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  • I saw Zoey whilst she was touring and let me tell you, I'm glad that I did. Firstly, her pictures are real so that was a huge relief and after some quick talking we got down to business and let me say I was very impressed. To be honest there isn't an area in the bedroom that she's lacking in from her oral skills and foreplay to every position and was in ecstasy the entire time. One area in particular is her on top. I always hate the girl on top but Zoey was amazing and definitely the best girl on top I've ever had. Zoey was also great afterward as we spoke about life and other topics. Will be glad to see Zoey again when she was on tour.

    Steve, June 


    I have been a regular with Zoey, but we hadn't seen each other for a while. She met me late in the evening at her Adelaide apartment. She was stunning in a green lingerie set. Like lovers reuniting as soon as I was inside the front door, she began to kiss me passionately her tongue exploring mine, her hands wandering across my body to my crotch. Her massive breasts pushed against me as I pushed her against the wall and let my hands traverse her amazing body. we moved to the lounge chatting about what we had been doing since our last date, but all the time kissing and caressing each others body. I removed her bra and panties and went down on her most divine pussy. As I lapped her moistness her breathing became rapid and soon her back was arching as she began to orgasm intensely. As she settled she rose and removed my pants and pushed me to the lounge. 

    Zoey is sensational at oral, her lips and tongue working wonders across the head of my cock, her fingers gently massaging my balls. She would spit and let juices run all over my cock as she deepthroated its length until I was on the edge. We moved to the bedroom and there it was an intense 69 followed by amazing cowgirl and missionary. Zoey groaning with pleasure as she rode me to another orgasm. Our passionate embrace continued back into a 69 where she was rapidly shafting my cock with her mouth and hands. When it was time I rose and exploded all over her massive breasts. A shower and a chat about what had been happening in her life. Zoey is gorgeous. Her body is to die for. Her smile infectious. I always enjoy seeing her. Thanks, Zoey.

    Brian, Feb




    I have played with Zoey before but this night was extra special. With a new place she was staying in we wanted to be a bit different. She met me in a classic erotic lace lingerie set that barely held in her ample breasts. What followed was an hour of pure bliss. She was eager to please and be pleased. She quickly was out of her outfit and me out of my clothes. She was bending over the dining bench as I rubbed my thick manhood along the cleft of her ass, she, pushing back to meet each thrust. From there it evolved from eating her pussy and ass while she was leaning over the lounge to a deep wet thrashing 69 on the bed. Deep hard fucking in every position followed until it was time for some toy action. She was laying on her back as I fucked her deeply with her vibrator while she licked and shafted my cock with her hand. I couldn't stand much ore and she pushed me onto my back and with her delicate hands shafted me until I was cumming in massive waves. Cuddles and kisses followed and then a warm shower. We have seen each other many times and each time is more fun. Thanks babe.


    B., March




    I stumbled across young Zoey H while she was in Adelaide recently and decided to give her a try. Her profile showed a pretty hot young body with nice luscious breasts. Communicating with her was very easy. I arrived at her hotel room and a light tap on the door and I was met with a lovely young lady. Her long blonde hair hung down below her shoulders. She was wearing a gorgeous flowing dress that hugged her figure and was tight on her hot young body. She welcomed me into her hotel room and I watched her curvy young butt sway in front of me. I was looking forward to playing with that very shortly! The business done and we settled down onto the lounge. She is a gorgeous young woman. She quickly started to kiss me gently, not ridiculously powerful, just gentle little kisses with her tongue touching mine. But this didn't last long and suddenly our kissing became full on, our tongues searching for each other, our hands wandering across each other. Her hands began to wander downwards and suddenly my cock was hard and rigid. But it was her turn first. I lifted her up onto the bench and gently laid her down, spreading her long legs. I went to work on her rapidly drenched pussy and ass, licking and sucking on her clit. Her breathing became rapid and then she was bucking as her orgasm ran through her body, her legs closing around me dragging me into her. When she settled she rose and climbed off the bench. Suddenly her hands were removing my pants and she was grasping my manhood with her hands and was licking the shaft with her tongue. She nibbled away licking up and down while gently removing my pants. Then she began to suck on me sending gentle spasms through my body. I won't go too much more into details because it became a bit of a blur. We moved around the hotel room in a variety of positions. Zoey demanding to be fucked deeper and harder. Doggie was her favorite as she watched herself in the mirror being pounded from behind. Zoey is young and enthusiastic and the longer our session went the harder she wanted to be fucked. She also became more involved erotically as I was treating here the way a young woman should be. I took command and pleasured her which caused her to be louder and more enthusiastic. An exploding finale across her face and body was well received. After settling down we chatted about her activities and work. I found Zoey to be a lovely young lady. Her body is slim and tight with perky nipples and a hot round ass. She enjoyed her work and it was obvious that if treated right she shines. Zoey is a beautiful, friendly young lady and I can only compliment her on the way she interacted with me. Thanks Zoey I really enjoyed our time together.


    BB February




    I recently had the opportunity to play with Zoey in Adelaide. I met her late one night in her luxurious apartment for 2 hours of total carnal pleasure. She met me in very little which even then didn't last long. A quick shower and she was dragging at my towel to get to my appendage. It disappeared into her mouth and down her throat as she gently massaged my balls and inner thighs with her long fingernails. To be honest everything became a blur. We moved from standing to lying down. To her deep throating me, to me lavishing her dripping pussy with my tongue. She watched herself orgasm as I lay underneath her....her body upright writhing in pleasure, her hips thrusting to meet my tongue. Then she suited me and mounted me, sliding up and down my length while her fingers worked her clit. And then she was coming again, this time her head thrown back and a deep groan coming from her mouth. We moved to doggie so she could look backwards to watch herself being pounded her from behind, until it was time, she moved off me and presented her ample chest for its reward  and I was cumming uncontrollably all over her. We settled, cleaned and kissed until she slid down the bed and aroused me again, massaging my back, buttocks and then my balls and cock with her tongue and lips. Our passionate trip continued with me again licking her sweet nectar. She eventually drew a second load from me and I collapsed in a heap exhausted next to her. Her conversation and companionship is priceless and she is a wonderful lady to be with.

    Thanks Zoey.


    B....xx, July





    I was lucky to have the chance to meet Zoey one lunch time at her incall. Zoey was so easy to communicate with, after two texts we were locked in no fuss or messing around. She even sent a cheeky selfie which had me hooked. She opened the door and looked stunning. She had worn a beautiful lingerie set which I had requested and she looked amazing. Has a super stunning body and an amazing rig, boobs to die for. We had a chat to get to know each other and she was great at putting you at ease, such a natural to talk with. After a quick shower she greeted me with the best passionate kissing that left me roaring to go. We moved to the bedroom and she was great at foreplay before working her way down to a BJ. She took her time and had me writhing around before I just had to ask her to jump on top. She rode my like a wild horse and we then moved to a few different positions before I could hold back no longer doggy style. We caught our breath and chatted away before the sight of her next to me had me ready to go again. She worked her magic with her hands and I then slipped another condom on. I wasn't looking for another thumping session and was just happy to take it slow and easy and she read my mood and signals brilliantly so before I knew it I was climaxing a second time. Had a great time with Zoey, she was so easy and relaxed and has some serious skills with a ridiculous body to top it off. I'll be back Zoey.


    R. Sydney, March




    I had the pleasure of meeting the stunning Zoey H when she was touring in Melbourne, let me tell you the photos do not do this stunner justice. After a few messages back and fourth and a cheeky selfie i decided to meet this beauty.


    When i arrived to her hotel room i was feeling nervous and excited, she opened the door and my god she looked so sexy in her little black dress and big cleavage. She then kissed me a long, deep passionate kiss. We then chatted while she poured a drink for me. This woman has lovely personality and most amazing smile. I knew i was in for a treat. After freshening up she then greeted me in her sexy lingerie as i was out of the shower and the passionate kissing began again. We moved from the lounge room into the bedroom where she then removed my towel and slowly kissed me all over eventually around my balls and then gave me mind blowing oral, this woman really knows how to do this well. The way she looked up at me while doing this was such a turn on. She then took off her bra and revealed her beautiful E cup breasts OMG they are to die for i could not keep my hands off them. I then returned the favour and went down her, her pussy was so sweet, shaven and so wet she was playing with her nipples as i was giving her oral and she came she was so horny and wet i just had to fuck her. After putting a condom on she then bent over and i took her from behind, she was moaning and asking for more. We then changed positions and she was ridding me her pussy was so tight, i could tell she loved riding me nice and deep i could feel her gorgeous breasts and watch her gorgeous face as she let out a loud gasp and came i could not control myself anymore i then exploded. We cleaned ourselves up then both lay there kissing, chatting and laughing. I will definitely be seeing this woman again next time she is town she is simply amazing.


    Luke, November




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