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  • Jayme is a woman of beauty and class. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with her as much as the sex. She is truly the best in the business. She is much more than the photos....a tip...let her lead you.


    Gene November 2012



    Sometimes, you need just that little spur or challenge to take the plunge and meet with a lady you have so wanted to meet for some time. For me, Jayme is that lady.

    Not hard to take notice of a lady that has excellent reviews and feedback, have photos that you stand up and take notice of, and when corresponding with, get a woman that is cheeky and inviting.

    Jayme accepted my request to meet for a couple of hours and a date was set. There were some fun emails going back and forth before the meet, highlighting to me what a cheeky lady Jayme is.

    So the evening we meet finally arrives, and here is Jayme at the door, looking totally amazing. Long flowing hair, black dress and high heels, and a striking smile on her face. A kiss to greet me as Jayme entered the apartment and we sat down to get to know each other over a glass of wine.Jayme is beautiful. Others have noted Jayme has the looks and qualities of Elle Macpherson. I won’t disagree there, Jayme has a natural beauty about her, her body is amazing, again she has the long flowing hair and a smile that would light up any room she walked into. But looking at her face and hair, Jayme reminded me much more of Kate Beckinsale, which I must say does it for me big time as well.

    Jayme is both cheeky and flirtatious. Jayme has a twinkle in her eye that is all about the mischief and impact she then has on the gentleman she is with. But I would soon discover and decide this woman is much more than that; Jayme is a temptress, a woman that can work out your hidden desires and take you down that path to enjoy them with her. Jayme excused herself to the bathroom and upon her return, had removed her dress to reveal black lingerie, long black stockings with garter belt and straps. An amazing site to take in, in the flesh.

    Jayme asks me if I had experienced a strip tease before. Yes I had, but from what I had read, not of the calibre of what Jayme offered. Taking me by the hand, Jayme lead me to the bedroom where she found a chair and positioned it towards the corner of the room. I had already decided in my own mind I would let Jayme take to lead for our meeting, and lead she did. Pushing me into the chair, I was given a strip show at a whole new level. The slow removal of my clothesall whilst performing little moves, bending over touching her toes, revealing the tight finely shaped butt Jayme is well known for.

    My shirt and jeans removed, Jayme sat in reverse across me, her hair flicking against me as she moved and grooved against my body. Turning around to sit astride me, Jayme teases me as she goes to kiss me and turn away. But soon places her lips on mine and kisses me. Jayme can kiss, a woman that kisses with passion and purpose. I remove her bra to reveal her breasts, and the feel of them against my chest just brilliant. We continue to kiss before Jayme stands up, places one leg on my leg and requests I remove her garter straps. Once removed, and Jayme removes my remaining clothing (underwear) Jayme kneels on the floor, and takes hold of my penis and lightly touches all over. It had already risen to the challenge during her strip tease, but was well and truly at full mast with Jayme’s attention. Jayme’s oral work is second to none, Jayme knows exactly what will get the appropriate impact on her target. This includes demonstrating her fire and ice technique – and interchanging with kisses.

    Jayme then stands up, walks over to the bed and lies across it, with that “come hither” look on her face. As I hover over her lying across the bed, I help her remove her remaining lingerie to admire her fully naked body. We continue to kiss for some time, until Jayme pushes me onto my back, grabs and places a cover over my penis and slowly lowers herself on me in cowgirl position and commences the main event. It is a great site to watch Jayme at work, occasionally bending down and planting a deep kiss before returning to upward position to ride. Jayme flipped into reverse cowgirl and this too helped highlight the firm back and butt Jayme had. We would then move from doggie and then conclude in missionary, and to be honest where I wanted to finish, being able to kiss this temptress whilst in the final throws of it all was awesome.

    After cleaning up, we continued to lie there on the bed and chat whilst completing our wine, yet at times Jayme would move in and kiss me. We did shower together, and Jayme being a very consider telady, ensured my body was well and truly washed and cleaned, cheekily I must say.

    But before long we are re-dressed, kiss good bye and Jayme returns to her world. Jayme is no clock watcher, spending more time with me than we had agreed and I appreciated that.

    I came away from the experience wondering why it had taken me so long to meet Jayme. Certainly, it won’t take me that long to see her again (and soon).

    DB May2012



    The Goddess Foxy Craves ManFlesh

    This is a time when the Gods roam Punter Planet to use mortal men (and WLs) as they choose, whenever their whims and desires so demand. This is a time when Tall tales of Gods and Goddesses coupling and re-uniting are flaunted around the planet, as untouchable feats of decadence.…. and this time these tales have come to the attention of a mere mortal, hence known from this day as “The Ruprect” This story is about the Queen of the Gods, the Goddess known as Foxy, who surprisingly has been lustily observing the now Legendary Journeys of The Ruprect.

    Although Foxy has anointed her King (Sambooker) of Gods and her God (Brok-Her), she proclaimed that her Luscious Lips really craved the taste of ManFlesh in its purest form. This meant she must seek out a mortal man. She did her research on Punter Planet, logging in most days and followed the Legendary Journeys of the Ruprect, making her approval obvious for The Ruprect to notice, by her mark in the Thanked by Members list. There were many mortal candidates for her Luscious Lips embrace, but she kept calling out to the one she truly craved...... Oh YES, the one known as The Ruprect.....

    Her constant taunts from the heavens and gratuitous posing in the Punter Planet Gallery were beginning to distract The Ruprect from his already planned conquests. Then Foxy used her Goddess power of the Siren’s Song in her secret messages and he was powerless to resist and made his unworthy desires for her attentions to be known, hence the dawn of a new era begins from this day forth..

    The meeting day arrives, the Ruprect has prepared for the Trials and will prove he is worthy. He has religiously adhered to his infamous ‘half-litre diet’ The Ruprect is well known to give back more than what cums at him, hence will be victorious. He is confident. Suddenly through the clouds there was a ray of light, Foxy descends from the heavens and arrives at the entrance to the Ruprect’s cave. The evening sun illuminates as a halo behind this angel. The Ruprect is completely dumbfounded by her beauty, his confidence is cut, but his trusty member (RuPeePee ) stands at attention, ready. The Ruprect stands in awe as she transforms into a Succubabe. (A creature of seduction able to sucks the will of mortal man for her own bidding). But she also had the look of awe in her eyes. “you are younger than I imagined, babes” she gestures. Their lust is instantly very real. The craving. The want. They will stop at nothing to quench their desires.

    A first kiss barely able to disguise smouldering promises of wicked intent is given and eagerly taken by the Ruprect, he is clearly losing his composure and needs to take a breather to collect his thoughts, his strategy. He knows not what will be-cum of him, but he must invite her in. Together at last they embraced. Foxy sits The Ruprect down and treats him to the kind of seduction only this Goddess was capable of. Her infamous Strip, Tease and Please. Strip is her Goddess dance of seduction that no man can resist. Tease is her torture to enslave any man she desires. Please is to willingly submit to her bidding. Rupe is treated like a God as she washes him from head to foot. A sponge bath with the nectar of the Gods.... She Christened him with her Luscious Lips, using the warmth of Fire and the chill of Ice. It was plainly obvious that her LLBJ were working its magic on Rupe.

    The Foxy One baptised The Ruprect in Nuru gel. She used her skills of manipulation to further tease and torture his senses. Foxy slides and grinds herself all over him, continuing to tease with her LLBJ. Foxy slowly and sensually slides up mounts Ruprect. Now deep inside, they continue to slide and grind, completely covered in Nuru. Their momentum builds as she turns and he thrusts. The tempo is building to a peak when the cloud of air collapses under the force of their lust. They both plummet to earth. She has been teasing RuPeePee by sliding him along her arse and he knows he must summon more than his mortal strength to satisfy his urges, somewhere that will provide a firm foothold and give rupe the power of a god to impale her like the lusting wench she really wants to be.

    Ruprect quickly seeks higher ground (a bed). Within seconds, Foxy is at it again with her LLBJ. The electricity starts arcing about the room. As great at this feels to The Ruprect, he has other plans. More challenges await. Ruprect usurped her power and impaled her like no God had done before. The next challenge is to please Foxy from behind. In this, RuPeePee felt a lot harder as he rose to the task. He took her from behind, and took her hard. Her ungodly groans emanating from the room would make the normal person cringe. He lead her through a wide range of positions showing no mercy. That is when she realised she was really getting the shit fucked out of her.....

    Using her Goddess like powers, Foxy slipped free and got back to her LLBJ. These challenges are taking their toll on her mortal body. Ruprect wasn't about to just sit back and let her recover. He move her into Yin Yang and they both really go to work on each others senses. This was a test for mortal and immortal alike. For what seemed an eternity this went on. A challenge for them both to survive. In a swift movement Foxy moved and mounted The Ruprect again, riding him and changing the rules laid down by the Gods. As a Goddess, she can do that if she wants.... They switch and change through a wide variety positions, both of them dominating each other. A challenge they both need to work with.

    An airborne challenge was required to get to the next level. Luckily for The Ruprect, he had gotten a lot of practice with this in recent times. There is a genuine look of surprise and lust on her face as she mounted him in mid air. They maintain a grip on each other as they thrust and grope, kiss and hug. The sweat is pouring from them freely. With this challenge met and conquered, The Ruprect positions her on the bed again and impales her again from behind. Her groans his grunts are becoming more and more urgent. Eventually, he is pounding into her like a man possessed and switching angles and methods. With this being the last of the many challenges to complete, they go to the end. And what an end it was. All challenges laid out have now been met and completed. Collapsing into each others arms, they try to recover. Goddess and Man were utterly spent.

    They join in a shower to wash away all the sweat and replenished their energy. They scrub the toils of their time away. But the memories will never be wiped. This will live on for all eternity in their minds. Forever bringing a smile to their faces. Surely a story that will be printed into the books and past down through the ages by Bards, Seer's and Story Tellers alike.

    Then in puff of smoke, this Succubabe, the one known as Foxy was gone from the mortal plane. Gone back to the heavens. Now with a clear understanding of what Mortal Man is capable of. The taste of ManFlesh still on her Luscious Lips. Who conquered who will always be debatable but the reality is they have both won this challenge.

    Over the next few hours, Ruprect hears her voice in his head.... "Rupe, I can still taste you in my mouth!!"..... Rupe hears these messages repeated over and over from her as she speaks from the heavens.... "I'm shattered!!".... "You fucked the shit out of me tonight, I'm buggered" ..... "Hmmm, I'm still smiling lol" Seems the Goddess was thoroughly satisfied. And she isn't the only one. The Ruprect too is left smiling.

    This connection between Goddess and Mortal has been an outstanding success. All challenges thoroughly completed. Will they ever be the same again? Only time will tell. That will be another story.......

    March 2012



    When I answered the door and saw Jayme my heart raced and when she revealed her stockings and high heels when she came inside my "jaw hit the ground". I felt like I was looking at a Penthouse centrefold for the first time.

    She put me at ease with gentle talk on the couch and then we went to the bed where she quietly said "this is where you're going to fuck me". so began the seduction.

    This started with her doing a strip tease with me on a chair next to the bed with my legs wide apart. She striped and then placed my hands on her breasts which are beautiful double Ds which felt just like my first girl friend's when i was 20, wow.

    After she striped she striped me in the chair and proceeded to give me "fire and Ice" while sucking my cock. I just rolled my eyes . The hot and cold made me extra ridged so she took me to the bed. I touched her all over and she sucked my fingers which added a bit of porn the this amazing experience.

    She then placed me in a number of positions and she loved seeing my shaft going in and out of her pussy in the mirror. When I was getting a bit too relaxed during this incredible sex marathon ( I booked 2 hours ) she would tease me and make me hard again by rubbing my cock against her pussy which felt like velvet. I just quietly went to heaven as she cast her spell on me a number of times with her pussy and mouth.

    Her favourite position and mine was doggy with her on the edge of the bed and me standing. To add to this she placed her vibrator on her clit which made my balls vibrate and brought her to orgasm with me inside.

    I thought i was going to explode but i couldn't i was so excited so she rolled over onto her back while i maintained the standing position and I watched her play with her self with the vibrator while i came all over body and tits.

    After this she change into a body stocking with those wonderful full natural breasts and after "bit more" she gave me a massage as i was done for, while playing my favourite song that i requested "baby you aint seen nothin yet" by BTO.

    She is amazing and next time i see her I think I will choose the FBI costume for extra fun.

    Thanks Jayme. Mal September 2011



    I had the pleasure of contacting Jayme Lee for an appointment, and after talking to her on the phone I felt very comfortable, with her and made an appointment for the evening of the 1st April, which was a Friday night, upon arriving at her dwelling I was greeted by a Beautiful Blonde Woman who was courteous enough to help me find parking and escort me in to her dwellings. Once inside Jayme made me feel very at easy and very comfortable with her in every way.

    We Sat on her Balcony the time was about 7pm, Jayme offered me a drink which she went and made ready and then attended to my every need we sat and talked and got to know each other, we laughed and talked for a while and then left for the evening that I had planned. We went to the casino where we had a great time and I was most impressed by her knowledge and education and he insightfulness on many subjects that we discussed. When we had had our fill of other people we made our way back to her dwelling and to her suite and sat and had a few drinks chatted and then made our way into her boudoir of Pleasure.

    I am a gentleman so I will not go into to detail as much to say I enjoyed the evening so much that I have made another appointment for when she is available, all I can say is that she is the stuff dreams are made of. So Beautiful, So Friendly So caring, in her art.

    Jayme Lee you are like nectar of the Gods Ambrosia in High Heels, Stockings and Corset.. oh my What a beauty..

    Regards. xxx

    Mike K
     April 2011



    I recently saw Jayme’ January 2011. It was my first time ever, and I was extremely nervous. Those nerves soon disappeared; she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.

    The photos of her web site don’t do her justice; she is an extremely attractive, voluptuous woman, with a body to die for. And does she know how to use it. The lingerie she wore was so hot, and also a massive turn on. I will definitely be back and would like to see her every day off the year. Also the conversation was really nice and never was an uncomfortable silence. I highly recommend.

    Dean Jan 2011


    I had an amazing evening with Jayme a couple of weeks ago now (August 09), but it is still something that is hard to get out of my head.

    She joined me at my hotel, having communicated through sms, the last being "the next time you hear from me I will be at your door, I hope you like me..." Like her, talk about understatement of the year. She was gorgeous, wearing a figure hugging black dress and a wonderful smile. Ah those lips, what a pout!

    I am new to all of this, but Jayme made me feel relaxed right away, taking things slowly, saying all the right things.

    I cannot recommend spending some quality time with Jayme enough, in fact I am treating myself again this week by flying down to see her.




    I saw Jayme for the second time a week ago (June 09) - and I had forgotten how seriously sexy and seductive this woman is!

    We arranged to at a hotel in the city - all arrangements handled discreetly and very prompty (yes, Jayme does have a blackberry and answers all enquiries pretty much straight away)

    Jayme Lee loves the play the wicked seductress, and clearly loves putting on a show - the sexy striptease before the "main event" is delicious - and a man would be hard pressed not to want to take this beautiful woman to bed!!

    Jayme is great at making you feel at ease, whilst also sweeping you off into a fantasy - she is warm hearted, very discreet and to die for. She is a cut above most women I have met - and can arouse the senses on every level.

    I would totally recommend this experience and am looking forward to seeing Jayme Lee again soon!! Am yet to experience "fire and ice" - hmm.. can't wait! 

    John (June 2009)


    I met Jamie Lee recently (June 09) and had a really good experience. I thought it was worth sharing this with others because there are too many "disappointments" out there. First of all, her ads are reflecive of what you will see when you meet her, including the photos and even the hair style!

    She started off by putting me at ease, before the fun begins. By the way, if you haven't met her before, let her take the lead and you won't be disappointed. A tip: say yes to "ice and fire"! She knows what she is doing and and you are in good hands (literally). She has personality plus (warm, charming, fun and a whole lot more) and she made sure I was nice and relaxed before the fun began. She was very accommodating and it is definitely a gfe experience. Another tip: be nice and don't be shy with letting her know what you have in mind.

    The expectations created from reading her ads were exceeded when I saw her - and a whole lot more! After meeting her, I'd say all the other reviews on Private Girls are genuine and I say they give a very accurate picture of what you can expect. Jamie Lee, thank you for a lovely time.

    Tom June 09


    review as promised Hi I just wanted to tell people about the wonderful time I had recently with Jayme Lee. her photos really don't do her justice and the other reviews don't come close to letting guys know just what a warm, charming and thoroughly great girl she is. having summoned up the courage to book time with Jayme, the whole booking process was conducted easily and discreetly. then i met her. what a knockout girl. what we did remains between us. just let me say that the time spent with her was everything and more than I expected. a definite repeat for me!




    Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. In the past week I saw fit to spoil myself rotten with a 3hr appointment Jayme Lee Fox. Phew, this woman has so many strings to her bow.

    First you will notice just how stunningly attractive this lady is. You may try, but you will be unable to stop your eyes wondering and enjoying the sights of Jayme's breathtaking figure. You will no doubt notice as I did, those legs, that gloriously perfect body. At this point, while enjoying some "getting to know" time, you will also learn that Jayme is far from just a stunning face & delicious body. A delightfully/wickedly funny lady, who laughs easily & naturally, it is very easy to enjoy Jayme for her company alone. 

    When the moment moves into playtime, Jayme shines like no other. Put simply she is a "pleasure queen". Every moment of my time with Jayme was pure pleasure, from the opening strip tease to the closing massage and every delicious sexy, naughty & erotic moment in between. A very passionate, skilled and energetic lady, who knows and understands how to deliver an experience like no other. And I can assure you Round 2 reaches the same pleasure levels & intensity. Treat Jayme well and with respect and you will be well rewarded. 

    I first saw Jayme 12 months ago, and after our initial encounter, I promised myself every trip to Melbourne in the future will have Jayme Lee Fox time. She has enhanced her standing as far as Im concerned. 

    I encourage you to try for yourself and Im willing to bet that you will walk away thinking "damn, he was right on the money!"

    Garry - March 2009



    If you are looking for a companion to fill every single desire you have, then Jaymee's your woman. 

    From the moment Jaymee arrived she calmed my nerves and made me feel  more comfortable. With the perfect combination of youth and experience she can read your thought's, and make them a reality. 

    The easiest way to sum up my experience with Jaymee is WOW. Her stunning brown eye's, sensual  lip's, cheeky smile,  gorgeous long flowing blonde hair and soft smooth skin will make my encounter one to remember for a very long time. 

    Any time with Jaymee is well spent, but do yourself a favour and book at least 2hours. She fills every moment with something special, but the time passes so quickly, you will want her to stay, I guarantee. 

    Do not expect the same old routine from Jaymee. She carefully (sometimes not) guides you from each 'activity' to the next, always keeping you on your toes (or back) and filling you with pleasure. 

    The search is over, your choice made. Book Jaymee now!  You won't regret it.

    Ryen Mar 2009


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