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    • 23
    • Petite AU6
    • Brunette
    • 153cm
    • Enhanced DD
    • Bright Green
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  • A couple of weeks ago I saw Alycia. She came down in the lift to meet me. The doors opened & there she was looking absolutely amazing in a tight sexy dress. I got in and we kissed. The doors were about to close & someone stopped them. A guy & his wife came in. He couldn't take his eyes off Alycia - which clearly pissed his wife. As we left the lift I saw him staring at her perfect bum - which had the outline of a skimpy thong visible. It was so hot knowing how much he wanted her - and what I was about to do with her. We got to the room & had a bit of small talk before Alycia stood up & let her dress fall to the floor. Her. Body. Is. Incredible. She came over & took me in her mouth for a few minutes, before standing up & losing her remaining items of clothing.. she lay back on the bed & told me to fuck her. I had to eat that little pussy first - which was so good. I couldn't wait - I had to get inside her. A couple of minutes with me on top - and she rolled me over & straddled me. Looking up at her - with those perfect tits - bouncing away on my dick was too much & I came hard inside her as she grounded down on me. So so good!


    A, September 2018




    Very recently I had the incredible pleasure of a second soirée with Miss Alycia and cannot think about anything but this exquisite princess since! Miss Alycia is a petite, delightful bombshell, expert in connecting and sensing how to calm and relax you and a perfectionist of the carnal skills and pleasures that one can usually only dream of enjoying. If you are fortunate enough to be able to meet Miss Alycia, go to her as perfectly prepared as you can, treat her with complete respect, and your rewards will be heavenly.

    June 2018



    A message to all, I have had the pleasure AGAIN to wine and dine Alycia.We met at a restaurant and WOW. Dressed to kill and amazingly hot. Our 4 hr dinner and PSE date was mind blowing. Alycia goes out of her way to please. She is the real deal and will keep seeing her. Thankyou again babe and can't wait to see you again.

    P, October 2017




    This is the third time I have seen Alycia.I thought it was impossible for her to get better.Well let me tell you she did.Alycia goes above and beyond in her profession.Words cannot describe this awesome girl and now will be the only escort I see.She didn't watch the clock once and we went 20 minutes over.To the beautiful Alycia, Thankyou for everything you have done for me ,and it's a total pleasure to be with this penthouse pet.Totally stunning,beautiful,and cheeky.Stay perfect as you always do.


    P, August 2017



    I had such a great time with Alycia, she is extremely beautiful and sexy while at the same time being super cute and fun, she has such a vibrant and upbeat personality, really a delight to be around. I was a little nervous that perhaps a woman of her beauty might not be that friendly but she's very nice, down to Earth and at no point made our time together feel like it was work for her. She's so incredibly beautiful with a petite, cute little body, an amazing toosh, incredible breasts, nice legs and a really pretty face. She seems to genuinely enjoy sex and is very free about her sexuality, being with her felt like sex is the most natural thing in the world. She's also very funny and great at conversation, I enjoyed talking to her as much as being intimate with her. Definitely one of the best nights I've ever had, she's one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever met, inside and out.


    Gabriel, August 2017



    I cannot put in words that describe Alycia. I couldn't help myself to book her the second time. I have seen about 10 girls from PG. Alycia, I find is not really an escort, but a woman you feel u have known all your life. There are none of the girls that even come close to what she does and do. Im not putting any of the other girls down because they were great as well. Alycia is definitely the best escort in Australia. Thankyou again Alycia you are better than perfect. You can keep the jumper babe. With love.


    Paul, July 2017




    I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Alycia.I won't go into the details,but she was utter model material.I spent 2 hrs with this lovely lady,and it was the best money ever spent.She goes above and beyond in what she does.Thankyou Alycia, and look so forward to seeing u again.


    July 2017



    I saw Alicia's profile and the list of services. She replied promptly,and I booked a2 hr PSE session. I wanted filthy talk and all the rest. She gave me a sniff of what she can do via text I was utterly blown away.She even gave me a call and sounded warm,cheeky and down right dirty.Mind u the booking hasn't even started. I will be seeing her on the 6th of July and will give u all the gory details then. I know I'm in for a treat and guys please book this girl. Standby.


    P, June 2017



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