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    • Petite 8
    • Brown
    • 5'2
    • 34C
    • Green
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  • I had the pleasure of the company of Miss Savannah this week on a recent trip to Melbourne for dinner and playtime.


    Making arrangements to meet was super simple, she answered my mail within 10 mins!


    We set up to meet for pre dinner drinks at an amazing bar she recommened. Upon meeting her i was stunned at how beautiful she was, the pictures on her site truly do not reflect her stunning petite looks. She instantly made me feel comfortable, it was like we had known each other for years.


    Savannah is clearly a very well educated and travelled woman and her conversation and stories were hilarious, this is a seriously funny lady and totally hot to boot. Her cute little American accent is also incredibly hot. 


    After an amazing chit chat and dinner, it was time to go play. And oh my god play we did. That pocket rocket body of hers is truly a sight to behold and she certainly did not dissappoint.


    If you are in Melbourne and want an amazing experience, then do yourself a big favour and book her! 5 stars!


    Mr Big, March 2016




    Dipper’s Horny Little Devils, the Awesome Foursome, lol.



    Savannah Stone, Honey Adams, Eden Love


    The Prelude

    So where did this start... That’s right a one liner on Twitter.... I really do need to get of Twitter... Lol. Then i was in “hook line and sinker”... Lol


    Eden had been thinking of touring to Melbourne around May... After several emails and text between mostly myself and Savannah... The Date was locked in... This did take a couple of days... Trying to get four peoples calendars to work.. Eden from interstate.. Honey and Savannah are constantly touring and me constantly on holidays interstate... and work to a certain extent..


    Next Location... Well Four bodies needed a King size bed at least... With some room to move... Anyway that was easily sorted... Hotel was locked in... Next The restaurant after all it was a dinner date for four... I left that with the ladies to sort and booked... They knew me well... The only thing is, i really wanted somewhere new for me... Done...


    Now Just the waiting for the said date to arrive... And there were a few anxious moments... Just me making sure nothing come up to jeopardize This Particularly evening. Then the Evening before the Awesome Foursome... Early Evening... Yes got a text from the Ex... Who lives interstate now days... She text me and was flying into Melbourne in the Morning (Yes the morning of the Awesome Foursome).... And really wanted to get together to talk tomorrow evening over Dinner... Like that’s going to happen... I suppose i only stretch the truth a bit when i said i was already going out with some mates...Lol... Anyway after a couple of personal little things that cropped up... All good.. 

    Finally the day arrives a few texts confirming things. Then i checked into the hotel about 2 hours before the Ladies arrived... After all i had to organize the hotel services for extra supplies.. Like towels glasses drinks... alcoholic and None alcoholic... and a few other odds and ends. 


    A few minutes before they were meant to arrive i received a message honey is running a little bit late.. Thank you... Then after another 20 minutes had heard nothing started to wander, and then looked at my Mobile for whatever reason the phone had disconnected from the network... Next moment the land line in the room starts to ring i answer and yes it was Savannah all 3 where waiting in the reception area and all attempts to ring me was going straight to my message bank...Arrrrrr... A mad dash to the life then down to reception.. Exiting the lift area talk about a very busy area... Anyway it wasn’t too hard to spot The Three very lovely ladies in the Distance... They were all gorgeously dressed in a very tight dress’s.. They Looked so Hot and Gorgeous.. We all then make a bee line to the lift’s to take the bags of goodies and supplies to the Suite.. The life had several other people, It seemed to take forever to get to the 39th floor... Then finally into the suite, Then a big hugs and kisses for all, then a four way hugs and kiss’s... Very nice... Then just enough time for a lovely glass of bubbles... and a little conversation, And i am told where we are going to eat... Sounded fantastic... Even Melbourne Weather has cooperated No rain... Lol... At this we walk to the restaurant not far at all... 


    Main Event.. 


    The Dinner Date – Restaurant Bit First 

    At Arriving at the Restaurant we are taken to our table... to discover this was going to be a very cosy indeed very cosy... With both Eden and myself being on the tallish side... We then asked to be relocated, well Eden gave the waiter her lovely smile... He caved in and we where upsized, Much better not so squeeze... So great company great conversation great food great wine what more can you ask... Are yes Dessert of course... Lol... then head back to the room for Desert... Hehehehe


    The Dinner Date – Behind Closed Doors

    Then after a bit more of conversation, some more bubbles, Then Kissing and Cuddles, Stop the press before we go to much further... I dart into the shower for a quickie lol.


    Very Very Quick.... There was way to much laughter going on with the 3 ladies... Then i dried my self... left the Bathroom and oh my, what a view... They were all in their lingerie and Heals... Oh Dear... That’s one view i will not forget for a long time... then the kisses and cuddles started... One question will i survive the next 3 hours... lol


    Then next 


    Yes like normal for me this all becomes very blurry., Well to start the Ladies throw me onto the bed... on my back... then noticed they where circling, coming in for the Kill... Lol... But to start with all three started to lick all parts of my body... hands stroking and caressing... Boobs and pussies going up and down most parts of my body... There where body parts everywhere... This was well and truly a sensory overload. 


    Every square millimetre of my body was tingling.. Then Savannah blindfolds me.. Oh Dear.. For the next half an hour or so... i had no control over my body parts... Well limited... all i know Dipper Junior was getting a lovely Bj... or CowGirl... or or.. this was changing constantly i have no idea who was doing it... i was going to remove the blind fold but my hands had been utilized else where... Lol... My fingers where in very moist places... and just wiggling my fingers i heard these moans and groans... at one stage i could hear a symphony of Moans and Groans... Mr Tongue was heavily utilized... He was on remote control.. Kissing, DFK, licking anything that come into his range... Certainly some very wet and moist areas.. And Fingers.. and Lovely Nipples i think... Hahahahahahaha.... Then at some point Dipper Jnr lets go... what a rush.... lol..


    Then next at my request... All attention is turned to Savannah.. she is flat on her back... And all three of us are giving her the same sort of treatment that the ladies gave me... This is done to all Three ladies one after the other... I will not go into blow for blow... but it was quiet a turn on watching each of them having three to focus on the one... Listening to the sounds the shacking of their bodies as they climax.. And watching one of the ladies in particular and the way her whole body shudders after Climax.... And i have no idea how many times each of these ladies climaxed... But going from their comments straight after, then a few days after... they did enjoy this Awesome Foursome very much... But i will add a little morsel to the event... Between Honey and Eden working on Savannah Yes they got savannah to squirt.. Then i wish i had taken a video of the whole thing and their victory dance it was so so very awesome... 


    Then back to me... Hehehehehe... This is all way to much fun...and really not sure what to write any more... Anyway this time Dipper Jnr let go again... quicker than the last... Lol


    But also as a side line happening in the back ground.. And Every now and again... There where pauses in the action to get drinks and regain ones breath... and few photos were taken and placed onto Twitter... and some comments were placed on Twitter... That generated quite a bit of Twitter Traffic... Hahahahaha


    So one after the other, the ladies all have showers... and a little clean up of the suite.... Clothes drinks toys condoms across the room... And more... Unfortunately all good things do come to an end... And last kisses and cuddles... Then we say our goodbyes... about 5 minutes after the ladies had left i finally retired then went into a deep sleep...


    Wrap up...

    I have seen all three.. Individually and Threesomes... Lol... Have certainly Never tried a Foursome Before... And i will definitely be seeing each again... But not sure if i will try a foursome again... Main Reason, i don’t think i could survive another foursome... Rofl..... Some hate the phrase i am about to use... But hay this best describes this for me... For me this experience was “Out of the World”... This is something i will never ever ever ever forget...


    Dipper350, May 2015



    I had the great privilege to spend some time with Savannah in her home town of Melbourne recently.


    All I can really say is that from the first communication, Savannah is able to set you at ease, and you realise that she is a very authentic, genuine person. This continued during our time together, and I was just blown away by her natural beauty both inside and out - she is absolutely stunning, smart and savvy. The GFE experience was exactly that, and it seemed that we had known each other for a long time. It was all very easy and natural.


    Thank you Savannah for an experience that lingers. As per her website, I can attest that she is very addictive.


    Already looking forward to our next encounter. 


    D. July 2014





    Savannah Stone... October Sydney Tour! 


    I have wanted to see Savannah for a few years, working in Melbourne and touring Sydney at the wrong times for me, it was difficult for me to organise a meeting with her. I had contemplated a short trip to Melbourne for a special meeting but that too had proven to be a bit difficult with work and other commitments. Having kept in touch with her for a few months by text, email and PM on PP, she announced that she was coming to Sydney in October and asked if I would like to meet up for some fun. Moving meetings and commitments around, we locked a day and time and I was finally going to meet Savannah.


    This review should have been written and posted the day after our meeting, not only because I had been waiting for so long to see her but because once I had met her, I was blown away... Apologies for posting now, I have no excuse for the delay!


    A few days before the meeting, we were chatting away and she asked me if I had any requests for our get together, I sure did and sent her an email with a few requests but emphasised one... When I arrived, I wanted her to come pick me up downstairs, either at the lobby or in the lift, wearing absolutely nothing...! Yes, I realise it was a definite no no but pleasantly surprised when the reply I got was ‘I’ll see what I can do!’ My mind started wondering, I was now extremely interested as to how this little lady was going to work this out!


    At 11:00am, I made my way to Savannah’s hotel, very intrigued with her reply but not expecting much, after all, it was her first day in Sydney and walking around in the nude at the hotel lobby would have cause a bit of an issue and I could see myself having to either throw my coat or shirt over her as the guests and staff gawked at her walking towards me dressed up as Eve. I sent a message that I had arrived and Savannah gave me instructions to wait by the lift. Firstly, I had to make sure I was waiting outside the correct lift... Which I wasn’t! In my defence, this bloody hotel had way too many lifts for its own good, let alone mine! After waiting a bit too long, at the wrong lift, I started walking to the other side where I had seen other lifts. Walking towards me with a wide smile on her face was a girl wearing a grey trench coat, finally I meet Savannah Stone...


    We kissed, held hands as she walked me towards the side lifts. Once we were on our way, Savannah opened her coat and asked me if I liked her surprise, eyes wide open, taking everything in, I smiled, nodded and thanked her for making this a great start to our meeting... There was more kissing and touching, my hands could not stop moving over her body as we were lifted to her floor for what I knew was going to be an excellent time.


    Entering her apartment, Savannah sat me on the bed and started a slow and erotic dance while removing the only piece of clothing she had dared to wear. Turning around and moving her hips to the music, the coat fell to the ground as she came closer pushing me on the bed, leaning over me, we kissed as my hands explored her body, small breasts which filled the palm of my hands, erect nipples which stood at attention as I caressed and played with them. She deep French kissed me while holding me down with her hands on my shoulders which I touched her pussy, played with her nipples and explored her mouth with my tongue. I needed to get away from her grasps to have a shower and get down to some serious play.


    I did not bother wearing a towel as I walked out of the bathroom, Savannah was waiting for me on the bed wearing only that smile she greeted me with a few minutes ago, I joined her and we got back to some deep kissing again. She moved down towards my cock which was very hard and while stroking me, wrapped her lips around my head and started sucking me. I lifted my head to watch her move up and down my cock and for a petite lady, she can swallow a long cock, I turned her around and in a 69 position, I touched her pussy, played with her clit before placing my lips over her opening and exploring her pussy with my tongue, I felt her release my cock, lift her head and push back on my tongue. Moving in and out of her pussy, I could feel her getting wetter as her breathing became faster. I moved from her pussy to her asshole then back to her pussy, she loved the sensation of the cold air I blew over her wet asshole as my tongue moved slowly inside her before moving back down inside her pussy. Savannah lowered her head and went back down on me, moving faster and harder then sucking hard again as she reached my head. I could have gone on and exploded in her mouth there and then, concerned of not having a second turn in me, I slowed down on my end, which she obviously understood was an indication for her to slow down also.


    She turned around and sat on my lap, my penis in her hands, she rubbed herself over me, one hand masturbating my penis head, the other playing with my balls. This was a completely different sensation and I relaxed and went along for the ride, she let go of by penis, leaned forward and whispered in my ear asking me if I wanted to fuck her, muttering a yes please in some sort of dialect, she laughed, moved off me and placed a condom in her mouth, once again, like an expert, she rolled the condom all the way down my shaft and climbed on. Slowly letting me move inside her pussy, until she was sitting on my lap, my cock all the way to her throat, I worried!


    She started moving over me, slowly up and sliding down, adjusting to the length, as her movements quickened so did mine, as she came down, I pushed up, leaning forward again, we kissed and explored each other’s mouths, our tongues caressing each other all the while, Savannah’s hips were moving up and down over my cock. She stopped, climbed off me and the bed, took my hand and walked me towards the window. There was a low settee with no back, the wide window behind us showed Sydney from the 20 something floor. Again she pushed me down so I was on my back close to the window and climbed on again, her feet barely touching the floor, she placed them over my legs behind her and started pouncing up and down over my cock. The view, the lady, the movement but most of all her smile as she took advantage of me was getting to me and after a few minutes, I asked that we go back to the bed, as I wanted to go down on her before finishing off in the missionary position, I wanted to look into her eyes as I pushed as hard and fast inside her as I could.


    On her back, legs wide apart, I moved between them and started from the top, deep French kissing again, sucking on her nipples, then slowly down her stomach to her clit. I wrapped my lips around it and slowly and gently sucked on her with my finger between her pussy lips, slowly moving in and out, she arched her back to give my hand more space and push her clit in my mouth. We changed condoms and I pushed inside her, slowly to the hilt, my lips pressed against hers, her tongue inside my mouth. Faster and faster, I placed her legs over my shoulders and pushed in and out... After a few minutes of this, I asked if it was OK to finish off in doggie, cum dripping over her ass, which she thought was a great idea.


    On her hands and knees, ass in the air, I moved down and kissed and sucked her pussy lips, then slowly moved up to her ass which she again pushed back so I could push my tongue as far inside as possible... Another condom on, rubbing my cock over her pussy lips I pushed in and the fun began... Faster and faster, both our breathing became louder and faster, I could not hold back any longer and pulled out, rolled the condom off and rubbed my full length of my penis against her and exploded over her back. She looked back, smile still on her face, I was trying hard not to collapse over her and make a bigger mess.


    Thank you Savannah, you were everything I was hoping in a meeting.


    WM. October 2012.




    It’s been a couple of weeks since I saw ‘Sinful Savannah’ for an hour and the intoxicating experience is still etched in my mind. A smile permanently bubbling beneath the surface of my face waiting for the next thing to remind me of our time together. It's taken me this long to find the words.


    Every word on her website is spot on.

    Her photos are 100% real, yet don’t (and can’t) quite capture her cheekiness or give a scale of how perfectly petite she is.

    She is truly beautiful and her tight round bum is a glory to behold (and be held!).


    After a couple of emails and phone calls Savannah massaged our schedules together with ease and before I knew it I was at her door. It opened and a petite little schoolgirl stood in front of me. She asked if I liked what I saw. That’s surely a rhetorical question, but I mutter something in the affirmative. Off to the shower I go.


    Once out of the bathroom we start to kiss and shuffle to the bed. No sooner I'm sitting on the bed, the towel is gone and Savannah is trying her hardest to choke on my cock. She works it masterfully for a while interrupted only by some excellent dirty talk. 


    We move towards 69 where a toy show is happening inches from my eyes. It’s not long before she asks me to enter her from behind and I enthusiastically oblige. We doggy for a while and she enjoys when I reach around to excite her clit.

    We move into missionary and continue this lustful dance. I didn't last long with her beautiful body moving under mine before round one was over.


    I was spent but that didn't mean we had to stop so I licked and fingered her perfect pussy. If eyes rolling back in her head is any indication she really enjoyed it.

    It could be just the afterglow but it felt like we really clicked as we looked into each others eyes and chatted. Her mischievous bright green eyes may just be her secret weapon. They had been hiding behind glasses at the start and certainly sucked me in.


    I fear that I may have been ruined for anyone else. 


    May 2012






    Mortal Kombat - Did Out Training Prepare Us


    Background - Both Competitors Are Experienced Martial Arts Disciples



    The challenge was made. A time and place was agreed. We had both been training hard, as this was really going to test our abilities. With no referee to be seen, this was going to be a no holds barred match up with boundaries negotiated. Savannah arrives with her bag of weapons. With our weapons chosen, the bout could commence.


    The first arena was right at the door. Savannah got an early start and jumped me as she walked in. It was on!!! She got a leg lock on me as she climbed up on me. I managed to ride it out as we moved about the place. Savannah had another trick up her sleeve too - a choke hold. With her tongue down my throat.... She really does have a grip this girl, though I wasn't deterred and managed to break free. We wrestle and grapple, moving from arena to arena, neither of us getting a clear foothold.


    We find our way to the Wet Arena, and under running water. With us both saturated, the bout goes both ways. The tongue hold continues until she uses the hold elsewhere. She gets a grip on me and is really sucking the life out of me. I can barely contain myself, but eventually, I manage to get a hand up in position and she squeals in pain/pleasure. I have used a surprise hold that she could not resist and her body language shows she may be surrendering. She does seem to soak it up in her stride, and with much grace, ensures she gets the most out of it. We were not totally ready for the water sports, and some moves were out of bounds, but for the moment, it wasn't missed.


    I lure her with wine and treats into the Kitchen Stadium. Savannah has dropped her guard and while she is drinking the wine, I had her leaning over the kitchen table and slipped in my treat. She yelped with lustful surprise and moved back on me. We didn't foresee this position coming like this and we could have easily lost control in the heat of the moment. I tried to pin her down, but she had me weakening at the knees. She does manage to slip out of my hold, and shoves me back into a chair, and pins me with her whole weight. She continues to hold me down while using her talents on me. She has been practising this move and it is showing.


    With a struggle, I manage to stand, and countered her manoeuvre with a hold of my own. She is now at my mercy as I have a reverse hold on her that she can do nothing about but to ride it out. I take a firm hold of her hips and with many more yelps of pleasure, she seems to be done for. Then out of nowhere, she slips free, and in a quick movement, gets her arms around my neck and clamps her legs around my waist. She thinks this is a finishing move, but it seems to go in both our favours. She bucks and rides. Clamping her legs tighter and tighter. We move about the stadium like this with neither of us showing any weakness. So it seems we have to concede to each other.


    With a new arena decided on, the Entertainment Lounge, we continue with manoeuvres and holds. Savannah uses her tongue hold on me again, and once again, is sucking my life essence away. She knows this move does weaken me and continues till I'm nearly beat. I manage to get us into a Yin Yang to at least even up the playing field. Then in a quick movement, she pins me down with her legs and beats her hips into mine. She uses a variety of angles and strengths. Grinding slowly and firmly, too quickly and frantically. But from this position, I begin to get a hand up again, and the tables are turned in my favour, and I'm able to thrust from below. I manoeuvre her onto her knees and from behind, insert my weapon into her. She seems to like this though, and before I know it, is thrusting back onto me.


    In what seems like a blur, we go through many moves and holds, with both of us getting the upper hand on many occasions. She engages her tongue hold many times, and nearly brings an end to the round. I get her pinned on her back, with her legs on my shoulders. This could be all that is needed to bring an end to the bout but there is still much more energy left in us. Savannah engages the Lotus position, and I counter with the Jockey and with much effort, this seems to be all that is needed to finish us both off. With clawed hands, she rips at the sheets as we reach the peak of our crescendo. And with that, the bell rings. End of round 1...... We both collapse in a heap, still in each other's arms. The mood is tender between rounds.


    During the break, food is served, drinks filled and energy levels raised. By no means to the levels they were at the start of the bout, but indeed a boost.


    Then in a sly move, round 2 begins. Savannah has begun what is now becoming a famous Tongue Hold. Before I have a chance to react, she is intent on removing all the energy I had regained. Once again, sucking the life out of me, I can do nothing but try to resist being totally drained. She really has the upper hand now, and takes advantage of me by saddling me again. She bucks and heaves as she thinks she is now in a winning position. But I catch her unaware and manage to counter her dominant position. I get her on her feet again, and from behind, take hold. With my weapon reinserted, she is now on the receiving end of some moves of my own. And I wasn't holding back at all. It was punishing!! And her moans and groans did indeed confirm that. But she is indeed quick.


    She slips free and before I know it, has her weapon in hand. She almost has me worried now, as it looks dangerous. About 4 inches long, with a small round handle on the end. But what she didn't expect is when wielding a weapon, that weapon can sometimes be turned on the user. And that's exactly what happened in this case. With a bit of fiddling, manage to get the vibrating plug inserted, and with my weapon at the ready, get that inserted too. Well, what happens for the next few minutes was certainly a sight to behold. The yelps, the sweat, the intense movements. It was very close to a finishing move. With both weapons working their magic on her, she was very nearly beat. We slide to our sides and take hold. I have her on her back again, while using my weapon from the side. This is also having the desired effect, and we are both running low on energy. She somehow gets out of this and with impossible speed, has locked in that Tongue Hold again. But this time I'm ready for her, and while baiting my time, plan for my counter.And counter I do. I get her on her stomach and engage the Jockey again. It sure worked to end round 1, so stands to reason it should work again. And it certainly does have her at and over the edge till she really is struggling to move.


    So in a weak moment, when I think I have it won, she surprises me with amazing speed and agility, and wouldn't you know it, that tongue hold. With the assistance of her hands, she has me pinned and is doing as she pleases. And it's working. Just at that moment, the bell rings for the end of the 2nd round, and indeed the bout. We are both completely spent, and indeed can't continue, well not tonight anyway. We are both utterly broken. 


    There has been no clear winner tonight, so we have had to re-schedule for another chance to find a winner, though I think we have both won this night. And I believe the same result will be nearly expected in out next bout. We adjourn to the Wet Arena for a bit of relaxing and smother each other in soap and tender touches. It's all we can really manage at the moment. With all the action of the bout behind us now, we will indeed see each other in a new light.


    So with another bout set, I see her to the door, back to where it all started. And with a smile, a very broad smile, she makes her way back out into the night. We are both really looking forward to the rematch, and no doubt, our training regime will have to be stepped up a few notches to counter whatever we have planned for each other.



    Thank you Savannah for a most enjoyable evening. We had a great laugh and a HEAP of fun. Your natural personality shines through as always. You are a lot of fun to be with.


    Rupe - January 2012






    This was the second time I have seen Savannah and will not be the last.


    Savannah is petite and well packaged, The meeting was easily arranged through sms back and forward and she was very accommodating to my needs.


    So I turned up to find Savannah dressed and ready for action. We had a quick chat and down to action. Savannah helped me undress and then I helped her undress, After a few minutes of passionate kissing she mad her way down to the best blow I blow job that I have ever had.I then found my self lowering her down onto the bed and proceeded to dine at the Y. It didn't take long for her to get right into the mood and once she's there she stays there. I found myself making her cum pretty quickly and with a few encouraging words it just went on and on. 


    Slowly I made my way up again to the word of " What would you like to do to me ?" So with that I jumped on top and slipped myself in pounding away for a while before we had some more sucking and then I turned her over and entered from behind. As we were fucking she suggested that I slap her arse, so I was only to happy to oblige. This was met with more moans and groans and another orgasm, this was such a turn on I pounded her harder and harder until I blew my load, as she was moving down the bed. 


    After a short rest and back rub we went for round Two, which started out with some more blow job action, and I have to say, Savannah has the best mouth for this. She jumped on top and started riding me for a while then switched for some reverse cow girl action, which provided me with a fantastic view of her behind and I must say she really has got a great arse, very pokable !!! Then the opportunity came to slap her arse again which I think she likes a fair amount because of the sounds she was making. To me, that's a real turn on and I am pretty sure it was genuine. Now it's time to blow again so she jumps on me and grabs hold of my dick and starts sucking to the point I am going to explode. She pulls me out and blows all over her face. A couple of minutes left so I dine at the Y again and then clean up.


    Overall I think Savannah is one of the best ladies I have seen and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.


    Thanks Savannah I will be seeing you again very soon


    S, November 2011






    After a long exhausting week of travel and then getting my flight home cancelled, I (fortunately) got stuck in Melbourne for an extra night. I wanted to pamper myself with a petite woman in particular, and came across the lovely Savannah. 


    She was able to accommodate my last minute two hour booking, and was not even a minute late. When I opened the door it felt like I knew her forever. She has the best smile perhaps I have ever seen. You cannot help but to feel comfortable and turned on in her presence. She took off her coat and was just stunning head to toe. 


    I found myself getting nervous in front of this tiny sexy thing. I think she picked up on this and sat with me and chatted for a little while. Making jokes and telling stories made me feel comfortable but I couldn’t stop looking at her eyes and smile. After getting the look, it was all on! She stripped down to hot lingerie complete with garter belt and silk stockings (my favourite). I liked that she passionately kissed, and had no hesitation getting into 69 position. Without sounding crude, I have to admit this girl was not only sweet down there but it was all just so perfect to look at. She really was the entire petite package. After plenty of hot foreplay and checking out that arse that couldn’t be any rounder or tighter, I had to have her from behind. She was also happy to take control and stayed true to her nickname pocket rocket. I was exhausted after it all. I was able to finish a couple times, and she easily could have kept going. How lucky to be so multi orgasmic and I still don’t know where she got all that energy from!


    It was so comfortable to lay in bed with Savannah, felt like I could have talked for hours with her. She kept me laughing the entire time and was really sweet. My only regret is that I didn’t have her the entire night. Can’t wait to make it back to Melbourne.




    - Sydney Guy May 2011

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