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  • Have just returned from my trip to Melbourne for the Formula 1 festivities.


    As one does I was a bit peckish and began to browse the local delicacies on offer! Almost immediately my eyes became transfixed to the bountiful G size bust of one Ava Adams. A quick click on her profile and some more browsing of her pictures, I began to feel a certain tingling and before long proclaim that "I NEED to have this!"

    A little bit of research and a chat with a fellow punting confident I discover that Ava is new to the scene and eager to show off her talents! 

    After a few texts back and forth I learned that it was going to be my lucky night, not only because Ava was available for me to have, but because her GF, the also new, Anastasia would be available to join the fun should my heart (or cock) desire! Needless to say it wasn't too hard for my arm to be twisted, a man does need to eat after all!


    Before long I receive a text from Ava saying that her and Anastasia are waiting for me in the lobby. I pinch myself, is this really about to happen? The elevator doors open and I walk out to see two amazingly stunning girls, both early 20's, waiting for me. They were wearing the dresses we all know and love, very skimpy, figure hugging and leaving little to the imagination.......Heaven!

    A friendly smile and hello from Ava and an introduction to her GF Anastasia and I was soon walking these girls back to my room with one on each arm. Yes I felt like 'king shit' strutting past the other on lookers!

    Luckily the elevator up was empty and a quick pash and petting session with the girls ensued!

    After the formalities the champagne was popped and it was time for the fun to begin!

    Some more DFK with both these beauties (boy could they kiss) and I soon had their outfits removed with them kneeling before me like disciples, eyes gazing up into mine. One simply does not hesitate when faced with this situation and my pants joined their's on the floor.
    The girls then began taking turns sucking on my cock, whilst all I had to do was enjoy the feeling and the view!

    I knew where I wanted to be and I knew I wanted it NOW, I lead the girls to the bedroom and made myself comfortable on the bed with one on either side of me. Ava snuggles up and whispers in my ear if I had any special requests? Hmmmm....only what I had been fantasising about for eternity! "I'd really love to have one of you girls riding me and the other to please be seated on my face and not let me up for air!"

    Anastasia was first up to take the reins! Wow, what a tight little package she is! With beautifully long hair that hangs down past her deliciously tasty ass! I made sure she was firmly in the saddle before lying myself back down for Ava to take her seat.
    Looking up and what a sight it was seeing Ava coming down on to me. I love my boobs to be big, and big hers indeed are at a world stopping G cup, with a piercing through one nipple to boot. Her pussy sure did look tasty and was it ever, coupled together with some rimming and this was bliss! Here I am with Anastasia riding me off into the sunset and Ava astride my face with my tongue inserted so deeply and hands exploring her wonderous globes!

    This wasn't going to be a quick rodeo for this buck, I was going to enjoy myself, I had reached nirvana and I wasn't going to leave!

    After 25mins of this the tag was made, a quick drink, catch of breath and it was Ava's turn to ride me off. Anastasia gracefully took her place and my tongue and my hips went straight back to work!

    Ava's Spanish heritage shows, man has this girl got hips and ass! The scenario has now changed to me having Anastasia's delectable little pussy on my mouth with Ava riding me and my hands firmly holding on to Ava's ass as I thrust up into her.
    I wish I had a recording of the sound of these girls getting off in unison!

    Another 20mins of this and I knew time was fast approaching. I asked for some air and then turned Ava on to all fours. I was going to bring this home with my hands on her hips and thrust my life away! Anastasia and I DFK whilst this happened and took turns in slapping Ava's behind! Before long the sounds of ecstasy echo through the room as our release is made!

    Wow what a finish!!

    Gentleman do yourself a favour, clear your schedules and make some time to do this double! 

    Individually the girls are professional and polite in what they do and you will feel satisfied that your hard earned is well spent!


    Highly recommend you see one or why not treat yourself to both! Fingers crossed they come to Sydney soon!!






    When I first set eyes on Ava she was fully clothed in the lift up to my room - so sexy and elegant. My jaw just dropped and I thought "Wow!" She is the total package - petite, slim, busty, and with the most beautiful face you can imagine. Once we got to the room, she quickly slipped out of her outer clothes to reveal a bust that was barely contained by her bra, and the tiniest panties you can imagine, set off by her gorgeous, soft, olive skin. She has an infectious laugh, a lovely smile, and an extremely bubbly, kind personality. You'll immediately feel as if you've known her forever. My thinking is that the best kind of girl is one who makes you feel like she's your perfect fantasy girlfriend - beautiful, nice natured, intelligent, and hot in bed. Ava is all of these things ... and hot in bed is not the least of them - incandescent would be a better word! I couldn't restrain myself from kissing her all over, especially those lips and breasts. She was extremely passionate with French kissing too, then went down for some of the most luxurious natural oral I've ever experienced. After I'd returned the favour, causing some delicious-sounding moans, she wanted me inside her. She is a sexual experience and a half ... so firm, tight, and wet it's hard to believe ... and totally attentive to all your needs!

    By the way, Ava looks just like her photos, which pretty much capture her figure perfectly. Her features are extremely beautiful, and you could just lose yourself in her eyes ... She has some arm tattoos, as you see in her photos, but if you are not a tattoo fan (I'm not), do make an exception for this girl! She gave me such an amazing experience that these were not the slightest issue!! 

    In the end, one hour just wasn't enough, so we extended and repeated the entire experience all over again! I couldn't believe Ava's energy. In the end, I'm not sure what I liked best about her ... everything was just so perfect ... so I'll have to make another booking soon to help me decide.






    Simply put, my 4hrs with Ava turned into 6hrs and I only left because I had to. Weapon rig, epic blowies, kept me with a continuous raging Hard on, great party girl, awesome company and a definite repeat booking each time she returns to Perth. This would be up there with my top adult encounters.


    Do yourselves a favour dards and book this bad bitch now.




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