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    •   23
        slim 8-10
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  • About Me

  • Her name is Auguste Rose. 


    She is the type of woman that you lust over, your body and mind absolutely crave her, all of her. Once you finally lay eyes on her you are left absolutely infatuated by her, She is that woman you have always wanted but have never had.


    She is warm, caring, and understanding; She has a smile that can light a whole room. She is a dangerous combination of witty, beauty, intellect, sexuality and easy going. She is Auguste Rose and she is dangerously addictive.


    There is no denying that Auguste is nothing short of beautiful. Her brunette hair and deep blue eyes will leave you captivated, then when you finally get to touch her skin you will realise, how warm, soft, smooth and supple it is as you caress her. You will take your time to admire the striking body art that decorates her and you will realise, she is a true artwork herself. She is always dressed to impress. Auguste will be one of the most unique women you have had the pleasure of finding for awhile. There is just something about her you can't point your finger at, maybe its her presence? or maybe its her absolute natural beauty or the possibility of how down to earth she is you choose! 


    She is passionate in everything she does, and you will sure experience that. 


    Temptation and thoughts of spending some time with Auguste now fill your mind as you imagine getting lost in her beautiful smile and equally striking body. Your time with Auguste will be an unforgettable one. Most likely a time that you will replay in your head over and over again. Auguste looks forward to your contact and the precious time you will spend together.


    All photos that you see of Auguste are all 100% genuine and not photoshopped. What you see is what you get when it comes to Auguste




    SWA 10775XE

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  • Price List

  • 1 Hour $ 700

    1.5 Hours $ 1000

    2 Hours $ 1300

    3 Hours $ 2000




    1 Hour $ 700

    1.5 Hours $ 1000

    2 Hours $ 1300

    3 Hours $ 2000

    Dinner dates:

    $2200.00 (4hrs)

    $2600.00 (5hrs)


    Nothing makes for a great evening meal then good company. Let Auguste join you for a fantastic evening that will be full of great conversation and her cheeky witty sense of humour. Finish the evening with a special desert for you to enjoy back in your hotel room. Dinner dates are a great relaxed and comfortable option to get to know Auguste and let to the excitement build for the special time you will share once you have finished your meal.


    Sneaky sleepover bookings:

    $4500.00 (12hrs)


    Who doesn't love a sleepover? August does! Overnight bookings are a 12 hour August loving experience. Which include dinner out somewhere or ordered in (your choice). Maybe you could see a movie, or go watch some night time entertainment. Or you could just spend a night in having some mischievous fun; the choice is totally yours! August does recommend that you have had a prior booking with her to ensure that she is the lady you are lusting for. She also asks you to be respectful and allow her minimum of 5 hours beauty service on overnight bookings. Feel free to contact her for further enquiries.



    Naughty 24 hour bliss:

    Please contact Auguste for enquiries


    Weekend in heaven:

    Please contact Auguste for enquiries 



    Please contact Auguste for enquiries 


    *Auguste personally enjoys a longer date and finds it can assist to create a more relaxed environment and vibe for both parties. She really likes to take her time to get to know you, your personality and your deepest desires/fantasies and help make them a reality! Feel free to contact her further to discuss.

    *Auguste may look slightly innocent but once that hotel room door shuts you will be quietly surprised. She is very open-minded and encourages anyone looking for a PSE experience to contact her directly.




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    Phone: 0481 974 287 or email me...


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    Please contact AUGUSTE ROSE by clicking here missaugusterose@gmail.com




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