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    • 25
    • Curvy, Petite 6
    • Chocolate Tresses
    • 166cm
    • Huge G Cups
    • Latte Brown
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  • Make me cum 4 times in an hour. My personal record Record holder: Olivia Bianchi that is all.


    Mark, October 2018




    I saw Olivia was touring Sydney and just had to book in. She made the process simple & even sent a couple of sexy pics which only added to the excitement. The day came & I knocked on the door. Olivia opened it & stood there - teeny black lingerie & heels. Her body is incredible - super toned & with awesome massive tits. She took me by the hand & led me inside.. a bit of small talk & soon we were kissing. A quick shower & I came out to find her in the bedroom. More kissing before she made her way down to my hard dick. Now this girl knows how to give a head job. She spat on it, used her hands and took me in all the way. Holy shit! I couldn't wait to go down on her - so I pushed her back on the bed & went to town on her lovely pussy. A few minutes in & she manouvered around so we were in 69 - where she again sucked me like her life depended on it. Soon she told me she needed to be fucked - which was fine by me. A few positions later I was on my back and she was riding me like a jockey. It was too much & I exploded inside her.. I'll be seeing her again next tour - that's for sure.


    A x, September 2018




    Review For Olivia I've had many good experiences in the past but now all those previous experiences are all now a distant memory after the night I had with Olivia. I'm privileged and happy to say I have well and truly met match and glad my first ever overnighter was with her. Olivia is perfect from top to bottom and she's undoubtedly every sense of that word, a pure goddess that provided me with an experience like no other and in turn was a special night and the best night ever in my life and that the only way that will ever be replicated again will be to see her again and in saying that ill be coming again cause I can't see myself booking anyone else anymore cause Olivia truly is special and perfect for me.


    Daniel, January 2018




    Olivia is a gorgeous young woman that 2 hours of PSE with left me completely drained. What started as a comfortable chat on the lounge over wine, erupted into her engulfing my cock down her throat while my hands caressed her wonderful breasts. When she had me completely hard with lavishes of spit and gagging I took the opportunity to return the favor with her lying on her back on the lounge my tongue working away on her pussy and ass. When she erupted in orgasm she was drenched with her pussy juices all over her. We moved to the bedroom where we engaged in an erotic 69 as I licked and fingered her pussy and ass while she deep throated me in between groans. As our lovemaking moved through the positions we fucked doggie and cowgirl until she demanded I fuck her ass. Slowly I was able to slide into her until she was ready and she began pushing back and asking for more. More ass and pussy fucking continued until she swiveled off and began sucking my cock until I couldn't take it any more and erupted into her mouth where she took every drop. Cum was running from her lips onto her tits, which she scooped up and drank again. We snuggled after cleaning up until round two was ready to go and we again engaged in some passionate sex - cowgirl, reverse and doggie. We spooned and I ass fucked her again gently until it was time for more cum. She lay on her back as I stood over her, she working her clit with her fingers and me blasting another huge load over her tits. Olivia laughed and massaged my load into her skin. After we cleaned up we were again cuddling and kissing and chatting about all range of things. Then it was time to shower and leave her in the night. Olivia is a gorgeous woman, she laughs and giggles but is also incredibly erotic. She loves anal fucking and enjoys a man that really knows how to eat her pussy. Thanks Olivia.



    Brad. xx Nov 2017




    I want to share my first experience with Olivia and I bet u guys u don't have what I had. She is best what she do. I suggests u all try her and u all forget ur all experiences.


    August 2017




    Olivia is the most gorgeous lady I have ever seen Olivia has a lovely smile and the most bubbly,sparkly,intelligent personality that you could ever hope to see Wow what a hottie

    M, July 2017




    I can only describe Olivia in one word. Knockout. Two hours of full on PSE was the session where she met me at the door in what she described as her "slutty schoolgirl" outfit. Young Miss Olivia had not finished her work and she was begging me to give her more time. She decided that it was best to "encourage" me to give her a break. To be honest it became a blur. She has a gorgeous face, long flowing brunette hair, a hot tight body, and her boobs, they are sensational. What started in the lounge became a series of passionate tongue kissing which ended up with her bent over the lounge, her underwear removed and me eating her wet pussy and ass. As my tongue pushed into both areas, her moans grew louder and the juices from her pussy began to flow. And then orgasm number one erupted. She swiveled onto her back and I went down on her again licking and lavishing her lips. She then rose from the lounge, my clothes quickly removed and I was then on my back as she began to swallow my rapidly expanding cock. It slowly disappeared down her throat with her spit being used as lubricant. I was so hard that she suggested we move to the bedroom where a delightful 69 began, her mouth sliding up and down on my shaft as my face was buried in her wet pussy and ass...until she erupted again. She demanded I fuck her in the ass. Who was I to argue with. Suited up she maneuvered on the bed until her ass was pushing back onto me. She reached around and slowly but surely guided my thick cock into her. It took a while until I was fully inserted. And then slowly but surely she pushed back and I began to slide in and out of that tight ass picking up speed. Her groans and moans getting louder as I completely and totally fucked her ass senseless!!. After some time and it was difficult to actually stop ass fucking her....Olivia asked to fuck in every other position. We rolled through cowgirl, reverse, doggie and then out to the lounge for more lovemaking on the furniture. She backed up onto me as I sat on a stool my hands reaching around to grasp her huge tits. We moved across to the lounge and I sat down as she removed the condom and  went to town on my rock hard dick. Swallowing and spitting all over it until I couldn't take any more. She could feel me coming and took my cock entirely into her wet mouth and drank my load swallowing most of it.....letting some run back over my cock which she then proceeded to lick up while her deep dark eyes focused completely on me. Our heaving breath subsided and after cleaning up we settled onto the lounge and chatted for a while about sex, experiences and our lives. Then we began a slow caressing of each other, my tongue moving across her nipples and down her body, kissing her legs and feet and moving back up to her pussy which was incredibly wet already. More DATY and then we went back to the bedroom where we slipped into another 69, this time her favorite power tool being produced which was slid gently across her clit as she sucked me hard again. Lots of play and kissing and then it was time for another load. She grabbed her vibrator lay on her back in front of me and began to pleasure her clitoris as I shafted my cock over her breasts. And then she was cumming again......as my second load erupted all over her breasts. We again settled and cleaned up. A lovely soapy hot shower was shared with plenty of kissing and playing. We finished up chatting as I dressed and long passionate kisses saw me leave her door with air under my feet. Olivia is a passionate, friendly, gorgeous young woman. She knows her way around a mans body. She adores anal and I highly recommend her PSE. But don't be in too much of a hurry. I want to keep her for myself.


    BB April 2017 Adelaide




    Had the pleasure of meeting Olivia last week and gees what a woman. Stunning all over her body was to die for. When i finally met Olivia i couldn't stop looking at her, her model looks and body were making me go crazy. Perfect body and the best pair of boobs any guy could just love for ever. Had an fabulous time with Olivia and cant wait to see her again.


    April 2017




    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Olivia's porn star service. Those photos certainly do not lie and what she claims she will provide she most certainly does. I travel extensively for my work and so in my time I've seen many escorts (that's not necessarily something I like to admit). Olivia is divine in so many ways and her PSE delivery is up there with the best of the best of Pornstars. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will be making Olivia a regular stop on my travels to Melbourne. 


    March 2017


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