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    •   VIC
    •   30
        8 (Slim and Toned)
        91cm (12C)
    •   Blonde
        Miss Amber King
        0490 840 994

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  • Melbourne-based blonde beauty with brains and a booty.

     Touring nationally and worldwide.





    GFE Prices:

    Short and Sweet (30 mins): $250

    Lickety split (1 hour): $500

    Sweet and swift (2 hours): $900

    Baby, please don’t go (extra hourly rate): $400

    4-hour dinner date: $1500 (Fine wine, food, flirting, and the best kind of desert.)

    Overnight: $3500 (A romantic dinner + hotel rendezvous. Includes 7 hours beauty sleep.) 


    Kinky GFE Prices

    1 hour: $600

    Extra hours: $500

    4-hour dinner date: $1700 (Fine wine, food, flirting, and the best kind of desert.)

    Overnight: $4000 (A romantic dinner + hotel rendezvous. Includes 7 hours beauty sleep.) 



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  • About Me

  • Connection. Chemistry. Conversation And Carnal Liaisons. 

    Lace all four up with a double-bow of authentic sensuality and charisma, and you have Amber King (that's me). I'm your girl next door fantasy burst to life, except I've ditched my dungarees for romantic dalliances and intimate encounters. 

    A feminine and petite belle de nuit sauntering towards you from across the room. With locks of golden hair that cascade in curls down my back, or fall in messy waves (depending on my mood), I resemble somewhat of a fallen angel, dressed in all white or baby pink. My pale skin and impeccable complexion glows under your gaze, and a light smattering of freckles on my nose suggests a youthful joie de vivre. Once undressed, my light scattering of beauty marks and birth marks are ideal for exploring as an intimate game of eye-spy, best grazed with feathers and light fingers.

    With curves in all right places, a toned stomach, strong thighs and scrumptious derriere, you know you've made the right choice.

    The cherry on top?

    I've been told that I'm incredibly sweet and tender, with a cheeky, toothy grin that's infectous.



    You've seen my photos, but are wondering, what is she actually like in person?

    Allow me to paint a picture.

    To begin with, I approach all that I meet like an old friend. I already accept you, welcome you, and cherish you as an equal. When conversing, I'm articulate, with an extensive vocabulary and razor sharp mind. But I'm not always so serious – I know how to laugh, and will pepper my conversations with both high brow and low brow topics. I'll keep you on your toes, and relish an intellectual equal who can stimulate my mind too. Want to just relax and leave the serious stuff? I'm happy with that too.

    I've been told that my curious and enquiring nature is one of my best traits, and I tend to agree. I'm constantly learning, and relish a new mental challenge. I have a degree in Mass Communications, and have my sights set on a Masters in Sexology. I'm fascinated by psychology, sexual health, communication, technology and relationship dynamics, and hope to turn this passion into a career! 

    I also adore travelling, and aim for at least one overseas trip every year. My preference is Europe, being lucky enough to be whisked away regularly as a child to explore my family's heritage (I'm a blend of German, Scottish and Swedish). Today, I count Paris, Berlin and London as my favourite cities.

    If you haven't been able to tell by my predilection for reading and learning, I'm more on the introverted side, identifying as an INFP. Always with my head in a book or penning my thoughts on the latest topic du jour, I work best one-on-one, rather than charming large groups of people.

    But don't be dissuaded by my preferences - I consider this a blessing as I play to my strengths.

    I can expertly craft an intimate space just for you and I, offering you my complete and undivided attention. I'm not the kind of lady to be distracted by her phone, and I can play the role of eloquent and engaging dinner date, or playful nymph with ease and grace.

    My transformation depends on your needs, and what you prefer behind closed doors.

    I'm often told that I'm easy to open up to, due to my ability to listen generously. From spilling your wildest fantasies and deepest secrets, or simply being able to share your opinions, be silly and enjoy yourself with me, unwinding is a breeze.



    You're seeking the ultimate GFE in Melbourne, and a true sweetheart to spend your precious time with. You're a man of great taste and you like to indulge, taking the time to lick your sticky fingers clean. You're acutely aware of your standards, and seek a darling GFE in Melbourne who can bend over to exceed your needs. Literally. You seek style, substance, and a sordid affair to store for future day dreams. 

    Your dream girl? Intelligent, educated, and well-travelled yet down-to-earth. Eager to converse on worldly affairs, but just as likely to giggle at a Dad Joke. The dictionary definition of a cutie pie, yet with an intelligence and wit that belies her youthful appearance.



    I eagerly await meeting a fresh face. Please be a gentleman – introduce yourself by your full name, and give me the courtesy of a few hours notice. 


    SWA 10805XE

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  • Price List



    Seeking authentic intimacy, warmth, generous listening and affection? Beyond great sex, experience the attentive care of someone who lives for genuine connection. Between sensual moments in the sheets, feel free to spill your deepest secrets to an open and receptive ear, heart and mind. I accept each individual as they are and for where they are on their journey, and my only expectation is respect and mutual pleasure.


    Sweet GFE hourly rates:

    1 hour: $500

    Extra hours: $400



    I’m a girl’s girl through and through, and you’re invited to the enjoy the show. Audience participation welcome 😉

    1 hour of heaven: $600

    2 hours of couple play: $1200



    I have a variety of girlfriends who'd love to make you the centre of our attention. Naturally bisexual, I enjoy intimate and sensual moments with both men and women, and invite you to experience a once in a lifetime offer.



    Dinner and wild dalliances | 4 Hrs |  $1500 GFE // $1700 KGFE

    We’ll indulge our senses over fine wine, food and flirting, before we treat ourselves to the best kind of desert.


    A salacious sleepover | 14 Hrs | $3500 GFE // $4000 KGFE

    A romantic dinner, a sordid affair between the sheets, endless cuddling and caressing, beauty sleep, and a healthy breakfast in bed. The perfect way to spend your evening.

    A day with Amber | 24 hours | $6500 GFE // $8000 KGFE

    If you’ve only a short window of time open to slip away from the daily grind, a day with myself will help you unwind in style. We can begin with a gorgeous brunch, explore galleries, go on bike rides, mess up bed sheets, and pretend we run this town for a day.


    Weekend Adventure | 48 hours | $13000 GFE // $15000 KGFE

    It’s time to slip away for a romantic and exciting weekend with yours truly, a ready and willing tour guide. With a bounce in my step and an enthusiasm for travel and adventure, I want to create the happy and slightly devious memories for you to reflect on for years to come. From relaxing poolside with cocktails in hand, to bike rides by beautiful beaches, snorkelling, rock climbing, and exploring beautiful scenery, you’ll find yourself refreshed, invigorated, and with a huge smile on your face by the end of our tip. Please note a travel fee may apply for areas outside of the CBD.


    Bi-curious and lesbian experience | $500 per hour

    I’m a girl’s girl through and through, and a true bisexual. I adore the soft and gentle touch of a woman, having had my first girlfriend at 12.


    Are you a curious lady seeking a safe and respectful environment to explore your sexuality? You can feel safe in my company, and we can take it as slow and sensuous or as fast and passionate as you please. 



    Beyond intimacy and connection lies the chance to fulfil your fantasies with a willing accomplice. Let me take you on a journey of the psyche, as we explore each other’s erotic power. The Kinky GFE includes certain licentious experiences that my Sweet GFE does not. If you’re not sure which experience is best for you, tell me what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to recommend.


    As I like to be prepared for intense experiences, I like to know in advance what you're seeking. Although the opportunity to switch from Sweet GFE to Kinky GFE can arise naturally during our encounter, it can ruin the flow of our affair. As such, I prefer that you request Kinky GFE up front to avoid any awkward moments, and especially if you don't like discussing cash in person.


    Kinky GFE Prices

    1 hour = $600

    Extra hours = $500

    My baby shot me down (2 hours)  $1100

  • Services Available

  • VIC State legislations prohibits me from stating my services, although they can be described as all inclusive by nature.  


    Please contact me for a service list OR alternatively, visit my interstate profile.

  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    Let's get to know eachother 

    Want to catch me in your city? Text (don't call) 0490 840 994 or email me: helloamberking@protonmail.com

    Please include your first name, a brief introduction, and a preferred time and date to meet.

    Enquiries that do not address me by my first name (Amber), will be ignored.


    Want to know if I'm real?

    I know you're wary of fake profiles and images. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for my latest selfies that prove I'm a real person.

    Check my Twitter: https://twitter.com/meetamberking

    Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/oooh_amber



    MON - SUN, 10AM - 10PM 



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