all out DATY, her body quickly tensed up so much so I thought she was going to end up climbing the walls…. she was a bad pussycat! She climaxed without permission too.


    Once she recovered she ask if I could insert an ice cube while I was doing DATY. So I did, again you are a very bossy sub Miss Vivienne! With the ice on the tip of my finger I started finger her, once the ice was gone I grabbed one of her many vibrators to take over and by this time she had wiggled out of my rope work, she grabbed her magic wand to aid in the second cumming. Tensing up again and ready to climb the walls again, begging for her orgasm, but without permission climaxed…naughty kitten got a spank.


    She took a quick breather before turning her attention back to my…well you know…I was ready! Feeling like I was in heaven in her mouth, I started to feel like I couldn’t take much more, Vivienne said, “no you don’t, not yet not until you standing!” This good kitten was back on her knees and with a few deep thrusts in her throat I was cumming in her mouth, face and all over her breasts. She then stood up pressing herself and grinding all of the cum all over her my body. We kissed with a bit of snowball and I could taste some of myself. We then went for a quick shower, some of it golden. Vivienne got dressed again in a sexy red lingerie set and then we went outside for a drink break and catch up.


    Once we returned inside she said she has another outfit to show me. Earlier in the night Vivienne had asked me who I thought was the hottest female super hero. I had to think for a second, but I couldn’t go past “Wonder Woman”. Back to the point she ask if I had guessed yet what her next outfit was…. No clue, I actually had no clue.


    She went and got changed again and to my surprise she returned as Wonder Woman, her bright red lips smiling at me with joy, blowing kisses at me in the air. I was shocked! It was now my turn to be lassoed and tied up. Vivienne has this skill down pat I might add, she tied me up and actually tied me down to the bed, I couldn’t move at all... “Pay back” I was thinking… how cunning Cat Woman was before, I had been lulled into a false sense of security J


    Vivienne’s bright red lips started to tease their way down my body. I was officially branded with kisses!! Trademark of a time with Vivienne is being covered in red lipstick! A teased BJ before it was time for a rubber on and Vivienne rode me hard in cowgirl style, bouncing up and down, back and forth with her great boobs in my face. She then turned around for reverse cowgirl (her favorite) and is literally “A View To Kill!” Vivienne’s bottom is fantastic!


    A while later of bouncy and grinding she jumped off from top and started to give me another BJ, but now I had other plans. “I want to do you, and I want to doggy” I said. “No” Wonder Woman replied,I want to watch each other play with ourselves first, I want to see you get harder watching me”. The hardcore became more sensual and erotic for a short time. Vivienne started up her wand again, and set about giving her self-orgasm after orgasm. I started tickle myself watching this amazing event, could you have held off?


    Rubber on again I started to pound Vivienne hard, fast and deep doggy style while she continued to use the wand on her clit but think it got too much for her. She dropped the wand after she climaxed again with me inside her…intense is the only word here I can say. I wasn’t far away from the finish line, “yes I screamed”. “Yes cum inside me, fill up that condom” she screamed back…. How could I resist?


    We had a naked chat and it was time to end our time, she took a quick shower, we had a goodbye kiss and I escorted her down downstairs to the taxis. Got to say that was the best birthday ever and can’t wait until next time


    Dave, February 2015




    Wow, wow and WOW!! I do not think there are any words that I can say that will do this woman justice, but I will do my best. Vivienne Black is the absolute ultimate companion, in my opinion. She has a stunning, sizzling hot, jaw dropping body that just oozes sex appeal from head to toe. Her figure possesses amazing sexy X-Rated curves in all the right places - she is after all the Sexpot!! Vivienne's skin is so soft and smooth, perfect for touching and caressing (among other things). Her lips are also so soft and warm, perfect for kissing and teasing. It is all this that contributes to making Vivienne a dangerously addictive and incredible woman to spend time with...


    However, there is a lot more to Vivienne Black than just her stunning looks. She is a very intelligent knowledgable lady, completely switched on and across a broad range of topics and issues. Vivienne is so friendly, welcoming and engaging, and this combined ensures she is so easy and lovely to be with. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, and there are always lots of smiles and laughs. Vivienne has the most beautiful cheeky smile, which lights up her whole face. One of the most attractive qualities about Vivienne is that she is a genuine sweetheart. She is the most beautiful, kind-hearted, generous soul that anyone could have the pleasure of meeting. And I feel so blessed and priviliged that I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the lovely Vivienne. She is indeed a very very special woman and always will be to me.


    This latest rendezvous occurred back in December. Vivienne buzzed me up to her room, and I was greeted by the majestic sight of her wearing a very skimpy gstring and bra which did little to contain her magnificant full DD bust. We immediately initiated a hot passionate DFK, which continued for some time. Vivienne is such a beautiful amazing kisser, so warm and inviting, and I lose myself in her kisses. She invites me further into the room, pours some drinks and we have a catch up. I handed her my special gifts, which she absolutely loved! Some more sweet sensual kisses, before I take a shower. Upon returning, I am invited to sit on a chair which Vivienne has placed in the middle of the the lounge/entertaining room. She started kissing my face lips and neck, licking sucking and gently teasing. Working her way further down my body, she spent some time playing with my nipples. I absolutely love this (and Vivienne knows this!). Vivienne removed her bra, giving me full access to her boobs. She also took off her gstring, so that she was now completely naked before me. What a sight - a vision of lovliness, incredible beauty and sheer hotness. She continued her trail down my body kissing, licking, touching and caressing, as her hands and fingers glided over my body as well. She was sending wonderful shivers through my body. Vivienne found my groin and, after a short time massaging and teasing, removed my boxers as my now rock hard cock sprang free. Vivienne then commenced one of the most amazing blowjobs I have ever experienced. Her tongue explored every inch of my shaft, licking up and down both sides, swirling around the head of my cock which just drives me crazy. Her hands lightly caressed my balls before being replaced by her tongue. She then moved back up to the tip, swirling her tongue around and around before sliding the head inside her mouth. It was amazing to watch as my cock slipped further and further down, with Vivienne looking up at me with her mischievious eyes shining. She has an incredible technique, varying the pace and depth and pressure to perfection, driving me wild. I disappeared even further inside as Vivienne completed engulfed my cock in her mouth. This went on for a couple of minutes and was absolutely mind blowing!


    During this entire time of being pleasured, I was seated in my chair. However, I was not restrained in any way and my hands were free to roam - and roam they certainly did!! Caressing, rubbing and touching all over Vivienne's soft sexy naked body. I was enjoying myself immensely, and I am pretty sure Vivienne was too judging by her reactions. Vivienne then slipped herself on top of me as I was still sitting and began passionately kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her and returned with interest and soon we were engaged in a number of hot DFK. Vivienne started grinding against me in the cowgirl position and our tongues continued sliding into each other mouths, which excited my aroused state even more. I kissed her face and neck, before dropping even lower to pay her nipples some much needed attention. I licked and sucked on each of Vivienne's erect nipples before fondling and massaging her boobs. Vivienne then lifted herself off me and then lowered her beautiful glistening pussy onto my cock, inch by inch until I was fully encased inside. She started rocking back and forth slowly at first, but before long had built up a good rhythm. I had my hands on her hips and slid them around to caress her wonderful ass cheeks. It was an amazing incredible feeling as Vivienne rode me - however I was hoping the chair wasn't going to topple as we were generating a bit of movement. As Vivienne continued riding faster and faster slapping against me, I could not hold back much longer and unloaded inside her. I held Vivienne against me and we stayed liked that for a little while, until both of our breathing returned to normal.


    After topping up our drinks, we adjourned to the bedroom for lots more incredible steamy fun together. There was a lot more hot passionate DFK,sensual body touching and caressing,sex in multiple positions including cowgirl and missionary, and of course DATY. Vivienne has such a beautiful smooth responsive pussy and there was much enjoyment during the night as she came many times! There was even a little toy show from Vivienne too. Vivienne also treated me to a lovely candle wax massage, which is one of my favourites. It just felt so relaxing and wonderful as she rubbed her body and DD boobs all over my back, before turning me over and doing the same to my front. Thank you once again Vivienne for yet another out of this world, extremely enjoyable evening. You truly are one of a kind, a very special lady.


    December 2014




    I am in Love.... alright in Lust then..... but maybe a little bit in Love too.


    Vivienne is the most dilectable creature I have ever met. What her photo's don't show is her captivating smile and cheeky wickedly lavicious nature. I cannot do justice to her in this short review, and indeed others have said it better than I can, beleive me none of those other reviews are exagerating. She is one of those drop dead sexy gorgeous women that you normally only dream of. Think Jessica Rabbit but in an R rated version, voluptuous breasts, narrow waist, full womanly hips, and lips...ooooh her lips and what she can do with them. There is not much that this gorgous creature will not do, she took all that I could give her like a champ, and then dished it right back at me till I begged for mercy.


    To put it simply, Vivienne is sex on wheels, aargh, going to have to save up like mad so I can see her again. Good luck to you lucky fellas who get to see her again before I do!


    Mike, December 2014




    I have seen the lovely Vivienne on a number of occasions and each time seems to blow my mind (and other things!!) even further. This latest rendezvous, Vivienne met me in the lobby wearing a stunning short figure hugging black dress. She looked absolutely to die for, showing off her killer curves to perfection. She is drop dead gorgeous and I have to pinch myself every time I have the pleasure of spending a number of hours with her.


    The ride up in the elevator seemed to take forever, but eventually we made it to Vivienne's level. She led the way along the corridor, and I could not resist a couple of playful slaps on that sexy bum of hers as it swayed in front of me. We made it to the room, where we started passionately kissing once behind closed doors. Vivienne is such an incredible kisser and I love the feel and taste of her lips on mine. She has soft sensual lips, perfect for kissing. We then poured some refreshments and had a lovely chat about what each of us had been up to. Vivienne indicated that dinner would be on its way and I would be most welcome to share. I especially thank her for this kind gesture (as I was rather hungry myself). She is such a beautiful person, and in my experience, everything she does is about making sure her companion is well and truly satisfied in every way. Vivienne is a very friendly, easy to talk to, down to earth person with a lovely engaging personality and will make you feel at ease straight away. Dinner was served and we opened a bottle of wine and contiued chatting away, including some friendly banter in regards to certain items of the fruit platter that we shared (use your imagination!)


    Once we had eaten our fill, we returned for some more DFK before Vivienne decided that it was time I should be inspected! I seemed to pass muster because after a short while Vivienne suggested I have a shower. Upon emerging from the shower, I entered the bedroom to find Vivienne in a naughty Paramedic/Nurse outfit, complete with a working stethoscope. She was looking smoking hot and so sexy, with the outfit struggling to contain her magnificant full bust and left nothing to the imagination! I soon found out the stethoscope buzzed etc as Vivienne decided that I needed to be checked over, placing it over various parts on my body. She ocassionally kissed my body in different places as this was going on. I was then gently pushed back onto the bed and asked to put the stethoscope on my chest so I could feel my heart beating.


    After Vivienne made sure I was comfortable on the bed, she produced a blindfold and placed it over my eyes so I could no longer see anything. She then began to tease me all over, gently kissing and lightly licking from my neck, upper body and nipples right down to my groin. I can certainly tell you my heart was starting to beat faster on a number of occasions, particularly when her mouth ventured further south! Her teasing was rentleless and the incredible feeling was even further heightened by the fact that I could not see exactly where she was touching until her mouth came into contact with my skin. Vivienne then took me in her mouth and started an amazing BJ. Her technique is amazing, from swirling her tongue around the head of my cock to licking up and down its entire length to engulfing it deep down inside her throat, Vivienne drove me crazy the whole time. She varies the pace to perfection too, seemingly knowing when I am getting too close and slows down, only to pick back up again sucking my cock faster and faster. Just when I think I can take it no longer, Vivienne stops and lifts up the blindfold showing me an object in her hand which looked like a dildo with raised humps. I had no idea what this object was (found out later from Vivienne that it was anal beads) but I pretty much knew where it was going and thought why not, so I nodded my approval to Vivienne.


    It was a strange feeling at first, but I completely trust Vivienne and know that she would take good care of me. Once my body got used to it, it was actually pretty amazing with Vivienne controlling the object. While this was going on, Vivienne started back on another oral assult of my cock. Vivienne was working her magic on me downstairs, licking sucking taking me deep in her mouth. The anal beads and BJ in combination was an intense out of this world experience, but in such a pleasurable way. It was like nothing else I had ever felt before. This added to my excitement levels ( as I could hear my heart beating faster and faster via the stethoscope) and before long I indicated to Vivienne that I was close. I believe it must have been the beads together with Vivienne's amazing BJ, but I don't ever remember having a longer more satisfying orgasm. Vivienne then gently and slowly removed the beads, and this was surprisingly incredibly pleasant, tickling and caressing my balls all the way and giving me delicious shivers.


    After I had a shower to freshen up and recover from this, we refilled our glasses and I joined Vivienne on the bed. She had changed into a very sexy gstring and bra and I decided it was only fair that I return the favour. I began by lightly kissing her on the stomach, and rubbing and caressing her with my hands. Vivienne has soft smooth beautiful skin which I always love touching. I moved my way up her body, kissing as I went. I teased all around her bra with my mouth, playing with her nipples. Bra was then removed giving me full access to her amazing bust. I made my way back down heading south to her pleasure centre, licking and kissing through the gstring. I then continued kissing down there, while at the same time rubbing a couple of fingers back and forth over her clit. Vivienne guided my fingers to where she desired and after a little while started to become breathless. I alternated the pace and Vivienne's response indicated that I was on a winner. After a few minutes, Vivienne began to shudder and with a number of moans came in a delightful orgasm. 


    Once she had composed herself, I lay on top of Vivienne and we started passionately kissing. I love skin to skin contact with this gorgeous stunner. It is a special feeling and always gives me goosebumps. The kisses turned a little hotter and became full DFK. My fingers had once again found their way down to Vivienne's pussy and clit. She was still a little sensitive down there after the first round, and so I very gently and slowly began moving my fingers back and forth and around in erotic circles. This resulted in the desired response from Vivienne and I could hear her breathless moans on the occasions our lips were not locked. I could feel her starting to get wet and knew it was time to taste her.


    I moved her gstring to one side and slid my tongue onto her pussy lips. I absoultely love DATY and Vivienne has a beautiful responsive pussy, perfect for play. She let out a involuntary moan as my tongue started dancing back and forth over her pussy. I moved my mouth and tongue up and down, as Vivienne's hips began to buck. She was becoming increasingly wet and I slipped my tongue ever deeper inside. Her juices started running over my chin and mouth and I stayed down there pleasuring Vivienne until, with a couple of breathless gasps, I was rewarded with another intense orgasm from her. My tongue flicked back and forth as Vivienne continued to spasm. Vivienne then drew my head towards her and kissed me passionately, tasting her juices still on my mouth and face. She tastes so sweet and yummy - perfect!!


    We had a good break, with a drink and some more lovely chat. Vivienne then offered a massage and I took up the opportunity, knowing how good she is. Vivienne has an incredible touch and seems to know exactly where to masage and caress me and what pressure to apply. It felt amazing and really relaxing. She then turned me over on my back and skimmed her fingers down my body, placing light pressure as dragged them back and forth. This gave me shudders and was a real turn on. Vivienne kissed my nipples and gently sucked on them before heading her way down my body. She had started playing with my cock, moving her hand ryhthmically up and down. Once she reached the intended target, she commenced another mindblowing BJ, applying just the right amount of pressure. Vivienne then hopped on for some cowgirl, slowly sinking herself down onto my erect cock. The feeling as my cock became encased in Vivienne's pussy is indescrible. It was like I was floating in the clouds - out of this world! Vivienne began to gind away causing a delicious friction, and both of us were gasping of a number of occasions. Vivienne was in a kneeling position and really began to pick up the pace, bouncing up and down with the full length of my cock sliding in and out - what a view!


    We rolled over into missionary position, with Vivienne moaning and panting that I had hit the perfect spot.We continued in this position for some time, both enjoying the feeling of our bodies entwined together and the slick heat and movement. We changed positions and moved into doggy. I always love this with Vivienne as it is the perfect position to view her amazing ass - stunning. As Vivienne was close to coming, we decided to try something different, which was a first for me. I placed my left foot and lower leg between Vivienne's legs and rubbed and massaged her pussy. At the same time we kissed each other firmly and deeply with hot open mouthed DFK. It wasn't long before Vivienne exploded in another strong orgasm. I was close to coming myself, so as I half lay over her, Vivienne used her magic hands on me downstairs and before long I shot off another huge load all over Vivienne's body and boobs.


    I was spent, so we adjourned to the shower together and had lots of hot soapy steamy fun in there. Lathering each other up and tenderly washing each other off, with lots of caresses and erotic touches, including some anal play on Vivienne using my fingers. There were also some lovely passionate kisses shared. We spent some time in there enjoying the feel of each other bodies and for the finale we shared a two way golden shower experience. This was a fanatstic way to complete the evening and something I really enjoy with Vivienne.


    After a few more kisses, Vivienne and I walked down together to the outside area and had a final chat for a while before parting company. Vivienne thank you so much for another incredible fun time together. What more could I ask for - you wined me, dined me, we shared the most amazing sexual experience and you explored and extended my sexual boundaries, making sure I was totally satisfied.


    Vivienne is a beautiful stunning sexy woman with a body that just screams pleasure and hot fun. But more importantly she is also a lovely sweetheart with the most friendly caring sweet personality - a very special woman indeed. She is the ultimate package in my opinion.


    Andrew, August 2014




    The beautiful Vivienne Black I have seen twice before this most recent booking and every time the experience just gets better. This latest time, the third encounter of Miss Black and Mr Lucky, was an awesome night in the making.


    The last time I booked Vivienne for a three hour PSE I was delightfully surprised by being tied to a chair and teased…. Then Miss black pulled a string of pearls that she had hidden in her pussy that she then wrapped around my cock to aid in an amazing "pearl blow job" dressed in a bunny suit. Hot anal, vibrating toys and messy bubble bath followed after. I was interested to know what she had in store for me this time…


    Due to a few technical hiccups Vivienne had to postpone her trip by a day which was fine. So when we finally met up the next night Vivienne met me in the lobby wearing a beautiful white dress that show off her great figure when we got into the room I was shown some of the new costume and toys Vivienne had just bought then offered me a drink which I accepted. I only manage to have a sip before Vivienne moved in for some DFK, yes it was Vivienne who made the first move as she told me days leading up to this appointment she was horny and it showed. Lots of kissing as she took off my shirt and pushed me back on the bed to yank my pants down to being one of many great bjs of the night. Her skill at this is mind blowing the foreplay probably went on for about 20mins before I manage to duck away for a quick shower when I returned Vivienne was in a sexy cheerleader outfit with little whips as her pom poms she did a little cheer for me then my little fella was lucky enough to feel how nice her cleavage feels as she teased him in there …another quick bj then on with the dom so with could start the main event. Turned out Vivienne wasn't the only one excited and horny. I believe that 20mins of foreplay and 5mins or so of fun we both climaxed.


    Afterwards we lay back chatted before show me a book she was reading about different techniques for giving bj as we were looking she saw one she wanted to try with mint she then remembered she actually had mints in her bag. I didn't think my little fella was ready yet but with Vivienne skills he was up to the experience with the mint, Vivienne and I decided we both didn't like the mint bj too much, she giggle that she didn't like the taste and I found the sensation of the mint nothing special.


    Then it was off the take a hot fun shower with Vivienne she soaped up my chest and rub our body together more kissing then I started to pleasure Vivienne. She came grinding her pussy into my fingers pushed up against the shower glass then another bj ended it with a quick romp before heading back to the bed to relax.


    It was time try out another one of the new toys (pussy pump) which after Vivienne said was her new favorite toy, she said it feels like its going to pull an orgasm out of her, later that night though she was told that it might not be good for you. So after trying out this toy it was time for round 3 as we were about to start little mate was tired… Vivienne was ready to go and she wasn't going to let him with the magic of her hands he was awake again… I was like yes, so was Vivienne, the 3rd round went a lot longer the 1st but when it finally ended Vivienne lol as she said 'omg I don't know how many times, I lost count how many times I just climaxed" which stroked my ego a little. Finally let just say they will be another catch up with Vivienne I still have something I have got to try and I will get Vivienne to do next time

    June 2014




    I am so lucky I had the pleasure to spend time with and meet Vivienne Black, It all started when I received word from a lady that I know very well that there was a new lady who she recommended that I must meet and that lady was Vivienne Black. 


    So after having a few chats and getting to know each other I organized a booking with Vivienne and after a few short messages, a date and time was locked in and I was super excited to meet Vivienne, on the day the usual confirmation was done and just had to get through a days work and after a long day, Off I went to meet Vivienne at her apartment, Upon arrival I was given instructions and meet Vivienne in the lobby and up to her room we went with a cheeky kiss on the way up in the elevator. 


    Upon entering the room we moved to the couch and Vivienne and I enjoyed some drinks and snacks she had prepared for us, But it wasn't to long before we were using our mouths for something more than eating and drinking and we continued what we had started in the elevator with some amazing kissing. 


    From here we decided there was a lot more fun to be had so we both headed of to the shower together to get nice and clean but I think Vivienne had other plans and we were playing with each others soaped up bodies and after about 15 mins we decided it was time to move to the bedroom to get a little more serious with our play. 


    So we got out of the shower and dried off and into the bedroom we went with us both jumping up onto the bed and me pretty much hitting my head on the roof, so we decided jumping on the bed wasn't the best way to spend the evening and Vivienne laid on the bed with me standing next to it and started an amazing blowjob. 


    After a few minutes I moved to lay on the bed and Vivienne continued with the blowjob in a position that was a lot easier and enjoyable for both of us, After a while I decided that I cant have all of the fun and moved to return the favor, From here I moved back up and continued right back where we started with some amazing kissing and Vivienne was enjoying my leg and was slowly rubbing herself up and down it so I pointed out she would enjoy another leg a lot more so I laid down and Vivienne moved into cowgirl and i was in heaven with one of the most amazing beautiful ladies I have meet and we went through numerous positions and tried one of her toys which was a great new experience for me and would love to try it again. 


    Once we were done it was time to clean ourselves up so off to the shower we went and pretty much continued the fun and games from the shower earlier and once we were both very clean and had emptied the bottle of body wash we dried off and moved back to the couch to finish off the platter and drinks we left and had a nice chat and found out an amazing skill that Vivienne has with her toes and feet and to all the foot guys out there Vivienne is a lady you must see but our time together had to come to end so it was time to say farewell and with a final kiss I departed. 


    In Summary Vivienne is an amazing and must see lady and I already have a booking for a return visit to see Vivienne once again.


    July, 2014




    The Extremely Naughty, Vivienne Black


    I have been chatting to the lovely Vivienne Black for some quite time so thought was time to finally meet her. After a few emails and texts is was all organised it was so easy now I just had to wait a few weeks before my 6 hours PSE dinner date.


    The day had finally arrived my date with Vivienne when I woke up that day I was so excited but it was hours before night fall surprisingly the day went quick and before I knew it was time get ready. When I received a text from Vivienne I made my way down to foyer to greet her once she got out the taxi I got lovely kiss from Vivienne she was wearing a short white dress Vivienne was a absolute stunner WOW ! I stared at a magnificent young gorgeous lady tall, slim and hot body. When we were in the lift we kissed passionate from lobby to 11 floor like old lovers as soon we got out the lift and on way to room Vivienne smack my ASS I new than the night going be amazing . Once in room Vivienne said she had a surprise for us pulled up her dress and wasn’t wearing no panties we both sat on bed and DFK than she got her vibe toy she tested it made sure was working with a remote control than I slid vibe toy inside her already wet pussy. When we left hotel for our dinner date in taxi ride more passionate deep kisses WOW! We had lovely food and few Expresso Martinis only thing her toy never worked so wish it did could be out scene of Harry Met Sally so wanted use remote vibe on Vivienne the conversation funny, dirty and pleasure be with.


    When we got back at hotel we couldn’t get in the room quick enough Deep French kissing Vivienne was playing with my cock through my pants I placed my hands over her breasts I than pulled her dress up new she had no panties on and my fingers found it to her asshole I rub it just enough get her excited. Vivienne than took my shirt off while I was sitting on chair and pulled my pants down and gave me incredible BBBJ OMFG ! She moved around and took my penis in her mouth and sucked me deep, moving her head forward and backwards I was told order bottle Champagne while Vivienne still licking and sucking me off. I rang room service Vivienne pushed me now onto the bed worked her magic ball teasing and tickling me than we got a knock on door while Vivienne still sucking my cock she said she better get it as I wasn't in any state answer the door. I pulled my pants back on just in case they came in room, I open bottle of Champs will Vivienne got into something more sexier. Few minutes later Vivienne came out as Naughty School Girl look freaking gorgeous with glasses after role playing we moved onto the couch heaps more DFK I removed her top to reveal those puppies her breaths we perfect I kissed and suck for a while. I moved down to suck her pick pussy, her hands opening her lips, my tongue slid far in then out and around her lips, back in and then towards her clit which I closed my lips around and sucked. She lifted her hips up to give me more access to her I moved down towards her pussy for some DATY tasted so sweet while I had two fingers deep inside of Vivienne. I was told stand up Vivienne rip my pants off and button flew off both us laughing than back given me BBBJ.



    Vivienne said Pedro been a bad boy needs be tied up so I sat on chair and she tied us with my hand behind my back and legs also with a blindfold on. What happen next for next 20min was heaps teasing she bitting and sucking my nibbles, licking and sucking my balls, cock worship (best ever I had) , pouring champagne and licking off me it was amazing. Than Vivienne took my blindfold off while I was still tied to the chair she laid on bed and got vibrator out played with herself and I couldn’t do a thing she bent over in front on me so see butt plug in her cut ass. After her show Vivienne sat on top of me stoking my hard cock while he kissed passionate Vivienne said want all my cum over her tits while still tied up she gave me another amazing blow job than hand job until I shot big load all over her breaths OMF !!


    We sat bed cuddle for while drank and joked such funny lady be with couldn’t think anywhere else wanted to be with than Vivienne. Session two started heaps more DFK we both were horny again and we moved into bathroom have a dirty shower together we washed each other body’s Vivienne was stoking my cock while had two fingers deep inside her. It was hot in shower I could see in mirror both us enjoying each other body’s, I than kiss and sucked her big tits and made way to lick her wet pussy, Vivienne went got condom and suck my cock while on her knees gave me a delicious blowjob one of the best ever I've had it was slow, smooth, wet and deep, back in shower Vivienne lift up her legs slide my cock deep inside her fucking her young pussy hard and fast I moved behind her and slowly slipped inside her pussy, deeper and deeper until I was pushing her forward and she had arched her back. I then started thrusting in and pulling out, I could see her ass contracting and relaxing as I went deeper and faster, I grab her by the ass and plunge as far and as fast as I could, watching her ass from behind, hearing her moan with pleasure. When than dried moved back on the bed and Vivienne on her back legs apart, I went down on her again, one of the tightest and most gorgeous pussies I have had the pleasure of playing with, I explored her pussy as deep as I could and from her clit to her ass, she loves her pussy been eaten and I was starving. I than slide big cock inside her missionary position Vivienne said my cock felt amazing inside her I was pumping her slowly got faster and harder until shot another big load of cum, we both laid there cuddling each other after fantastic sex !


    We mucked around jumping on bed having a blast dancing and twerking session 3 included 69 position, BBBJ, cock ring, and reverse cowgirl


    We kissed goodbye and hugs until our next meeting…


    Vivienne is a beautiful person in every sense of the word, gorgeous looking, a sexy body, her service is high up as the best I’ve seen. I could not find even the slightest glitch during our meeting, we be seeing the stunning Vivienne many more times…


    What can I say, a flawless meeting...!


    Peter, April 2014




    When I knew I was going to be in town when Vivienne was touring I immediately wanted to make a booking. The booking process was easy and Vivienne's communication was excellent. Deposit paid and a little outfit request later the day came around. A quick text exchange for the hotel and room number and I was soon knocking on her door. 

    The door opened and wow.. a sexy, feminine, smiling beauty was behind it. Vivienne was immediately affectionate and outgoing. I exchanged the payment and Vivienne offered me a drink. The action started and Vivienne is a great kisser and loves extended foreplay. Her blowjob and hand job were awesome as was her willingness for me to inspect her butt plug and devour her tight trimmed pussy! 

    Vivienne's lingerie wax first class and when we started the main course her appetite grew with mine. Various positions were awesome but doggy on the sofa with her firm peachy arse in front of me was too much for me to take.

    Round 2 started with some dildo action for Vivienne and more awesome foreplay Vivienne jumped on top and see knows how to ride cock trust me! We then finished off with missionary anal whilst Vivienne played with her clit it was a great climax to a fun evening.

    Vivienne was down to Earth and very chatty when we were discussing between sex. She shows an elegance you expect from a high clasd escort and knows all tricks in the bed.

    Recommended for sure and hope to be back in Australia soon to see Vivienne again......


    Booking was Wed 22nd January 2014 Adelaide. 



    JANUARY 2014




    I recently booked miss Vivienne Black for an all night booking & right when she opened the door I thought wow she's even more beautiful than I remembered..we had planned for a very intimate & romantic dinner and afterward to stay overnight at the park Hyatt...

    I had the most unbelievable experience, Vivienne really new how to take care of me she catered to all my needs both physically & mentally, with her unbelievable figure and out of this world curves words could not come to mind to describe how beautiful she is. She was so nice & sweet full of passion and she is absolutely adorable when she sleeps...not that we got much sleep. I was given a very sensual massage which led to the most passionate & intense love making I've ever experienced on the bed, in the shower and other spots in the hotel room. We were like a married couple on our honey moon. The way she kissed me and the feel of her lips and soft skin against mine drove me wild.


    Not only was the sex unbelievable but after just having her there to cuddle & spend the rest of the night lying next to her having a great chat made me feel very complete. She was an absolute sweetheart the ultimate girlfriend anyone could ever want...


    Can't wait till our next meeting 

    Thank you for a wonderful night


    JANUARY 2014




    Saw Vivienne recently in Perth, was looking foward to the booking for a week, she sounded really sweet on the phone, the day finally came, she did a outcall to my hotel for 2 hours, finally we meet and all i can think of was marry me, she is gorgeous, perfect body and absolutely yummy, I wish I won lotto so I can take her around the world, her pics are great but in real life she is stunning, I'm going to save up and go visit her again, thanks for making my birthday weekend trip one to remember, thanks Vivienne, can't wait to see you again soon, might visit Sydney just to see you.


    AUGUST 2013




    Wow… I don't even know where to begin when describing just how amazing this girl is!


    I recently booked her over the weekend for her PSE package. I only booked for 2 hours and I wish I could have stayed longer. From the moment she answered the phone I could tell what a warm and loving person she was. When she opened the door I was gobsmacked by how pretty she actually is. Those lips are so sensual best kisses, best nibbler best cock sucker by far, and she does this amazing thing with her hand while she sucks you off..stroking my balls and moving her hands up and down my cock at the same time… simply mind blowing. Came like a choo choo train a few times all over her mouth, face and breasts


    I was very nervous about asking Vivienne to provide the role play service I was interested in, but I could tell she really cared about me having the serviced I requested. It wasn't only that, she really enjoyed it too. Vivienne went to great lengths to pull off my request…and boy did we have fun along the way.


    A few other highlights other than the blow job… nice ass, totally gorgeous and looks so good from behind. SQUIRTER. She really takes care of herself and is toned. Knows how to take a joke and often surprised me with how witty she was in retaliation to my terrible jokes haha. Her hair is so beautiful long and dark…. she will be all i think about for a while…… cheeky eyes!


    Her photos are phenomenal but they don't really capture just how beautiful she is….. and she really has the most infectious giggle and smile. I had such a good time with Vivienne I will be seeing her again very soon


    Thanks Vivienne


    Al JULY 2013

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