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  • PERTH PRIVATE ESCORT - Jessica Bardot
  • Jessica Bardot - Private Escort Reviews

  • PERTH PRIVATE ESCORT - Jessica Bardot
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  • Well what can I say about Jessica, she is so beautiful, so kind hearted and so down to earth, her communication is first class, straight away I knew I had made the right choice. Even leading up to the booking, I was able to exchange text messages with ease leading up to my booking. In the booking it was unbelievable I was slightly nervous and had informed Jessica about that leading up, she sat me down we had a nice chat and a drink then we moved into the bedroom. I started with a nice relaxing massage to ease my nerves, it was great Jessica really knows her stuff, then after exchanging some great chat and a few cheeky laughs about her great tits I turned and over and the rest is history, I’m not going to go into much detail, that’s for you to find out. Make a booking ASAP to spend time with Jessica, you won’t be disappointed. What I will say though is BBBJ followed by her riding me with some of the most passionate kissing I’ve ever experienced, followed by a final BBBJ where I exploded on her great tits was the greatest hour ever. It was that good 1hr after leaving Jessica’s and arriving home I’d already checked my diary sorted and date and texted her which was confirmed. Babe I can’t wait to spend time with you again, thank you so much.


    M, August 2020




    This was my second time seeing the wonderful Jessica, and it was an afternoon well spent. I requested some role-play for the session, which Jessica willingly accepted and delivered. Jessica helped me fulfill a fantasy of mine with a wonderful session, that ended with me erupting all over her wonderful tits. After the session, she gave me a nice slow and sensual massage, which was very relaxing and a perfect way to end the booking.


    N, January 2020




    Jessica is an amazing women and great lover. Being a very young man, I like to see older women and Jessica delivered a great experience. She welcomed me into her apartment, where we then passionately kissed each other while undressing. Her blowjob skills were excellent and she got me rock hard hard with an excellent blowjob. I then put my cock between her wonderful breast and she proceeded to give me a titty-fuck, after which I unloaded on her tits. After a wonderful and insightful chat, round 2 began with another blowjob before I fucked her in cowgirl and doggy. Jessica has mirrors in her bedroom which was hot, particulary when I was watching myself pound her in doggy. I then came on her tits again. So to conclude Jessica is a wonderful lover and most of all a genuine, wonderful and caring woman.


    N, October 2019




    I had the pleasure of spending time with Jessica on her tour to Melbourne, and had one of my most enjoyable and memorable experiences ever. Before we met, Jessica and I exchanged messages to confirm - and i could tell she was different to most WLs from her responses... And then when I met Jessica in person, my knees went weak from her beauty and my shaft got hard from the anticipation of what was to come...


    Jessica was dressed in a sexy secretary outfit that i had asked her to wear, and we enjoyed a brief chat that helped solidify an immediate connection between us.. after which i was seductively led to the bedroom, and after a quick shower, she slipped out of that outfit and showed off her sexy figure in black lingerie - instant hard on! ... After some amazing kissing to warm us up even more, Jessica then went down on me with an amazing blowjob, with plenty of action where it needs to be and i had to restrain myself not to pop just there. Naturally Jessica beckoned me to penetrate her and we did so for what seemed like hours - we were both clawing, panting from desire for each other through various positions... naturally Jessica was expert in all of them!


    Jessica then told me she wanted a spanish finish to which i was most happy to comply... and after she mounted me with her full breasts, i couldn't hold back and blew a massive load that we both enjoyed. After which we both cleaned up we enjoyed some more cuddles and sadly it was time to go... I can now only wait longingly until next week meet - Jessica will not disappoint...


    October 2016




    Got the text, "IT'S TIME U GOT TO PERTH" and having only been there a while ago could still feel that cold which creeps up on u remembered the warmth of Jessie B and her apartment high above the city , her in see through cover garment and matching undies, pure class , her elegant walk , be behind her , it's sheer poetry the down to earth warmth she generates which makes u wonder if u might have met in some other life.
    Her body warmth her responses hands gripping the sheets the unbridled response her gasping for air and thre slowing of the heart beat and that embrace post fun cuddle.
    Why get to Perth so soon still in recovery and hope it's not bad news.
    Next text , a photo of Jessica sitting wide legged on the bed with black boots all the way up to and above the knees and matching corset and frills .
    " I have a friend with black boots like me, and I've told her of u and she wants to meet"
    Are U for real " texted back .Next text a photo then another and one more "this is Brianna and she is fun"
    Exquisite unique elegant classy very much top shelf but if she is Jessie Bs friend probably like her and down to earth , warm and caring a real woman in my every sense. 
    Why is Perth so far from QLD and 5 hours flying time, all somewhat daunting. , 
    Next text" we need to know so we can get ready and I can organise it with Brianna"
    What a situation to be in. A friend in Perth I phoned " mate it's wet raining and freezing don't think of coming over" well he hadn't seen the photos and the muddle in my brain and no way was I going to forward them to him , am trying to work out how to display them here.


    So now I'm looking for flights and it's a challange that cold but when the next text comes" WHEN DO WE EXPECT U" I'll have an answer and to reassure me I'm looking at all the photos ; boots and all, think of a book my mother read us kids" PUSS IN.BOOTS " that might symbolism the situation , so Perth it is and what happens further Jessie B and Brianna hold on a bit longer, it will happen 


    Asteroid, July 2016




    From the first enquiry text , an absolute lady and an answer to each and every one there after with a warmth and caring seldom found then add the appertiser from Jessie B's photo album , defiantly a sleep destroyer or day time agitator but leaves u wondering why u aren't with her right now.

    But when u live in Queensland it's some planning involved to catch up with Jess B.

    Brisbane and stars not aligned till some weeks later and prompting on the plane and Perth it was Day and time set , it's that wait that destroys u.with minutes to spare arrived and though street construction in progress managed the lift and here in front of her door. Tap and as though she was waiting one of only a few who does not stand behind that opening door .Picture of lovelyness white silk over garment with matching lingere allowing the full appreciation of this galactic princess. Arm out she took my hand and led me in turning me sideways with her to close the door and embrace and welcome kiss Some items for her with genuine awe thanked me and poured the wine
    I reached out to touch and hands locked led to the couch.Warm enquiring chit chat and couldn't wait any longer reached for her again , she giving unselfishly and me wondering if this was really happening .This woman knows how to kiss "Let's go there" she said and led me to her room.Sitting facing one another exploration began and garments disgarden with grace and elegance till the mutual embrace and she lay back for oral holding my head in that special spot with increasing urgency and movement became more intense and verbal she crossed the line and I was able to hear her heart beat slow to normal.

    What she did and how I've yet to find out but no one has ever managed that threshold of pleasure before and that's no understatement.with us 69 and then effortlessly to missionary where holding her ankles together with mine we again raced for the finishing lineboth gasping for air and locked in a special embrace which took a while to break from.

    We finished the wine snd in lighter embrace shared special assurances of further interludes.An exceptional woman who gives genuine sincere beautiful shadows of herself to u which haunt u thereafter and if in Perth would be shared again and again .she with moist warm cloth takes care of u , most endearing.

    Enough said not all said but has to be experienced to be believed.

    She I left preparing prawns for a guest arriving later, privelaged and in luck he certainly was.

    Jessie B in a class of yr own , enriched my life and there will only ever be one Jessica 


    Asteroid, June 2016




    I had the pleasure to meet Miss Bardot a few times and the only thing I can say is that each session with her gets better. She is always full of surprises and always takes my breath away. I cannot describe with a few words what an amazing experience she is. Please do yourself a favour and have a fabulous time with Jessica. She'll blow your mind.


    Anthony, June 2016




    I had an amazing 2 hour GFE with Jessica Bardot last night. She catered to every request that I required. She went above and beyond. Silk white linens, the perfume I requested her to wear.


    She looks as beautiful as her photos yet her personality shines through. She is by far more beautiful in the flesh. Definitely worth every penny.


    I have never been in such a HIGH class apartment. Over looking the Swan River while smoking my cigar and my glass of cognac which Jessica provided.


    The robes were better quality than a 5 star hotel. She even had my towels in the dryer before I arrived to keep me warm when I exited the shower.


    By far the most sensual GFE and pampered experience I have had with a lady. Jessica this was a 6 star experience and you surprised me in so many ways. See you again next month.


    Steve, June 2016


    Wow what a knockout!! I was so excited about seeing Jessica. Especially after seeing her as the Cover girl of Penthouse Black Label. She looks just like her pictures which surprised me. As we know some ladies do not look like their photos.

    Jessica was in a 5 Star hotel and her service was 5 star as well. She is the best escort I have ever seen from the moment she met me in the hotel foyer. I hope that she returns again.

    Definitely the BEST DEEP THROAT and SPANISH I have never been into Spanish before but Jessica has turned into into an Art form.

    I had booked a 2 hour PSE but I extended for another hour as she has some amazing SKILLS. She showed me Tantric points too BDSM that was sensual and by far the most powerful orgasm I have had in my life.

    Jessica Thank you for a most memorable and unforgettable experience. You are beautiful in every way.

    Aiden, May 2016




    I have heard many thing about this lady and my curiosity finally got the better of me. Jessica charges more than most escorts in Perth and as soon as she opened the door i understood why!! Heavenly Perfection...i actually got nervous and felt a little intimidated by how stunning she was. She had her hair pulled up in a pony tail and her face just melted me.

    She made a few jokes and smiled and winked at me cheekily and i saw that she was very down to earth and warm hearted. Actually by the end of our 3 hour rendezvous i learned that she is such a genuine and beautiful person inside and out. Jessica is very open and there were no pretenses. What you see is what you get with Miss Bardot.

    The BJ was the best i have ever had...i think she is an Alien lol as she is very skilled with her mouth, tongue and hands. Her kisses were passionate and like a lover i had reignited with after some time apart. Her pussy tasted sweet and delicious and she is adventurous and showed me things i have never seen before.

    Thank you Jessica for the best time of my life!!! You have shown me what a true high class lady can deliver and i will be back. 

    Craig D, February 2016




    Seen this lovely lady yesterday. Been waiting for Jessica to tour Syd for the last few months - had missed her last time she was here. Soon as I saw the ad I booked her without hesitation. Unfortunately had to see her after a tiring night shift for a 2hr PSE - DID NOT NEED THE EXTRA COFFEE WITH THIS SPECIAL LADY.


    She kindly obliged my request for uniform and xxx show (sailor) and her professional dancing background all inclusive service that I cannot summarize with mere words and abbreviations. Sadly I was too tired to try everything on the PSE menu - but she ensured i was pampered for the whole two hours...the WHOLE two hours...


    Intend to book again when she is back into town...


    Adawg., October 2015




    Had such a wonderful time with Jessica last time me and my husband wanted see her again as she was such beautiful person and sensual and erotic made me fill so at ease like had known her for ever she really knows how to pleasure a man and woman Jessica taught me a thing or too my husband wanted me to have another man but I wasn't sure and so nervous as i had never done that before Jessica was so fantastic she sorted out anther fantastic person to join us could not have been more perfect and Jessica was their for me all the whole time making it the best night of my life can not wait to see her again love you Jessica jane


    July 2015




    Oh What a NIGHT!


    I'd been wanting to see Jessica again after our first few short PSE encounters many months ago on a previous visits to Perth.


    I posted a review for her at that time, but this time we had such a fantastic night together - an incredible night - night of my life - I honestly feel like I should be returning the favour and sharing my experience by adding my review of our overnight rendezvous.


    As a long term occasional punter, I've shared the company of professional escorts in different parts of Australia over the years and whilst there have been many very enjoyable experiences with some beautiful women, my recent night out with Jessica was a stand out. We just had so much fun.


    Cruising looking for an overnight option for company in Perth, I was struck again by the very classy photos on her profile and her beautiful body. Built like a dancer - curves in all the right places - and those incredible breasts. After our previous encounters those pictures on the internet had been keeping me company as I recalled being with her in person for a few short, but very hot PSE dates. Her photos are high class and so is she, but not in a pretentious glamour girl kind of way... In person she is so down to earth and much more naturally beautiful than her photos suggest.


    Communication was quick and easy with her responses to my text messages coming back promptly. She only accepts a handful of bookings each week so was very easy to contact and confirm arrangements with unlike some other ladies who have sometimes taken days to respond to a txt message. Since I was only in Perth for one night and looking for an extended booking, I requested a telephone chat to reacquaint ourselves and was very pleased to hear the same bubbly & relaxed personality that I remembered from our previous meetings and also happy she remembered me too.


    Chat out of the way and arrangements confirmed, I transferred my 20% deposit for an overnight booking feeling confident we would have a fun night. A nice bonus was that she reminded me I needn't pay for a hotel room as her apartment rivalled any hotel suite in Perth and breakfast was "on her" (i'll leave that to your imagination, but it was delicious).


    Not being 100% certain of sleeping arrangements, I did keep my hotel reservation although next time I wont bother. Needless to say I only went back to my hotel to collect my luggage and check out (late).


    Meeting Jess at her amazing apartment for pre dinner drinks I was greeted at the door with a very cheerful smile and a big friendly kiss. She offered me a drink from an impressive selection and everything felt immediately at ease - as if we were just a couple of friends catching up for a normal date and preparing for a sexy night out. I felt so relaxed and comfortable I was almost shocked when Jessie knelt on the floor in front of me and asked if I'd like an "Entree" before we headed out to dinner. I think her other reviews detail her skills in this area sufficiently so I wont elaborate too much except to say that she somehow managed to deliver the most amazing BBBJ I've ever had whilst still leaving me thinking there was more to come for main course! The way she cheekily licked me clean before attending to my little mate with some baby wipes and carefully dressing me again was truly memorable.


    Dinner and drinks was just a lovely time. conversation was free flowing and interesting, funny, deep and meaningful at times and it felt like we could have talked for hours more although we were almost the last two sitting in the restaurant so it was time for a cab back to her apartment.


    I had never done an overnight "in-call" before so I cant be certain, but I've never been to another in-call booking where I was offered a selection of fine wines, top shelf spirits, a range of imported beers and a selection of specialty teas and espresso coffee's before. This was turning into the ultimate after dinner party for two.


    What happened after that was too raunchy to put into words. I'm no prude, but I'm no porn star either and somehow Jessie turned me into the sexual animal I'd always thought I couldn't be. Alternating between BBBJ, DATY, 69, doggy, cowgirl, mish etc Jessie somehow managed to lead me through 3 loads without a dull moment in between and had me feeling like I was a sexual hero. Incredible!


    Eventually, it was time to sleep and sleeping in her beautiful fresh bed was every bit as nice or nicer than the crisp sheets left untouched in my 5 star hotel. Everything about our night had felt so easy and natural that falling asleep with her was too. It was so beautiful cuddling her and I slept soundly for a few hours until I woke and realised where I was... Then it was morning glory time and little sleepy Jessica was so lovely to let me have my way with her whilst she slowly woke up. Another first for me with a WL!


    It was the prefect start to my day - end to my night of a lifetime. Then another short snooze was in order. I was supposed to leave at 8am, although I think it was around 10am when Jess woke me with a coffee and a breakfast menu.


    I couldn't believe it. This amazing sexy goddess was delivering an overnight GFE/PSE including making me a home cooked breakfast!


    I skipped the bacon and eggs, and opted for the fruit salad and yoghurt (on her.. awesome) which led to our final round of doggie and as far as I can recall, my fifth load of the booking.


    All I can say is... WOW. Totally amazing night and I will be planning to repeat it next time I am visiting Perth.


    Dex - June 2015




    We had the pleasure has a married couple to spend 2 amazing hours with this beautiful lady that made us both feel incredible. A beautiful women inside and out that know how to please man and women. I do it all over again.


    Jane, May 2015




    I have been seeing Miss Bardot on a regular basis and have been lucky enough to be on her short list of discerning gentleman. I always have a hell of a time with this lady- she is funny,clever,and goes above snd beyond to make me happy.
    Her new apartment is unbelievable, very classy and makes you feel comfortsble straight away. Jessica has provided a high quality selection of aftershaves, beverages and all of the mod cons.
    Miss Bardot includes a menu with a home made breakfast in the morning after an overnight stay. Even including a menu!!! She goes above and beyond and i enjoy seeing this beautiful lady.
    10/10 in every way!!!!


    Bruce, March 2015




    Sensual, Sexy, smart … this young lady is all that and more, much more. I booked Jessica for a girlfriend experience and she delivered on all levels. Amazing eyes, beautiful smile and an extremely friendly personality. I am very attracted to intelligence and Jessica isn’t just a pretty face, a fantastic conversationalist, cultured and refined. But in saying that those killer curves and the passion in the bedroom are second to none. This is a girl that will meet your every desire and then raise them. You will not be disappointed .


    Chris, February 2015




    I was lucky enough to share a 2 hour PSE with Jessica & her playmate Mia. One word, AMAZING!!!

    Their photos don't do either justice. I was quite nervous but they made me feel relaxed as soon as I walked through the door. Both are intelligent, funny & sophisticated but become lionesses when the time is right. I will definitely be going back for Round 2!!

    C, December 2014




    Jessica - wow!! What an amazing time we spent together. From the minute I walked in was warm and welcoming. Then she flicked the switch into a raunchy and sexy experience above what I imagined. You must try the XXX show - unbelievable!!


    Tim, November 2014




    Jessica, Jessica, Jessica is all I can think about!!! The way she gave me head was the most incredible experience in my life!!! I have been to high class girls overseas and throughout Australia. And there have been some that stood out! But Jessica Bardot blew them all out of the park. I had my first multiple orgasm through her deep throat technique the way she built my orgasm until I blew on her face and in her mouth several times in a row. Her green eyes are hypnotic and her lips full and passionate. If you want to see the best you can't beat Miss Bardot. Stunning, confident, and a sex machine on legs. I will never book anyone else again!!! Jessica I am yours.


    Steve, November 2014




    Wow were do I start!!! This girl is Unreal , not only is she absolutely stunningly gorgeous she is just a great Chick to be around!!! Those amazing piercing eye will bring any man to his knees!!! This was one on the most rememberable experiences I have ever had!!! She made me feel very comfortable and right at home from the minute the door opened!!! Forget the rest try the best guys you won't be disappointed!!! I would think twice to go back!!! Keep up the good work chick coz you really are something SPECIAL !!!!


    November 2014




    Jessica Is an absolute goddess. I have never seen anyone so stunning which actually made me nervous and a little intimidated. But being the high class professional she so blatantly is, she took my hand and guided me to the kitchen. She offered me a drink and winked and smiled at me. Her cheeky side radiating out from her. She cracked a joke and made me laugh. Aussie gal through and through but she looks like a Russian model. 

    After business was done she led me to the shower where she continued to make me laugh. Funny, intelligent, and down to earth which surprised me considering how physically enchanting she is. Physically stunning she is. When I came out of the shower I found Jessy on the lounge playing with her pussy. I went between her legs and licked her sweet nectar. She moaned and grabbed my hard cock, she bent over the lounge and I penetrated her tightness and warmth. I can't explain the way her hips moved but it was the best and most exciting sex of my life. Between deep throating my cock and Spanish which I am not usually a fan of but Jessy changed my mind!!! 

    Guys if you want the best escort Jessica is it. She is like a geisha goddess. I can't resist seeing her again.


    Craig, October 2014




    What an amazing beauty. Right from the initial contact you can tell she is a lovely, thoughtful person and absolutely perfect for a GFE,
    which is what I ordered. And she delivered 100%.


    Her sensuality, her relaxed demeanour, I could not help but stare, caress and kiss her beautiful face and super fit body - it's like a
    dream. All the while, she works my cock to put me in a wet dream. She's not one to rush, giving me ample opportunity to lead and she
    responds like a mind-reader, delivering more back than I could ever give. Intensity ramped up in a heartbeat. And then the sex...


    She has this look in her eyes like she wants you to fuck her forever. I can't explain it, but she makes you feel like you're the only man
    left in the world.


    There is so much more to do with her. Especially when she possesses this innate cheekiness in her that I must explore with a PSE booking
    very soon...


    VV, September 2014




    I have to say that when I first cast my eyes on Jessica she looked more gorgeous than the photos I had seen of her. She was wearing a raunchy red lingerie set that could easily out do even the naughtiest of scarlot women.


    She kissed me passionately on the lips and my cock got rock hard instantly and she knew it. As she kissed me she took it out of my pants and dragged her hands down my body grabbing it gently and kissed it all over as she looked up at me with her eyes were smiling. I thought I was going to blow immediately. She then stood up and faced the wall peeling her g-string to the side and guided me straight in to her wet pussy. When she gasped I knew she was enjoying every inch of hardness. I didn’t take me long to blow and then she led me to the dining room table, she hopped and proceeded to play with one of her many toys that got me hard instantly and we managed to cum at the same time.


    At this stage I was exhausted as this was to be a 3 hour PSE session. I sat down on the couch to grab a glass of wine and she through her face into my crouch and started licking and kissing my balls. I could not believe I got it up again so quickly and I have to that it was the best deep throating experience of my life.


    Not only did I have the best sex , we did connect on higher level. Meeting such a down to earth, funny and warm aussie girl left me fulfilled and wanting more.


    Andrew, September 2014




    I have never reviewed a PG before, but Jessie… WOW. What an amazing woman.


    It was like meeting an Angel. A slightly cheeky XXX rated Angel that danced for me like a world class stripper, teased me like a slutty porn star school girl and gave me the most mind blowing blow job of my life - and had a laugh with me at the same time.


    I've been with a number of Private Girls over several years and this time I thought I'd spoil myself with 120 minutes of PSE with the smoking hot Jessica. She appeared to be more expensive than most of the other girls I'd tried, but I thought I'd try the top end of town for a look-see and I must say I wasn't disappointed at all.


    I'd presumed I'd be meeting the preened and perfectly groomed California Girl or Sydney glamour that was portrayed in her pics, but also thought it might be a somewhat superficial beauty, but for a 2 hour PSE... I figured that was fine. I was expecting a smoking hot professional escort that would blow my mind with an incredible sexual experience which is exactly what I got, but what I wasn't expecting was that I was about to meet one of the most amazingly beautiful people I've ever met.


    Jessica has a natural beauty shining through her that immediately captured me. There's nothing superficial about her at all. It kind of took me by surprise at first. She is every bit as hot and sexy as her photos, but there is so much more to Jessie than a hot body, impeccable grooming and a guaranteed happy ending.


    It was fun, sexy, raunchy, intimate, wild, naughty and nourishing for my soul all at once. Wow… is the only word that seemed to cover it. It was like being transported to another universe. Definitely the best escort experience of my life (until then anyway).


    Since then I've seen Jess several times during my trips to Perth and every meeting seems to be even more amazing than the last. I'm done with any other PG's now. Totally addicted to Jessie, so be warned. This girl will take you places you never imagined and you might never be the same again.


    I'd be keeping this secret all to myself, except I don't want her to leave WA where I'd have to travel even further to see her. So if you are a gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life and knows how to handle an Angel Incarnate, I encourage you to take some time to worship at the temple of Jess. You wont regret it.


    Dex, August 2014




    After perusing a couple of girls, and being unsure if I was going to go through with anything, I came across Jess’s page,


    Looking at her photos I was excited but also a bit intimidated by her beauty, as I would class her completely out of my league, But after working hard for a long time, I had made up my mind to treat myself.


    Emailing a request for a GFE was as easy as that, communications bounced back and forth and we had a time, place, and all business taken care of, I just had to turn up.


    This was the hardest part of the whole evening, From the moment I walked through her door, I have never felt so at ease with someone.Jess looked fantastic, showed genuine interest, and had a way of looking at me, that not only excited me, but also made me feel very confidante.


    The whole experience was fantastic. Jess coaxed more out of me than I had ever done before, again and again. I would seriously recommend this lady as she has an appetite that seemed to have no bounds.


    Thinking about it I have worked damn hard, I think I’ll book in a PSE


    MJR, August 2014



    I have been a long time punter of high class girls for many years. Always looking for the perfect playmate. Finally after several years I have found the girl that ticks all of the boxes!!!


    Miss Jessica Bardot is smoking sex on legs. She was and now is my fantasy girl. I will only be seeing this sexy Beauty with brains from now on.


    She came to the door in a naughty maid's outfit with feathers in her hand provocatively teasing them over her large DD breasts. When she offered me a drink she bent over into the fridge with no panties on to reveal the sweetest little pussy I have ever seen. I couldn't wait to taste it.


    After a small chat and business out of the way she took me to the shower where she sucked my cock deep throat. It felt so good. I blew in a matter of minutes when she licked the residue off looking at me with cheeky enthusiasm with those exotic green eyes.


    I threw her onto the bed and tasted her sweet pussy. Best tasting pussy ever and tight as fuck! I felt her cum on my fingers as her body writhed and wriggled on the bed. As Jessica moaned she asked me to fuck her from behind. What presided from there was the best sex I have ever had.


    Jessy had some naughty tantric tricks up her sleeve. Jessica is a giver, sensual, sexy and easy to be yourself around. She made me feel like the luckiest man in the world.thank you Jessica. I can't wait to play with you again and again and again!!! And thank you for leaving a smile on my face I still can't remove.


    John, August 2014



    I had the pleasure of booking Jessica for 2hours of pure pleasure. 


    From the minute she greeted me I felt so comfortable and instantly attracted to her beautiful body and amazing personality. 


    Not only is she gorgeous but she knows her own body well , which is the best thing I could ask for, as a man with different desires Jessica absolutely fullfield each and everyone with such a vibrant and energetic attitude .


    I highly recommended Jessica for the total experience , it felt like I was out with a sexy fun flirty date she was so interested in every thing i had to say. 


    And incase your interested the foreplay and sexual experience was by the far the best I've had !!! 
    Hopefully see you in Prague Jessica 


    Nate, August 2014




    Contacting Jessica was done with ease. I sent an email a few days earlier to arrange my 2 hour GFE rendezvous. She was very professional in her approach which was pleasing.


    I arrived at Jessica's apartment which over looked the cbd and Swan River. The apartment was well established and modern. Perfect setting for our interlude.


    When Jessica first opened the door I was taken away by her beauty & her infectious smile. Her eyes were deep & hypnotic, one eye green & one eye blue. Her Australian accent was thick from her days as a country girl.


    I was offered a refreshment from her well appointed fridge which stocked with an assortment of beverages. I was impressed but decided on water as I wanted to be fully present for our evening of lust.


    Her kiss was soft & tender. Her eyes intoxicating my mind & body. We moved to the lounge & shared some private moments about ourselves as I noticed Jessica's guitar in the corner of the room. This was a common interest we both shared, the love of music.


    She then seductively began to remove my clothing & slowly unveiled her black cocktail dress to reveal nothing underneath. She then proceeded to kiss me passionately & then took my cock into her warm wanting mouth. You can tell Jessica loves giving head!


    I then asked her to lay on the lounge. I reached for her pussy and realised how wet she was. This drove me crazy. She then guided my fingers inside her warmth & wetness, first one finger then two. This drove her wild.


    We then continued to the bedroom where we teased each other until we could not contain ourselves any longer. Before I knew it Jessica had me on my back & with ease had applied the condom with her mouth. She then positioned herself on top of me & glided my cock into her wanting wetness.


    The intensity of our bodies coming together became part of what finished in us both cumming at the same time. We then shared a warm shower where we soaped our bodies & caressed which was just amazing.


    I then led Jessica to the lounge & wanted to see her writhe & move in an unworldly orgasm. I played with her g spot until she drenched my hand & the lounge which was stained from her explosion.


    It's been sometime since I returned to the punting world & I think I have found now my new playmate. I will definitely be back for more.


    Alfie B, August 2014




    I've been using private girls for quite some time now as I travel a lot. Jessica is the best I have ever had and true to her picture and description. She has plenty of tricks up her sleeve and makes a man feel special. Not only that but she's the perfect hostess, best sex I've ever had and best damn pussy I've ever fucked.


    She was enthusiastic and next time I'm in town I will be requesting her. Again and again and again.


    Wow, thanks Jessica. Your amazing.


    Sir Jonny x, August 2014




    I loved the communication prior to meeting Jessica. It was friendly, prompt and efficient.


    When I first saw Jessica I immediately felt comfortable. She offered me a glass of wine which I gladly accepted. The views from the apartment were breath taking. Almost as breath taking as Jessica.


    She was wearing a cat woman outfit and I was blown away with what her XXX show would deliver. After some pleasant small talk she led me to the shower with her and with a sense of humour that kept me smiling through my pre show shower.


    She had a erotic cat woman mask on that made her eyes even more captivating. Green eyes!! Her dancing was hypnotic and mesmerising. As she removed her clothing I felt compelled to do the same. And soon enough we were both naked.


    Jessica then proceeded to kiss me passionately and slowly made her way down to my throbbing member. It was by far the best blow job I have had in my life!! I found it very hard to not immediately explode into Jessica's mouth.


    But soon enough when I did Jessica made sure she got every drop.


    After another shower Jessica offered me another drink and a cigar. She sent me on my way with a big smile on my face. And I will definitely be seeing her again soon.


    Abdul, August 2014




    Wow is the one word that I would have to use to describe Jess. I have now had the honour of her company for a couple of times so far and I am determined to ensure that our meetings , whether they be private or public , will continue for awhile yet to come. 

    During our public meetings Jess managed to hold her own and display an air of sophistication no matter where the surroundings. Jess can be a little cheeky if you let her and this did put a smile on my face and started my mind racing to thoughts of depravity that I had kept hidden for fear of disappointment. 

    The private apartment that we retired to was very deserving of Jess's presence. As soon as we entered I was treated as a king. The fridge was fully stocked and the toys were there displayed for my inspection. 

    Once I informed her of what I wished/wanted we got straight down to business. Every meeting so far has amazing and each time Jess managed to not only meet my expectations but go that one step further


    Paul, July 2014




    Jessica is a real find, She's super friendly, has an amazing body and is a very relaxed, chilled out person that makes you feel instantly at home. She also has a great taste in wine. There's something about sipping a decent wine while getting a world class BJ and enjoying great views of Perth that is difficult to forget :)


    Jon, July 2014




    When I saw photos of Jessie on the Private Girls website, I thought she looked too good to be true. I met her for dinner and was blown away. She is even more stunning in real life. She looked amazing in her corporate outfit. I was proud to have her on my arm. She is a toned, bronzed Aussie beach girl through and through. She has the face of an angel, the body of a she devil and is a very classy girl. She made me laugh and very comfortable. Every guy in the room was clearly jealous :) We went back to a very nice apartment in East Perth. We took care of some business, and I went to take a shower. When I returned, Jessie was dressed in a sexy cat woman outfit. I got really turned on when she danced for me. Very sexy. Then she dropped down onto her knees smiling a cheeky smile. She looked into my eyes and took my hard cock deep into her throat and sucked my balls. The tension was incredible. I thought I'd blow my load right away. Expertly, she knew this and slowed the experience down so I could savour it. Her skills are ~insane~. She worked on me for what felt like forever. When I finally blew the biggest load I can remember, she lapped up every drop like a good kitty. She led me to the bed and went to work on me again. Jessie is so sensual. So fucking sexy. I was hard again in no time. She slid down onto my hard cock reverse cowgirl. Watching her tight little pussy wrapped around my hard cock nearly made me cum right away again. I couldn't believe it. Once again, her expert skills drew out the experience while I laid back and enjoyed the incredible view. When I was about to blow again, she lifted off me. She crossed her sexy legs and lifted then back against her body. She is an incredibly flexible lady. She smiled at me again inviting me back into her dripping, wet pussy. I plunged back into the heaven again and fucked her hard and deep. The room had floor to ceiling mirrors. Watching my hard cock slide in and out of her was such a turn on... Jessie came hard and loudly. I blew again, drained. Jessie is a very fun girl, and the best sex of my life. I can't wait to see her again. We talked about what will happen next time. She will be making a special fantasy of mine cum true ;)


    Eddie, July 2014




    Jessica is a stunning and sophisticated girl who obviously loves her job. With her you get 100% of what you pay for, no bull shit. I really think its worth planning ahead with her giving her a chance to wear what you like.


    I love lingerie and she looks sensational in it, it was nearly a shame to get her naked, not quite but nearly. The apartment she operates out of is relaxed and well equipped with great views and well stocked with refreshments. I'm looking forward to seeing her again.


    DP, July 2014




    Western Australia has a number of treasures stretching from the Margaret River region to as far north as Broome and into the Kimberley's. IMHO, Jessica Bardot should also be known as a WA treasure.


    I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with this beauty on her first trip to Melbourne recently and words cannot adequately describe how special she is (both in and out of the bedroom). Physically, she is stunning as her profile and other reviews suggest, but I think she is even more beautiful as a person.


    Instead of a detailed desciption of the night, here are the main points:




    • her school girl costume - dark glasses, a white top that struggled to contain her DD's, tartan miniskirt, black stockings with stilettos, she looked fucking awesome in it. Jess bends over, I remove her panties and proceed to lick her arse and pussy from behind. We then move to the floor to ceiling window in the bedroom of our 23rd floor suite at Crown Casino and I then proceed to fuck her from behind whilst she is still in her uniform with the Melbourne CBD skyline at night as a backdrop. 
    • having a bath together - candles everywhere, foot massage, seeing her soaped up body glisten in the flickering candlelight - simply stunning.
    • Jess, without any prompting from me, casually putting nothing else on but my shirt to sit down for dinner together her positive attitude coupled with her great sense of humour this woman knows how to DFK and I literally could not stop kissing her all night.
    • pre meeting communication - for me personally, the communication prior to a get together is really important and Jess' ability to just casually build rapport and a connection (via numerous emails) ahead of our time together made her a standout before we even met.
    • just cuddling, kissing and carressing each other under the covers



    • room service arriving and knocking at the door just as I had her lying on top of the dining table and I was dining on her pussy. Very, very inconvenient.
      she lives in Perth and I am in Melbourne
    • I get the feeling that she is very popular right now and that is not surprising given that she provides a great GFE and ozzes self confidence but not in an arrogant way.

    She's a country girl at heart but not a wall flower in bed if you get my drift...


    AA, June 2014




    As usual, I have been a long time between punts. Started browsing PG's looking for a likely candidate. Came across Jessica Monteiro's profile. Hum. Always a sucker for a nice firm looking breast topped with a nice pink nipple. The rest of Jessica I find extremely attractive as well. So, off to PP and the search button, who is my friend.


    Damm, no matter how many times I hit search, nothing comes up. REALLY. So, semi TOFT. I say semi as I see Jessica does doubles with Porsha Lee. Porsha has several good reviews, so by inference, Jessica would be good as well, right ??


    Well, in this case my assumption did not bite me on the ass.


    Emailed Jessica Friday morning, quickly had a reply, and easy as we set up a time that day. Communications quick and clear.


    Arrived at the appointed time and was ushered into a nice apartment in the CBD. Jessica is a gorgeous lady with lovely blonde hair. She greeted me with a glass of red which was just what the doctor ordered to help get settled. Jessica is lovely to talk to and really set me at ease with her charm and wit. That and the lingerie she was wearing !!


    After a glass of red and the business side sorted, it was off to the shower. Again, well appointed clean amenities.


    Came out and there was Jessica, waiting on the bed. Started with some lovely kissing and quickly moved down to her neck. Off came the bustier and into those lovely nipples. Yum. Slowly worked down to her belly and legs. Removed the panties and left her with just the stockings and garters. I find that combination very hot.


    After a bit of DATY, she rolled me over and started on me. Starting at the top, she took her time exploring down to the ol' fella. The BBBJ was very good (IMHO, I am no expert)


    From there things got a bit hot and frantic. As far as what and how, let's just say her advert on PG's is accurate. I had a great time.


    So, just to sum up.


    Communications quick and easy
    Room was top notch. Not over the top but very comfortable and well appointed.
    Jessica is as pictured, and her attitude, enthusiasm and service is top notch.


    I will certainly rebook with Jessica when the planets align for me again. Future goal is a double with her friend Porsha !!


    Jim, April 2014




    I had been thinking about seeing Jessica for a few weeks and finally got the opportunity to see her last week.


    She was really prompt and professional with her responses and made it fairly easy to organise an appointment.


    When she came to my hotel room and I laid my eyes on her for the first time, i could not believe how beautiful she was.


    Her kissing was amazing and she had me undressed magically in a matter of seconds!! The oral was just amazing and the sex and the various positions we tried made this a truly memorable experience.. I will definetly be seeing her again and again.


    She is very adventurous and a lot of fun.. She will make you laugh a lot too trust me on that..


    Do not miss out on seeing her. You will not regret it.


    Kind Regards


    May 2014




    I had planned to meet the Naughty Kittens for my partners birthday celebration, we had an amazing time and will both be planning to catch up with these girls again soon.


    As well as being two very sexy ladies they are easy going and down to earth, you receive a very personal service that is focused on what you are looking to experience and our time was exciting right from first contacting the Naughty Kittens with the details for the occasion all the way through until we were saying goodbye, I would recommend the Naughty Kittens to anybody who is after a night to remember and especially to any couples looking to experience something new, if you were to ever have the pleasure in meeting them you would not be disappointed with their smoking hot looks, energetic and fun personalities and the the experience you would have had come the end of the night.
    They will get you tingling in all the right places. Two very sexy ladies!


    Thanks to you both for making it a celebration we wont forget!!


    H & D xx



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