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    • Late 20’s
    • Toned, Tiny 8
    • Chocolate Curls
    • 152cm
    • Full DD
    • Mocha
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  • Let's start by saying, that Gianna became an obsession; an obsession that needed to be controlled for sanity's sake, let alone the wallet. This gorgeous woman is incredible and the connection one has with her is simply unworldly. She does not merely give her body to you, she gives her inner self when she connects. Her body is a temple and she is a temptress of the highest order. Over a recent 3-4 week period, I literally spent all my hard-earned currency indulging in her ravenous beauty and feminine charm. You cannot help but fall for her once you gaze into those gorgeous eyes. Her body is built for sin, however, it is her caring manner and intelligence that attracts. This is not a testimonial to describe our sexual exploits; it is, a simple thank you to a gorgeous soul and beautiful person that captivated me to the point of madness. So, be warned gents, enter at your own risk; but if you do, be prepared to experience sheer bliss! Thank you Gianna!


    Andreas, April 2019





    I met Gia at her apartment in Adelaide late in the evening. She met me in a barely there nurse outfit. The moment I was inside the door she was passionately kissing me as her way of introducing herself to me and getting to know me. Wow...!!!!. Then as we wandered down the passage the view of her swaying ass was stunning. Gorgeous tight little figure in a tight short nurse outfit that was almost not there, long flowing hair and an enormous smile.  A short interlude for wine and then for the business of passion. Gia is a stunning looking young woman with a hot figure. But the biggest drawcard is her enormous smile. Suddenly my clothes were disappearing and she dropped to her knees engulfing my now rigid cock. It very quickly disappeared entirely down her throat her hands wandered slowly touching and caressing me. Then it was my turn. I slowly removed her dress and her tiny bright red lingerie she had on underneath. I swivelled her face first across the lounge and went in from behind her kissing her pussy and ass and then exploring it deeply with my tongue and fingers. She was becoming wetter and wetter and the moans coming from her mouth were deep and sensual. She opened her legs and allowed me greater access to her now dripping wet pussy. After some time she turned and explained it was only fair she get some more of my now very thick cock. Immediately she was licking and shafting its length, exploring every part of my cock and balls and then it slowly disappeared into her mouth. Her oral skills are divine and she sucks you with great enthusiasm and plenty of dirty spit and saliva which is an enormous turn on. And then she looks right at you eye to eye as she takes your cock and she deepthroats it completely. We moved to the bedroom and smoothly transitioned into a very wet 69. It wasn't long until she was cumming uncontrollably. We kept this up until I was on the edge, but wanted to hold on. So stopped, turned her around and went back to work on her pussy, licking and lapping as her breathing and moans become sharper and faster. And then she was coming in a massive wave, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. I grabbed her hips so she couldn't escape and continued my oral work on her until her rolling orgasm had receded. She lay back giggling with an enormous smile on her face. Suddenly....."Ï need your cock inside me" she moaned.  She quickly covered me up and she climbed on and this began a wild crazy fuckfest. She was riding me, her tight pussy sliding onto me, she leaned forward pushing her breasts into my face as I teased her large nipples with my tongue. And then she was kissing me deeply again as I thrust deeply into her. Wild cowgirl continued for some time and then we swapped to doggie, then mission then back to doggie. We moved so she could watch herself in the enormous mirror. She watched herself with a smile and a look of pleasure as I pounded her from behind. She pushed back to meet each thrust. And then the desert.....onto her tummy she encouraged me into her ass. Slowly but surely I slid in until she was comfortable....slowly but surely picking up speed until she was urging me to fuck her ass. Amazingly she started to cum with me in her ass and she encouraged me to join her. Pounding hard I came in her ass with both of us kissing each other passionately. After a quick shower, some cuddling, chat and kissing and we were at it again. She sat on my face as I ate her to orgasm. We fucked again and again until it was time for a second cumshot. While fucking her hard I pulled out and blasted all over her stomach and tits as she caught my load and massaged it in with one hand while the other massaged her clit to orgasm. Her moans are infectious. I just wanted to pleasure this little babe. And then I had to shower as it was well into the night and tine for me to go. I dressed and she wrapped her arms around me kissing me. Gia is a fantastic young lady. Very passionate, cheeky, sexual and exceptional in bed. Definitely worth a visit.


    Brian March 2019




    Well, where do I start this time! Gianna is a sensational lover and gets better every time I see her. This time, I went for the PSE experience and can I tell you, there were no holes barred. There's an immediate connection between us and the lust for each other is incredible; the lovemaking between us comes naturally as though we have been lovers for years; DFK, DATY, BBBJ and even more DATY! Gianna has the sweetest tasting nectar oozing from a succulent set of lips that ask to be devoured and her moans of pleasure merely encourage you tap further into her talents. Various areas of the apartment were put to good use as were the mirrors that served as a great visual reminder that I was actually making love to an Italian goddess. Incredible interlude and I look forward to the next opportunity that presents to feast on the essence that is the classy and affectionate Gianna.

    Andreas, January 2019




    I meant the beautiful Gia last Friday evening. The initial communication was easy and Gia was friendly, this set the tone for the visit ahead. Gia greeted me at the door of her amazing apartment wearing her nurse costume as we had agreed during our earlier communication. Gia is incredibly friendly and immediate made me feel comfortable. After we sorted out the business side of things we got started straight into an appetiser on the kitchen bench. After a quick shower we jumped straight into the next course on the couch then the living room floor then into the bedroom where Gia rode me like I've never experienced. Overall this was one of my great experiences. Gia is unbelievably hot and incredibly sexual with a great personality, I would recommend her as a must visit Thanks for the great time.


    Brian, December 2018




    A sensational pocket rocket is the best way to describe Gianna! This gorgeous Italian Goddess left me speechless with her energy, enthusiasm, lust, sensuality and desire to please. We commenced with deep passionate kissing, DATY and lovemaking throughout the apartment. Gianna is simply gorgeous; a beautiful face, stunning overall looks and a body to die for. If I can make one recommendation, you will be best served and rewarded by treating her as the lady that she is an by ensuring her needs are met in the first instance. I have always followed the mantra that if you treat a lady well, that she will reciprocate in spades; Gianna, will not only reciprocate in spades, but will throw in the whole toolbox that is her talent.


    A, November 2018



    What can I say about this amazing woman!


    From the first moment I laid eyes on Gianna I was entranced by her physical appearance, and as we talked her bubbly personality and genuine nature instantly removed any nervousness. Although having seen many WL's its always a tingling moment when you meet and greet a new lady friend.


    We chatted like old friends catching up on old times as the evening swept away from us sharing stories, laughter and listening to good music while relaxing with drinks. Of course the sexual interaction was amazing. Without going too much into it, she adores giving great head, she lavishes your manhood devouring and swallowing you. Gianna rides and doggies like a young woman possessed, begging to be fucked harder, faster and deeper......and when she comes.....she lifts the roof. She loves to watch herself in the mirror being taken from behind, her eyes fixed firmly on you as you pound her, or slowly slide deep inside her.


    The whole experience was absolutely amazing physically and intellectually. Gianna is great fun to be with and physically we bonded magnificently. She enjoys her encounters and throws herself into pleasuring you as well as herself. I'm sure there will be many more delightful evenings to come



    BJ October 2018





    I met beautiful Gianna recently on a visit to Sydney for business. When her hotel room opened I was met by this stunning, gorgeous young woman in classy red lingerie that accentuated her deep tan. Her long hair captured her face which is simply gorgeous. I watched her tight ass as she walked in front of me into her luxurious suite. After business was complete and a quick shower we embraced and she went to work on me, kissing me passionately, her hand wandering across me quickly discarding my towel, my erection quickly swelling. Suddenly she was down in front of me taking me into her mouth. Gentle kissing, sucking and licking and I was suddenly extremely hard and fully erect. Then it was my turn as we removed her lingerie and she leaned over the bench and I was down between her legs gently licking her, audible gasps and moans coming from her mouth as she rapidly became wet. We moved to the lounge, she sat with her legs open draped across each arm of the chair, and my face buried in what I have to describe as a gorgeous pink pussy. I licked and sucked on her until she was suddenly moaning loudly and her body was shaking as she erupted in orgasm. We swapped positions and she settled in front of me sucking me and licking my shaft. Into the bedroom, suited up and then she was on top of me riding me up and down. A variety of positions with her favourite cowgirl were pursued. She pushed down onto me to take everything she could, grinding her pelvis on top of me. We swapped positions and then settled into some delightful 69 before we moved back out into the lounge and, with the beautiful night-time view of the city in the background, she sucked me until I was ready. I grabbed my cock and erupted all over her impressive breasts. We cleaned up and settled into the lounge where we chatted and explored each others background. Then it was time to shower and move on. Gianna is a beautiful young woman and very fun to be with.


    RR October 2018




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