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    Had the pleasure of meeting Christine for the second time in Perth this September 2016. 

    My first meet was just over a year ago so I was thinking she wouldn't have remembered who I was but it was the opposite. It was as though we just saw each other less then a month ago. 

    She is an absolutely amazing woman both mentally and physically very spunky. The chemistry was at very high level both on a physical level and a conversational level. I look forward to seeing her again soon with her next tour. 

    Baby Cougar fan 4 life.


    RJ, September 2016




    A new Christine McQueen met last month and a wonderfull shock.

    We've had four catchups and each time she visits Brist I get the text ' would love to see u" and if possible she does.


    First time Perth and reviews written but not posted .They will be though.always remember her coming at me the moment the door closed , the word goes no one can kiss like Christine and as I gave her the envelope she casually tossed it on the table , that was that and sat on the bed patting a place next to her for me.
    Well now Brissy and just her and me, no one else , I got to the venue early , text " sorry baby the plane s late we only just landed " the waiting kills me.
    Another text " I hate being late sorry " "don't stress lovely I'm not going anywhere " text " OK baby come on up"


    Door opened , vision of lovelInes , that kiss but not that full on action like before.

    "Go a bit slow baby not full on " and that's where it all changed, as though her whole self was èlectrically charged and with a new awareness even the slightest touch brought a gentle passion of intensity .I was lost for words , no need we did before but now no need just sensation in every touch and a response so real and genuine I was stunned and reveled in this new experience. 

    She guided my attention as a smooth flow of emotional sensations ripped through us ,things we'd never done before not loosing a molocule of the experience, her feet her back her thighs calves beasts back of her neck responding to every touch her whole body super sensitive and in a moment realized the gravity of the situation , my privelage to have experienced this , even suckling her fingers and toes, tongues a new game and she the only woman who has oraly succeed with me and that was our first in Perth.


    This was enjoyment in the fullest sense


    Never before experienced we both on the same page moving from one to another position effortlessly and feeling the intensity rising by embrace and touch and kiss , only words from her " yes baby more of that " and so a smooth entrance to the final stage flowing from position to finally my ankles holding hers together her heart beat started to race with mine in perfect union and verbally we cried out to each other clinging sweaty bodies not wanting the moment to pass


    It's that after moment clasp hands locked above heads looking for that anchor to hold on so real immortal. I gave her a bit of my heart that night , didn't ask her if she felt the same but felt she might have but would never tell U


    Say now as have said before there will always only be one Christine McQueen


    Asteroid, June 2016




    Met Christine for the first time in Perth. As soon as she opened the door it was like I had known her for 5-10 years the kissing started before I could get my jacket off. She looks even better in person and that's saying a lot cause she is absolutely stunning in her profile pics. The thing that took me back the most was the great conversation we had together and a good chemistry that was built.


    She truly is the total package the pricing is at the higher end however she is the best of the best and it was my first time using an escort it was on my bucket list. If I was going to do something like this I was wanting the best and I think I got what I was after. I would recommend her 100% to anyone and hopefully in the near future meet up with her once again next time she is back in town. 10 out of 10 from me.


    Mr. R, July 2015





    I booked an "Experience of a lifetime" with this pair of ladies.. I was thinking this may well be my last punt in lieu of some new years resolutions (which I always break!!).. i think the resolution may now include an exclusion list!!


    So.. I went to meet Aubrey at the usual hotel location, we catch up regularly when in syd, bit of a change this time to hotel venue.. and had to meet in the lower lift/lobby then go up to the floor.. the lower lobby was more discrete so good plan Aubrey! .. Aubrey came down to meet me, we agreed not to actually talk just follow in the lift and she would press the access buttons.. she was wearing a tight blue dress and looked amazing as usual.


    We looked at each other, i pressed the button to go up to the floor, there were other people in the lift lobby so Aubrey and I had a fair bit of sexting going on to each other in the lift with randoms.. which was pretty hot in itself!!



    Me: Wow you look hot!


    AB: Sexy fuck :)


    Me: I want to fuck you now!


    AB: Nearly there


    and some more.. i digress ;p



    So up to the floor we go (discretely).. im sure the bell boy knew what was going on haha.


    In I go, there is Christine dressed head to toe in a shiny black pvc dress.. wow.


    I walk over to her while aubrey ducks into the bathroom to get changed.. Christine and I know each other too from a few bookings ;p she kisses me deeply and proceeds straight to my cock and starts to suck me off vigorously!!.. next thing i know Aubrey is out of the room wearing black boots, tights and an equally hot fuckable outfit that i absolutely love!!..


    The pair both start to share my cock between each other, three way kissing (my cock, aubrey and christine) between themselves.. sucking my balls, licking the skin between my balls and arse, pushing a finger or so up my bum too!! Christine is a bit of an arse fiend lol.. it looked like a scene from a porn movie was fucking amazing!


    Next Aubrey sits on my face and sucks me off with christine, then christine does the same.. this goes on like this for a while, i am soo hard its amazing.. they are sharing my cock like animals... deep throating me, all bbbj! this is being "manhandled" to the max and I am loving it!


    Next i start to fuck Aubrey.. while I am fucking her, christine pulls out my cock from Aubreys pussy and sucks it.. OMG!.. i carry on and we rinse and repeat with Christine, aubrey sitting on my face, Aubrey being fucked, christine sitting on my face.. the girls were pashing each other madly too and playing with my balls as i fucked one of them., then all three of us pashing each other, a variety of positions, doggy, cowgirl, missionary everything...


    Like i said this was nothing other than a hardcore porno film in a hotel room with me as the star!


    Eventually I came! i was holding onto it as i wanted to go forever with this pair!!.. i cant remember who i was fucking now when i came as it had been a smorgasboard of huge boobs, black hair, hot pussys and deep french kissing!! i think it may have been christine!! after a small break, aubrey started to suck me off again and took me to another orgasm with her mouth.. and I helped her a bit too!!..


    Aubrey is the best at blow jobs, i absolutely love a BJ from Aubrey!! amazing!..


    Overall guys, if you have a spare $1500 you should book these two, they are fucking amazing and you might not live to tell the tale ;p


    Enjoy!! I will definitely be back!!


    XX, December 2014




    Could not have chosen a better woman for my partner and I to enjoy and experience our 3way which has actually saved our relationship of 16yrs. Miss McQueen made us feel like a million bucks. Her personality was so down to earth which made everything flow smoothly and comfortably. Amazing lady. Gorgious outside and in. Miss McQueen, thank you very much for seeing us. Would definitely recommend to singles and couples.


    Troy, July 2014



    Time Spent with CMQ is Never Forgotten


    I thought that my 1000th post couldn’t be anything but a review. I was happy to keep it classy. A very hot brunette, the new enhanced puppies and me. I met Christine around November 2011 to celebrate my birthday. Despite the time that has passed I still remember the first time. I’ve reviewed the unforgettable Christine couple of times. So this review will be the last one to complete the trilogy.


    So arranging the date was so easy via text with Heidi. Couple of texts messages back and forth and the date was set. A massive thanks to the awesome Heidi again. The next couple of days before seeing Christine were euphoric. I had a smile on my face all the time. As lunchtime approached, I tried to distract myself with actual, productive work. I was only mildly successful. Then I looked at my watch and it was time to finally go and make my way to Christine’s chambers. I arrived on time, and Christine came down to collect me and greeted me with a dazzling & friendly smile. I was happy to see Christine => The Majestic Sweetness again. We hugged and shared a sweet kiss. Her lips are really soft. Her electric eyes and smile could melt the polar ice caps, and not to mention your heart.


    Ms McQueen was dressed smartly. She wore a cute little spring dress, and some sexy lingerie of course. Christine looked gorgeous in every way. We sat on the sofa facing each other. Christine looked me in the eyes and I melted. Christine’s eyes look like the colour of the ocean on the clearest, blue day. I was filled with a sensuous erotic splendour that set my body in motion.


    I began running my hands through her hair. It was long and very silky. As we began to make out, the touch of her lips send some delicious shivers throughout my spine. My body temperature rose and my cock got very happy. I gently helped Christine to undress. Once our clothes magically disappear I started sucking on her breast. The new enhanced puppies were absolutely delicious. They are obviously bigger, but they are pretty soft. I had a great time playing with the new puppies. Then, I made my way down to her pussy. I had my mouth gently sucking and tantalizing her kitten with my tongue. It was delicious, but then suddenly after that sweet treat Christine had my cock in her mouth deep throating me, and moaning with contentment. My heart was having some vigorous contractions at that point. It was kind of spinning like a top class ballerina, pirouette after pirouette.


    Then, Christine walked gracefully around the bed. Her long silky hair flowing behind her, dancing to her every step. Her gorgeous eyes made my heart skip a beat. Her flawless face glowed with healthy radiance. Her voluptuous body was positively stunning. Her impeccably new shaped breasts bounce upon her amazing chest, and her derriere was so deliciously round and firm.


    After seeing that great display, a rubber magically appeared and Christine put it on my cock using her mouth. Christine then climbed on top of me for a cowgirl ride. During all of this I couldn’t stop focusing on her puppies bouncing in my face so I started sucking them everywhere I could. Delicious!!!


    Then we transitioned to rewarding doggy one of my favorites. The view was breathtaking. To finish it off we transitioned to missionary. I exploded while locking lips with Christine. I felt a massive wave of pleasure throughout my body. I collapsed breathless on the bed where Christine wrapped her arms around me and gently kissed me. Amazingly, I hold myself together and we started talking for a while just to chat up our breath. Christine then started stroking my cock again. Slowly, Christine got closer and closer making my heartbeat go faster and faster again. As her lips touched my lips, I was lost in some abyss again. The second round was great all around. It all ended in CIM.


    I loved hearing Christine moan, hearing her dirty talk, and her heavy breathing. Her warmth was all what I sensed around. It was a nice session. I truly enjoyed it. While I recovered from that intense second round we talked and laughed for a bit but unfortunately it was time for me to say good-bye to Christine => Portrait of Beauty. I had a quick shower, re-dress, and give a goodbye kiss to the unforgettable Christine. I happily headed back to work. We parted ways like two ships in a bay. This session was fulfilling, and really exciting.




    The warmth of her skin,
    Her sweet breath on my neck,
    That shake me within.
    The softness of her new enhanced puppies


    The touch of her hands
    The smell of her silky hair,
    The naughtiness in her smile.
    Her sweet kisses on my lips,


    The stroke of her touch,
    That calmed feeling She made me feel inside.
    The hot passion in her embrace,
    The power of her gorgeous face,


    The sweetness of her lips,
    Her elegance and her lovely personality.
    Christine is one of the Unforgettable ones.
    Christine is one the Amazing ones.




    September 2013




    One hell of a women in the truest form. 11 out of 10 in all departments, money well spent. A women who looks every bit of a Hollywood actress with the body to match. Will be back for more.


    December 2013



    Odyssey # 5 with Christine in Brisbane last night and what a memorable evening!
    She is still "THE" most striking girl i've seen…
    Those piercing blue eyes, flawless sun kissed skin & heavenly proportions.
    An absolute delight to all the senses, i've always found Christine genuine, generous & a pleasure to be around.
    I left totally drained but so very fulfilled…
    Thank you Christine!
    Your a true national treasure..


    Jon, October 2013




    I recently saw Christine for a second time, on this occasion at her stylish apartment in sydney.
    My first encounter redefined what i thought an escort could be but our tryst the other day raised the bar again.
    Upon my arrival she gave me a quick tour of the apartment which resembles more a 5 star hotel room.
    Christine was immaculately presented from head to toe wearing the outfit i had requested. I never could have imagined 3 hours passing so quickly.
    Without being too graphic in detail, Christine is very down to earth, the complete GFE and is open mined and accommodating.
    Whether it is in Sydney or on one of her tours around Australia i thoroughly recommend securing a booking with her. She will not disappoint. 
    In my opinion she is still the benchmark of the industry and this hasn't come about by chance.
    I'll be seeing her again in the very near future…


    Jon, July 2013




    I have seen Christine in Adelaide & once again a memorable occasion. I could go on about the beauty, the sex, best bbj's etc...but this review I'd like to tell you about a beautiful person.


    Christine from the time I arrived to the time I left made me feel very special. Wanted, loved, appreciated, and in no way as a customer. Her ability to show genuine compassion & empathy is very rare in any person. Never once looked at the clock. She is truly a gentleman's dream date & I recommend if you want both your body & mind stimulated, that Christine is your girl.


    Thanks hun x


    May 2013





    After searching high and low to fulfil all my preferences, I hit the jack pot yesterday. Gentlemen look no further than Christine. She is the most beautiful, intelligent and the sexiest lady on this planet! I highly recommend the PSE Package for 2 hours. It is worth a lot more than what you pay for!


    Christine is not just beautiful, she is absolutely stunning. The photos do not do justice to her real life face and body. What more do you want? Perfect face, arms, legs, tits, nipples, delicious cunt and an arse to die for. She is perfect!


    Make no mistake about this lady, she is beauty with brains. A very highly intelligent specimen and a true professional in every aspect. She operates a few businesses and i can imagine that they will be very well run ndeed. Let’s face it, it’s the intelligence that we high achievers find it very sexy in ladies.


    I don’t think i have ever met a more sexier lady than Christine. She can really get down and dirty. She loves dirty talk and is not offended with the word “Cunt” and listening to her talk using the words “fuck”, “arse”, “cock” and “cunt” while she is sucking, fucking, getting fucked and sucked is a sure way to make her even more desirable.


    She is totally irresistible, i just couldn’t stop kissing her and sucking her beautiful big tits and delicious cunt. I also had to keep going back and eat her sweet arse again and again.


    Christine enjoys her work and gives you 100% attention at all times, focusing on you so that you are totally enjoying your time with her. She is truly a passionate kisser and breaks the ice by kissing me with her soft and succulent lips within minutes of meeting her.


    She specialises in so many acts. Her head jobs will rival even the best porn stars. She can really deep throat my well endowed big black cock and can hold on to my full length inside her mouth for a long long time so many times too.


    She is the best when it comes to rimming. I have had girlfriends from previous relationships rim my arse (seems to be the new trend for the ladies) but no one comes near Christine on the way she does it. Her movements with her tongue, her body and face and the sounds she makes while she rims my arse is definitely a speciality


    The best part it how much she loves anal sex and ATM. Gentlemen we all love to fuck a lady in the arse. What make’s fucking Christine in arse even better is the very fact that she talks dirty telling you she loves to be fucked in the arse while you are fucking her and then she tell you that she wants to suck your cock straight out of your arse and then turns around and does just that.


    She is the queen on sucking you off and not just swallows it all but still leaves your cock in her mouth for quite a few minutes after you have blown to catch every bit you have to offer.


    The best part is that she give you a genuine GFE and doesn’t watch the clock. I booked Crhistine for 2 hours from 10 to 12 but i didn’t leave her till 12.25. Yet i never felt her rushing me off.


    I feel like the happiest and the luckiest guy on earth after meeting Christine and i have nearly 30 mins of film to relive all the things we did.


    Thanks Christine and i look forward to seeing you in Sydney. Unless you happen to venture back to Perth of course.
    PT Perth 16 Sept 2012




    I was fortunate enough to spend time with Christine (GFE) on her last night in Melbourne. Christine McQueen is an intimidating prospect for someone still new at booking escorts however the reality is that Christine is a gorgeous, charismatic, funny, open, honest and very sexy woman.


    She melted my nervousness and apprehension with the first kiss and man what a kiss. For two and a bit hours Christine made me feel like I actually was her boyfriend.


    She has an unbelievable body in real life and ticks every box in bed and then some. With her amazing body, her bedroom skills and her wonderfully warm personality she's got it all. In short, Christine McQueen is awesome.


    Baz August 2012



    I have been catching up with Christine semi regularly since my birthday. Christine wanted to do a pse double that was on her level and Jenna fitted the bill perfectly. Only hard-core services and Jenna is completely porn star sex motivated. Christine specially had 1 fantasy she was aching to do, I was happy to oblige.

    When Jenna arrived, other than Jenna stating she has been dying to fuck Christine, she jumped on Christine full lips.
    Jenna was pulling her dress off and to everyone’s surprise she had accessorized with a largish butt plug. Watching Jenna rub Christine’s snatch and pashing on with her was getting my cock real hard. Christine was beyond turned on, she was panting and moaning like crazy.

    Jenna is very attractive, tanned smooth skin and massive natural tits. Jenna and Christine invited me in to DFK kiss.

    With all aroused, Jenna moved on for lesbian foreplay.
    I filmed Jenna eating out Christine, She spat up her and then would eat it out over and over, and Christine’s legs were behind her ears and her pussy engorged.

    Moving both the girls on the lounge in doggy, pink and lightly tanned pussies pointed up I licked both pussies and assholes while alternating fingering those tight slits. I love to tongue fuck hot women’s holes. I stayed on them both till both their assholes were relaxed and I was rimming and probing with my thumb in their asses and the rest of my palm groping there butt flesh. The girls kept French kissing, I am in love with watching women do that, the effect on me is so strong.

    I stood up & grabbed Jenna by the hair, I stared her in the eyes & held her mouth open spitting hard into her mouth calling her a filthy fucken whore, dropping to her knees, I fucked her mouth, pushing her pretty face to the base of my shaft over and over. The best part is Jenna has NO gag reflex, you can skull fuck her like a slack sluts pussy. Jenna would pull right back, ordering me to fuck it harder and harder, then spit on my cock and sucking the full thick length down her throat. I exploded a weeks worth down in her throat and only then she gagged and choked as she tried to swallow it all, she coughed and sprayed some of my fresh load over her natural DD’s. The lovely Christine filmed the action.

    Jenna stood up and whispered that she wanted me in her ass now, her legs spread wide and her brown eye just at the right angle, on with the rubber and slowly eased my way in. Jenna demanding, "No fucking shove it in all the way" so with one push I ploughed balls deep with Jenna letting out a deep cry. I’m banging her backdoor Jenna rising to meet my cocks thrusting "Your cock is making me cum"
    I fucked Jenna hard "ass to mouth and pussy" she loves tasting her own ass juices. The entire time she wore a dog collar and leash, I held it firm I as DP a butt plug in her arse while I fucked her deep in the pussy. She was shooting small squirts of water as I worked her from behind.

    Now it was time to indulge Christine’s sexuality, Christine wanted a high performance slave of the likes of Jenna, service at its purest. Moving Christine in to a pile driver pose against the lounge, Jenna and I were all over Christine’s holes, sucking around her throbbing clit as I thrust a monster vibe/dildo deep inside her.
    Christine was moaning so loudly that I couldn’t resist any longer from pounding her, hard deep downward strokes and grinding deep while Jenna’s head underneath and all her juices dripping onto Jenna face. Christine asked me not to cum until she had completely orgasm.
    Fucking her like this was driving me to the edge, I could feel my cock getting more and more ridged with my nads thumping hard I grabbed a vibrator and handed it to Jenna who drove it across her clit, Christine thrust back hard as she could. Christine screaming out her orgasm, I had to let go, I grabbed Jenna under my cock then thrust harder then slid my cock out leaving the rubber behind inside Christine’s slit, I shot a heavy load all over her asshole and Jenna’s mouth. Jenna then sucked on Christine’s clit and cum soaked asshole. Christine was going out of her mind, grabbing Jenna’s face and hair, using her tongue to keeping fucking herself.

    Jenna tugged on the condom, sucked the contents of the condom clean out! Swallowed and then both ladies to suck up the rest of jizz between them. I was going to the bathroom for a well-earned piss break and was stopped by Jenna, she warned me that that was part of the deal and I must not waste my piss. She positioned herself in the shower and spread her legs and opened her pussy lips and gave me a nod, standing over her I pissed my strongest flow aiming for her clit, she lifted her hips to meet my flow and let the gravity wash the piss back over her tits and then wiped her hands over her body scooping up my juice and sucking it off her fingers. Jenna is clearly a water sports addict.

    Jenna thanked me for being the nastiest cock she ever had, but I just said that she brought out the best in me.
    An amazing lady not just the sex but an all round great woman.




    June 2012




    The lady of The Night.


    I have previously seen Christine over a year ago, due to our both having a busy schedule it has been some time since we have been able to catch up.


    I emailed Christine, and made an appointment with her for a Saturday Night, I arrived on time and eagerly awaited her arrival in the hotel cocktail lounge.


    Now Gentleman let me tell you this I saw a Vision of Loveliness exit the Elevator Lobby, and make her way towards me.


    This is a woman who makes you feel like a friend, totally relaxing you with her warm and sincere welcome, a true Lady of Class and Elegance.


    We made our way to an empty table and made ourselve comfortable, Christine has this Genuine Warmth about her, and her memeory is impecable. trult a gift, a previous woman


    I had been with could not even remember my name or anything we discussed, with Christine that is one small difference that Truly seperates her from any Lady in The Industry.


    Warm, Friendly, Relaxing, Caring, and ever so aluring. her beauty is beyond descripton, and my feeble words could never do her Beauty justice.


    I think the word I am looking for is Aphrodite. - Goddess of Sweet Love, her sexuality, Beauty, operate on a level that few lucky enough to spend a few fleeting hours with with not


    fully know until they awake in the middle of the night and realise that they have been with a Goddess.


    Christine I so enjoyed our time together. and I will continue to see you in the future.


    Take care and all my love.


    April 2012




    I met Christine in Adelaide in April 2012. She opened the door and I was gob smacked by her beauty. She lead me into the room and was very friendly, it was like we had know each other for years, so I felt very relaxed @ comfortable. She poured me a drink and then came over and we started to have a chat...she leaned into me and gave me the softest kiss on the lips. She really worked that kiss into a passionate deep tongue experience & at the same time she started to stroke my shaft. I was getting really turned on and she was moaning and it was just so erotic. Part of her gorgeous dress dropped to expose her beautiful breast and I was really getting excited! She then leaned back & took it right off exposing a cute pair a panties and her lovely breasts. She continued to kiss me and then let me kiss her breast & suck on her perfect nipples...and she moaned so lightly was a real turn on. She then kneeled down dropped my shorts and put my now hard cock in her mouth....with that I was in heaven. She sucked it and played with my balls and really new how to make me feel good...the deep throat gag was so sexy I was just living the moment...she continued to suck it and came up for air, we kissed again and she wend down again...after a while she lead me to the bed room. When she lay on the bed, I was just remembering the images and video from her web site and it was such a turn on. I got on top of her and kissed her passionately all over. She then got on all 4's and let me eat her lovely pussy from behind..I could have stayed there all day but I knew we only had a short time. Her pleasure moans and seeing her body from be him was so sexy. I was ready to fuck her & she knew it. I laid on my back and she proceeded to suck my cock again...It has to be the best blow job I have every had! She then rolled the condom on with her mouth, sucked for a while and then mounted me. Her pussy was gorgeous and was in a perfect position to see my cock go in. She rode me slowly and then faster...we got a rhythm going and I then latched onto her soft ass cheeks and started pounding her. My cock was so hard and I was so excited. We went for a while but I knew I wanted to blow on her boobs / face. She kissed me repeatedly during our session and those kisses we're so sensual!! She then sucked & jerked off my cock and then she pressed her breast together and I jerked off on her breast while she whispered dirty hot! I came all over her breasts and she really finished me off well. I was coming and was getting every last drop out covering her insanely hot boobs!! We fell in a heap for a min and then cleaned up..I watched her shower and we chatted. In our whole time she did not make me feel rushed and she showed me respect and courtesy. That is why when she returns to Adelaide I will c her again, and so should you, because the experience is something u will remember for the rest of your life. Thanks Christine xx


    April 2012





    F**k my ar*e experience 
    Yeah... You have read it right. I don't know how describe this except like "F**k my ar*e experience".


    I am not active on this board as I don't give a f**k about political issues or other petty bickerings that I see on this board each time I log in.


    All I care about to be quite blunt is f**king gorgeous chicks and as far as I know none come as more beautiful and f**kable as the duo that made themselves avail to me that evening.


    I mean I travel all over the world from Israel to South America via Europe etc and I have seen my share, but this duo was just on the different planet as far as I was concerned.


    I found myself back in Australia from overseas and decided to reward myself in sexual sense after being away for several months. I have seen Christine before and had an absolute cracker with her and another blonde earlier this year. As I know Christine always has some amazing talent on her books I have asked for a suitable bi partner out of her evolving tribe of sexually motivated women. Originally I suggested Brooke as I wanted a blonde and a brunette combination but Brooke was unavailable. Christine's assistant Heidi gave me a list of suitable Christine’s double partners for me to choose from.


    Straight away I was intrigued by Kimberly Bently. Even the blurring could not hide the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous and that body and that stupendous bum OMFG! Told of my final choice to Heidi and all the engagements were made right away.On the D day I started to get really nervous again just like the last time. I knew that Christine’s sexual prowess alone could be overwhelming for my senses and now Kimberly’s incredible sexy photos were creating a havoc playing on my mind.


    I decided to punish myself with pain doing a killer 2 hour workout out in the Gym in the morning, then relaxing lunch with some friends I have not seen for six months, filled the remainder of the day with some more work tasks then had a good rest as I know Christine demands her men to be physically ready for some strenuous sexual activities. This time I was told to go to the CBD hotel where Christina and Kimberly were waiting for me. Knocked on the door and Christine greeted me in a incredibly sexy lingerie, the sight of her shapely EE cup breasts made my heart to jump out of my chest.


    As Christine welcomed me into her hotel room that actually looked like a boudoir I was introduced to Kimberly who was sipping Verve Clicquot and immediately beamed a huge smile towards me. If Christine’s outrageously sexiness almost caused me a heart attack, Kimberly’s gorgeous face, those huge Bambi pale green eyes and that beaming smile melted my heart.


    Before I could even finish admiring Kimberly's looks, Christine immediately initiated a hungry DFK between us, Kimberly put her glass down and gracefully approached us to include herself in three way passionate kissing. The girls alternated kissing me and they also DFKed each other. Then we moved to the bed and the girls placed me in the middle, Kimberly went to get more champagne and the girls made me to drink the champagne via their passionate kisses. It was an incredible feeling.Kimberly is a beautiful woman. She is confident and exudes sexuality. Her short blonde hair give her a very sophisticated look. Gym fit body that I quietly admired knowing how much pain goes into maintaining it, great legs and firm torso and that gorgeous ass.


    The girls started to kiss me all over and Kimberly told me that she loved my heavily tattooed Yakuza style body. When she saw that my shaft was tattooed her eyes were wide open with a surprise! Christine started BBBJ on my erect cock that had me almost cumming as I was in such excited state already. Kimberly then joined in for a tag team BBBJ, Christine deep throating my c**k while Kimberly playing with my testicles, They would be swapping positions effortlessly, sporadic ly passionately kissing each other with my knob being involved in the middle


    The girls were both looking up at me from time to time, Christine with her predatory bewitching eyes contrasting Kimberly innocent Bambi green eyes and while doing devious things to my c**k it was simply mind blowing. Then Christine demanded some oral attention on her. As I was just about to obey but Christne beckoned me to continue receiving mind blowing deep throat oral from her. Kimberly slid down the bed, expertly parted Christine’s legs and started to lick her out. She really got into it making Christine to moan with pleasure while performing and incredible deep throat on me.


    This continued for another 10- 15 min and then Christine sensed that I want to f**k, she put the condom on me seamlessly with her mouth and guided Kimberly over my c**k. While Kimberly rode me hard, Christine positioned herself over my mouth, making me to continue to lick her where Kimberly left off. The girls embraced in the deep kiss with my mouth, tongue and c**k furiously working on the high gear to satisfy these seemingly insatiable women!


    I came like a thunder and felt that I am blacking out with pleasure. The girls brought me back to life with more champagne, cuddles and kisses. Christine then reminded me of the piece de resistance – mine and Christine’s favourite travelling to the Greek islands….When I recuperated, we positioned with Christine bent over ready, her ass up in the air for a heavenly trip to the Greek islands. Kimberly positioned herself on her fours in front of Christine to allow her unrestricted access to her pussy and that gorgeous bum.
    As I started to position myself at Christine’s ass , she started to rim Kimberly while being anally doggied by me. I was by now having an orgasm that was almost ripping through my entire body.


    Christine sensed that and had an idea how to finish me off. The girls laid me down. Christine mounted me anally in the reverse cow girl position, while Kimberly positioned herself over my mouth allowing my tongue to access both of her pleasure centres. As Christine started to pound me, Kimberly reached over, grabbing Christines incredible assets and as Christine turned her head so the girls engage in the most passionate kiss. The girls moaning loudly both urging me on to go harder, the orgasm like I never had before finally ripped throughout my entire body.
    We realised that we just went over the two hours filled with most incredible sex. The sweat was glistening, on our bodies the girls looked like they had a good workout. Thank you Kimberly and Christine for an amazing evening and thank you Heidi for organising another time of my wretched life!


    YakuzaMan March 2012




    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Christine McQueen in Melbourne for the first time and I submit this review to share my experience.

    Initially I was slightly intimidated at the prospect of spending time with Christine McQueen, for she has quite a lofty reputation and it was my first time with her, but I was immediately made to feel very comfortable upon introduction.  Christine is a delightful lady whose profile is 100% accurate.  The first word that comes to mind to describe her is genuine.  This may seem strange, as there is a fair degree of 'fantasy' associated with the industry, but Christine is quite open and honest about who she is and what she does, which enhances the experience in my mind and eases any tension or trepidation about what is to follow.  As Christine doesn't blur out her facial details or heavily edit her pictures on the website, this is another example of her genuineness.  So I can assure you she is a naturally very pretty girl with a beautiful smile and well-maintained body that she knows how to use to maximum advantage.  She is confident without being arrogant about her stunning physical gifts and her escorting services are top quality.  I recommend the extra fees for the VIP PSE service, but that may not be for everyone.

    I don't wish to divulge intimate details of my erotic experiences with Christine, as I don't feel I can truly do her justice.  Positive reviews from her many admirers, including myself, should convince you that you really have to experience her for yourself.  But the fact that we were left smiling and mutually pleasured throughout says it all.  My only regret is that I could not spend more time with Christine... but I anticipate seeing her when she visits Melbourne again soon.

    Also a special mention to Christine's assistant Heidi, who ensures an easy process when making appointments over the phone.

    PA January 2012





    HOT!!! XXX - Andrew August Esq. Nov 2011



    WOW! I really don't know how to express how truly amazing this woman is!

    I have read all the reviews on here just like all you other guys. Sure, it all sounds To Good to be true and that's what i thought until i noticed 
    Christine was coming to Brisbane on a tour! I said what the hell! Lets give it a try!!!

    After a couple exchanges of Phone calls and SMS by her Lovely attendant, it was all booked! Easily and without hassle! On the Day, i had to make some last min adjustments to the time we had booked but it was done easily and without hassle!

    I rolled up to her door, took a deep breath and knocked! The door opened up, and i was totally shocked! "ITS TRUE", i thought to myself! I had the exact reaction as all the reviews i have read! "WOW"

    She took me in by my hand and greeted me with a kiss... Now i'm not going to go into detail with my Intimate experience, but YES! She is an Amazing Kisser! Her Lips are so Soft and you don't want to stop kissing her!

    YES! Her Ora
    l skills are totally awesome just as others have described! YES! The sex was truly amazing!

    YES! She looks Amazing dressed and Undressed!


    I have read comments from guys on other sites saying that $800 is a rip off and no way any woman could be worth that much etc... But until i 
    experienced it for myself with Christine, i thought the same! But now, any time she is in Bris, i will go out of my way Not to miss out! And like 
    me, $800 for this woman is VERY cheap for the quality of service you receive!

    Now just like me, your are probably thinking, "if this lady is so good, why are they telling the world and not keeping the secret to them self's"?

    Its because its all true and better than even i could ever imagine! BUT!!! This is a True Woman! She deserves to be treated with 100% 
    respect at all times! She is not Fake and not the type of Service you can find anywhere! She will make you feel amazing no matter who you
    are or what the circumstances! Treat her with Respect because she deserves a lot more than anyone can ever give her in life!


    God Bless her and i cant thank her enough for the most memorable evening of my life and i can not wait to see her again! I'm even considering going to Sydney just to see her again!

    Thanks a Million Christine!


    29th JULY 2011




    Review for Miss Christine McQueen. ( Lady of the Night ) Firstly let me thank Heidi, Christine’s Personal Assistant, for being so efficient and caring, Thank you Heidi, Ok Here goes, I Contacted Miss Christine McQueen via the internet, and I found her very straight forward and easy to contact, even before her arrival here in Western Australia. Christine was very helpful and concerned with our encounter.


    I was rather nervous upon arriving at Christine’s Door, I stood there as I knocked on the door, upon opening the door I was greeted by a warm and friendly smile and welcomed inside, as I turned around to greet her I was met with a hug and a warm kiss.


    I was astounded it was like we were old friends catching up , Christine offered me a choice of refreshments and she promptly served me and we settled down on the sofa, we instantly began chatting and laughing, making me feel right at home as though we had been dating for some time.


    Her Beauty is that of a Goddess, like ambrosia, once you have sipped from her cup of heaven you are in a world where dreams come true.


    This raven Haired, Blue eyed goddess, was a site to behold, once acquainted we made ourselves comfortable and retired to her Den.


    I am a Gentleman and will not reveal what happened or reveal details of our rapture.


    I can say that I have met Australia’s Finest Lady of the night. Her beauty is unsurpassed by anyone you will ever have the pleasure of bedding. Like a Geisha she works her magic, weaving you to and from euphoria and leading you higher and higher to the final crescendo of total Bliss.


    There is not a Courtesan in Australia that even compares to this lovely lady . her attentive touch, her playfulness, ever lurking behind her Beautiful Blue eyes and Raven hair is an enchantress.


    Christine I wish you well and look forward to our next rendezvous, Darling you have surpasses all my expectations beyond any wildest dream I ever had about being with a truly Beautiful Woman, so caring, so friendly, so saucy, OMG I just wish every man could see the vision I have had the pleasure of, having opened my eyes to see you sweep your hair way from your face, while sitting upon me, the look in your eyes truly a site to behold, any many who has the pleasure of this lady’s company and her affections if only for a night will leave this world with your vision on his mind.


    I have left with Christine my number should any one question her photographs, or her Craft they have only to call, and I will answer all your doubts, as I have met Christine and been the Centre of her attentions and her artwork ( craft ) all I have to say is take me now god I am ready to go .. to Heaven ( Christine’s boudoir ) All my best wishes Mick


    April 2011




    From the moment I entered her room in Adelaide, Christine began to seduce me. She slowly worked her way down my body, deep kissing me, stripping me slowly, licking & sucking my nipples and giving me the best erotic service a woman could. She slowly stripped as she performed on me and the feel of her smooth body against mine was totally delicious. When we were both naked she took me in her mouth and deep throated me until I nearly collapsed with pleasure. The sight of my glistening cock with Christine's saliva on it looked sensational.

    Christine led me to her bed and began to suck me and lick me all over. I soon went down on her smooth, sweet vagina and sucked her until she came at about 8.1 on the Richter scale. More body to body with Christine sitting on my cock, rubbing her wet vagina all over it and she came again. She then took me in her mouth and I erupted in her sweet, smooth mouth. Man, those lips know how to suck a man off.

    Christine's 69er skills are superb, her body smooth and irresistably cuudly, her mouth wet and erotic and she is a gorgeous woman, bright vibrant and great fun.

    What a woman.


    Jaxon April 2011




    Christine McQueen wow, I think this is everyones reaction when you catch a glimpse of this beauty on the internet. This was my first time I have done anything like this before, I have seen it in the movies and I thought what the hell, we only live once. Getting all the organising out the way was a breeze a couple of emails and texts and it was done, the date was set.


    Heading up the elevator to meet Ms McQueen was extremely nerve racking, seeing the pictures of her was very intimidating, those luscious lips, the beautiful face, the amazing body and of course the very elegant breasts. As the door opened to her apartment there she was, a sight to behold she was wearing a very nice body hugging dress, she greeted me with a very warm kiss. For such a hot woman she was extremely welcoming and made me feel at ease. She sat me on the couch and gave me a glass of water; I have to admit I was shaking a little but we got to talking and she was so natural and made me relaxed.


    We made our way to the bedroom where we began kissing very passionately and our hands wondering all over our bodies. The blokes who said she a had full and amazing lips was certainly no lie, this woman is amazing, as she took of her dress I was standing at the end of the bed in admiration. She stood next to me in her lovely black lingerie, we continue with some deep French kissing and she stripped me off, as she took her panties off she took my shorts of and she put my little fella between her legs and I slid between her pussy lips, I am not going to lie to you it was awesome. She went down and began what was going to be the most amazing and at least 30min long blowjob. We eventually made it to the bed where she continued to suck the shit out of my pride and joy, we commenced in the always good 69 position. Where her woman hood was incredible, shaved and so very tasty. Finally we were ready to start having some wild fun,


    Ms McQueen put a condom in her mouth and then she used her mouth to put it on, which was very hot, we started with reverse cowgirl, then a very sensual cow girl where her breasts pressed hard against my chest and we continued to pash. She went back down and sucked and sucked as my fingers wandered up her silky skin thighs and entered her lovely pick and vibrant pussy. We then moved onto doggy and the sight of Ms McQueen below me and watching her back, incredible bum (which you just want to grab as hard as you can) and her hair just flowing and moving all around the place. From there we went into missionary and then my favourite part of the evening where we were both sweaty. I grabbed Christine legs and put them on my shoulders and pumped away and I swear to God Christine McQueen had her hair partly covering her face and she was nice and sweaty as was I and with those lips, I shit you not as I was pumping away she looked like Angelina Jolie. I swear to God it really looked like her, as I was nearing explosion she got me sitting on the end of the bed and she was on the floor sucking away and playing with herself as well and I it drew closer I took over and exploded in her mouth. I personally have never had the pleasure of doing this I have only seen it in porn, let me tell you it was amazing. After that we both collapsed on the bed and continue to talk for a while, Christine is the greatest chick, she is so down to earth and makes time to make sure you are enjoying yourself. Unfortunately my time drew a close and had a shower and kissed her goodbye, and that ended the greatest evening I have experienced thus far. If you ever have the chance to meet this incredible woman you have to do it, otherwise you are going to miss out on meeting a wonderful woman and a once an a life time experience, fella's don't be stupid organise an appointment, you will never look back.


    Feb 2011





    I seen Christine on Friday just after lunch and it was with out a doubt my most enjoyable experience with an escort. Christine has a top class mix of it all, Model Looks, Pornstar Body, Easy going GF personality and all the sexual skills in the toolkit. I sent Christine an email noting that she was in Brisbane and I was looking to see her, fortunately she got back to me via her PA and I was given directions via sms and was at her hotel room within 20 mins. I got to her door and was so excited to meet this lady, she opened the door and boom, the most strikingly gorgeous woman I had met, her face is stunning, eyes especially. She was wearing a nice black dress and heels. I could see her amazing bust peaking out the top. We spoke about her time in Brisbane and how she is looking to come back sometime soon, was offered a drink and we kept chatting, paid my $$$ and then I was off to the shower. As I come out with a towel around my waist, she was standing at the foot of the bed, dress still on. We kissed for many minutes, I have not had such an intense kiss for a long time and it felt like it went for 10 mins and she removed my towel and slowly rubbed me up whilst I was all over her lovely breasts. She then slowly removed her Bra and I removed her panties, I was amazed at the sight her of body, those breasts are amazing! I sucked on them probably more than I should! She then kissed my cheek, back of my ear all the way down my chest and started to give me the best blowjob I have had. It was so soft and fluid and she went all the way - I was more than happy for her to take the lead and I stood there for at least 5-10 mins enjoying myself, she then grabbed my hand and moved me to the large wardrobe mirror and told me to watch her continue to suck me off. She gave my balls so much attention I had to pull her away after 10 mins of that and I moved her onto the bed. This was the start of half an hour of oral for both of us, multiple positions, 69 was my fav of course, she then gave me a terrific hard and fast handjob whilst she was sitting on my face. I was on the verge of blowing so many times, but she knew and backed off just at the right times. I had the best view of her and my tongue whilst getting tired, but kept of working and I enjoyed every last lick :) I could take no more after this, she could sense that I was well on my way to finishing, so she jumped on cowgirl style, the entry was amazing and her internal muscle skills were nothing I had felt before. She sat right up and she went nice and slow playing her breasts, allowing me to suck on them every few thrusts, then she arched back after a 10 or so mins flicking her hair back and forth over my face and that was enough for me! I had the most intense orgasm to date - was amazing. We spent the next 15 mins hugging and kissing and chatting about Brisbane and Real estate. I then jumped into the shower whilst she was cleaning up naked, I put my clothes on slowly in the main room and was still amazed by the sight in front on me. She then put on a white top and I had the urge to ask her to extend and we could go again, but unfortunately I had a meeting so I didn't, so we kissed and I said to her, lets catch up in Sydney in January...... God I am looking forward to that!


    Dec 2010





    Have you ever read One Thousand and One Nights book and dreamed about Scheherazade coming from it and give you the best talk and sex to make you feel like Shahryar; you hve just found her; this girl is the dream girl who will blow your mind; mixed green-blue eyes, georgous lips, Hollywood smile, beutiful face, perfect boobs, smooth skin very soft and tasty tongue, a body to die for and a very hot and delicious juice.


    She was such a stunning girl who I could not stop rubbing my skin to hers all over the two hours I spent with her; all her advertised services were available; she was a very fun loving and enthusiastic girl who enjoyed that time with me and made me feel just 25 years younger.


    Do not go away and pay extra money for the sake your fantasies; Christine will do all what you like for a very reasonable price if you compare her with the girls on Charmed Escorts for example; I doubt that any girl in Australia can compete with her.


    Hope you do not miss the chance guys Ricki



    I was privileged to spend another 3 hours with this MOST BEAUTIFUL & SEXUALLY CHARGED lady , last night.


    We met first met in mid-Dec for the first time & I was totally blown away by her :


    * first appearance.......Christine was so well/appropriately dressed for THE occasion - nothing less than STUNNING & EXCITING; 
    * the first KISS...& I mean, smouldering lips caressing, like no other lover; 
    * her outfit, whilst 'appropriate', was very enticing/inviting; 
    * Christine quickly recognised the male signal and was quick to disrobe, accordingly; 
    * at all times "attending" to my needs for DFK'g and stroking; 
    * Christine has a body equal to / better than Kelly Martyn....& enjoys teasing one with her attributes; 
    * She was eager to meet 'junior' & soon sent me off onto another 'planet' - again, the best I have ever appreciated; 
    * the 3 hours proved to be a blur, at least in my mind - both of us enjoying one another's bodies & sexual appetites.


    So last night was an UNBELIEVABLE "RE-UNION" - both of us recalling the excitement & fulfilment of of our first "UNION"! 
    Clearly, we both wanted to 'improve' on our 'first experiences & take ourselves to that other level....the one we all crave for'.


    Christine did just "THAT" for me!!


    WHAT a' gal!!


    Christine, also showed her appreciation & told me she had "enjoyed herself, my need for her & our small talk".


    Christine is now "#1" - doubt CHRISTINE can be "topped" (no pun intended!). CMNL>XX!


    Jan 2010



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