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  • I met this girl last Feb in Sydney, we had initial contact by email that she was very happy with my request of two hour PSE including CIMWS and Greek, Kim arrived to my hotel room on time wearing a very sexy red dress, I could not wait more than few seconds before giving her a very long DFK welcoming her to my lust..

    After sorting the money out we went into action, lots of kissing and nipples sucking then I asked her to do me first giving her two options either to finish in deep throat or just gentle milking as my glands was always very sensitive, Kim decided to do it in deep throat, such a very professional oral lubricating with her own saliva it was one of the most professional CIM I have ever had.

    Quick wash then lots and lots of tongue sucking and skin rubbing followed by DATY, very sweet pussy...... then fucking in all positions, Kim preferred to start the anal while she was on top as that would be easier for her, her hole was too tight and sensitive so she enjoyed my huge dick in her ass for long period of time before I finished...

    After my fourth cum I asked her to squirt for me, we went to the tub and sat on its side with no lubricant as she was too wet, she used a epecial galss dildo for less than 2 minutes before started her huge squirt, pretty impressive and amazing...


    Finally we ended in long intimate kissing and hugging till the time was up, such a supper porn star who should be met again and again...


    Ricki April 2015




    Wow What can I say! From the moment I walked in I was greeted with kisses from this girl who looked even sexier in real life. Kim did absolutely everything I wanted and her girlfriend experience was second to none.

    If you are after a lady who oozes sexuality and does absolutely everything she says she does then Kim is your girl. She even has a cute accent which I loved.

    I'll be seeing Kim again soon and hopefully many more times in the future.


    Craig, February 2015




    After I showered we stood up kissing as she held onto my cock. She took her bra off. Then started licking n sucking my left nipple for ages. Then the right one as I played with her boobs. She kissed my neck. Then I kissed hers. Then she turned round facing the bed. With her back to me, she pulled down her panties, bending over the bed as she slid them down her thighs. Showing me her bum. So sexy. I sat on the edge of the bed as she got on the floor in front of me. Asked me if I like spit. Building up spit, she drooled her saliva over my cock.

    She said "your cock tastes good."

    She sucked my cock for ages. About 20mins. Spitting loads of saliva, coming up now and again with thick spit trails from her mouth to my cock. 

    After more sucking I lay back and she stared at me as her mouth moved on my cock. Watching her spit pour out her mouth n over my cock. Every time her mouth came off me, loads of spit trailed from her mouth to my cock.


    Her on top, she stared in my eyes the whole time. She leaned over me. Her face above me. Looking into my eyes as she fucked herself on me. Our faces intimately close. She kissed me, now n again. 

    Then she sat up. Grinding her pussy on my hard cock inside her. I held her body. Then played with her tits. Sitting up on my cock, she started sliding up n down picking up speed. Lifting my head up so I could see. She went faster. Hearing her slapping against me. She came down close to me again. Fucking gently like this. Kissing. 

    Then I got on top. I gripped her thighs and pounded her twat. She liked it. Her pussy was tight. Like this I couldn't see her clit. Just the sexy line of her slit with my cock inside her. I looked down at my cock in her pussy. Going in and out of her. She tilted her head back a bit now in pleasure.

    Then I sat up as she lay down between my legs sucking n spitting on my cock to get it hard again.


    Once, she spat on my cock and her spit ran down the shaft onto my balls. So she reached under me wiping her spit over my balls then moving her hand up along the underside of my shaft that was hot, then the head.


    She asked if I want to kneel over her. My cock feels amazing sliding along her wet tongue, down through her lips, into her throat, wetting my cock with her spit. Her mouth was soaking wet round my cock.

    She had both her hands down near her pussy as I slid down her mouth. Her lips looked so sexy. I loved watching my cock glide into her. I made her gag on my cock two times. Hearing her cough up spit all round my cock. 
    Most of the time my cock pushed deep down her throat. But after a while, friction kept me at the back of her throat.


    I stopped fucking her face cause my thighs were burning. Then she rolled over on her side as I half sat on the edge of the bed. She was wanking me to cum on her face. Said something like, I'd love to have your cum on me.
    She was staring up at me. She gave me a really sexy look from fingering her. She licked the tip of my cock, wanking me. Loved that.


    Lying together kissing as I wanked really hard. So hard to the point where I thought I wouldn't cum. But kissing her was hot. During a kiss I told her, then sat up next to her wanking my cock over her mouth, she grabbed my cock making me shoot big loads on her neck, near her shoulder (she didn't want it to get in her eyes) But she licked some up, spitting it so it got on her chin for me. That looked hot. A big splooge hanging on her chin. Then she licked a bit off the tip of my cock. Sucking the head making me jerk. Loved it. She looked up at me the whole time. She left it on her face until we showered together.


    This happened 5 months ago. Two weeks after, I just had to see her again. It's been a while since I visited the sexy Kim. 
    But I'm planning for my next visit ASAP!


    John, December 2014




    I found a few ladies on PG, which I thought Mia would be interested in meeting for our next double but one of them stood out over the rest. As the chosen one would have to also please Mia, I forwarded the list to her and let her tell me whom she fancied. It took her 3 minutes before coming back to me with ‘Definitely Isabel!’ My choice also.


    I quick text to Isabel followed with brief descriptions of what we were after and if she was interested, I would send all details… Isabel was over excited, she had checked Mia’s site and was very excited to meet us.


    I arrived at Mia’s place 30 minutes earlier to relax (calm down) and get ready for Isabel’s arrival. She rang and was let in, the door opened and I have to say, both Mia and I were pleasantly surprised. Blonde, green eyes, Mia’s height, which was perfect and very young. We sat in the living room to get to know each other, neither of us had met before and I could sense that Isabel was a little bit nervous. After 10 minutes, the girls were laughing, touching, talking about their university studies, it was as if they had known each other for some time.


    A few minutes later, we made our way to the bedroom, I went straight to the bathroom while the girls went to the bedroom to organise lingerie, camera, toys, lighting and themselves. As I was drying off, I realised that the room had gone very quiet, thinking that they had either gone back downstairs or were waiting patiently for me, I walked in to find Mia and Isabel on their knees in the middle of the bed, kissing… They turned around to look at me, giggled and went straight back to kissing each other. I stood back, grabbed the camera and asked them no to mind me for the next few minutes…


    I dropped the camera on the bedside table to get a closer view of those two beautiful girls kissing, their tongues were moving from one mouth to the other, their lips touching slightly but their tongues were in full motion, they each took turn sucking on each others tongue, then slight lip bitting before locking their lips together again and I could see movement on their cheeks, there was a party happening between them inside their mouths, what a sight. Mia’s hands moved down and caressed Isabel’s breasts, she played with her nipples which stood erect as soon as Mia paid attention to them, unlocking their lips, Mia moved down to have a taste of her nipples, flicking her tongue over a very erect nipple, she parted her lips and took it inside her mouth, sucking hard, Isabel raised her head and gasped.


    After moving from one nipple to the other so as not to cause any jealousy, Isabel returned the favour, she bent down and started licking Mia’s breast, moving towards her nipple in a circular motion, she eventually arrived at a hard nipple which she took between her lips and sucked, gently, flicking her tongue over and around it was amazing to see how exciting both girls got with only nipple playing and sucking, Mia looked down as Isabel went back to work sucking hard on her nipple.


    I wanted to take a close up of the girls’ nipples, pierced and beautiful, I was going to have a field day sucking and playing with all four of them, separately and a couple at the same time…


    It was time for some more important girl on girl action, Mia suggested a 69, I was hoping they would… The positioned themselves with Mia on the bottom and Isabel on top, what a perfect fit. Legs wide apart, they opened their pussies to get better access for their tongues, Isabel lowered her head between Mia’s legs and started sucking her, I moved her hair slightly so I could have a better view, her tongue was playing with Mia’s clit, moving from her clit to push hard inside, as far as her tongue would go, her lips were flat against Mia’s pussy lips and I could see her head move slightly from one side to the next and in my mind, her tongue was lapping the insides of her cunt. I moved to the other side to check Mia out, she had her face right up against Isabel’s pussy, Mia’s nose against her asshole, she too was pushing her tongue as far as she could inside Isabel’s pussy, she opened her eyes t look at me and smiled, I lowered my head and licked Isabel’s asshole, so nice and smooth, making eye contact with Mia, her tongue inside Isabel’s pussy while my tongue was inside her asshole, an incredible sight but it just showed me that it might be time for me to join in the party, that was, if they could separate themselves from each other.


    I put the camera down and moved to the bed. The girls parted and tapped between them I lied on my back and Isabel moved over to my lips and we kissed, divinely, just the right amount of pressure, opened mouth with a teasing tongue which gave me just enough touch to make me want more, we pushed her lips against mine and pushed her tongue inside my mouth, while our tongues played with each other, I felt Mia position herself between my legs, taking my cock between her lips, she lowered them over me all the way down and started suck, hard and fast, getting me harder with her hand following her lips, deep throat then back up to suck on my head, then diving back down to my pubic bone, coming up again to my head, up and down fast then slowing down, with one hand I was grabbing her arm and squeezing her my other hand was between Isabel’s legs, my finger deep inside. We decided to change, Isabel moved to my cock, Mia moved up to kiss me. Isabel’s lips held my head while she masturbated me, the head of my penis inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around my head, my hand moved to Mia’s pussy and I played with her lips, inserting my finger in and out, slow at first and then deeper and faster, out lips glued together, our tongues paying with each other, it was a wonder I wasn’t cumming.


    I needed to fuck someone, Isabel volunteered. Mia rolled a condom on and she positioned herself over me, lowering slowly over my penis, she came to a complete sit down with my penis buried deep inside her pussy, she moved forward and we kissed, her hips came up and down, slowly at first to get the feel, then she picked up pace and was slamming down on each down motion, our lips never broke, her tongue playing with mine, we fucked hard and fast, Mia left the communal bed for a while to grab the camera and a toy, she moved behind us and took a few pictures, Isabel never broke motion nor lip contact. After what seemed like a beautiful personal moment, we broke off, I was dying to be inside Mia.


    Change of condom and I moved between her legs. As my cock moved slowly inside Mia’s pussy, she lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders, I moved forward and the games began, elbow moved up, eyes slightly shut, Isabel was next to her and moved her lips over Mia’s breast while I moved in and out of her. I nibbled on her lips, caressing her lips with my tongue before we kissed again and our tongues moved in and out of each other’s mouths’. I had to slowdown after a while, Mia’s pussy was wet but very tight and each time I pulled out, I could see her wet lips clinging to my cock, sitting up and moving in and out of her slowly, I admired the girls while they kissed and played with each other’s nipples, Mia placed her left foot over my lips as I opened up and took her toes into my mouth, sucking each toe one at a time, moving slowly in and out of her very wet pussy, Isabel was watching us with a smile on her face. The familiar feeling deep inside me reminded me that this may be a good time to cum, Mia realised this and told me we would not be wasting any of my cum inside a condom, she wanted me to finish in her mouth, nice choice…


    I pulled out and placed myself between the girls, Mia and Isabel took turn sucking me, deep and fast then Isabel was slow and soft, back to deep and fast then a slow blowjob inside Isabel’s mouth, Mia then took matters into her mouth… As many will agree, she never fails to bring someone to a climax with her sucking expertise, she went to work on my cock and it did not take me long to explode inside her mouth, and explode I did, over and over and some more. She sucked the last drops out of me, licked my cock then knelt and moved towards Isabel who happily came forward to share some of my load, they kissed and I could see my cum moving from Mia to Isabel, then back to Mia, both girls turned, looked at me and swallowed!


    Oh my!


    Mia, it goes without saying, she is one of the best… Isabel, we were both pleasantly surprised, she is very new to the industry, I am amazed she isn’t over booked, she is unbelievable, an excellent service, beautiful,


    To sum this up, this was by far the best double I have had to date.


    Having done some minor research on Isabel, We have realised that she is a lady of many talents. Based on that, I have already made contact again and we have another double organised but this tie it will be a first for me and not the girls, this session will involve, gags, ropes, blindfold and other kinky sessions I have been told are in store for me. She is looking forward to our next meeting.


    12th July 2013, 3:00pm
    WM JULY 2013



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