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  • Australia Wide Escort - Amanda Valentina
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  • So was flipping through PG when there she was , in that strips only garment , sheer magic .Jotted down the details and went on to Scarlett B .

    The same photo haunted me...... TOURS....and there it was Rocky visit ...01.08 16 .... can't be!!!! Double checked

    ....absolutely....text catch up request. No 6 hour drive Brissy no Virgin flight no Uber calls ...1.5 hours to Rocky..

    Arrived early , parked outside hotel good view of entrance. She arrived in disguise black jeans , top and cap , but no mistaking her.

    Time for her to shower freshen up and get sorted and sent text " ready for u" " just give me 5 " and the follow up."..come to the lifts I'm coming to get u". No sooner got there and watched the indicator light...ground floor...there she was; breath taking and that fantastic smile and personality a continuation of the get to know u phone call for a new aquaintence. Into it moment lift doors closed ...connection from first reply to enquiry. 

    Doors open and down the passage we go and almost went into the wrong apartment ....but haste retreat to correct one.Door closes and urgent continuation of the lift passion ....real passion , that remove clothes in the hall way passion , unbelievable, long lost friends passion no awkwardness passion. In the shower and out " wow u really look good " she said . I Left the towel on the rack and we met half way to the room. Passion unbridled communication unmatched , instruction and guidence to higher levels of satisfaction.

    The ebbe and flow taking a natural as rehearsed pattern but in essence totally untested but moved from one experience to the next always with demanding urgency.

    Who taught this woman to kiss it's like she kisses yr soul, draws u out from beneath yr hiding spot and releases u to the world of wanton joy , again and again, unending passion and always that absolute connection and devotion to u only . She demands the best from u by her coaxing and when she gives it's totally abandoning a safety net trusting u with two verbal moments which make u realism her joy and satisfaction and with cheek held firmly to her chest u can hear her heart beat slow to normal never once being released from her grasp. The after shock spent in closeness , chat and exploration soft and telling each other the journey has just begun. To the door the urgency and need still there shelved for next time....to look forward to. Amanda V and still the follow up texts wonderful woman totally amazing a rare find which I hope is appreciated by us in every sense.


    Asteroid, September 2016





    This is my second two hour booking with Amanda Valentina who recently returned to visit Perth. To say that I was thrilled when I observed on her Twitter she was returning would be an understatement. Amanda had previously mentioned that she would tour Perth at least once a month and it had already felt more like a year since I'd seen this goddess. This woman had seriously cast me under some sort of hypnotic spell after our first encounter and I couldn't wait to see her for a second. Mesmerising eyes, a deliciously womanly, yey athletically toned body, with those magnificent breasts and sensational smile. Amanda has such a beautiful smile.


    I'd been emailing Amanda a few times to enquire of her return and she always responded with cheeky replies of various witty nature. Knowing that I followed her on Twitter she had informed me she was embarking on an Australian tour and to keep an eye out for dates. This woman is the womanly package of all packages. I'm still floating since our liaison from last week. Above all, it's Amanda's professionalism and dedication to her work ethic that impresses upon me most. Everything from the initial (and subsequent) enquiry, lingerie requests, the required exchanging of banking/hotel/time/date particulars is carried out with such absolute professionalism. Speaking to her on the phone is like chatting to a long term friend. She likes to have a quick conversation when you seek her company for the first time. I quite like the personalised approach to this process as it helps breaks the ice prior to meeting.


    I don't and won't divulge intimate particulars, but I will note that Amanda is by far the most magnificent lady I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my time with. Amanda is a warm, intelligent and very funny woman. She captivates you with her infectious personality and her radiating energy. Conversation flows effortlessly and beautifully. Being in Amanda's presence makes you feel like a million dollars. She makes you feel completely at ease and I can't thank her enough for her time, energy and companionship. I'd marry this woman if she'd accept my proposal. I only wish.


    Thank you, Amanda, for yet another another exquisite interlude. I'm looking very forward for your return next month.


    Counting down the days until then.


    Love from your 'Legal Eagle'.


    Greg, August 2016



    I recently had the immense pleasure of seeing the beautiful Amanda for the first time. Initial contact for the appointment was made and Amanda responded with enthusiasm and a hint of cheekiness which I loved. She is very engaging and so lovely and easy to talk to, putting any nerves at ease very quickly. We continued to chat and share a few cheeky messages up until the day of the booking. However this was all done with the respect and courtesy that Amanda, and all people for that matter, certainly deserve.


    On the night of the booking at the appointed time, Amanda sent me a message to confirm all was ready. She then quickly gave me a phone call and provided further directions which I really appreciated as the lift may have been a bit confusing to find otherwise. I made my way up and knocked on the door. I think my eyes almost popped out of my head at the sight before me - Amanda greeted me in some very sexy black lingerie, her incredible stunning figure and all its assets clearly evident. The door was barely closed when our mouths came together in a passionate sensual kiss. We briefly said our introductions before I took Amanda in my arms and gently pulled her closer as our kiss started to increase in depth and intensity - WOW, what a way to say hello! Amanda is an amazing passionate kisser and was hitting all the right spots as our kisses continued, tongues dueling in each mouths. After a few minutes we broke away slightly breathless. We then had a lovely chat about various topics - Amanda is a very intelligent, well educated woman easily able to converse on a broad range of issues and events.


    After having a shower, I came out to find Amanda waiting on the bed. More passionate DFK quickly ensued as I lay with Amanda. However this time I also kissed her gorgeous face and ears. Amanda's lingerie was then removed revealing her glorious GG bust into the open. My eyes lingered there for more than a moment and then travelled south taking in the sight of her slim toned stomach area, her beautiful shapely legs and of course her delicious bare pussy which most definitely got the blood flowing. I started licking and gently sucking on Amanda's nipples which were just begging for attention, and also kissed her boobs all over. I alternated between both boobs, and when my mouth was busy with one side I made sure the other certainly wasn't lonely by massaging and caressing it with my hand and fingers. I then made my way back down to Amanda's pussy kissing all around it, before giving it a thorough exploration with my tongue, swirling around and back and forth, which she really seemed to enjoy. My mouth and tongue then moved slightly higher as I paid her clit due attention while rubbing my fingers over her slit and sliding one inside her pussy which caused Amanda to elicit a few breathless moans. I kept going for a little while and then pulled back, tasting Amanda's yummy juices on my finger, as she wanted to repay the favour.


    I lay on my back and before long I was in total heaven as Amanda worked her magic on me. Her blowjob technique is an experience to savour. The way her tongue swirls around the head of the shaft and as she takes you between her lips slowly sinking ever deeper all the while doing incredible things with her mouth and tongue - the feeling is exquisite! Amanda's deep throat is indeed the creme de la creme! Amanda continued to take my shaft deep inside her mouth as her hands began to fondle and caress my balls tickling them. Her deliciously wicked tongue soon replaced them as she licked and gently nibbled on my balls, causing me to groan in pleasure. She then took me in her mouth again, swinging her legs around into a 69 position and lowering her pussy onto my mouth. We both eagerly licked and sucked on each other for some time, enjoying the sensations. Amanda then slid down my body, turning herself over, sinking onto my rock hard cock in a cowgirl position. Her pussy felt incredible from the moment she lowered herself onto me. Amanda rocked her hips back and forth causing a wonderful friction as I started thrusting up into her. After a while of this we changed positions into a sort of a side cowgirl - I slid a little further down the bed as Amanda faced her body to the side and squatted on my cock moving up and down while I was still laying on my back. I had never really experienced this position before and particularly enjoyed it. Amanda then got on her hands and knees and invited me to enter her doggy - I duly accepted the invitation :) I grasped her hips as I slid myself inside her and began slowly pumping away. As I picked up the pace, Amanda bent herself further forward and we ended up in a half doggy half caterpillar position where I was able to gain maximum depth penetration. I was getting close as the sounds of my groin slapping into Amanda's ass cheeks and her breathless moans and groans filled the room. Amanda's pussy felt wonderful clenching around my cock and I couldn't hold out any longer, unloading a large load inside the condom as I was buried deep inside her.


    We lay back together on the bed for a while catching our breaths and enjoying another lovely chat. Before long though we were once again lip locked in another intense passionate DFK which lasted several minutes. I just had to taste that beautiful pussy again and I found myself between Amanda's legs my tongue working in circles. I slipped my tongue further inside her pussy while my fingers found her clit which caused a cry to escape from Amanda. Encouraged by this, I continued to work my tongue inside her pussy as Amanda started to become very wet. A few minutes and a number of moans later I was rewarded as Amanda convulsed in a delightful orgasm. We lay side by side as my hands ran over Amanda's body in sensual touches and caresses. My hand dropped a little lower to her pussy and clit, and I still found that she was slightly aroused. I began to move my fingers slowly back and forth against her and after a short time she moaned her encouragement. I kissed Amanda once again sliding my tongue inside her mouth and slipped a finger into her pussy. Soon after a second joined it as I found her g spot, massaging and rubbing the area. Amanda was getting very excited and kept urging me on saying that she was close and "don't stop, don't stop!" Amanda began playing with her clit vigorously rubbing it and within a couple of minutes exploded in a very intense long orgasm, gasping and panting.


    After taking a short while to compose herself, Amanda commenced another glorious blowjob taking me to cloud 9 once again. Once I was sufficiently hard, which didn't take too long :) , Amanda spun herself around straddling me in the reverse cowgirl position. I was treated to the most incredible view as she lowered herself onto my cock completely engulfing it inside her pussy, as her perfect ass bounced up and down right before my eyes. I absolutely love this position and Amanda rode me to perfection, varying the pace and depth and also moving around in slow circles. We then switched positions as we lay face to face on the bed with my cock thrusting in and out and Amanda wrapping a leg around my waist. I caressed her back with one hand moving it lower and lower until it found her ass. I very gently moved a finger down there which surprised and also excited Amanda. I began slowly rubbing down there and Amanda purred "Ohh I love that cheeky finger in my ass. Keep going, keep going!" I slipped my finger further inside her ass with that encouragement from Amanda as my cock kept moving in and out of her pussy. She seemed to really delight in my finger moving inside her ass at the same time. However it seemed that I was not going to come in this way, so Amanda decided to try and finish me off with a hand job. Amanda has a sensual and erotic touch, as her hand moved up and down on my cock giving me shivers. It took a little while, but persistence pays off, and I shot off a massive load covering Amanda as she presented her magnificent boobs to me.


    We cleaned up and I had a shower to freshen up, Amanda hopping in after me, all the while we continued to chat. After Amanda got out of the shower we engaged in a number a passionate sensual kisses interspersed with more conversation. We finally parted with a long hot intense DFK and a warm hug. Amanda is an incredibly sexy stunningly beautiful woman, with an infectious bubbly personality. She gives everything she has into whatever she is doing - 110%! She is a generous kind hearted person - an absolute sweetheart. It was a total joy and a wonderful pleasure to be able to spend time in the company of such of a lovely amazing woman - I thoroughly enjoyed it from the moment I walked in the door until the second I reluctantly left!


    A, April 2016




    Let's start off with... WOW! As a busy corporate guy in an ad house, I don't have time to waste. I'd been trying to book Amanda Valentina for some time due to my schedule and her touring but FINALLY, I got my play time.


    I'm a bit of a lingerie freak so I asked Ms Amanda to wear red lace, which she did, when I turned up to the boutique hotel she chose in Chippendale. I haven't lived in Sydney all my life so I've not been everywhere but my oh my was this experience exceptional.


    When I opened the door, there she was. No bullshit. Just like her pics. Obviously I'm a boobs man and I was hoping they'd be as big as described. Yep. They were. F!ck me dead.


    I tittie-fucked her like no tomorrow. Watching my cock slide up and down between those puppies was insane.


    I apologised for shooting early but I couldn't help it. Whilst I was waiting to recharge, we had a great conversation. This surprised me. What an intelligent and engaging woman. After reading her bio, I was genuinely hoping she'd be all that but didn't expect it. Well, she was more. Much more.


    After my first shot, she blew me. Blow job doesn't accurately describe what I'd just received with those full lips. I kid you not, I thought my cock was going to take off. BEST. EVER.


    I was a bit nervous in writing a review but after thinking about it, other guys need to experience this. It's like the best porno you've ever watched but for real. And, I can't wait to book Ms Amanda again.


    Leon, March 2016




    Amanda your just amazing we met in Perth & still MSG that's a great service to me, I have seen lots off PG girls but I must say your service was the best yet, I have ever seen on PG web site, if you have not seen her you must xx, very good girl, thanks your amazing.


    Matty Perth wa xxx, Feb 2016




    Where to start & wot to say about this one hot girl, I see lots off private girls & this girl gave me the best service ever, her oral was amazing & sex even better, amnada has the bigs boobs I have ever seen, her service was not rushed at all, & 69er was amazing, thanks so much amnada your very nice can't wait to see you again tomorrow & have the same fun, thanks


    Matty, February 2016




    I had a chance to meet this lovely girl amanda early in this month.Meeting was set up very easily as she instantly replied to my text.I was really excited to meet her as I was blown away by her pics.She looked stunning in real with those heavenly boobs and fantabulous phisique.I had those initial nerves but she made me comfortable within seconds and we started french kissing each other before I jumped in for a quick shower.


    I had a quick shower and when I saw her in that lovely outfit I couldn't resist to keep my hands off her.We french kissed for a while and then she wrapped her lips around my tool and let me tell you she is a specialist of that deepthroat which made me almost cum.Her pussy tasted so good that I could almost spend my wholelife licking and fingering it.Once the foreplay was done she wanted me to do a doggy but I didn't last long.After that we had a nice chat about our lifes and I was amazed to see that she was such a down to earth and intelligent person.We mutually shared our good and bad experiences in life.


    She was really cute and I was really turned on by her personality.Then came the second round of our intimacy where she had two orgasms and then the steamy sex.This lasted longer with two different positions.


    Overall it was a wonderful experience meeting amanda and I would definitely want to meet her soon again


    February 2016




    I caught up with Amanda in late November in Sydney. I had read about Amanda and was delighted to hear she was now working independently.


    Making the booking was a breeze, Amanda was very accommodating to my requests and very cheeky in her responses. I thought we'd get on great and I couldn't have been more correct!


    In terms of looks, she is spectacular with phenomenal GG boobs that just call out to be sucked and fucked.


    I was after an all oral session (no sex) and boy, did Amanda deliver.


    Her bbbjs are amazing, filled with dirty talk, lots of spit, eye contact and phenomenal deep throat. If you haven't experienced Amanda's deep throat, I'm not sure if you've experienced deep throat!


    She got me over the line three times in all in the hour and each time sucked and licked my cock while I came in her mouth. To top it off was an amazing massage between rounds!


    I have thought about our session every day and can't wait to book her again in the new year.


    Mike, January 2016

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